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October 20, 2009 

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meg sixfrom US Sailing 
 Meg Six
The Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association (MCSA) had their Singlehanded Championships on Oct. 10-11 at the South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee, Wisc. Each regional qualifier sends their top finishing sailors to the National Championships. Those who have sailed at the collegiate level know how competitive it is. So much is on the line, while representing themselves as individual sailors, they are also competing on behalf of their team and their school.

However, the competitive nature of the MCSA Singlehanded Regionals last weekend did not jeopardize the sport of sailing's Corinthian spirit and sportsmanship that was on display. In the women's division, Michigan State's Lauren-Alyssa Knoles was leading by a narrow margin on the final day of racing when disaster struck. Lauren's mast broke at the rivet, and it appeared that not only would she not win, but her shot at qualifying for nationals had evaporated immediately. In a state of shock, Lauren was approached by Wisconsin sailor, Megan Six, who gave Lauren her boat to finish the race with since she was ahead and on track to qualify. Lauren graciously accepted and Megan towed in Lauren's broken down Laser Radial. Lauren did not win the championship, but more importantly, she qualified for nationals.

"She was the only reason I qualified," said Lauren. "Had she not given up her own boat, I would be sitting out the rest of the day."

"I gave up my boat because I wanted to make sure that our best sailors could go to nationals and represent the Midwest," explained Megan. "I hope that someone would do the same for me."

Megan (Fontana, Wis.) began sailing when she was 11-years-old in a Pram. She took summer sessions at the Geneva Lake Sailing School in Fontana, where she has taught lessons for the last five years. Megan's love for racing motivated her to help start a sailing team at her high school.

Megan is now a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, which is hosting the ICSA National Championships. "I'm really excited about having this event on the team's home lake," she added. "We've been working really hard planning, organizing, and fundraising for the regatta." 
Sam Rogers
Sailor of the Week: October 1-7
Sam RogersIt was reported by the National Class E Scow Association that there were two winners of the 2009 Blue Chip Regatta, hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club (Wis.) on Sept. 25-27. Technically there was only one winner, Vincent Porter, and deservedly so. Vincent and his crew sailed extremely well to win the regatta. However, there was another admirable team worthy of recognition from this event.
Sam Rogers and his team of Chrisy Hughes, and Tony and Lynn Jewett were in first place by a point over Vincent's team going into the final race. "Our team has sailed well all year, but we really found our mode at this year's Blue Chip Regatta," said Sam. "We were sailing well enough to compete for the title going into the last race."
After the fifth and final race on Saturday, the principal race officer brought it to Sam's attention that a competitor noticed his team used two different spinnakers throughout the regatta. Sam was under the impression the rule applied to each race of the event, not the whole series. After learning what the actual rule was, Sam asked the race committee to withdraw his team from races 2 and 3. It turns out Sam used a newer white spinnaker in the first race and then an older black spinnaker in races 2 and 3. Then he used his white spinnaker for race 4. The black spinnaker is a little older and is of a different material than the white one, but both spinnakers were the same size and shape. His preference was to use the black spinnaker when there was more wind and the white newer spinnaker in the lighter winds.
Realizing he broke a class rule, Sam and his team withdrew from races 2 and 3, when he used the black spinnaker. The competitors were hoping there was another option for Sam. They wanted a solution that did not penalize Sam and his team to such an extent. However, it was Sam's choice to stand by his decision to withdraw from the races. "We broke a class rule and there was no disputing that," Sam explained. "Withdrawing from the races was the proper course of action."
Sam's team came up short of winning this year's Blue Chip Regatta. However, the display of sportsmanship they showed won over the respect of all their competitors.
Sam started sailing with his father at the age of 9. He raced X boats on Lake Minnetonka (Minn.) whenever the opportunity presented itself. Sam raced for four years on the varsity sailing team at Hobart College. Sam sails professionally now, after spending three years working at Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda.
Sam's schedule is full of Melges 32 sailing this winter with the Samba Pa Ti program. He is also part of a Melges 24 team that will compete at the Melges 24 World Championship in Annapolis, Md. on Oct. 23-31.
"Our E Scow team is already looking forward to next summer," added Sam. "And we'll be using only one spinnakerSam Rogers from Minnetonka was recognized following the E Blue Chip. 
Congrats to our two ILYA sailors who exemplify what we are all about. To read articles like these or to enjoy the US Sailing e-newsletter, join US Sailing. And receive a rule book too - all the more reason for all of us to belong to our national organizing authority, US Sailing.  
Your ILYA Board met October 17th to plan the Winter Inland, review class rules, set future regatta sites and discuss youth promotion. Your Board: in the front row Margaret Osmundson (Clear Lake, IA) director at large, Todd Haines (Pewaukee) A fleet rep, Carl Spencer (Pewaukee) Opti fleet rep, Steve Woldum (Calhoun) Rules at large. Second row:Jack Strothman (Minnetonka) director at large, Jack Zimmerscheid (Harriet) representing the M16 fleet; Fletcher Driscoll (White Bear) director at large, Anita Chabalowski (Dearborn, MI) I-20 fleet rep, Jim Smith (Geneva) ILYA Executive Secretary, PJ Friend (Pewaukee) treasurer, Noel Neuman (Upper Minnetonka) MC fleet rep, Fred Barkow (Cedar, WI) C fleet rep, Leslie Barkow (Pine) director at large, David Porter (Beulah) Rules at large, Chuck Lamphere (Geneva) Rules Chairman; back row Dave Schmidt (Cedar, WI) ILYA measurer, Rick Trester (Cedar, WI) Vice Commodore, Mark Prange (Okauchee) Commodore, Tom Hodgson (White Bear) Past Commodore, Chip Mann (Cedar, WI) Race Committee Chair, Dale Norton (Okoboji) Director at large, Candace Porter (Beulah) Past Commodore, Martin Barr (Beulah) X fleet rep. Absent were Mary Ann Ward, (Lake Eustis) Melges 17 rep, the E fleet rep, Beth Wyman (Oshkosh) director at large, Aaron Mann (Cedar, WI) youth representative and Steve Schmidt (Okauckee) director at large.
This is a large group but it is representative of the segments of our organization.  Lakes, large and small, north and south, fleets and club representation all comprise the ILYA Board to best serve you and to secure the health and promotion of scow sailing. 
The 2010 regatta schedule is set. Lake Geneva will host the Big Inland August 11-21 with a three part format. The A's will be in the middle portion to allow sailors from other fleets to participate in the huge A fleet.
E's    Invite                Minnetonka   July 8-11
C's    Invite                Beulah           July 15-18
MC's  Invite               Cedar, WI      July 8-11
I-20      Invite -         Cedar, IN    June 26-27
I-20     Champs -       Neenah   Aug 6-8
M16     Champs -       Pewaukee July 9-11
A Invitational at White Bear - cancelled due to low water level
Melges 17 Champs     Pewaukee  Aug 9-11
X Champs                  Pewaukee     July 28-31
Opti No Tears West   White Bear  June 25
Opti No Tears East     Pine 20th Centennial   July 26
Opti Champs      Okauchee     August 1-3
Youth Champs    Calhoun    Date TBD
 Minnetonka was presented with the 2011 Big Inland with the format and schedule to be discussed with the fleets at the Winter Inland. White Bear was awarded the Opti Champs for 2011.
 In its third year of promotion, the 50% discount for first time or youth sailors continues to be successful. Nineteen C sailors qualified for a discount. The youth were 100% funded for registration thanks to the ILYA discount and the NCASA promotion of equal value. Six E, Melges 17 and MC boaters took advantage of the discount. Four M16s and three I-20s rec'd the 50% deal. For input on this program or for new promotional ideas for youth, plan to attend the promotion committee meeting at the Winter Inland - schedule to be released later.
The Youth Development Committee will be re-organized by Commodore Prange. The 2010 Youth champs will be hosted by Calhoun who owns multiple 420s for use. Look for a change in date to better accommodate our sailors. Again, come to the Winter Inland for participation in youth issues.
Executive Secretary Jim Smith announced the 2010 Winter Inland will be February 12-14 at Geneva Ridge (formerly Interlaken) on Hwy 50 between Williams Bay and Lake Geneva. Format, speakers and schedule are yet to be determined. The awards ceremony and lunch are a certainty.
After review of the last Olympic campaign administration of the ILYA Foundation, the Board approved the recommendations of the Foundation Board after discussion with reps of the Ruf and Barkow campaigns. Due to the fortunate high level of donations, the ILYA was required to complete a financial review at a cost of $6500 this year. In response to that expense, the ILYA Board approved an increase to 4% (prior level was 3%) administrative fee on donations to the Foundation. Individuals may establish accounts within the Foundation or apply for general funds of the Foundation.
 Trophy committee chair Leslie Barkow was given praise for her compilation of the ILYA trophies and future and immediate needs. The Board approved $1300 for replacement of bases, repairs and replacement of missing plates to maintain our magnificent inventory of awards. Barkow has found a North Lake vendor to build bases for our trophies. In addition, chrome plated silver plates will be added for annual winner records. The cost of sterling plates now exceeds $200 for a typical plate. The price of hand engraving on sterling is now $2-4 per letter. The new chrome covered plates will save on hand engraving.
The following trophies still remain open for donation:
C fleet --- Race 7
MC fleet --- Races 4-6
E fleet ---- Race 7
Melges 17 --- All race trophies
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