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27   ILYA Board Meeting
8-10 College Singlehanded Nationals - Brown/Salve Regina

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Brian Porter WINS Melges 24 WORLDS!!!
Winner at Last!!!   photo and article from Scuttlebutt
  Brian Porter has been chasing the Melges 24 World Championship title since the class got launched, but 2013 was finally his turn. Here Porter (second from left) celebrates with crew of Andy Burdick, Matt Woodworth and Federico Michetti. San Francisco, CA (October 5, 2013) - American Brian Porter on Full Throttle took fourth in the final race of the Sperry Top-Sider Melges 24 World Championship 2013 today to finally lay claim to the title he has been trying to win for many years. Porter snatched victory by three points from 2013 Melges 24 European Champion Italian Flavio Favini at the helm of Franco Rossini's Swiss entry Blu Moon who had led by a single point going into the final day. Favini didn't give in without a fight however, recovering from a fifteenth place first windward mark rounding to pull back to sixth at the finish - just two places away from snatching back overall victory - See more at:
ILYA Board Meeting Sunday in Hudson, WI
2011amasthead All are Welcome
The Fall Board meeting reviews the past year's actions and fun and plans for the future. Fleet meetings occurred at your championship event and the fleets' input will be reviewed by the Rules Committee and entire Board. If you have ideas or comments, please contact your fleet rep before this weekend.
A - Lee Alnes
E - Vincent Porter
C - John Porter
MC- Al Haeger
I-20 - Dave Whealon/Pat Fleming
Melges 17 - Ben Biwer
420 - Ed Cox
X - Carl Spencer
Opti - Jim Zaiser
On this weekend's agenda will also be the "look" of the future Big Inlands, a new Women's clinic for all ages (a request from the Opti Fleet Meeting) , future regatta sites and race course recommendations.
All are welcome in Hudson, WI. Start time is 8:00. Lunch is provided but notify Jim Smith if you would like to join us for lunch.
To see the agenda, click here.
Memorial Service Set for Don Williquette

Donald  Williquette 91, passed away peacefully September 1, 2013 in Anderson, SC.    "Uncle Donald" sailed E Scows on Nagawicka Lake  and was a past NLYC Commodore. He also served as Commodore of the Wisconsin Yachting Association, was an Inland Lake Yachting Association's Member of The Year, and a Past Admiral of Bilge Pullers. He brought inland lake judging to a new level with his "crew" and was always willing to work with young and old sailors and judges alike to help them excel in the sport he loved.  Interment will be at Arlington National Cemetery next spring. A Memorial Service will be held at the Oconomowoc Community Center (220 Wisconsin Ave) on October 24, 2013 at 3:30 pm. 

 Wanted: X and E sails --- Give to Board member this week to take to Hudson
   Request from member         

I am a member and donor to ILYA and a former board member and Sailing Director of YMCA Camp Olson ( In the past 10 years we have built the camp's sailing program into one of the strongest recreational programs for summer camps in the Midwest. 

Over 2,000 campers attend our camp each year and virtually everyone gets to sail during their stay. Over half the campers choose sailing as their primary activity. Our fleet includes 3 E scows, 5 C scows, 5 MC scows, 5 X boats, 2 Lightenings and 10 Sunfish. 

The camp needs some used racing sails for our boats and you know the X boat and E scow racers in the Midwest who might be able to help us. Specifically we need:

An E scow jib

Two (2) sets of X Boat sails

If you know anyone who would like to donate their old racing sails, get a substantial tax write off and more importantly help us introduce young boys and girls to the pleasures of inland sailing please have them contact me or the camp director, Russ Link

Pierce Johnson

708 261-9541

Editor's note:-- Many ILYA members will be driving to Hudson, WI for the ILYA Fall Board Meeting.  Pierce will gladly accept sails at that location.
 Regatta Organizers - Take Care

When an NOR and SI's do not agree -----

The US Sailing Appeals Committee recently published Appeal 113 that interprets Rule 63.7 which is a relatively new rule dealing with the situation when the Notice of Race conflicts with the Sailing Instructions - See more here.

Facts and Decision of the Protest Committee In a Club 420 regatta there was a conflict between a rule in the Notice of Race and one in the Sailing Instructions. The Notice of Race stated that each boat's two worst race scores would be excluded from her series score if eleven or more races were completed; the Sailing Instructions stated that only one would be excluded. Twelve races were completed. Club 420 6525 based her tactics on her belief that one race score would be excluded. The Race Committee calculated the final series scores with each boat's two worst race scores excluded, which moved 6525 from first to second place in the series. She requested redress. After consulting with the Race Committee, the Protest Committee believed that scoring the series with each boat's two worst scores excluded would provide the fairest result for all boats. It then denied 6525's request for redress, and she appealed 

When a Protest Committee considers a protest or request for redress that involves a conflict between a rule in the Notice of Race and one in the Sailing Instructions, it must first decide which rule "it believes will provide the fairest result for all boats affected" (see rule 63.7). To make that decision the committee is not required to hold a hearing (see rule 63.1). Therefore, none of the other rules of Part 5 of the Racing Rules of Sailing governing hearings, including rule 62, Redress, apply in making that decision. If the committee wishes to obtain information, opinions or advice from others, it may do so. Its decision cannot be the basis for a request for redress or a reopening, because the committee's decision was not made in a hearing. The determining factor for applying rule 63.7 is the committee's belief about the fairest result. Club 420 6525's appeal is therefore denied, and the decision of the Protest Committee is upheld. This decision, along with the entire US Sailing Appeals Book, can be read in its entirety at -

APPEAL 109: When the Race Committee Shortens the Course


The US Sailing Appeals Committee recently published Appeal 109 which answers the question "how do I finish when the race committee shortens the course at a mark such that I have to pass the mark on its 'wrong side'?"

Facts and Decision of the Protest Committee
During a race with rounding marks to be left to port, the race committee decided to shorten the course to finish at the windward mark. It established the finishing line between the windward mark and the race committee boat by positioning the race committee boat to be the port end of the finishing line.

Early Bird sailed so that she left the starboard-end mark of the finishing line to port, bore off and sailed between that mark and the race committee boat, and then left the racing area. She was scored Did Not Finish (DNF) and subsequently requested redress. She argued that it was an improper action for the race committee to anchor the race committee boat on the "non-rounding" side of the windward mark.

The protest committee agreed with Early Bird and gave her redress by directing that she be scored as having finished. The race committee appealed, arguing that scoring Early Bird DNF was correct because she had not crossed the finishing line established as provided in rule 32.2, and by crossing the line as she did, she had not finished as described in the definition Finish.

Decision of the Appeals Committee
The racing rules allow positioning a race committee boat used as a starting or a finishing mark at either end of the line, without regard to how boats are required to leave the rounding marks. When the course is shortened at a rounding mark, that mark becomes a finishing mark, and is no longer a rounding mark. In order to finish, boats are required to cross the finishing line from the course side (see the definition Finish). Concerning the meaning of the term "from the course side" in the definition Finish, it means from the side of the line where the boats sail from the mark that begins the last leg of the course to the finishing line.

The race committee's appeal is upheld, and Early Bird is to be scored DNF.

This decision, along with the entire US Sailing Appeals Book, can be read in its entirety at

- See more.

Nominate your accomplished ILYA Sailor

US Sailing's 2013 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year

US Sailing is accepting nominations for its 2013 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards, recognized as the top individual sailing honors in the nation. Each member of US Sailing may nominate one male and one female sailor they believe has turned in the most outstanding on-the-water performance(s) during 2013.

Who is your selection for this year's award? Click here to make your nomination(s) today!
 Regatta Results

 College Singlehanded Qualifiers  

 From the Midwest region, Matt Ripkey and Ryan Grosch will represent Wisco and Minn Nov 8-10 at Brown/Salve Regina.

High School Singlehanded Qualifiers

Malcolm Lamphere (Lake Geneva) won the qualifying top spot in the Laser Full Rig division. Augie Dale (Pewaukee) will be the second qualifier in he Radial Laser division. These sailors also travel to Brown/Salve Regina but the week preceding the college sailors.

Lawrence White HS Champs --- no scores posted at this time but Minnetonka is reportedly 2nd and Lake Forest third. Malcolm Lamphere (Lake Forest) won A division. Isabella Loosbrock (Minnetonka) was reported unofficially as 2nd in B's. Check high school sailing later in week for results.

C Worlds - Delavan         

 Lake Lotawana Fall C
Greg Clagett Bill Dwyer 2 2 4 First
Spencer Brackman Charles Farley, Stephanei McIntosh 5 1 6 Second
Bob Cooley Rob Lewis 7 3 10 Third
Ed Robison Sander Jones 3 8 11 Fourth
Mark Marling Fred Magerkurth 4 7 11 Fifth
Gary Schroeder Ryan Wickstron 6 6 12 Over 40
Jim Martin Shane Van Hook 9 4 13
Mark Frashier Sarah Frasier 8 9 17
Jay Lentz Dean Martin 14 5 19
Dave Ginsberg Mrs. Ginsberg 10 15 25
David Cooley Scott Stafford 15 10 25
Brian Tillema Eric Johnson 11 14 25
Jack Schwindler Scott Tillema 13 12 25
Jon Martin Katie Prideaux 1 26 27
Gordon McBride Kelly Pfefferkorn, Larry Byrne 17 11 28
Zach Carruthers   12 19 31
Scott Griffiths Laurie Runkles 16 16 32
Howard Chamberlin Mary Voitenko 21 13 34
Chuck Falkenberg Ginny Wickstrom 19 18 37
Justin Lentz Jason McBride 22 17 39
Ed Stratemeier Sam Martin 18 21 39
Dwayne Boettcher   25 20 45
Mike Lindaman   23 22 45
Austin Chamberlin Nick Calkins 20 26 46
Rob Reid (regatta chair)   26 26 52
 UW Hoofers Hosts High School 420 Clinic
November 2-3
This year's High School Clinic will be held November 2-3. We are hoping this will be a great opportunity for local high school sailors to prepare for the Great Lakes Championship. Saturday has a report time of 9am and will end around 4:30pm. There will be a lunch break in the early afternoon. Sunday will have a report time of 9am and end around 1pm. We plan on having a mini regatta on Sunday with lunch and a debrief after. Breakfast and lunch both days, as well as a t-shirt will be included in the cost of the clinic. Arrangements for a tour of the UW-Madison campus can be provided for interested sailors. Coaches to be announced @ Hoofer Sailing Club on Lake Mendota Memorial Union, 800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706 Sailing in 420's and FJ's $150 per person *Checks can be made to the above address with attention: Hoofer Sailing Club, Dave Elsmo SIGNING UP ENSURES YOUR SPOT. *Please contact Leslie Poole ( with any questions or concerns .
Two-Day US Sailing RC Course held at Milw YC
November 9-10
Milwaukee Yacht Club will host a US Sailing Advanced (two day) Race Management Seminar on Saturday and Sunday,  November 9 & 10. Hank Stuart will be the head instructor assisted by John Strassman. The US Sailing site needs some link correction to allow you to register. Dates are wrong on the US Sailing site. John Strassman will be assuring correction but in the meantime, contact
PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125-0311
Phone: 262-203-7721
Fax: 262-203-7722

Editor: Candace Porter
Inland Lake Yachting Association