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September 20, 2009 

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50th Annual C Blue Chip

by Tina Weber 
 The C fleet continued its celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Blue Chip regatta with a formal dinner at Pistakee Yacht Club on Saturday evening. Twenty-one past winners in attendance were honored at the event. The party had a live band and the bar featured a signature drink, the Blue Chip Bikini Martini.

Three generations of Okauchee Schmidts. Walter attended 26 Blue Chips. The plaque, created by his wife, features his 26 badges which was donated to the Pistakee Yacht Club.
The fleet sailed back-to-back races on Sunday morning in breeze out of the east. After one general recall, the fleet sailed a W 2+. Three past champions, Bob Biwer (V-333), Matt Haeger (LL-8), and Bruce Rosenheimer (V-722), rounded the first mark of Race 3 in the top three spots.
The top 10 finishes for Race 3 were:
1. B-6 Marty Barr
2. V-11 Augie Barkow
3. V-333 Bob Biwer
4. M-35 Bill Allen
5. I-3 Art Larson
6. V-101 David Koch
7. T-17 Joe Schaub
8. A-22 Jim Tews
9. OO-7 Kurt Mihelich
10. LL-8 Matt Haeger
The wind built throughout the morning, and several boats added third crews for Race 4. The RC set a W 3+ course. Cam McNeil (SL-11) led the fleet around the first three windward marks.
Top 10 finishes for Race 4 were:
1. V-11 Augie Barkow
2. SL-11 Cam McNeil
3. M-20 Tim Krech
4. V-722 Bruce Rosenheimer
5. E-89 Steve Schmidt
6. Z-3 Bill Nicolas
7. E-99 Chris Pinahs
8. V-137 Jim Gluek
9. T-17 Joe Schaub
10. V-171 Fred Miller
Congratulations to Augie Barkow (V-11) and crew Jeff Niedziela on winning the C Blue Chip regatta for an impressive fourth consecutive year!
Thank you to the RC for doing a spectacular job running four races despite having no wind on Saturday morning.
And a huge thank you to the Pistakee Yacht Club for hosting a wonderful weekend.
Final results for the 2009 C Blue Chip are:
1. V-11 Augie Barkow
2. A-22 Jim Tews
3. M-20 Tim Krech
4. SL-11 Cam McNeil
5. A-14 Paul Reilly
6. B-12 Kent Haeger
7. B-6 Marty Barr
8. E-89 Steve Schmidt
9. V-722 Bruce Rosenheimer
10. T-17 Joe Schaub

Monday spinnakersTERRY KOHLER GIVES UW $5000
UW alum or supporters, please consider a donation, large or small, to the UW Sailing Team for the 2010 Collegiate Nationals. Terry Kohler, of North Sails, has offered to match the first $5000 for the event. The caveat is the funds need to be raised this year. If your club has generously offered to fundraise for a sail to complete the mandatory 18, please consider collecting your pledges to allow the team to take advantage of the Kohler offer. It's as though your donation counts double. What a great start to the fundraising required to host the Collegiate Nationals in May-June. Please send your donation, large or small, to UW Foundation, c/o Collegiate Sailing Nationals, 700 Langdon, Madison, WI 53706.
 pewaukeeburgeeLiz Baylis is Mystery Guest 
Pewaukee is hosting the 43rd E Blue Chip this coming weekend at Pewaukee.  This year's mystery guest will be Liz Baylis. Liz is the Executive Director of the Women's International Matchracing Federation. She is a past Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. Liz comes to the regatta with big boat experience. Come to watch her try our flat, fast ships.
The Saturday night dinner will feature a presentation by Liz. There are a limited number of dinners available to non- participants.  Email Todd Haines at for reservations for this spectacular meal and evening.  Cost is $35/person.  Reservations close as of noon on Thursday- 9-24-09
 The last several years the Race Management & Judges Committee I chair has appointed the PRO's and it has been up to the PRO's to recruit all of their race officers and helpers.  It occurred to me that this system has kept the system a little "closed" and we have not been able to attract or allow new race officers in to the system.
I would like to propose the following:  Please volunteer to become a part of the race management for one or more of the Inland regattas.  I would like the qualified and not yet qualified race officers to send me an email telling me which regatta you would like to volunteer for. 
I would also like to know where you see your skill set and qualifications.  In other words are you:
     Qualified to be a race officer?
     Qualified to pull anchors?
     Qualified to raise flags?
     Can you operate a GPS?
     Have you ever attended an Inland seminar?
     Have you ever attended/passed a US Sailing seminar?  At what level?
     What was your last Inland event, if any?
     What was your last event at your local club?
Below is a list of next years ILYA regattas and dates.  There are some dates and locations that we do not have finalized.  This will no doubt be finalized at the Inland's October board meeting. 
I-20 Invite   Neenah
M-16 Championship   Pewaukee
C Invite July 15-18 Beulah
MC Invite July 8-11 Cedar
E Invite July 8-11 Minnetonka
IOD No Tear East   Pine
IOD Championship Aug 1-3 Okauchee
X Junior Championship July 28-31 Pewaukee
X Senior Championship July 28-31 Pewaukee
Youth Championship    
C Championship Aug. 18-21 Geneva
E Championship Aug. 11-14 Geneva
MC Championship Aug. 11-14 Geneva
I-20 Championship    
A One Design Champ. Aug. 15-17 Geneva
M-17 Championship   Pewaukee
I can not promise that just because you volunteered you will be guaranteed a position because ultimately it is still up to the PRO to form his/her team.  I will guarantee that I will do my best to get more people involved and match as many volunteers up on race teams as possible. I will also do my best to help the "less trained" race officers learn from others. 
During my travels to different clubs I run in to many race officers that are doing outstanding jobs on their home lakes.  Make 2010 the year you venture out and try another lake.  We will do our best to make it a good experience.
Please email me as soon as possible.  Many of the best PRO's put their teams together during the winter so don't delay.
Chip Mann
Chair, Race Management & Judges Committee
I-20 Nationals
 Check I-20 Website
At the time of this writing, there is no news posted of the I-20 National Championship. Check here for results. 
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