Volume 9, Issue 57
September 10, 2014   

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13-14 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

27-28 Polar Bear C and MC

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Sam Rogers, Chrissy Hughes, Tony and Lynn Jewett Take E Nationals Title in Michigan  
79 Competitors at Crystal Lake
It was tight racing with one point between the top three boats. It was proud racing for the Midwest boats as Inland familiar names took 8 of the top 10 spots. Toms River sailors Jeff Bonanni and Clay Johnson broke into the top 10. The top ten list is full of most recognizable names on the crew and skipper list. It includes All-Americans, Rolex Yachtspersons, former E national champs, an international professional sailor and a 12-year old. Oh, and the editor's proclaimed "best spinnaker flyer in the Inland" - yes, that's Chrissy Hughes. 
1     E Scow Sam Rogers / Chrisy Hughes / Tony Jewett / Lynn Jewett
2     E Scow Harry Melges 4 / Andy Burdick / Mya Burdick / Monroe Melges & H3
3     E Scow Jeff Bonanni / Mike O'Brien / Matthew Goetting / Maggie Condon
4     E Scow Peter Strothman / Corbett Porter / Bri Porter
5     E scow Thomas Burton / Andy Ferguson / Bruce Martinson / Hank O'Brien
6     E Scow Brian Porter / RJ Porter / Charlie Harrett
7     E Scow Vincent Porter / Coye Harrett / Clifford Porter / Ali Freitag
8     E Scow Clay Johnson / Glen Dickson / Kyle Rogachenko
9     E Scow Chris Jewett / Patrick Hughes / Rick Kotovic
10     E Scow Kevin Jewett / Jim Campbell / David Buckley / Carolina Jewett


Click here for some of the most amazing sailing footage seen. Firstly the majesty of the colors of the fleet but also note
  • the beauty of the geometry of sailing. The footage of X20 - the Maas Family - is a study in the art of sailing
  • the effect on boats due to the surface of the water. The increased speed of the video, not realtime play, shows motorboats' response to the wave action. Then note the smooth alterations of the sailboats to the conditions
  • the comparative skill of sets and take downs is impressive
  • the recognition of smartly-designed spinnakers. Thanks, Kiss, Shimmer and Wild Turkey
  • the disparity of race wins: Clay Johnson by a mile; Toby Sutherland, a nose
  • the smooth wake of a steady hand - the I1 with Harry Melges IV with all relatives on the boat - Dad H3, sister Monroe, Uncle Andy and cousin Mya. Three youth under 12 and the old guys.

This is sixteen minutes of the most enjoyable footage the editor has ever seen. It is drone-driven by a most talented Sean Fidler and is in one word - magnificent! It allows the viewer an opportunity to see the beauty, skill and concentration of a well-managed boat. It is in many ways a learning tool for sailors, observers (watch your impact on the water as you spectate) and those with a scientific mind. Take the time to watch this stunning footage. 

Fall Lineup  
C Blue Chip - Sept 13-14
3-14The roster is set. Come to Okauchee and watch the top C sailors at their best. The event starts Friday night with the tradtional Pork Chop dinner and sailing begins Sat AM. PRO Larry Krause returns to the event in its second year at Okauchee. 

Lake Fenton C - Sept 13-14
Didn't make it to the Blue Chip but want a great experience? How do you think Tom Keenan got so good? Here is an event just around the bottom of the lake and up a bit - try Fenton. Scott Craig travels to see us often. Go to Michigan and enjoy the C.
Nan Norris Beulah Challenge - Sept 21-22
This event began about ten years ago as a way to encourage new sailors to the fleet - both youth and crew who are would-be skippers. It has grown into a wide-variety of sailors. The original mission has been maintained but also it has become a welcoming mat for our friends from Lake Davenport and Lake Springfield as they have traveled up north each year. This year, Beulah sadly but proudly has renamed the event after one of our most ardent and active members who passed away the day before Inlands in fitting fashion. Nan Norris spent her last summer watching the Beulah boats she loved and served. So. . . in her honor a new name, a few new traditions (Sunday Pancake Breakfast and Saturday Mexican and hats). Don't miss this one. Beulah travels en masse to your events sometimes bringing 15-17 boats. It's time to come to us! Click here for online registration.  We are a lot of talent but OH SO MUCH FUN! Why do you think we travel together?

Polar Bear C and MC - Sept. 28-29

New 2015 Melges X Boats - New Boats, Special Deals  

Ever wonder how three months of Midwest sailing can produce Rolex Yachtspersons of the Year? #1 ranked Women's Matchracing Champions? College sailors of the year? Youth Champs winners? They often and almost always sailed X boats. Wonder who else can boast 100+ privately-owned youth boats in a region. And don't think that is not an important factor in youth progressing to adult boats. It all begins with our successful X boat. Our retention and participation in adult scows is exploding.

     11 of 15 Melges 17 ILYA Championship sailors

      9 of 81 MC ILYA Championship sailors

     19 youth on our powerful 20 A scows

     46 on our 31 E ILYA Championship scows

     43 on our 43 C scows but here is there the youth outnumber the other fleets in skipper participation

      9 on our 10 I-20s

These numbers speak volumes about our youth participation. So . . .  get ready for the 2015 youth season. Used X boats are at a premium due to the long life of a well-built boat and the growth of the fleet. White Bear added 8 new boats to its starting line and 5 traveled to events in their first year. It is an amazing testament to the love of the X. 

Lakes, it is time to take a lesson from the Cs and Es where new boats have re-invigorated homelakes. New boats for the top of the fleet allow used boats for homelake growth. Melges is always open to Fall discounts to assist in their production planning. Meet together as a homelake and make plans for growth in your fleet NOW!!!


Melges is cranking up the X boat machine for 2015.  New boats, new ideas and more youth sailing FUN.  Our Fall Savings Campaign kicks off on September 1 and lasts through October 15th.  During this time you can save a considerable amount of money on Melges X equipment.  

Yacht Clubs can also get involved with a fleet purchase and special pricing.  3 or more new boats would need to be ordered from your specific yacht club.  By placing this order you can save even more money on a new Melges X Boat.  

Please contact Harry Melges, Jim Gluek or Andy Burdick for specifics.  We will be happy to help you and your family.  

Andy Burdick

Melges Performance Sailboats


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