Volume 8, Issue 71

 September 16, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac

14-15 C Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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Brian Brickler/Mike Tyriver Win C Blue Chip
"This One is for Kevin"          

B-18 won the inaugural event held at Okauchee in an emotional event. Brian won the event not with his twin brother Kevin but with cousin Mike Tyriver. Many of the sails featured a red droplet indicating support for leukemia and bone marrow transplants. That logo was marking the personal challenge of Kevin Brickler who was diagnosed Memorial Day weekend with leukemia He is a recent bone marrow transplant recipient and is currently in Froedtert Memorial Hospital battling ferociously as he recovers from this transplant of nearly three weeks. So the win was quite emotional for Brian, Mike and Kevin's dear friends who are thinking of him in his fight for recovery.

 Shown are Terry Brandl, Commodore of Okauchee, Brian Brickler, Doc Henschel who painted the watercolor awards and Mike Tyriver.


Brian is a new champion and Okauchee is the new site of the event with an over 50-year history. Twenty-three sailors selected from among the year's champions competed in a most challenging four-race series. Light, shifting winds and a final day of rain and chill made for variable performances. The year's top sailor Steve Schmidt was in first on Saturday night and failed to place in the top five. It was just that kind of sailing. Sailors moved from top five to back five in one leg. That is sailing with equally-matched talent. Two masts failed so Tewes and Schaub were penalized by equipment failure. John Porter gave his boat to Tewes in a rapid change of boats. Tewes was in second overall when he took over the helm of B317 but an OCS caught Tewes and he was out of contention. 

The Pistakee team was included in all the festivities. They could be seen volunteering for all the meals. Joe and Cheryl Twomey were honored on Saturday night for the many, many years of the event's running on Pistakee. Okauchee and all the sailors were respectful of the history and tradition associated with this event. The "old fashioned" scorecard tradition was maintained along with the electronic recording of the final scores. The tradition "barwalk" has been replaced with a "floorwalk" (Get with the litigious age).  Thanks to Okauchee for the freshening of the club with new carpeting and dance floor for the event and to Pistakee for the many, many years of memories.

High School Sailing Begins

The September Scramble was hosted by the Milwaukee Youth Sailing Team at the Pewaukee Yacht Club.  Over 110 sailors from three states and 20 different high schools took part in the two-day event.  PRO Mark Deguire, with his team of professionals, did the best they could in challenging conditions.  Saturday morning the wind was late to fill, and light and shifty when it did.  Because of this, there were only two sets sailed by A and B division before it was called for the day.  Sunday brought colder temps and lots of rain, but sadly not more wind.  Each division sailed two more races and the regatta ended with hot burgers grilled by the PYC commodore and chicken soup to warm up the cold, wet sailors.  

In A Division, Augie Dale (Pewaukee) and Gavin Burkhart (North Lake) won the A Division for Arrowhead.  In B Division, Fin Elliot and Liz Gambacorta took the honors.  Overall though the top honors went to the team Loyola Princess (they had four teams at the event so were creative with their name) made up of Mitchell Lee (Geneva), Gaby Ahlstrom, Fin Elliot, Liz Gambacorta and George Ernst.  Arrowhead and Oconomowoc Gold rounded out the top three teams in the 22 team September Scramble.  

Top Five Schools Overall:

1st       Loyola Princess

2nd      Arrowhead

3rd       Oconomowoc Gold

4th       Oconomowoc Purple

5th       University Lake School


 Lake Fenton Fall C
Place Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Points
1st LF   4 1 1 2 1 5
Walt Litzbarski
2nd SL 68 2 6 3 2 13
Karl Lanka
3rd LD 100 5 2 1 6 14
Don Allenback
4th LF 8 4 5 4 4 17
Ken Seaman
5th LF 111 6 3 9 3 21
Scott Craig
6th SL 0 7 4 6 8 25
Glen Walborn
7th LF 11 9 9 5 5 28
Bill DeCoste
8th LF 31 3 12 7 10 32
Steve Beckman
9th LF 26 11 7 8 9 35
Perry Oslund
10th LF 76 8 8 11 11 38
Rick Cyrul
11th ER 417 12 10 10 7 39
Lake Erie, ON
Matt Posey
12th SL 17 10 11 13 12 46
Brian LeBlanc
13th LF 18 13 13 12 13 51
Jim Taylor


E Scow Nationals
Re-live the Event           
Click here for Petey's (aka Penalty Box's Peter Crawford) video on the E Champs. The editor was in attendance; this video makes me feel like I am returning to the excitement of 84 glorious E scows in great wind all weekend. As the editor looks back on the event, I am reminded of the care Buddy Melges extends on the race course. He is ever mindful of the wake he creates as he moves along the course. In some respects, he is the policeman of the course reminding spectators of position and speed. And of course, there is the coaching. There is not a sail or boat who passes where he is not analyzing, thinking through the strategy, the tuning. It was a pleasure to learn from the master. The video is a reminder of the speed, close proximity amongst the boats, the skill in maneuvering. This is a marketing piece for scows that is just plain fun to watch.  
I-20 Nationals

 Isom/Wrasse/Harrison Win Title

by Pat Fleming

Fond Du Lac did it again!

The 2013 I20 Nationals was a great success; Thursday had big wind from the north that kept the fleet from heading out to practice, Friday brought lighter winds 10-15, our Pro di an outstanding job with the fleet and getting the course set up, and we were off to the races. The wind slowly lightened up through the afternoon but the waves did not making for tough sail conditions, in the end Friday new comer John Isom had the lead over Aaron Lynn with a 1,2, Friday night Fish Fry at the club and a big bonfire out by the boats what a night.

Saturday morning the wind had shifted from the North to the south and the waves were gone!

The weather report was for 10knts and it was gusting to 16, the thought of Sunday morning and the rain was sitting in the back of everyone's mind and the scheduled races were changed to two B to B in the morning and two B to B in the afternoon. Great call by the PRO,

In the end John Isom from Oshkosh sealed the deal over Phil Morley and crew Brendan Boylan. Phil by the way had three bullets Saturday sailing a 1996 I20 with sails the group put together for him. Nice job Phil.

Big thanks to Jack Boatman, Nationals Chair, for hosting a great regatta.  

The fleet is looking forward to returning to Winnebago for the Big Inland.
  Sail # Skipper Crew R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 R 6 Total
1 J44 John Isom Wrasse/Harisson 2 1 4 5t 2 3 12.00
2 FD96 Phil Morley Brendan Boylan 13t 6 1 7 1 1 16.00
3 J11 Aaron Lynn Keith Rosenbaum 1 3 19t 4 5 5 18.00
4 FD101 Dave Whealon Paige Whealon 9t 5 8 1 3 2 19.00
5 WA38 Ben Herdrich Jeff Herdrich 3 7t 6 3 6 4 22.00
6 FD0 Sam Whealon Adam Kaphengst 6 2 5 6 4 7t 23.00
7 FD4 Jack Boatman Anna Boatman 4 4 7 9 8 10t 32.00
8 FD499 Andy Gratton Andrea Gratton 7 8 10 2 10 16t 37.00
9 ID10 Brook Patten Cole Ewing 8 9 2 12t 12 8 39.00
10 M1 Willie Crear Kyle 16t 10 3 11 7 13 44.00
11 U1 Geoff Catlin John Olsen 5 11 11 8 14t 12 47.00
12 ID4 Joe Ewing Jeff Patten 11 13t 13 10 13 6 53.00
13 U11 Stephen Catlin Calvin Andersen 10 15t 9 14 11 14 58.00
14 FD42 Kevin Gratton Tim Baccus 14 12 14 19t 15 9 64.00
15 674 Nick Vandevelde Drew Vandevelde 15 14 15 16t 9 15 68.00
16 M12 Pat Fleming Cory Fleming 12 17 12 13 22t 22 76.00
17 WA1 Kenny Bolles Bob Bolles 22t 22 16 15 16 11 80.00
18 FD3141 Louis Tenebruso Ken Smith 17t 16 17 17 17 17 84.00
19 M8 Joel Henley John Budd 22t 22 18 18 18 22 98.00
20 FD314 George Winter Teddy 22t 22 19 22 22 22 107.00
21 WA5 Justin Bolles John Hyashi 22t 22 22 22 22 22 110.00
Haeger/Provancha Take Fourth at Santander
Annie Haeger returns home for training in the Fall after completing her first year on the European circuit in the 470 class. She has been the US top contender as part of the Sperry TopSider Team. She and Briana Provancha have made an impact on the international scene. Read her blog for a recap of the spring and summer of sailing. To read her reports, you realize each event is a learning experience. The team's take-aways are always positive. She will be training out east during the fall to tune equipment and techniques to keep her competitive for the Dec-Jan season start.
Annie and our other Foundation members continue to train all year long. As you consider your end of year donations, please think of our sailors who are working hard today for the 2016 Olympics. The Olympics are won in the two years PRIOR to the event. It is today our sailors are building the skills to carry them through when the pressure of the last year builds. Go to the donations button on the left of every Scowlines to assist our sailors.
Junior Olympics - Opti, 420 and Laser
October 12 - 13, 2013
Competitors are encouraged to bring their own boats. There are a limited number of Opti's and 420's available for charter from the MBJA.    Please contact Steve Sisson ( if you are in need of a charter boat.
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Editor: Candace Porter
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