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Volume 7, Issue 45

 July 23, 2012

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Classes E, C, and I-20
 August 9 - 12, 2012
 Classes A, MC, and Club 420
August 16-19, 2012

Mendota Yacht Club 

Madison, Wisconsin


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23          ILYA Opti No Tears East - Cedar

23         ILYA Opti No Tears West - Okoboji

25-28    ILYA X Champs - Delavan

30-31    ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee



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  X Inland - Delavan 


ILYA X Inland Update

July 23, 2012



99 boats on the lake so far, 99 boats on the lake. Take one down and race it around, 99 boats on the lake so far!


Only a few days until the 2012 X Inland at Delavan Lake. Here's a quick updates for your arriving and planning.

Web: www.dlyc.com

Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/ilyaxinland.atdlyc



Here's a map of DLYC, trailer parking, fleet racing areas and local hotels: http://goo.gl/LV7rv


Space at DLYC is a premium for this large regatta. When you get onto Cedar Point Drive you will be directed by Regatta Traffic volunteers. While you in line waiting to get down the hill, you will get the latest directions.


The ILYA will be having random weighings of boats during registrations in accordance with the X Boat Committee from the Winter Inland. Be prepared to be weighed and measured.


After your launching please move your trailer to the trailer parking area so we can have you return with just your car. If you are staying at Comfort Suites you may store your trailer free, behind the building at the hotel. If you are staying at Lake Lawn you may also store your trailer free. In addition, you may keep your X Boat at Lake Lawn. They also have free motorboat in and out service as well as slips for rent at $10 per night, a 60% price reduction for this regatta. (see map for directions)


Private Boat Launching - Lake Lawn or Community Beach : Map http://goo.gl/LV7rv

Space and coordination is a premium, so we strongly suggest that private boats be launched at either Lake Lawn (free to guests) or at the Town of Delavan Community Beach ($7.50 launch per day). Our traffic coordinators are required to be firm about this policy.



 ILYA X Quilt - See Finished Quilt: http://goo.gl/mfMxg

This labor of love was created by the works of 17 member clubs. The quilt will be used as a fund raiser and passed on to next year. The winning club will be able to share the Quilt with its members for a 50 weeks before it is sent to Oshkosh next year, where the process repeats. Tell your other club members that they can help you get the quilt by being the largest club contributor to the Quilt Fund.


Details to follow, but if you want to have this elegant 5x6 foot quilt hanging in your club, get your club to help fund the contribution. See the link above for photos of the quilt hanging, detail photos, and Deed of Trust (at the end of the web page)


Practice Race - 3:00 pm Wednesday July 25

There will be a short practice race on Wednesday run by the Junior Fleet Race Committee.


Opening Day Ceremony - 4:30 pm promptly

The Opening Day Ceremony Committee requests your club sailing team members march in under your club burgee, which is provided by the ILYA. Please be prompt as we are proud to have the United States Navy Color Guard, singers, and Drill Team to be a part of the Ceremony, thanks to the efforts of Captain Brian Buzzell, USN (ret). We want you to see them march in, hear the singers, and after the speakers, watch the Drill Team perform.



Competitors Briefing - following Opening Ceremony

After the Opening Ceremony, there will be Competitors' Briefings for both Junior and Senior Fleet.


Spaghetti Dinner and North Sails Auction - following Competitors Briefing

Opening Day will include the Wednesday night Spaghetti Dinner, during which there will be a set of North Sails Auctioned off to the highest bidder. These are new unused sails straight from North Sales, Zenda.


The winner of these sails will be able to have their sail numbers put on the main in time for the start of the Thursday Races!



This regatta will be held in dry, high heat conditions. Keeping hydrated is critical. There will be water stations to refill your water bottles. While we do have some stainless water bottles for sale, please be prepared to keep hydrated both on land and on the water.


We ask that Sailing School Instructors use 5 gallon water jugs on the water to refill sailors' water bottles using devices available locally at Lowes: http://goo.gl/mt9bW


In accordance with the ILYA requests, the X Regatta is a Sailors of the Sea "Clean Regatta". DLYC has chosen and applied for a "GOLD" status. Please help us achieve our goal. We   Clean Regattas is a third party certification program that helps regattas, yacht clubs and sailing programs voluntarily achieve higher environmental standards. Participants have the option of choosing a Bronze, Silver or Gold level of engagement, and work to fulfill each of the requirements necessary to be certified at that level. Sailors for the Sea provides support and materials, and the final certification that a club or event is a Clean Regatta.



More Details to follow.

Stay tuned  on the Web: www.dlyc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilyaxinland.atdlyc

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