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Volume 7, Issue 76

 October 7, 2012

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28 - ILYA Board of Directors Meeting, Hudson, WI 

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Porter Wins  C Worlds

 katie and john   

Regattas this week were met with 30 degree mornings with highs in the mid-forties. Race Committees froze in service, sailors wore winter garb and yacht clubs suddenly found hot cocoa in the pantry. But sailing went on as usual with most folks attending the last regatta of the Wisconsin season. Delavan hosted 17 brave souls - attendance was unmistakenly down due to the weather forecast. Race Committee Brian Buzzell, Tim O'Keefe, Larry Kmiecik and Candace Porter ran five races in heavy air on Saturday and lighter air on Sunday. At the end of the event John Porter with multiple crew and one guest skipper, Dave Keck, won the event. Interesting was the use of thirds on multiple boats to "get the job done" in the inclimate weather Katie Porter, shown above, was a third on the second place boat on Saturday.

Congrats to Delavan YC who hosted a trio of C events including Nationals and then the X ILYA Champs this season. Our clubs are full of dedicated volunteers. Look for the ILYA MC Invitational at Delavan in '13.

The ILYA X Inland CD is going "to press" this week. Larry Kmiecik has used his photo/video/editing skills with GO PRO cameras to provide us all with a quality memory of a great event.

1 B 317 FLYING HIGH -John Porter / Dave Keck / Dave Porter / Katie Porter 8
2 BL 3 POLE POSITION -Patrick Lynch / Ben Porter/Katie Porter 18
3 A 22 TEWS DAY VIII -Jim Tews / Jenny Jaessing / The DJ 25
4 B 217 RYOT -Joe Skotarzak / Anne Porter Muller / Krista 27
5 OO 44 SICILIAN MESSENGERS -Dan Fink / Jason Thompson 30
6 B 122 ??? -J.P. Mull / Roman Plutenico 31
7 D 21 ANNA C -Ed Clair / Alyse Compall / Kailey Kiekhafer 32
8 D 3 FUGITIVE II -Mark Hetzler / Kurt Honeyageer / Connie Hetzler 35
9 B 22 SWING TOWN -Glenn McMurray / Andrea Lee / Kat Harschburger 51
10 D 69 SPACE INVADERS -Greg Gifford / Matt Sloan / Kelly O'Connor 53
11 D 30 LIGHTNING -Scott Hetzler / Jarid Funderburg 54
12 D 6 THE CURE -Robert Mahoney / Charlie Harrison / Rachel Beers 56
13 B 23 THE A-TRAIN II -Andrew Bohl / Christine Porter / Brad McNeal 58
14 CL 3 ??? -Matt Parker / Craig Parker 59
15 D 93 PIKE -Eric Goes / Kurt Keikhafer 65
16 D 76 THE C WORD -Ed Kerns / Claire Compal / Charlie Goes 82
17 MS 2 ??? -Bill Black / Sar Schrucker / Warren Hayden 88
Fall Melges 24 Regatta
 Lake Geneva 
1st 6 749 B. PORTER 1 1 2 3 2 2 1 12
2nd 9 649 B GULARI 2 9 6 1 1 6 4 29
3rd 13 613 M. DOW 3 13 3 5 6 8 8 46
4th 2 547 M. KEEFE 4 10 9 2 17 7 2 51
5th 5 685 D. WRIGHT 9 6 7 7 8 5 9 51
6th 12 160 S. VOWELS 5 7 10 6 5 10 10 53
7th 15 175 P.SAGAN 8 5 8 10 12 1 11 55
8th 4 747 B. AYERS 10 14 1 14 3 9 7 58
9th 1 603 T. FREYTAG 6 22 4 8 4 14 6 64
10th 19 533 A. HERNANDEZ 7 18 5 9 9 16 3 67
11th 22 659 J. JENNINGS/T. ANTO 16 12 12 4 11 13 5 73
12th 10 500 B. NEWCOMB 12 17 19 12 7 11 12 90
13th 3 616 J. GRAY/F. DAVENPORT 19 4 15 11 14 21 19 103
14th 18 250 J. LEDSWORTH 22 2 20 22 22 3 16 107
15th 15 56 C. MULLER 11 11 11 19 21 18 17 108
16th 8 818 J. SIMMS 21 3 18 13 15 22 18 110
17th 7 775 M. HESSLER 13 21 17 17 10 19 15 112
18th 23 55 C. JAZWEICKI 15 19 13 15 16 15 24 117
19th 14 312 S. BOHO 14 23 14 21 13 12 21 118
20th 20 523 D. HOLST 23 20 22 20 20 4 14 123
21st 11 142 S. MILLER 17 15 24 18 19 17 13 123
22nd 24 443 R. LYON 18 8 21 24 24 20 20 135
23rd 21 806 C. LEMOND 20 16 23 16 23 24 22 144
24th 17 13 R. HASSELKUS 25 DNC 24 16 23 18 23 23 152
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A Splash Into the World of an Inland Sailor
by Rachel Beers

While visiting Delavan for C Worlds, this article caught my eye. Printed in the local paper, it certainly speaks of what you all create at your local clubs.  

            Bruised legs, ripped callouses, sore abdomens, and the faint smell of the winning gunshot. The feel of defeat and sight of 65 other sailboats following behind what's left of your wake to the finish line is somewhat indescribable; but when you ask an Inland sailor as myself, it feels like the world. The majority of the community will never know or understand the feeling an Inland sailor has after a regatta or race win, let alone the feeling of a sailboat. The Inland Lakes Yachting Association is a group of midwestern lakes holding regattas and sailing competitive performance sailboats.

            There's the world of lake sailing; pleasurable and relaxing, with the expectation and thought of cheese and wine to accompany the happy couple. Then there's the world of an Inland sailor. Their lives are invested in world class and competitive performance sailboats ranging from 7ft to 38ft. An Inland sailor puts his heart and income into new or broken equipment, new sails, the upkeep of their fiberglass and regatta expenses every few weeks. We Inland sailors don't get on a boat to be accompanied by cheese, wine, and the glory of a sunset; we get on a boat to sail fast. We get on a boat to put our minds to the test; to show what we've learned over the many years of training that has been given us. We get on a boat to win.

            We put in countless hours of our physical and mental labor during the hot summer days on the lakes of Delavan, Lake Geneva, and surrounding lakes. The general public doesn't think that competitive sailing is strenuous or physical, but with winds ranging from 13 knots to 22 knots, the only weight keeping that boat upright is you and your crews' body weight. This requires pure core strength, along with upper body strength to hold and pull in 40 lbs of sail pressure every few seconds. Ripped hands and severe bruises aren't uncommon either. It all comes along with the 'goody bag of summer fun' we call competitive sailing. In a mental sense, sailing requires rational and practical quick decision making. It requires geometry on countless encounters, the knowledge of wind pressure and shifts throughout the course and a much deeper knowledge of sail shape acceleration and kinetics. Also, a mindset to block out any 'colorful words' said by a fellow competitor isn't too bad to have either. A sailor on any occasion from anywhere cannot and will not begin to explain the logic and mathematics that goes into a race. Instead, they'll probably say, "Start first and increase your lead." A famous quote given by Buddy Melges, the Father and Guru of the competitive sailing world. Someone unfamiliar to competitive sailing may not understand why or how we do it, as long as our Inland sailing community understands. We do this because it's our summer, fall and spring life. It's our family and friends. It's what we've grown up to do will do until our bodies are unable.

            As an Inland Lakes Yachting Association member myself, I have the privilege of belonging to this large family stretching across the midwest states. I've grown up with this sport, with this lifestyle and with this community. It's a lifetime sport with continual teaching; every sailor learns with every race he sails. One cannot simply hop on a boat, gain sea legs and expect to win. It takes years of learning and training from others to gain the knowledge needed to make it to the top. To be an Inland sailor is an experience only a tiny, tiny fraction of people will ever get to have. Once you're included in that fraction, you are for life.
Our Neighbors to the East
 Lake Michigan Sail Race Federation 
 Our sister Midwest sailing organization publishes a most lengthy newsletter with loads of info and many familliar names. Editor Glenn McCarthy spoke at our Winter Inland last year. Glenn is a wealth of information about insurance issues around the sport of sailing.
It's a small world
Each year one of our ILYA generous members takes a small group of women on a housewalk in Kenilworth, IL. This is a lovely fall morning where mostly women walk to four homes to view lovely decorating. This year a New Trier Sailing lawn sign met us at one home. An MC in the driveway on Sheridan Road caught our attention at another. A quick call to Melges revealed the boat may be a recreational boat. A map of beautiful Green Lake. WI was in the recreational area. But the real restraint of the day was several women holding Reese and Porter back from attempting to cover that great MC 1978 while fall foliage was beginning to drop into one of our favorite classes of boat.  
High School Sailing
Click here for the weekly updates on our young sailors. Minnetonka sits atop the rankings this week. Look through the results of the Autumn Classic to see many familiar names. Oshkosh arrived on the results this week. Even Spring Lake, MI is there. Then in the eastern division of MISSA, look for the Rolander family from Lake Geneva. Each week it's a new event.
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