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September 1, 2009 

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Melges 17 Nationals

Melges 17 U.S. National Champion Crowned,
Larry Brand Memorial Trophy Awarded   By Andy Burdick

The temperature was cool but the racing was HOT today. Absolutely picture perfect Melges 17 race conditions on Glen Lake today. Crystal Blue water, white caps, sunshine and Melges 17's lined up for some fast sailing on this beautiful Sunday morning. The fleet was eager to get on the water for the 10am start. Jamie Jones the event PRO announced that it would be a 3 race day completing the championship with 10 overall races in the event. Lots of racing, great parties and a ton of fun was had by this fleet over the weekend!
Proven to be fast at this years ILYA Championship on Minnetonka in big breeze, Derek Packard from Minnesota jumped on the opportunity today scoring a bullet in the first race. He was never really challenged as he escaped every time downwind with exceptional technique and speed. Coye Harrett and Mike Dow fought for second and 3rd at the end. Brian McMurray was in the hunt with Harrett and Dow but fouled a boat on his final jibe, then tipped in a big blast. This put the McMurray team back in the standings after a stellar day on Saturday.
The PRO rattled off a 2nd heat right away. Rob Terry from Crystal Lake, Michigan had to fend off Derek Packard and Sean Fidler in this race. All three exchanged positions upwind on the final beat but Terry did a nice job of picking lifts, tacking on the competition when he had to and then extending on the downwind run. Good teamwork put this team in place for the bullet at the finish line.
Sean Fidler had a good first race today and then followed it up with a solid second race ensuring that he and his wife Tiffany would be the 2009 Melges 17 National Champions. They sailed smooth, consistent and smart through the entire series never really getting to an edge of the race course the entire regatta. They stayed close to the competition in every race and most times passed boats at the end of races in order to ensure a good result. They certainly showed off their sailing skills in this regatta. Congratulations Sean and Tiffany!
Race 3 kicked off right away and it was a mix bag of leaders. Not one boat really hung on for very long in the lead. Fidler was leading for a while, Harrett for a while, the two Toms (Munroe) were winning but it was USA-8 - Tom Paine and his brother that held on to win - they sailed fantastic and it was great to see them win. Great going!
Brad and Jandy Sprouse put on an exceptional National Championship for this class. All of the competitors thanked them at the awards presentation. It was not just them but an entire yacht club that assisted in organizing and running this years Melges 17 National Championship. Thank you Brad and Jandy and thank you Glen Lake Yacht Club - incredible event!
Brad and Jandy passed out beautiful Waterford Crystal awards to the top 6 in this years Nationals. Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to the new National Champions: Sean and Tiffany Fidler. They were so psyched to win but most important, they were so excited about the boat and this new one-design class. The Melges 17 is a growing sportboat class and with people like Sean, Mike Dow, Coye Harrett, Mary Anne Ward and countless of others we can assure you this boat will be around for a long time with a lot of exciting sailing.
Stay tuned to for class updates and the announcement of the 2010 Melges 17 Racing Schedule.
FINAL RESULTS (After 10 Races)
1.) Sean Fidler : 1-1-[7]-4-1-1-4-4-2-3 = 21
2.) Coye Harrett : 3-10-5-3-[11]-3-1-2-11-2 = 40
3.) Mike Dow : 4-2-1-7-3-7-[14]-3-7-6 = 40
4.) Rob Terry : 6-9-3-[10]-6-2-9-10-1-7 = 53
5.) Mary Anne Ward : 2-5-4-6-5-8-10-5-8-[19] = 53
6.) Tom Munroe : 5-[11]-9-8-9-6-6-6-5-4 = 58
7.) Brian McMurray : 8-4-[16]-1-4-9-3-16-13-5 = 63
8.) Lesa Gutenkunst : 12-3-2-[19]-10-5-7-7-12-9 = 67
9.) Derek Packard : 10-[16]-10-2-16-11-2-1-4-14 = 70
10.) Jim Hilgard : 11-12-6-12-2-12-8-9-3-13 = 75
11.) Bob Heathcote : 7-6-13-9-13-13-[17]-13-6-10 = 90
12.) Bill Fauntleroy : [15]-13-15-14-8-10-5-8-10-8 = 91
13.) Tom Payne : [19]-8-18-11-7-14-12-14-17-1 = 102
14.) Jack Kerby Miller : 14-14-12-13-12-4-11-15-16-[19] = 111
15.) Brad Sprouse : 9-7-17-5-14-15-[19]-18-14-19 = 118
16.) Bob Clark : 13-18-13-[19]-19-16-16-11-9-11 = 127
17.) Greg McCliment : 16-17-8-[19]-17-17-15-17-15-12 = 134
18.) Andy Wynkoop : 17-15-11-15-15-[19]-13-12-18-19 = 135
Congratulations to Malcolm Lamphere, Lake Geneva, and Ben Garber, Minnetonka on a 1-3 finish at the Canadian Olympic Regatta at Kingston, Ontario.
 For the Winners' Circle...
            Successful ILYA Championship Regatta competitors receive the highly esteemed crystal cubes with the three dimensional depiction of their class inside. If you have received such an award in 2009, and if you have an extra crew who did not receive a cube, or some other reason for which you might desire an extra cube, you can order one or more now through the ILYA Office. An order will be sent on September 15, so don't wait, as the offer will end on that date. The cost per cube is estimated to be no more than $50 each including shipping.
            Additionally, the ILYA has a small supply of the lighted bases that really show off the cubes by projecting a light upward into the cube. These are available while supplies last for $30 each including shipping.
            Contact the ILYA office with the details of your order before September 15.



The popular Maxinkuckee fall event is nearing. Make your plans now to travel south. $70 Mc's, $85 C's. Friday Welcome Party and Saturday night's famous Chili/Cheeseburger Party($10)  at the Culver Cove Resort.
Sep 12-13    Fall Regatta                       Maxinkuckee YC
Sep 19-20    50th Blue Chip                    Pistakee YC
Sep 19-20    Fall Regatta                       Lake Felton YC 
Sep 19-20    Lotawana Fall Regatta        Missouri YC
Sep 26-27    Beulah Challenge                Lake Beulah YC
Sep 26-27    Polar Bear Regatta             Lake Davenport SC
Oct 3-4        C-Worlds                           Lake Delavan YC

For the C boats, time to gain those Road Warrior points.
Beulah Challenge - September 26-27
The housing is free, Friday Night is Mexican with $2.50 Mojitos and Margaritas, racing is, well, Beulah-fluky but it won't be more fun anywhere. Saturday night dinner is value-packed and there is always the beer pong trophy. This is the event where all are welcome. You'll see crews skipping boats, some women skippers - it's meant to promote the culture that is distinctly C. Whether expert, middle of the fleet or you want to try your first regatta - this is the one for you! You're always welcome at Beulah.
Contact Anne Muller for info/housing. Check the LBYC website later this week for online registration.
C Blue Chip
Come one and all to the 50th Anniversary C Blue Chip. What a treat to watch all the past champions and all the new hotshots. September 19-20 at Pistakee.  
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