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24-27 50th E Blue Chip - Pewaukee

26-27 Nan Norris Beulah C Challenge

26-27 Lotawana C Fall



3-4 Polar Bear C/MC - Davenport, IA

10-11 C Worlds - Delavan 

10  Meeting for 2016 Women's and Girls' Clinic - Barkow home

10-11 Nagawicka Oktoberfest



13 Jim Smith retirement party - Monona Terrace 7:00

14 ILYA Board Meeting - Madison Monona Terrace Hilton


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10-12 C Nationals - Monona



14-17 MC Invite - Harriet

27-30 X Champs - Okoboji

31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear




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50th E Blue Chip  
You are invited!
It's a once in a lifetime experience. Go to Pewaukee YC this weekend to see a gathering of many of the country's greatest sailors. The  fifty prior Mystery Guests were invited to return and 27 wil be there. Just the site preparations are colossal. Imagine a tent covering every available inch of the Pewaukee waterfront - with a full floor.There's dancin' afoot at PYC! 
Here are the famous folks:
1. Ed Eloranta 2. Peter Commette 3. Paul Van Cleve 4. Terry Neilson 5. Jonathan McKee 6. Steve Benjamin 7. Dave Chapin 8. Gary Jobson 9. Paul Cayard 10. Mark Reynolds 11. Dave Perry 12. Betsy Alison 13. Johnny Lovell 14. Peter Holmberg 15. Dave Ullman 16. Liz Baylis 17. Bora Gulari 18. Cam Lewis 19. JJ Fetter 20. Graham Landy 21. Tom Burton (M-9) 22. Gordy Bowers (M-8) 23. Dick Wight (MA-10) 24. Peter Fortenbaugh

Here are the qualified folks:
1. Vincent Porter & I-2 Team 2. Augie Barkow & V-37 Team 3. Jamie Kimball & G-7 Team 4. Rob Terry and CR-66 Team 5. C. Hughes/R. Kotovic & M-42 6. Kyle Rogochenko & T-76 Team 7. Tom Munroe & WH-77 Team 8. Lon Schoor and H-7 Team 9. Steve Johanson & TO-33 Team 10. KG-111 and Team Freedom 11. Charlie Igo and W-9 Team 12. Wheeler Morris & W-41 Team 13. Robby Wilkins & SC-55 Team 14. Lee Alnes & W-25 Team 15. Tobin Tornehl & V-511 Team 16. Jon Schloesser & J-80 Team 17. Rick Turner & CH-6 Team 18. Chris Jewett & M-3 Team 19. BH-8 Boat & Crew 20. Dave Strothman M-10 Team 21. Hans Zinn M-35 Boat & Crew 22. MA-10 HCL Boat & Crew 23. M-8 HCL Boat & Crew 24. M-9 HCL Boat & Crew 
To spectate the event, boats will be provided from the YC piers or there is motorboat launching to the east of the club for a nominal fee. Remember to be respectful of the water and the wake you generate while spectating. Be mindful of the race committee boats who may need to quickly flip or move marks. 
There are several restaurants nearby for lunch or dinner. Ccheck with the club to see if extra food is still available. You are welcome to enjoy the bar and dancing. Saturday night awards are open to all. Come and celebrate those who have made this event what it has been for 50 years. 

For past history of winners and mystery guests, click here
To purchase gear from this great event, order here. There is a mandatory shipping charge now and the delivery date is estimated to be three weeks out. It is great-looking gear; order now. 
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