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Volume 5, Issue 53

September  21, 2010

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Cedar C Powerhouse Dominates Blue Chip
What a year for Ed Eckert! He culminates a year with a WYA win, ILYA 5th and now takes home the C Blue Chip title. Supercrews Matt and Becca Schmidt have been with Ed for years making this a practiced and experienced team. But Jim Tewes with Jenny Jaessing/Jordan Fritz and Paul Reillly with substitute crew Billly Butz made it look Cedar all the way in 3rd and 4th. Only Augie Barkow with Jeff Niedziela could crack the Cedar monopoly. The perennial host Pistakee sent these results:
1 A136 Ed Eckert, Matt  & Becca Schmidt Cedar Lake YC, WI 2 3 5 7 17
2 V11 Augie Barkow & Jeffery Niedziela Pewaukee YC, WI 5 4 9 1 19
3 A22 Jim Tews, Jenny Jaessing & Jordan Fritz Cedar Lake YC, WI 7 6 3 5 21
4 A14 Paul Reilly & Bill Butz Cedar Lake YC, WI 3 5 8 17 33
5 E1 Mark Prange & Bob Stelter Okauchee Lake YC, WI 21 9 1 6 37
6 T17 Joe Schaub, Justin, Jason & Joe Schaub  Maxinkuckee, IN 23 1 14 2 40
7 QMARK Sally Barkow & Kevin Jewett 2007 Olympics 11 10 7 12 40
8 V222 Bob Biwer, Becky Biwer & Michael Morgan Pewaukee  1 14 6 21 42
9 E55 Scott Tarmann, Sam & Jeanne Andreski Okauchee Lake 20 12 2 10 44
10 B18 Brian Brickler, Kevin  & Molly Brickler Lake Beulah  14 7 11 13 45
11 OO824 Morgan/Harris & Harris/Morgan LaBelle YC, WI 15 13 4 15 47
12 B12 Kent Haeger & Mike Greeson Lake Beulah YC, WI 13 2 22 11 48
13 M20 Tim Krech & Bre Krech Minnetonka YC, MN 8 17 15 8 48
14 B6 Martin Barr & Ben Porter Lake Beuhla YC, WI 9 20 16 4 49
15 E19 Bruce Rosenheimer & Tom Rolfs Pewaukee YC, WI 10 18 13 9 50
16 B22 Glenn McMurray, Ed Leslie & George Kiernan Beulah 4 11 20 16 51
17 A77 Dave Baldus, Peter Kerr & Eileen Baldus Cedar Lake  16 8 19 14 57
18 A36 Tom Eckert & Dave Schmidt Cedar Lake YC, WI 12 16 10 19 57
19 B303 Frank Davenport & Ron Jarecki Lake Beulah  6 15 18 25\DNF 64
20 E110 Bob Prange, Bruce Cameron & Katelyn Prange Okauchee  22 24 17 3 66
21 A25 Fred B. Barkow & DJ Jaessing Cedar Lake YC, WI 18 22 12 20 72
22 W9 Scott Helmes & Charlie Helmes White Bear YC, MN 17 21 21 18 77
23 B333 Dave Davenport & Charlie Davenport Beulah 19 19 23 25\DNS 86
24 T91 Steve Schaub, Dave & Jean Frankowiak Maxinkuckee  24 23 24 25\DNF 96
2010 Inland 20 National Championship
Lake DuBay, Knowlton, Wisconsin - September 17-19, 2010

Lake Wawasee boats low side hiking downwind.  WA-38 "Black Eye" Ben Herdrich and Rob Queisser.  WA-5 "No Problem" Justin Bolles and John Hayashi
Submitted by Anita Bersie Chabalowski
Light winds and low side hiking best describe the 2010 Inland20 National Championship Regatta.  Eighteen boats from across the Midwest descended upon scenic Lake DuBay in central Wisconsin for the thirteenth annual event.  Boats were greeted by light morning rains for rigging on Friday, with conditions clearing in plenty of time for afternoon racing.  The first race looked good to begin with medium winds out of the southwest, but winds lightened for each leg of the race as the race committee was forced to shorten course.   Fourteen of the eighteen yachts finished race number one within the time limit, and racing was called for the day with hopes for more wind on Saturday.  Sailors awoke to chilly conditions on Saturday but happy to have wind for racing, this time out of the North.  PRO Susanna Hanson from LaCrosse, Wisconsin and her Lake DuBay volunteer crew had their hands full all day as winds alternated between lightening and building, swinging back and forth from North to West.  Sailing skills were certainly put to the test during the three races completed on Saturday, as the sailors best able to predict the shifts and puffs emerged on top.  Report time was moved up on Sunday morning with the hopes of completing the final two races of the event.  Alas, the early-fall weather did not cooperate as Lake DuBay saw no more than a whisper of wind all morning.  Normally known for his heavy air Winnebago expertise, Oshkosh sailor and 2010 ILYA Champ Aaron Lynn (J-11) along with regular crew Keith Rosenbaum showed their versatility and won the light wind event.  Close behind Aaron & Keith were John Spargo & Mike Hamer (H-111) in second place.  Rouding out the podium in third place were young Wawasee sailors Ben Herdrich & Rob Queisser (WA-38).  The National Inland20 Scow Sailing Association would like to thank Rear-Commodore Joe Terry, the Lake DuBay Sailing Association volunteers and PRO Susanna Hanson for putting on a top notch event despite the challenging wind conditions of the weekend!
J-11   Aaron Lynn Keith Rosenbaum 1 5 1 1 0 0 8
H-111   John Spargo Mike Hamer 5 4 2 4 0 0 15
WA-38   Ben Herdrich Rob Quisser 4 2 4 5 0 0 15
H-652   Steve Scheck Leigh Leonard 2 3 11 2 0 0 18
DB-34   Joe Terry LaCinda Terry 3 10 3 7 0 0 23
FD-4   Jack Boatman Eric Boatman 13 1 7 3 0 0 24
FD-499   Andy Gratton Ann Gratton 7 6 6 6 0 0 25
USA-8   Kevin Gratton Andrea Gratton 6 7 12 8 0 0 33
WA-5   Justin Bolles John Hayashi 10 8 8 10 0 0 36
FD-101   Dave Whealon Randy Cunzenheim 8 12 5 12 0 0 37
S-1   John Sepanski Erica Sepanski 16 9 9 13 0 0 47
U-1   Geoff Catlin Kurt Sims 9 13 19 9 0 0 50
FD-20   Sam Whealon Nick 16 11 10 14 0 0 51
M-12   Pat Fleming Cory Fleming 11 17 15 11 0 0 54
FD-1   Tim Baccus Mike Baccus 12 15 13 16 0 0 56
WA-1   Anita Chabalowski Bob Bolles 14 14 14 15 0 0 57
ID-10   Brook Patten Anne Patten 16 16 16 17 0 0 65
FD-42   Greg Leifer Don Altmeyer 16 18 17 18 0 0 69

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Fall C Regattas Continue
Beulah Challenge - September 25-26
Time to think about Beulah again. If you had a great time at the Invite, come back for more. This C event was formed to promote C sailing. Many skippers crew at this event. If you are not using your boat, consider bringing a youth, crew or other interested sailor to skip the boat and you sit up front. Housing for as many as possible; good food, great bar and new faces always. For more information, click here. Polar Bear - Davenport, IA - October 2-3
If you have never sailed the Mississippi, here's your chance. NOR here
C Worlds - Delavan - October 9-10
The weather is always a surprise but the fun with diehard, end of season sailors is not. Delavan loves to throw a great party. Drive down before you put the boat into storage. NOR here
If you have a fall event you want published, please send your info to Scowlines.
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