Volume 12, Issue 66  
September 19, 2017
2017 Regattas
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
14-15 Oktoberfest at Nagawicka - MC/Laser, Vanguard 15/470
28-29 ILYA Fall Inland and Board Meeting
28-29 Halloween Opti/420 Regatta - Lake Geneva YC
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
May 5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
May 18 - Bilge Puller South Meeting
June 25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah (tentative)
July 5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah (Tentative)
July 16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
July 21-22 WYA X - Cedar
July 23 - No Tears - Beulah
July 25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
July 29-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee
August 3-5 WYA C - LaBelle
August 12-19 ILYA Championships
   12-15 A Scows
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E, C, MC Scows
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Join the ILYA
October 28-29 - ILYA Board meeting and ILYA Fall Inland    - Harken Headquarters  
10:00 Harken opens

1 - Committee Meetings 
  • Committee meetings - if your committee needs a work space, reserve with Dave Berg and LUNCH IS ON US! Assemble your team and begin the 2018 planning session. 
  • Regatta Coordinating - if you are hosting an ILYA event in 2018, please plan to attend to review the Regatta Manual with Dave Berg. Financials, Facebook and other social media, trophies, registration: Dave discusses it all. Send your regatta chair and perhaps your treasurer or Commodore. 
2 - Need information? This is for you!
Whether it is sailing school-related, problems with insurance, bar management, class-associated, the ILYA will find an expert to meet with you. Send us your topic of discussion by October 10th and we will find an expert or two to meet with you regarding your individual concerns.  
Lunch - all are welcome and free. We need a count of those who will be attending the AM sessions to provide lunch. Register online starting next week by October 20th or contact dberg@ilya.org.

1:00 -5:00 Scuttlebutt has already alerted the nation to our afternoon session on the Return to Corinthian Sailing. A panel discussion with youth, adult, RC and coach representation will open the discourse. Your audience input is essential. The panel will help identify the problem with examples,you will determine the need for action and create an action plan to get us all back on our game.  A concerted effort will be made to solidify our expectations and implementation of procedures to assure the most sportsmanlike behavior for ALL OUR FLEETS. In many ways, this begins at home and in our sailing schools. Clubs, please designate someone or several from your club to participate in this discussion. Together we can determine a path to assure we maintain our high expectation of Corinthian sailing on the waters of Inland lakes. 

5:30 Awards and Hors d'oeuvres
Pillsbury, Club of the Year, Member of the Year, RC Member of the Year - come to laud our many fine individuals.  

Sunday - 9:00 AM 
The Board of Directors meeting will be Sunday, October 29th. All are welcome. It is time to contact your fleet reps if you would like to be considered as a host of an ILYA regatta. The ILYA Regatta Manual is located here. Please review before the Board meeting. Most events are assigned at the October meeting. The current Regatta bid sheet is here.  
Open discussion from our members is welcome and is on the top of the agenda. After roll call, discussion is welcomed from the guest gallery. Have a concern? Have a topic the Board needs to address. 9:00 on Sunday is your time to present to the Board. 

You are invited to attend the entire Board meeting. Just contact Dave Berg for free lunch reservation. 

Registration will be posted next week. 
2018 Champs Schedule Announced  
Dates, Schedule and Hotels
The 2018 Inland Championships will be held August 12-19 2018 at Minnetonka Yacht Club in Deephaven, MN.  This year the race format will include a full week of competitive sailing.  This format provides increased flexibility with the opportunity for great sailing all week long.  
The race schedule will be:
  • A Scows will race Sunday 4pm August 12 - Wednesday 1pm August 15. 
  • BILGE PULLERS - Wednesday Night 
  • E Scows will race Thursday August 16 - Sunday August 19.
  • C Scows will race Thursday August 16 - Sunday August 19.
  • MC Scows* will race Thursday August 16 - Sunday August 19. * Upper Minnetonka Yacht Club will be hosting the MC Scows 
We look forward to hosting the ILYA and have partnered with the 2 hotels for the week long event.  The  Hotel Landing in Wayzata has a block of rooms at a great rate of $199 a night.  The Landing is the brand new hotel located at 925 Lake Street in downtown Wayzata.   Please go to this link: The Landing Hotel to secure your room before the block fills up.
The American Inn located at 570 Pond Promenade,  Chanhassen, is also holding a block of rooms.   The special rate of 15% off the room of your choice can be applied to your reservation when you book into the Big Inland 2018 room block.  Currently, room rates start at $119 after the discount. Please call them directly at 952-934-3888 and ask for the Big Inland 2018 rate, to reserve a room starting Sept 15th.   
NNN Beulah C Challenge  
Porter/Welscher have homelake advantage 
 A perfect regatta - in the eyes of some. Hot, no wind day on Saturday so no racing but then it was fun all day. Friends winding down for the year with free beer, a lake to swim in, air-conditioned building. Someone made them lunch and dinner even though they did not sail. Quite a nice day actually. But then PRO Larry Krause got wind on Sunday. He ran three of the most beautiful short races on Sunday morning to meet the deadline. It was a most unusual direction for Beulah but he handled it magnificently. In the end, the racing was tight. A point between the top three leaders and two brothers battling it out in the crowd. Eight youth sailors brought boats and sailed for free. Thanks to NCSSA and a Beulah donor for the free opportunity. 
1st B-317 John Porter Patrick Welscher 2 1 4 7
2nd B-18 Brian Brickler Kevin Brickler 3 2 3 8
3rd N-181 Peter Keck Ben Porter 1 6 2 9
4th B-66 Michael Barr Alex Duffy 9 3 1 13
5th T-17 Joe Schaub Liz Bernstein 13 4 5 22
6th B-16 Charlie Kutschenreuter George Kutschenreuter 4 13 12 29
7th B-6 Martin Barr Frank Davenport 6 15 10 31
8th B-377 Mike Considine Ron Hull 8 18 7 33
9th OO-23 Kyle Stack Andrew Fox 17 8 8 33
10th B-25 Joe Byrnes Karla Keck 21 9 6 36
11th B-88 Jay Hiller Karin Hiller 7 17 16 40
12th B-217 Joe Sko Anne Muller 5 5 31.0 DNC 41
13th B- 60 Cullen Barr Aaron LeRoy 18 7 20 45
14th T- 6 Brian Barr Dave Frankowiak 15 21 9 45
15th SL-68 Karl Lanka Andrea Lee 14 10 23 47
16th B-17 David Porter Shawn/Katie Murphy 11 23 13 47
17th B-23 Andrew Bohl Katie Bruder 12 20 15 47
18th B-87 Patrick Schmidt Tye Rubin 25 12 11 48
19th B-22 August Jarecki Ron Jarecki 22 11 18 51
20th LL-101 Billy Madden Shannon/ Brdget Smith 10 25 17 52
21st B-111 Kate Klement Will Haeger/Neal Klement 20 16 19 55
22nd B-8 Rob Clayton Vicki Clayton 16 19 21 56
23rd V-40 Scott Stroud Tony J 23 22 14 59
24th B-7 Randy Schmidt Jeff Komas 19 26 22 67
25th A-27 Robert Tenhagen Michelle Kachelmeier 31.0 DNF 14 24 69
26th B-29 Brian Allen Matt Parker 24 24 25 73
27th       31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 93
27th B-10 Jeff Hudson deTarnowsky Lisa Whittet 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 93
27th B-333 Teresa Westin Jamie Youngquist 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 93
27th B-117 Christine McNeil Caroline Skotarzak 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 93
27th B-5 Mark Misch Brad Roble 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 31.0 DNC 93
E Blue Chip  

Matt Schmidt, Beccah Schmidt, Becky Fiorenza and Eric Price Take the Title

1st V-736 Matt Schmidt 1 4 1 6 12
2nd KG-111 Kevin Jewett 4 3 5 2 14
3rd M-87 Derek Packard 9 6 2 4 21
4th W-66 Eddie Cox 7 1 14 3 25
5th T-37 John Brown 2 9 7 10 28
6th V-37 Augie Barkow 6 8 3 12 29
7th M-20 Tim Krech 8 2 13 9 32
8th V-7 Bob Biwer 3 12 15 5 35
9th W-25 Lee Alnes 13 5 10 7 35
10th ? Caleb Paine 10 17.0 DNF 8 1 36
11th CR-66 Rob Terry 5 11 9 11 36
12th I-47 Wes Whitmyer Jr 17.0 DNF 7 6 14 44
13th MA-10 Dick Wight 17.0 DNF 10 12 8 47
14th V-11 JP Friend 11 14 11 13 49
15th WH-77 Tom Munroe 17.0 DNF 13 4 17.0 DNS 51
16th SL-4 Brett Hatton 12 15 16 17.0 DNS 60
Scowlines Welcomes New Sponsor  
Toad Hollow
While the editor was viewing material for this edition, the trophies above caught her eye. While the photo is not good quality, the trophies are outstanding. The E's in action photo is set in acrylic as well as the E class logo. Both designs are magnificent which provided Scowlines with an opportunity to share ideas with you for your 2018 season. 

Toad Hollow is a name you all know but do you think of Todd Haines for your awards presentations? Or for your business? These trophies are limited only by your creativity for your home lake. Todd creates softgoods for the Cedar Icebreaker. The RC has handsome jackets from our service there. The banners featuring our heroes and legends at the ILYA Championships were created with love by Todd. You saw them flying all three years at Lake Geneva. 

Toad Hollow is a full service advertising specialty distributor.  We service our clients' promotional needs from start to finish including logo and image design, product design and/or sourcing, fulfillment, company store, multi-vendor coordinating, and packaging.  These functions often require custom fabricated merchandise as well as sourcing of in-stock merchandise on a global basis.  We represent 6500 plus manufacturers of custom and logo-ready items.  Our clients use these resources and services for:

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·        Sales tools & leave behind

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·        Not-for-profit & corporate identification programs and promos

·        On pack/in pack promotions

Melges Promotional Videos - Take the Time  
Olympic Development Clinic

It's Fall and there's time to enjoy the summer in review. Hannah Lee Noll of Melges Performance Sailboats presents a fresh, young, hip look at our sailing. Website, videos, drone footage and still photography - it is simply spectacular and set to music that gets you moving or moves you to love sailing. Go to Facebook Melges site and relive the summer.

As an example, watch the material from the Melges/US Sailing Olympic Developmental Clinic where seventeen of the area's youth participated in a singlehanded Melges 14 experience. Be sure to watch or scroll through to the end to see the bios of our future adult champions. Enjoy the ride.   

History of Calhoun Yacht Club  
Digital Edition
New contribution to Minnesota Reflections:
Calhoun Yacht Club
News by Greta Bahnemann published in Minnesota Digital Library:
Minnesota Reflections announces that the illustrated history of Calhoun 
Yacht Club (CYC), a yacht club first formally organized in 1901, is now available online for general review and historical research. This project is made available by the Minnesota Digital Library, a service of Minitex, funded with a grant by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund of the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution via the Minnesota Historical Society.     
The CYC history project has been made available also with special thanks 
for encouragement and support supplied by the devoted working staff at 
Minnesota Reflections. Gary Reiter, Kathy Drozd, Bruce Reiter, Steve Woldum and Tom Weigel have worked together over the last three years to compile and create this permanent, online record of the history of Calhoun Yacht Club.  This history has been compiled and documented primarily through the efforts of Gary Reiter and Kathy Drozd, with Kathy writing needed metadata documentation for each illustration.  Historical photographs depicting the very early days of CYC have been generously supplied through the Reiter Family Archives.  Many thanks also go to members of Calhoun Yacht Club, former family members of CYC, and the extremely supportive and enthusiastic members and friends of CYC from yacht clubs in and around the Twin Cities. 
We hope you enjoy what we believe to be the only, or one of a very few, 
yacht club's history to be placed online and made generally and permanently available. 
The following link pasted into your web browser will bring you directly to the opening page of the Calhoun Yacht Club history: