Volume 11, Issue 76 October 13, 2016  
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Spring 2016
North One Design

Melges log 
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5-6 ILYA Winter Inland and Board Meeting - Harken, Inc, Pewaukee 
21-23 Black Tie - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
ILYA Bilge Pullers to Honor Inductees  
November 5th
The Fall/Winter Inland will culminate the day's activities with the formal induction of two of our beloved members into the esteemed Hall of Fame.

Don Williquette and Bill Allen will join thirty-three of our prior honorees. The ILYA will honor these two gentleman with a casual cocktail party and formal presentation at 6:00. The ILYA Annual Awards will precede the Hall of Fame Induction. Commodore Steve Schmidt will award the Pillsbury, Member of the Year, RC member of the year and other awards. Light hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be supplied for your enjoyment.  All this occurs at the Harken reception area in Pewaukee on Bluemound Road running adjacent to I-94.

BUT wait . . . afternoon sessions will include a rigging discussion by Melges and the new 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing discussion by John Strassman of Milwaukee YC. John teaches RC classes for US Sailing and serves as PRO around the country.

Festivities begin at 1:30. A tentative schedule is as follows:
1:30 Rigging tips by Melges
2:45 New rules for RC
4:00 New rules for sailors
5:00 Merriment begins - Cocktails
5:30 Hors d'oeuvres
6:30 ILYA Awards followed by ILYA Bilge Puller Hall of Fame Induction.

Registration is online here. The $25.00 charge is for the food, drink and incidentals associated with the meeting. You may always send your registration to the ILYA Office:

PO Box 662
East Troy, WI 53120
Williquette and Allen Honored  
All are welcome
The ILYA is honored to recognize the two 2016 inductees into the Hall of Fame. Inductees are chosen by the commodores of the ILYA and the admirals of the ILYA Bilge Pullers. The balloting is secret and each voter is required to vote for a minimum number of candidates. The number of members entering each year is not constant but a formulaic number of votes is required for a candidate to reach inclusion in the Hall of Fame field.  

Donald James Williquette -  

Nagawicka -  
Served on the Board of Directors of the ILYA as Chair of the Race Management and Judges Committee from 1980-1993, and was honored as and Chair Emeritus from 1993 until his passing in 2013.  Don was named ILYA Member of the Year in 1994.  He built the race management corps of the ILYA around teams of race officers at each lake, based upon his experience as PRO at Lake Nagawicka, Don also spent countless hours organizing and conducting race management seminars, often bringing guest experts at his own expense.  Admiral of the Bilge Pullers 1977-1978, Commodore of the Nagawicka Yacht Club and was the driving force in the NLYC acquiring the land for their clubhouse.  Served as Commodore of the WYA.  Created the race officer recognition program, and co-wrote the ILYA race management manual. Was honored with the Year Book dedication in 1986, which cited his extraordinary record of service to the ILYA. 
Bill Allen - Minnetonka
Bill Allen brought one of the most impressive set of sailing credentials to the Hall of Fame. It is little wonder that he was elected on the first ballot for which he was eligible after retiring as an active competitor. Leading his resumé is an Olympic Gold Medal (1972 - Soling Class) and a Pan Am Games Gold Medal (1971 - Finn Class) and the 1972 Finn National Champion. In scow competition, he was a six-time ILYA Champion in Classes E and C and added an A Scow Championship to that record in 1996. He won the E Blue Chip eight times and was runner-up another six times, and also won the NCESA National Championship five times. Bill Allen could rightfully be called a "natural." He was only four years out of X Boats when he won his first E Scow Championship in 1967. He is noted as one of the best helmsmen the ILYA has seen. 

Your Opinion Matters  
ILYA Awards
The ILYA Executive Committee welcomes your input on our awards. Have you noticed one club which needs recognition? Each of our member clubs has its own personality, its own proud successes. Please submit your nomination to Dave Berg by October 28th for your selection for the ILYA 2016 Club of the Year. Please submit to the address above or via email to dberg@ilya.org.
Promote your class  -- Editor's soapbox  
Consider a new purchase
The editor was recently at Melges measuring C masts --- really serving as the Vanna to David "Sajak" Porter. Loads of busy work on boats of all sizes. It reminded me of the opportunity my young daughter had due to the generosity of Kurt Prange of Okauchee. When she graduated from college, she had a job but still could not afford the price of a new scow. Kurt served as her bank for 10 months while she paid off his asking price (generous as he was) so she could enter the C fleet the summer after college. Or my other daughter ----- she was approached by Joe Skotarzak to co-own a C scow with him - again affording her the opportunity to skip a scow at an early time in her career. I watch each year as our experienced sailors on Beulah donate sails to our youth, purchasing new sails for themselves. These acts of generosity work on two levels. It keeps our boat builders and sail makers prospering and it provides the opportunity for our youth to continue to sail without losing interest right out of school. 
(Why do we care if our boat and sailmakers prosper? Look at the statistics of the number of boatbuilders, the number of boats produced each year --- it doesn't take a trained business eye to determine the trend and the difficulty in keeping classes healthy with new blood each year. US Sailing recognized this some twenty years ago when they initiated the One Design Seminars where classes of boats met to discuss problems. They always led to eye-opening discussions about the relationship between a class and its builder. Simply, we need to support our suppliers to maintain our classes of boats. And, those discussions always resulted in my full understanding of how fortunate we are to have our boat builders be an active participant, along with their families, in the activity of our classes.) 
As for X boats, as of last week there were no orders and yet we have a scarcity of used boats. The ILYA Foundation has several lakes targeted to provide funds to begin X  fleets but there are no boats to offer for sale. Please, please, if you enjoyed X boats, have a neighbor or grandchild who could benefit from a new boat, consider a consortium of relatives or neighbors who might assist the X fleet. We are strong now but only due to the continued excellence of our sailing schools, instructors and efforts of your club's members. Many of our sailing schools are charitable. All of you are! Approach your sailing school, the ILYA, your neighborhood youth sailor and ask if your generous donation could impact the continuation or improvement in sailing. Help maintain the strength of the X class which in reality is YOUR club a mere 10-15 years from now. Act now to make an impact in the 2017 season. 
ILYA Championships   
Debrief and Survey Results Reviewed
Thanks to all of you who tendered input to allow us to improve the last of the three-year term at Geneva. The second year was a much easier task: the facility and grounds are much improved in terms of ease of operation, the routine is set, your desires are better known. But there is still improvement to be made. 
The good news - the survey indicates that in every category you judged this to be excellent or very good --- 70-80% of you. That speaks volumes to how efficient Geneva has become, how much you like sailing together and how exceptionally our race management - committee and water usage - has evolved.
Bar - we did loads right this year. Faster service, more servers, credit card sales. 
Launch - the longer stagger times, the exclusive use of the waterfront by the next fleet made a monumental improvement in the flow on the property. 
The band - no one else will do.
Acoutics - Dave Berg and Michael Moore, Geneva club manager, worked wonders but we still have massive work to handle the throng, the enjoyment and the ability to hear the program. More speakers - AGAIN -, a re-orientation of the setup and a kind reminder to those who are not interested in the program to respectfully save seating for those who do want to hear the program --- all bugs to figure out.  
Things to improve - launching still has some room to improve but you and we (Geneva/ILYA partners) are getting it down. The traffic pattern, the car parking, the use of the waterfront (longer delay between fleet starts)  - all have new ideas to implement but was improved beyond measure this year. Best of all, Geneva feels it can absorb more boats and cars on the property. Many of you may not realize:
1- Gage Marine accepts 11 boats (5 A's) on its property which helps immensely with launching. (Please indicate if you would like to be there or return to the club). This has essentially been a hub for MN boats who are A's with a multitude of secondary boats attached to a particular A scow. Any one is welcome there but a maximum of eleven boats is all Gage can handle. 
2 - Moorings are available and widely underutilized
3 - Beer --- we were faster distributing cans during after-race time rather than having you pump your own. Yes, we realize what is really important! Every second counts to get you up to your parking spot. 
4 - Protest meetings - look for better coordination of jurors and protesting parties. We had a good start to a system with a consistent hearing time each day but improved communication for the affected parties will be implemented.
5 - Volunteers - this is part of the equation that most of you don't see. We definitely need more of YOU to volunteer at the waterfront on your off-time. Honestly, there are nearly 500 slots to fill and any club, even one the size of Geneva, can't man all the work. Plan now to invite your spouse, your neighbor, anyone who enjoys sailing to help us next year.
6- Sponsorship - with more sponsorship, we can lower meal pricing or give back in other ways to make your experience more value-packed. If you have an interest in sponsoring a meal, a special aspect of the event, a better idea - contact Dave Berg. We are actively seeking sponsorship of breakfasts, after race apps --- all this will include some video time with Dave Berg. We can only thank our last minute 2016 sponsor Dave Davenport for outfitting the site with boosted internet capability which vastly improved our experience. All our sponsors make this a more affordable event for our youth and you. Special pricing for the social package was provided our youth. We appreciate each and everyone of our sponsors. If you are in the Geneva area, consider visiting our local sponsors. Or say thank you to Geneva area papers, Lynch, Gage, Abbey and on and on. You know them. Remember to support them or thank them. 
The sheer scope of this event is measured by the size of the parties. Some of you eat elsewhere but then join us later. But 525 and 625 for the two meals is mammoth!! It is a lot of organization for the evening meals but all day long. 
Progress for 2017 
Dates - August 16-20; A's again Wed night
Hotel - Abbey is booked
Friday Night and overall theme - Family
Organizing a Clean Regatta  
Scuttlebutt, Published on  October 12th, 2016

There are countless ways to improve our environment, but cultural progress does not occur until smart actions become habitual. This begins with awareness, and the Clean Regatta program managed by  is the leading effort to raise the consciousness of competitive sailors.

If you are hosting a Regatta, consider making it a Clean Regatta.
The backbone of every successful Clean Regatta comes from a strong sustainability plan. Follow these steps to create yours today:
Register Regatta
 Click here to create an account and make your commitment to reducing the environmental impact at your event.
Select Best Practices
Registration will give you access to the Clean Regattas tool kit and the online checklist to select which best practices work for your event. There are 25 practices to choose from, and the registration form allows you to select which certification level you hope to achieve.
Assemble A Green Team
Your green team may be a party of 2 or 200, but ensure you have a core group dedicated to sustainability that will lead planning and communication of green initiatives.
Share your commitment to Clean Regattas on your organization's home page, in your Notice of Race, and in communications to race participants.
In the days leading up and during your regatta, monitor Clean Regattas efforts and adapt as needed. Collect metrics and photographs to share for certification. Suggestions are located in the implementation portion of the toolkit.
Get Certified
Complete the certification form to get your official Clean Regattas certification. Regattas that wish to be certified at the Bronze (7+), Silver (13+) or Gold (19+) Level must engage in a minimum number of Best Practices.
X Friends Meet at College Event Out East  
Just like we said!
From Green Fleet Opti on, these young men have been told they will be friends for life. It is rare to have such lifelong relationships but here they are! Anders Ekholm (Minnetonka - Fordham U), Charlie Hollister (Pine - Hobart and William Smith), Noah Janssen (North Lake and UW-Madison, Korbin Kierstad (Oshkosh YC and UW-Madison) sailed together last weekend at the David Lee Arnoff regatta hosted by Hobart and William Smith. Follow all our college sailors at http://scores.collegesailing.org/