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Volume 7, Issue 79

 October 24, 2012

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28 - ILYA Board of Directors Meeting, Hudson, WI 

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ILYA Board of Directors Meeting - October 28th
 Hudson, WI   - Last Chance to Give Input
 Everyone is welcome but if you have ideas to promote your fleet, ideas to improve the Inland, contact your fleet representative or committee or a Board member. The October meeting often sets the sites of future events, discusses changes to boats and measurement issues and prepares for the Winter Inland. If you plan to attend, please contact Jim Smith so he can arrange lunch. - Hudson House Grand Hotel, 8:30 a.m.       
Save the Date
 February 9th 
Many of you have been asking about the Winter Inland date. Save Saturday, February 9th at Chenequa Country Club. Fleet Meetings will run all day along with the Annual Delegates Meeting.  

College Sailors Honors All - Academic Teams

 Three Selected from among ILYA Youth  
Congratulations to Gordon Lamphere - Lake Forest/Lake Geneva - from St. Mary's and Molly Forbes - Madison/Calhoun - from UW-Madison for their second team All Academic selection. Colin Smith - Ft. Lauderdale/Lake Beulah - Brown University was named to the All Conference Academic Team.

In other college news, Steph Hudson of Beulah had a great weekend winning A division in an eastern women's event. Watch collegesailing.org for the weekend's results. Check the A and B division scores which most often identify the sailors and number of races sailed.  
High School Sailing
 Malcolm Lamphere wins B division at Coast Guard 
Lake Forest HS placed second overall at the prestigious Lawrence White regatta but Malcolm Lamphere won the B division by 65 points dominating the B division. Minnetonka placed 4th and Loyola Academy 13th. Sailors names are not identified on the results so cheer on your favorite school. Ask your club sailors where they attend HS so you can follow your local talent.

Check MISSA sailing for other results. Pictures are often posted so you can identify your favorite sailors.  
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