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 September 19, 2011 



24-25   Lotawana C Fall  

Missouri Yacht Club

24-25  Beulah C Challenge  

Lake Beulah Yacht Club



1-2  Jimmy Talbot Laser Radial District 20 championship - Belmont Harbor, Chicago
50th Polar Bear  C and MC-Lake Davenport SC

8 Youth Development committee meeting 10:00 AM Lake Beulah YC

8-9 C Worlds -Lake Delavan

Yacht Club

16 - ILYA Board Meeting - Hudson, WI

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Foundation Prepares for Olympic Quest

 RSS - Roble, Shea, Smith 


Stephanie Roble, Maggie Shea, and Darby Smith have officially started an Olympic Match Racing campaign known as RSS Racing or Roble-Shea-Smith Racing. The three of us have been racing together for a year and so far have been very successful. Our ultimate team goal is to be top 4 at the U.S. Olympic Trials in October. Once that goal is accomplished, we will go to Weymouth in April for the final qualifier of the U.S. Olympic Trials for Women's Match Racing. We are asking for your support to make this goal possible. We've attached our team brochure to this email. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our campaign. We appreciate you taking the time to read our brochure and any contribution that is made! 

RSS Racing has a team account set up with the Inland Lakes Yachting Association (ILYA) for expense reimbursement. ILYA is a non-profit organization that is exempt from taxation under sections 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Tax-deductible donations can be made directly online at ILYA FOUNDATION. Checks can be written with a memo of "RSS Racing" or "Roble Racing" to this organization at the following address:


PO Box 311

Fontana, WI 53125

Thank you!

Stephanie, Maggie, Darby

P.S. Please "like" us on Facebook by typing in "RSS Racing" and follow our blog: www.rssmatchracing.wordpress.com ! For our full budget and plan, click here.

Editor's note: NOW is the time to contribute to the ILYA Foundation for our Olympic hopefuls. They are training at great expense now for regattas and coaching. To give them the best chance, contribute to the individual or general funds. This fall and winter training prepares them for important qualifying events. The Winter Inland will center our efforts on Olympics - how to prepare as a youth, how to support our own sailors and how US Sailing manages the team. If you have an interest in the sailors of the ILYA furthering our name throughout the nation, contribute soon. They carry our banner high. Be a part of the team.

College Sailing - Every Weekend

 More ILYA sailors join the ranks this weekend 

Here's the buzz. At least for now, The UW sailing team is ranked higher than the UW football team. But rankings may change at the next publication. This week we see Erik Bowers and Critter Banholzer on the roster for College of Charleston. Kaye Siemers of Wayzata and Eckert College appears this week.Colin Smith of Lake Beulah and Brown takes home a huge A Division win this weekend.  Full results for the weekend are listed here. Click the regatta and then the A and B scores to see the individual sailors' names. So. . . . parents of high schoolers, watch the results to see how this works. Sailors participate in a manner to allow studying AND sailing. Most teams have depth to allow sailors to participate in multiple regattas each weekend so there is opportunity for many sailors on a team. Crews and skippers may substitute in and out --- honestly, studying occurs when your teammate is sailing.

ILYA Meetings
 ILYA logoYouth Development - October 8
All are welcome to attend but please plan to send one designee from your club. From the summer meeting, the committee will address:
1) inclusion of the 420 in the next Big Inland
2) restoration of the ILYA Singlehanded championship
3) transition into scows with a financial package for sailors
4) coaching guidelines for X and Opti regattas

All new agenda items are welcome but Rick Trester or Mike Woldum would like advance notice to "do the homework" if appropriate

ILYA Board Meeting

All are welcome to the Fall ILYA Board meeting. Fleet reps, directors, and officers plan to meet Sunday, October 16th in Hudson, WI. Please contact Jim Smith if you plan to attend so he can make lunch arrangements.  

Oshkosh Promises New Hotel and Waterfront Development
 from Beth Wyman

Since the demise of the Pioneer and what once was a beautiful hotel on the river, City Center, the pickings have been pretty slim when it comes to waterfront hotels in Oshkosh.  The news became official last week that a group has purchased the Hilton/Radisson/City Center/we don't know who we are so we are just putting a flashing OPEN sign in the window hotel, and are going to sink a large sum of money into it to make it the best place to stay in Oshkosh. 

Below please find the links to tell you all about the good news. 



This project is the one piece of the puzzle that has been missing which will allow the city and businesses to further develop the riverfront in Oshkosh.  Everyone is very excited.  The OYC shares in that excitement because we now are able to offer hotel amenities in keeping with what you expect when you come to this great regatta city. 

Every room will be gutted and remodeled.  The restaurant, bar, foyer and walkway to the convention center are also being redone.  If everything goes as planned it will close sometime this fall and will reopen in May of  2012

Fall Regattas
 Beulah Challenge 

Here is the Fall event of the weekend -- forget the apple picking, upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations. This is it! Good sailing, fun at the bar, free housing - Beulah on the weekend of September 24-25. Contact Anne Muller for housing. Register here.  

C Worlds - Delavan

Need some practice before the 2012 C Nationals? October 8-9 for another great event. Hospitality abounds down here in SE WI. Join us! For more info. click here.

 Oktoberfest - Nagawicka

Lasers - all kinds, Vanguard 15s. Youth rates so low, it's a giveaway. Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club is hosting the Annual Octoberfest Vanguard 15 and Laser Regatta on October 15 and 16. This has been a great event at Nagawicka.  We often get visitors from Chicago and all over Wisconsin.   This would be a prefect opportunity for anyone in the Inland to do some frost biting.  Also, there is a discount for full time students so for juniors this is an extremely affordable event.

Sad to report
Scowlines has adopted the policy of not reporting funerals, births, weddings. But this past weekend we noted the passing of a sailor during regatta sailing.  Brian Burant, an LMSC C-scow sailor had a heart attack and died while awaiting the start at a Laser regatta at Suamico on Green Bay on Saturday.  Burant was 59 and won the Lake Monona Saturday series this year.  
High School sailors - Everyone Doin' it!
 Chicago Season Opener

ILYA sailors are turning out in large numbers to continue sailing and enjoying friendships experienced during the summer season. The season began in Chicago and this weekend sailors were in Michigan and Minnesota. Results from the first Kick Off event are 
still not posted but the field was FULL of our sailors. The lists below go only as deep as our sailors. Others competed. For photos of the weekend, click here. The photos are high resolution suitable for duplicating -- from Matt Schmidt.

420 A

Parker Trepton Zachary Aasen
Addy Ferguson Brooke Hensley
Ben Garber Madde Loosbrock
Hunter Johnstone Brittney Manning
MaryClaire Kiernan Taylor Wilder
Rose Edwards Will Pollard
Augie Dale Annie Geschke
Montana Pruett Nick Burr
Conner Croft Anna Conway
Erik Amling Shaughnessy Lindquist
John Schmidt Margo Wohlfeil
Jeff Brandl Tom Groskopf

420 B

Ian Solum Laurel Brown
Dan Groskopf Sam Petelinsek
Mike Duncan Morgan Gaudet
Samantha Foulston Elizabeth Foulston
Emily Shantley-Roberts Sarah Porter
Jack Bitney Jimmy Kelloway
Max Joyce Katherine Jones
Nelson Collet Wyatt Clark
Pat Griffin Jack Schermerhorn
Noah Rosenthal Abigail Julcher
Peter Bied, Mia Aleigha Mayo
Colin Richards Audrey Jacobs
Sean Nigel Keaton Schneider (Loyola)
James Kinzel Jimmy Moriarity
Charlie Hollisher Austen Ballman
John Corrigan Sat Nikita Saladi
Carolyne Keck Roger Raguse

Laser Radial

Malcolm Lamphere
Ali Knoles
Alex Curtiss
Clay Danly
Jackson Hamilton
Sam Maxwell
Tommy Garber
Tom Schellhorn
Isabella Loosbrock
Mike Kanare
RJ Porter
Laser Full Rig
Connor Corgard
Sean Burke
Thomas Balk
Nick Baumgard
Alec McKee
Matthew Goschi
Russel Mullane
Corbin Burdick
C Blue Chip
 Ed Eckert and Matt Schmidt Take it Home  

1 A136 Ed Eckert, Matt Schmidt & Becca Schmidt Cedar Lake YC, WI 1 3 2 1 2 9

2 B12 Kent Haeger & Mike Greeson Lake Beuhla YC 3 4 5 2 3 17

3 A36 Tom Eckert & Dave Schmidt Cedar Lake YC, WI 2 1 6 7 13 29

4 OO824 Lou Morgan, David Harris (Co Skip & Casey Harris LaBelle YC, WI 6 2 4 12 9 33

5 A14 Paul Reilly, Aaron Mann & Liz Prange Cedar Lake YC, WI 5 10 15 5 1 36

6 B18 Brian Brickler & Kevin Brickler Lake Beulah YC, WI 11 9 3 10 8 41

7 A22 Jim Tews & Jenny Jaessing Cedar Lake YC, WI 4 6 16 11 5 42

8 A77 Dave Baldus, Peter Kerr & Eileen Baldus Cedar Lake YC, WI 10 7 13 8 6 44

9 E1 Mark Prange & Bob Stelter Okauchee Lake YC, WI 12 12 7 3 12 46

10 E55 Scott Tarmann, Sam Andreski & Jeanne Andreski Okauchee Lake YC, WI 7 13 8 4 14 46

Optimist Sailing -- ILYA Sailors Still Winning

 USODA Midwest Champs

 Overall results are not posted but click here to see our strong finishes.

Green Fleet  - WOW!

1st Oliviarose Chapman 12345
2nd Suzanne Ackley 19230
4th Chapman Petersen 17358
8th Sophia Vratsinas 14125
11th Jack Reynolds 17916

Blue Fleet

1st Alex Keck 10486
3rd Parker Michel 2606
4th Charlie Reynolds 17922
8th Patrick Schmidt 16938
16th Will Davies 19243

Red fleet

1st Johnny Hartfiel 17394
2nd Alec Bischoff 17305
4th Mark Davies 18387
5th Jack Bitney 9574
6th Matt Malone 17657
8th Carter Cooper 10386
9th Megan Vratsinas 13248
Support Milwaukee Children's Hospital and SAIL


Louie's Lucky 13th Last Regatta

By Chip Mann

Here is a little inside information so that you know how easy and fun this regatta will be. Milwaukee YC will allow our scows to be launched at their crane at no cost. The MYC has a dockmaster who will be there to assist you. If you would rather ramp launch, the Milwaukee County McKinley ramp is next to MYC. There is a fee to launch at the McKinley ramp. Depending on the wind there will be someone to tow our scows out to the race course and back. I will be the harbor PRO running our races right in front of the Art Center, depending on the direction of the winds. You will find me in my familiar green boat. We will start the scows in 5 minutes increments from largest to smallest. Again, depending on the wind we will sail, 1, 2 or 3 races catering to the desires of the skippers. The big boats will be out beyond the breakwater. They sail between 90-120 minutes. We will try to get done just before they do.

There will be a barge with beer on our course. The prizes are fun. The cause is worthwhile.

The 1st warning is at 12:00 noon. I would recommend that you get to MYC around 10:00.

This will be a great opportunity to showcase our scows in front of all of those lead-belly sailors. Please talk it up among your local club members and come down as a group. It should be a real kick!

Please register as soon as possible so that I know how many scows to expect. I want to have enough equipment and race committee folks on hand to make it fun with a little competitive sailing thrown in.

More info can be found at  www.louieslast.org

Practice for HS and Collegiate Singlehandeds - October 1-2
The Jimmy Talbot Regatta will be held at Belmont Harbor the week before HS and College Singlehanded Championships. The event is open to HS, college and open sailors in Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7 and Vanguard 15 sailors. The price is definitely right -- $20 for lasers and $25 for Venguard 15s. Check out the Chicago Yacht Club site for more info.  
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