Volume 11, Issue 81  November 9, 2016  
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18 - ILYA Board meeting, White Bear, MN - tentative
21-23 Black Tie - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
2016 Fall/Winter Inland  
Harken Welcomes ILYA
Bill Goggins, Managing Director, USA, welcomed us to the Harken facility and what a warm, inviting venue it was!! From space for small meetings, a larger presentation area tricked out with the technical amenities to support our absent and on-site guests, entertaining area and a small prep kitchen, the Harken facility provided a great match for our first Fall Winter (Summer- due to the weather) Inland. 

Goggins was most respectful as the Bilge Pullers took over the program on Saturday night. A "wannabe", Goggins playfully saluted his wiser, elder statesmen Pullers. It seems this event goes a long way to prove his credibility of service to the ILYA. Peter and Olaf Harken along with wives were in attendance on Saturday night additionally. So nice to see all the Harken execs supporting us.

As an aside, an event to honor Olaf will be held at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center will be held November 21, from 4-7 PM. It is a time to celebrate the publication of his new book. "Fun Times in Boats, Blocks and Business", his contributions to the sport of sailing and to visit with old friends. Call Wendy Olsen at 262-707-2811 for reservations which are limited. You can always purchase Olaf's book at Harken.  

The afternoon began with a tuning presentation by Eddie Cox of Melges Boatworks.

Rules for 2017-20
Next up was John Strassman, US Sailing RC Committee, who explained the basics of the changes to the next edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing. Firstly, the first shipment of books to Certified Race Officers was mailed on Friday, November 4th. Next US Sailing members will receive their books - all are third class USPS so date of receipt is unknown. 

Strassman was entertaining as always. His sensible approach to race committee work brings out the best for sailors, yet reinforces the precise verbiage and intent of the rules. 
Of significance this year:
---- SI's FOR ALL will be in the new rulebook requiring organizing authorities (that's the ILYA, our class associations, our homelake clubs) less work upfront. Only your local changes and conditions will need to be added as a separate page. ILYA RC Chair Chip Mann and Strassman will meet to produce our template ---- SO WAIT TO PRODUCE YOUR LOCAL SAILING INSTRUCTIONS for the ILYA documents (Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions). This will be time-saving since you will want to be in compliance with the new simplified approach to the regulation of racing. 
--- New terminology for support persons - means coaches, instructors, parents (yes, this is an addition) will impact how we act on the water. In addition, it will require us to consider before the event how and where we want support persons to be on the course. The Opti sailors are most accustomed to the use of support persons on a course so it's the oldsters who will need to adapt.
--- NEW protest forms so tear up your old ones.
--- The role of a technical committee (use of the word "measurer" seems to be antiquated) during protests is defined. They now have protestable rights
--- Conflict of interest definitions will give us a new set of criteria for protest committee work.

In addition, Strassman announced the basic Club Race Officer course will be held in the SE WI region, April 1 on Lake Beulah. More as US Sailing sets up the particulars for the course but mark your calendars. Strassman's handout is included here. 

Commodore Steve Schmidt announced Annie Haeger as the ILYA Member of the Year. Haeger gave a half-hour presentation while driving in a car from FL to WI bringing her Olympic 470 boats to Chicago for sale. She gave us a feel of the event from Opening Ceremony, life in the village, race conditions and her successes and misjudgments. It was an honest conversation interspersed with her sincere appreciation for all the ILYA has contributed in terms of moral support, encouragement and pride. She was most grateful of her association with us. To a standing ovation, Haeger received the William Hunt Trophy in absentia. 
IMG 0639
Next came the Club of the Year which was presented to Harriet YC in the Twin Cities for its LARGE and welcoming MC Invitational. In addition Harriet runs an Adaptive Sailing program which is award-winning. 
   Shown receiving the award were Wendy Ott, Commodore Schmidt, Chuck Ott and Josiah Fricton.

The Ed Malone RC Award was presented by Chip Mann to Bill Best.
Bill works tirelessly all season. Here is the presentation verbiage:

Bill exemplifies great volunteer work. His name is not on top of the marquee. He works behind the scenes providing support to everyone he works with, especially me. His outstanding sailing career has translated into advise to the race committee on the highest level. He is steady, fair, and cares about our sport.

This year alone Bill worked on the following regattas: Cedar Lake Ice Breaker, MC Masters regatta in Fenton, Michigan, C Nationals on Lake Monona, X Championship at Okoboji, WYA C regatta at Pewaukee, E Championship at Geneva, MC Championship at Geneva and MC Nationals at Crystal Lake, MI.

Larry Krause calls Bill my bodyguard and driver. I call Bill my friend. Bill's dad won this award 28 years ago.

Pillsbury Award - ILYA Sailor of the Year
Andy Burdick was awarded the Edmund Pillsbury Award for winning the largest ILYA fleet this year. Andy has won more championships than any other ILYA sailor but what made this year so special is the three youth receiving the award with him. Gloria Tornehl, Mya and Finn Burdick sailed the C Championship like champions this year to win in a most competitive fleet. Rumor has it "they saw the real Andy this year" as their skill now puts them in the arena to perform at Andy's high level. Burdick was choked up during his acceptance speech remarking on the appreciation of family and the Inland. His C championship embodies all we are. Congrats to the youth who made Andy the champ. He would not characterize it in any other manner. 
 Bilge Puller ILYA Hall of Fame

Admiral AJ Schweda presented two inductees into the ILYA Hall of Fame. 
Bill Allen is one of the Inland's greatest champions.  Leading his resumé are an Olympic Gold Medal and a Pan Am Games Gold Medal.  In scow competition, he was a ten time ILYA Champion in Classes A, E, and C.  He won the E Blue Chip ten times, was runner-up another eight times, won the C Blue Chip four times, and also won the NCESA Nationals five times. 
Don Williquette's record of volunteer service to Nagawicka Lake and the ILYA is extraordinary.  He served many years on the ILYA Board starting in 1976 and was the driving force in ILYA race management into two decades.  He organized dozens of race management clinics, spearheaded the race officer recognition program, and co-authored the first comprehensive RC manual.

The Saturday event ended with a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres party which joined 90 ILYA members and friends to honor our award recipients. The Sunday Board meeting report will follow. 


Lake Geneva Invites you this Winter  
Friday or Saturday Dinner
Here is the beautiful Buddy Melges Sailing Center in the summer. Lake Geneva has been voted one of the top ten fall destinations in Wisconsin. Each home around the lake sports an easement to allow you to tour walk the magnificent homes. Now the Lake Geneva Yacht Club invites you to enjoy this facility in the off-season. Some of you have not had the pleasure of attending a regatta yet in the new facility; others of you absolutely love it. The trophies are legendary in their historical significance - names from years ago. An E scow hangs from the ceiling of the bar. The generosity of many of you helped build the facility. Now you are invited to enjoy dinner at this picturesque site. 

Commodore Rod Rieger invites all ILYA club members to come for dinner this fall and into the winter, as attendance allows. Please call first for a reservation identifying your homelake club. Credit cards only will be used for payment.  This would increase our collegiality and social interaction to help all of us get through the winter sailing void.  Reciprocal club use has been approved for up to 12 visits in the season.  LGYC hopes to be open for dinner every Friday and some Saturday evenings.
Lake Geneva Yacht Club
1250 S Lake Shore Dr, Fontana, WI 
(262) 275-2727