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October 25, 2009 

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Watch the Lake Geneva Mail Boat

Geneva mailGage Marine of Williams Bay sent this notice to its customers. The Lake Geneva Mailboat will air on the Travel Channel's Bizarre World, Tuesday, October 27th 9pm CST. Many of us have watched this while visiting LGYC or seen it on local TV. Now watch Andrew Zimmern try his hand at "jumping the mail" aboard Lake Geneva Cruise Line's US Mailboat.
Here are the Gage website words about the mail boat:
US Mailboat - Walworth U.S. Mailboat Tour
There are only handful of places left in the country where mail is still delivered by boat and none with a more exciting and scenic tour like this! With nearly 90 years of Mail Service, we still deliver mail to about 60 homes around the lake on a daily basis from June 15 - September 15 every year. The Walworth departs promptly at 10:00 a.m. every day with a load of passengers, mail and very unique mail person. The mailboat returns to the Riviera Docks at 12:30 pm after its 2½ hour cruise around the entire lake.

Our mail person isn't at all like the one who stops by your home every day. To deliver the mail, she must jump off the bow of the boat while it is still moving and on to the pier. Deliver the mail, grab any out-going parcels and leap back on to the stern of the boat before it passes by. The mailgirl must possess skill and agility in order to complete the delivery and remain dry!

The only way you will get any closer to the homes is by walking up to their front door.

As a special star route for the U.S. Post Office, the U.S. Mailboat - Walworth is equipped with its' famous "U.S. Mailboat" cancellation stamp. Be sure to write a letter or postcard and have this special stamp that you can only get aboard the boat
Clubs are busy preparing for the 2010 season and so is the ILYA.
  •  The ILYA Board will be nominating new members to serve. Please consider submitting names for review. The ideal candidate is an active ILYA sailor who represents a fleet, lake not currently represented, youth interest or race committee service. Please submit name to Candace Porter, Nominating Chair, or Jim Smith, ILYA Executive Secretary. 
  • US Sailing offers instructor certification courses throughout the country. The ILYA area has offered Level I and II courses in both the SE and Minnesota areas. US Sailing requires a minimum of 8 participants aged 18 and up to run a class. Lake Geneva is interested in hosting this year's event. Please send your comments to the US Sailng Regional Training Coordinator, Suzi Reese, with dates that work or to begin to list possible candidates so sites and dates can be arranged.
  • Creative ideas for regattas are always welcome. Sponsorship or fundraising ideas are mandatory for an event's success. If you are finalizing your 2010 budgets and have room for a donation to sailing, please consider an investment in an ILYA Invitational or Championship event. Goods or money are welcome. Contact Regatta Coordinating Chair for your donations. Planning now will assist our regattas - dates and sites below.
  • The ILYA Publications committee will meet in the next month to discuss our communication to YOU. The website, Scowlines and Scowslants will be under review. In addition, we will discuss media like Sailgroove to maintain excitement for our events. To give input, please contact the Publications chair in the next two weeks with your ideas. It is your suggestion that led to Scowlines and Sailgroove coverage this year.
  • Your race committee chair has begun a new initiative to increase participation in RC duties and to train new personnel as PROs. If you are interested in an increased role in ILYA Race Committee work, contact the Rules Chair. 
  • Does your club own the Kattack system, does your cell phone have GPS? The use of electronics will be discussed at the next Board meetings. If you have strong feelings, please forward your comments to your fleet rep or to the rules chair, Chuck Lamphere.


The 2010 regatta schedule is set. Lake Geneva will host the Big Inland August 11-21 with a three part format. The A's will be in the middle portion to allow sailors from other fleets to participate in the huge A fleet.
E's    Invite                     Minnetonka                  July 8-11
C's    Invite                     Beulah                         July 15-18
MC's  Invite                    Cedar, WI                     July 8-11
I-20      Invite -              Cedar, IN                      June 25-27
I-20     Champs -            Neenah                         Aug 6-8
M16     Champs -            Pewaukee                    July 9-11
Melges 17 Champs         Pewaukee                    July 9-11
X Champs                      Pewaukee                    July 28-31
Opti No Tears West       White Bear                   June 25
Opti No Tears East         Pine 20th Centennial   July 26
Opti Champs                 Okauchee                     August 1-3
Youth Champs              Calhoun                       Date TBD
Christmas ideas
 Support our sailing suppliers
Improve your knowledge and application of the rules with David Dellenbaugh's 'Learn The Racing Rules' for 2009-2012! This completely new two-part DVD set uses live sailing and animation to explain the right-of-way rules and their limitations (Part 1) plus all the rules at marks and obstructions (Part 2). To order or get more info:
Melges/North Sails
Thanks to our Zenda friends for a year's support of Scowlines. Wives, remember to order your husband some new sailing gear. Contact the crew at Melges for ideas.  Phone 262-275-1110.
Consider one of our many ILYA photographers this Christmas.
The editor went out to the Gull Lake site to view the X photos. They are magnificent! Go find your favorite sailor for a grandparent pic for Christmas or a graduate from the fleet photo.
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