Volume 8, Issue 78

 October 28, 2013

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2-4 HS Singlehanded Nationals

3 - Skeeter Swap - Williams Bay at Lucke's Cantina

9-11 College Singlehanded Nationals


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ILYA Board Meeting 

The ILYA Board meeting always begins with a report from our strong fleets. The year in general was a success with sustained, strong scow participation. Our hosts for our championship events were recognized for great work - Okoboji for the Big Inland, Oshkosh for the X Champs, Beulah for the Opti Champs.


A fleet - Growth has been stagnant but the fleet is strong. Used boats are available which would stimulate new purchases. The A invite on White Bear would allow non-traveling boats from this strong local fleet to participate.

E fleet - great participation at events this year. There is discussion about experimental use of a less expensive flotation panel.

C fleet Great attendance this year. New boat sales are encouraging as well as brisk mast sales with a new mast die. The Velocitek is now legal in all its modes of use.    

I20 --- Built one new boat last season. There has been a change in the administration of the class. Fleet attendance is holding steady. Hope for 20 boats on Winnebago at the Big Inland.

MC - Fleet is healthy, concern that Invitational may be growing into a regional event with little travel. The MCs have chosen to not participate at Oshkosh but will host a separate event alone at Pewaukee.  

Melges 17  - over 50% of fleet is youth. Michigan is growing faster than WI. Indiana fleet attended ILYA this year. Growth is an incentive for this fleet. Melges 17 fleet was featured in the latest edition of Sailing World.

X fleet -  Oshkosh was recognized for a strong event this season. Coast Guard approved PFD's will be the measurer's attention rule this season. Please check to determine if your sailor has the proper lifejacket.

Opti Fleet Well-attended annual meeting which has resulted in the formation of a Women's clinic/regatta.

Scoring and trophies have been re-instated for the No Tears event. In addition, a no throwout statement will be added to the NOR.


Club 420 Fleet
The discounted entry was successful in getting newer sailors into the ILYA event.

In a most significant move, the Bylaws of the organization will be changed to rename the ILYA Rules Committee to the ILYA Fleet Council. In addition, the new fleet committees will be charged to meet regularly, to include promotion of the fleet, regatta participation, race committee collaboration and assistance, as well as the prior charge as it relates to rules.


The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the future of the Big Inland [Regatta]. A one-year committee presented its final report. It has been apparent that all Board members desire a return to the heyday of the Inlands where our event was a "no-miss" event. Schedule, site, scope, sponsorship were all on the table. The discussion continues with a new committee to visit our clubs to frame a new but "this is the Inlands" event. 


Building on the enthusiasm for a focus to establish ourselves as the premiere regatta, the 2014 and 2015 Big Inland events will be styled to build attendance. In 2014 Oshkosh will host a four-day "everyone come" event. The A's, E's, C's and I-20's will be hosted to a grand event with sponsors and entertainment already lined up. The schedule will allow sailors to sail two fleets in a day or spend quality time with family in a city that is casual enough to enjoy with the entire family. Transportation to and from the hotel, waterfront boat parking, The Waters accessibility all day, brunch to dinner scheduling to allow for the varied schedules - it's all arranged. Dr. Tom Hodgson will be sailing manager - he WILL control the elements to make this all work. Chip Mann has his cadre of RC lined up. The band is booked ---- come on up. The Best Western Waterfront hotel is accepting reservations. It's a Wyman extravaganza so WHY NOT COME? 


2015 Big Inlands was awarded to Geneva. With the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center open, the Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame new home, Melges Boatworks nearby, Geneva will bring something new to the event. The sponsorship potential in this region will provide opportunity to showcase our fine sailing and our strong association. Format and fleets are undetermined at this time but come to the Winter Inland to give your input.


The 2016 and beyond Big Inlands should take on a new look based on the changes in '14 and '15, discussions with our large hosting lakes, sponsorship relationships and fleet building initiatives. To be sure, the ILYA will be taking back its ownership of Fun for the Family.  


BRRR! Iceboaters, get ready
SWAP MEET This Weekend     
Williams Bay at Lucke's Cantina - Sunday 10:00
Rolex Yachtspersons of the Year
Submission Deadline is November 20th         
RolexWhen you look at the year in review, are there Inland sailors who warrant merit for an individual or year's accomplishments? Several come to the editor's mind and those names have been submitted to US Sailing for consideration of the prestigious award. This is not a popularity contest nor won on votes but take the time to recognize the efforts of our sailors nationally or internationally.
Click here  to go to the US Sailing site.  You will need to be a US Sailing member to nominate an individual but membership with an added Sailing World subscription for $10 supports the work on rules, safety council, race committee and instructor training.
Women's Clinic Approved for further study

 Promotion Committee to Add Support

A two-day June 19-20 clinic is tentatively planned to include adult learning tracks of race committee, trailer backing skills, regatta management and "what are they doing out there? All your questions answered" and youth sailing tracks of Opti sailing, X speed tricks, how to build a college sailing resume and MC/C scow transition. A Thursday night banquet with keynote speaker and distinguished sailors for dinner partners, Friday team-oriented regatta and PINK, PINK, PINK! The event will be a fundraiser for Breast Cancer which will allow the youth participants to add to a service resume for college.

The event is in the investigative stage right now to develop the scope of the fundraising and leadership skills development. It is an add-on to what will be an extraordinary experience for the women of the ILYA.

Lake Beulah has agreed to host this on a breakeven basis. The event, if perpetuated, would travel to willing ILYA clubs.  

If you are willing to assist with funding, sponsorship contacts or other aspects, please contact

 ILYA Hall of Fame

   Bilge Pullers Take Lead

Bilge Pullers

  The Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame has found a permanent home in the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center. The present visual displays seen at the Winter Inland will be enhanced with new computer-enhanced displays featuring our legends and also our history.
The new Buddy Melges Sailing Center is located on the Lake Geneva Yacht Club/Geneva Lake Sailing School land. The center will be an asset to the sailing community and neighboring community. The Bilge Pullers will provide financial support for the display but also encourages all individual ILYA members and friends to support the project as well. The ILYA voted to establish a Hall of Fame account to accept tax-deductible donations to establish a repository for our historical documents, memories and significant contributors to Inland sailing. Please consider donating to the Hall of Fame but clicking our donation button on the left or calling Jim Smith, ILYA Executive Secretary.  
2014 Preliminary Big Inland Schedule
   You can do it all!         
  Many of you commented on the difficult viewing of the first published schedule for Oshkosh. 
1 - You CAN sail in two fleets. There is a planned 1.5 hour switch interval to allow you or your crew to care for the boat and get on the second fleet racing each day.
2 - We are already working on a notification system which will be cell phone-based to alert you to our current status and anticipated next start. Thanks to Pewaukee sailor, Chris Lieber, who has developed an app for another application which was tested at this Fall Board Meeting. We will continue to work on this for the Winter Inland. More to come. This app will allow you to stay at your hotel until your fleet is scheduled on the water or will tell you of weather delays, change in schedules, etc. 
3 - This is for all of you. Your families as well as the sailors. The Waters will be regatta headquarters. It is within walking distance of a children's zoo and park. Waterfront boat parking will allow you to explore the restaurants around Winnebago. 
Wednesday, August 13th is registration day for all fleets. The A fleet will sail for the magnificent Felker Cup for all to see from the Waters.

Official racing is set up so that all fleets are scheduled to race 6 races, finishing on Sunday morning with an early afternoon trophy presentation. Except for one day of the event, the morning schedule will be for one race only--not back-to-back. The back-to-back races will be held in the afternoon. The exception is that on one of the days, the morning will schedule back-to-back as well. This will be the first day, weather permitting. 

Thursday - sailing will hopefully be our most productive day to get all fleets "ahead" of schedule. We will start at 9:00 (watch for your notifications) with the Cs and E's. With the best of intentions and the hope for the best in weather, the C's and E's will sail two races B/B in the AM. With ample time, the A's and I-20s will commence at approximately 2-2:30 and will also complete two races. The rest of the week is more relaxed - if we can get ahead on Thursday. The start will allow a minimum of 1.5 hours between AM and PM racing. Notification of our current status will either be posted or "pushed" to you via cell phone. 
Thursday --- C/E  9:00
                  A/I-20   2:00 ish
Friday starts with the A's and I-20s at a more relaxed start time. We hope to only sail three races the remainder of the week. Again "push" notifications will keep you up to speed. In the best of all worlds, C's and E's could be off the water on Thursday at noon and not return until 2:00 the following day which allows for viewing of the other fleets, leisure time with the family at the hotel or zoo or Waters for brunch. It's beautiful land to just relax and view. Or WORK for a day ---- it is about vacation though.
Friday ----- A/I-20    10:00 start
                C/E          2:00 ish with two races B/B
Saturday ----- C/E   10:00 start for one race
                    A/I-20  2:00 ish for two races B/B
Sunday - we all sail one race in the morning (with the minimum 1.5 hour between fleets).
Please ask any questions since the organizing committee wants EVERYONE to come. Perhaps we haven't thought of your concern. Let Beth or Bill Wyman know or Jim Smith.
Race Committee Course
Milwaukee YC         

Here are instructions for signing up for the US Sailing RC course at Milwaukee YC, November 9-10.

Click here for registration. Find the Milwaukee Seminar

Click the enroll now button and then on the very first page, "Course Prerequisites", there is a teeny-tiny box at the bottom of the page you need to scroll down to to check stating that you understand.  Then you will be able to register.

  Idea for your club?
Each year our clubs celebrate the conclusion of the season. Pewaukee and Geneva host a dressy event. Beulah has a casual, everyone-come affair. Rumor has it they will celebrate at the Chicago YC. Now, that's a night out! Oshkosh has created a pictorial and musical review of the past season. Thanks to Beth Wyman for this collage of skill, fun, shades, peril and an invitation to come to the Big Inland. Click here to see your friends from Oshkosh. They await your arrival at the Big Inland.
 Melges 17 featured in Latest Sailing World

 Kmiecik photos are breathtaking

The Melges 17 fleet has hit a homerun - a feature article in the America's Cup edition of Sailing World, Nov-Dec 2013. White Bear journalist Ben Markhart along with Delevan photographer Larry Kmiecik captured the essence of this fleet and US! The focus of the article is based on the unique skipper/crew relationship in this fleet. Dads are handing over the helm to young sons which provides a family feel which is so scow. A sidebar entitled Buddy's Place quotes GLSS president, T Freytag, with Geneva's mission to build a facility the entire family can enjoy.

Editor's note: The author participated in the event with young sailor Hunter Sharpe. Hunter is an up and coming X boat sailor who exemplifies all Geneva has been able to create in the past few years. Just travel to Geneva for a regatta and you will find a cadre of young sailors who stand on shore awaiting a ride on any scow available. Parents are being introduced to the yacht club by the most enthusiastic young sailors. Kudos to Jeff Doubek for starting this tradition and to Kevin Jewett and Joe Kutschenreuter who have added their own mark to the GLSS. GLSS faces a positive future as they prepare with the fundraising of the BMSC with the work of T Freytag, Charles Colman, Dave Navin and Mike Keefe ---- and, of course, Buddy Melges, who is taking their direction quite well for a man who has always commanded his ship. It's an exciting time for Geneva, for scow sailing and for our legend, Buddy Melges.

 Look Where They Are

 Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center 


 Annie Haeger (Beulah) and Gordon Lamphere (Geneva) are preparing for Rio in '16. The US Sailing Sperry Topsider Team is training October 27-30 with the best trainers in the country. In addition, Lara Dallman-Wiess (White Bear), a member of the Development Team is also in attendance. While three years out, these athletes are training as if it were tomorrow. This a full time commitment for the next three years. Also training for the '16 Olympics is Erik Bowers of Minnetonka who has not reached the level of Sperry Topsider Team member as yet but he is training full time also. To financially support your favorite sailor, send your donation to the ILYA Foundation and earmark money for your favorite Olympic hopeful.

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Editor: Candace Porter
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