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Volume 2, Issue 44 October  10, 2007
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Beulah Wins Road Warrior Team Award
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The ILYA Board meeting will be held in Hudson WI at the Hudson Inn, a Best Western, on Sunday, October 14th. But before that, join us on Saturday night at 7:00 pm for an informal "town hall" format with an open agenda.
   Up for discussion will be the 2007 season 50% discount offered to youth sailors who competed in invitational or championship fleets. All fleets but the A's saw participation by youth. Our young sailors benefited from the donation of registration fees by individual benefactors or the ILYA itself. Thanks to the MC and C fleets' anonymous donors for developing the initiative. Seven sailors in both fleets took advantage of the discount. The Melges 17 champs boasted six youth participants; I-20s two; M-16's six; E's seven. Additionally (with no discount) five sailors competed in the ILYA Youth Champs and then returned in one of our adult fleets. For a complete list, click here.
   The challenge for our fleets is to keep the momentum rolling with another fresh idea to encourage the transition from youth to adult fleets and to maintain those from this year.
Olympic Trials Continue
Sixteen total races make an Olympic representative. Sailors get a layday on Wednesday. Seems our sailors are improving along with the week.  Click here for results. Ruf"s Saturday race win was omitted which makes his climb harder but he is regaining his position.
The website has protests, race committee actions against the sailors posted, notices posted for changes to conditions, SI's etc. It's interesting to follow. Some famous (infamous?) dads are in attendance so we can get a more complete report upon return.
C fleet shows how to do it!
Fall Regattas Boast High Numbers
Not to be outdone, Bob Cooley of Lotawana, MO, has sent report of another strong, 30+ event in the C's. Results here. It was all Missouri as they captured 13 of the top 15!! Spencer Brackman took top honors with a 6-6-1-3.
And the Polar Bear results are here. Congrats to Okauchee's Dave Smith for an exceptional event as a Master! Dave won the event with a 1-1-2-1-1-1! He must like the current.
Delavan checked in with results. The newly married Krech's of Minnetonka grabbed gold with a 1-5-3-1-10. Minnetonka placed 4 in the top ten with 1-2-3 sweep of Krech, Andert and Wick.  For results, click here.
C Fleet Road Warriors and Best Lake Regatta Finishers
Lake Beulah Takes it All 
Want to know how to build a strong, big fleet? Ask Kent Haeger how to do it. Then add the youthful Brian and Kevin Bricker, the not-so-youthful (he has to party only one night per regatta now) Frank Davenport, the enthusiastic duo of Anne Porter Muller and Joe Skotarzak and you begin to get the picture. Little do you know Beulah has a team who stays home who beats them all. Team Sumo (Jeff Lippert and Don Franzene) don't travel but they win the sailing and the coveted auctioned parking spot at the club. They all attend the paint ball parties (wives do not approve), have a draft meeting (with catered food) for Fantasy Football - this is serious stuff - and have their C children in a youth fantasy league with sailing school instructor Ben Porter.
What does this have to do with sailing? This cohesive group has created a fleet that plays, sails hard and travels together. You can see the C boats at the crane every Friday night or Saturday morning. Double and tripledeckers load for the distant spring events. Last year's sail inventory gets passed down to the younger sailors. College seniors are strong-armed into entering the fleet. Immediate-past X boat sailor Joe Kutschenreuter was paired with first-year skipper and boat owner Randy Schmidt to co-skip. There is no choice but a C on this little lake.
That system has produced Nationals Champs Joe Skotarzak, Peter Keck and Kent Haeger. Watch out for the Bricklers, they are pushing up there. It is no surprise that Beulah wins the team award for the Road Warriors Best Lake. Joe Skotarzak and Anne Porter Muller co-skipped themselves into the Road Warrior Championship top position with only one last event in Augusta left for points.
For more on this lake, Minnetonka or successful Okauchee, ask for a visit from some of these C boaters this fall or spring to rejuvenate your fleet. They are willing to visit to talk or sail with you or invite you to their home clubs to assist you with fleet development. The ILYA Promotion Committee can assist you with making arrangements.
Congrats to our ILYA Members of the Year - the C fleet committee - for creating the excitement on the ILYA scene and club level to encourage such great fall sailing participation. Congrats to Beulah for the Road Warriors individual and team title.
Last week for US Sailing nominations
ussailinglogoSend in a nomination for our best 
One-Design Award Nomination Deadline
October 15
Your commodore has nominated someone for an individual award. It took 10 minutes. The form is online and quick. There are a multitude of clubs, events, individuals who deserve mention from our membership. Nominate your favorite club, fleet, regatta or one-design spark plug for a US SAILING One-Design Award. US SAILING wants to hear about it. At the One-Design Symposium in November, up to five awards will be presented to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations in one-design sailing. The categories are: Service, Leadership, Club, Regatta, and Creativity. These awards highlight role models of creative leadership in one-design sailing. Let's nominate our ILYA sailors and clubs.

Then consider attending the One-Design Symposium in Colombus, Ohio, November 17-18. Dave Perry, Stuart Walker and Greg Fisher will present. The ILYA has been represented the past two years. The fee is $120 but with a $25 discount with US Sailing membership this event is most reasonably priced.
Click here for the details.
Editors personal note: The ILYA fleets have much to share as well as to learn here. We are very strong compared to many of the classes you will see at this event. The huge Opti, Laser or Snipe classes have much more organized class structures, websites, national events but more than 50 distinct classes attend this event. There are fleet building, boat building, insurance, rules issues discussed here. The editor's impression after attending is that the ILYA fleets do so much that is right, right, right. There are fresh new ideas from all over the country presented. Meet the national leaders here and enjoy listening. This event is traditionally held on the East Coast so enjoy the Midwest location this year.
Atlantic Coast Championships
Morgan Kiss and Malcolm Lamphere in Top Ten 
The MOST team traveled to Norfolk to compete in the ACCs. A strong showing by Macatawa's Morgan Kiss and Lake Geneva's Malcolm Lamphere in the 275-boat fleet will certainly land these two sailors placement on the Spring Optimist teams. Kiss was third overall and Lamphere 10th, both landing automatic spots for the South Americans. A strong traveling Midwest component  will filter into the European teams in the next few weeks. Trevor and Parker Trepton, Augie Dale, Ben and Tommy Garber, Declan Armour, Connor Slocum also attended. Add our Chicago friends who attend many of our events and the Midwest had a strong contingent: Alex Curtiss, Will Holz, Clay Danly, Hunter Johnstone.  
Where in the World is Sally Barkow?
Team Seven logo

Match racing is on Sally's Barkow's calendar for the next couple weeks. As the Yngling class faces a possible change in Olympic status for 2012, Barkow is allowing no grass to grow underfoot. She is competing against the best match racing men in the world in the 59th annual King George VII Gold Cup regatta in Bermuda. She has added new crew from England and New Zealand to sail in a sleeker International One Design boat. Sally is the sole womens team in the event.

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