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November 7, 2014   

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2 - ILYA Board Meeting - Hudson, WI



5-6   USODA Midwest Team Trials, Minnetonka, MN

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ILYA Championships - Geneva Prepares for Event of the Summer - Bring Your Family  

 August 19-23

Here we go! The organizing committee is soliciting sponsorship to give you VALUE! The more we raise, the more you enjoy! Five fleets will sail together in a schedule that provides fun all day. Sail 1-2-3 fleets or just enjoy the music, food and new Buddy Melges Sailing Center. Race Committee is arranging the matrix now; social is out hiring bands, the Buddy Melges Sailing Center walls are going up! 

To donate to the event or to give us leads for potential sponsors, contact Tim Browne.

ILYA Board Meeting   
ilyaburgee Hudson, Wisconsin - November 2
Fleets Report Good Health 
All Fleets are reporting active sales, new and used. That's great news in a year when regattas are sure to promote maximal attendance. 
A's - the A fleet reports a steady  20+ boats at all regattas with a move to encourage 5-10 additional boats for 2015. Lee Alnes notes increased participation by women in the fleet. New (to the fleet) boats on the line might be as high as four boosting used boat sales.
E's -a reported 15 new E's are ordered. What a year this will be! 
The National E Association met the day prior to the ILYA Board with no new scantling or rules changes that will impact ILYA events.
C's - Robust new boat sales in the past two years have provided a good used boat market which has seen a strong influx of youth members. The C's will request continuation of the C Invitational.  
I-20 - There is a new influx of members outside the ILYA. One new boat was built this year. Testing on new sail material and shape continue. The fleet did not host an Invite this year but will request one in 2015. Chute launching system is being investigated.
MC's - nationally the class is strong with new fleets added. The ILYA Championships was the largest regatta of the year. Pewaukee was an exceptional host for Championships. A survey was conducted by Fleet rep Al Haeger with 67 responses. Results: 
1 - Identified need to focus on youth - loaner boats, coaching, affordability, regatta for youth. 
2 - Provide opportunities to learn - regional clinics, articles in Scowlines, video race commentary
3 - Obtained a ranking on issues of what attracts sailors to regattas. Those ideas of "what makes me come" will be forwarded to anyone from Haeger. 
Melges reports a strong market for new boats. Used market is slim with all the increased growth. 
Melges 17 - Two strong ILYA fleets exist on Pewaukee and Geneva with strong fleets nearby in Macatawa Bay and Indianapolis. The fleet is struggling with regatta attendance perhaps due to conflicting dates with other adult fleets and the many 17 sailors who are integral to other fleet participation. The fleet requested and will have Melges 17 Championships along with the other adult fleets at Geneva for the ILYA Championships.
X boat - Numbers were down at bit a Gull but excellent regatta.  The used boat market is thin due to large influx of youth entering the boat. Website development is on the fleet committee's agenda.
Optimist Dinghy - Cedar hosted an exceptionally high-attendance event with 120 boats at Championships. Early registration continues to be low which can be problematic for inexperienced regatta hosts. Trapezoid course will be added to course selection. A practice race will be considered for 2015 event.
420's - 27 boats hosted by White Bear. Cedar, Pistakee and Nagawicka have new fleets next year. Fleet will ask for three-day event with first day as an open teamrace event. Nationally there is a concern about encouraging female sailors. 
Fleet Council Reports - The council which consists of all the fleet reps met prior to Board meeting for a collaborative approach to fleetwide issues. The Council addressed a multitude of topics with recap below:
Race committee issues - Fleet guideline changes were approved in classes MC, X, C420, and Melges 17. The complete set of recommendations is on line HEREFleet reps are encouraged to contact RC well before event to speak to RC about fleet's desires in an effort to continue to maintain excellent communication between the fleet and RC. 
Sailing instructions - ILYA seems to set the norm for midwest scow sailing for our member clubs. Recommendation for a sailing instructions template to be posted on ILYA website as a resource for our member clubs will be completed by Jim Smith.  "Redress during starting sequence" will be re-written to coincide with recent national language. The language is softened to give the sailor the most advantageous opportunity for fair sailing. C's will make one-turn penalty standard.
Heartfelt thanks to our volunteer RC cadre who work season-long for us, many with multiple events. 
RC education - There was robust enthusiasm for providing RC educational opportunities both on land and on the water. The Race Committee, with assistance from the Fleet Council, will establish opportunities for water training and will establish a path to improve education and communication with newly trained and enthusiastic race committee personnel.  
Other Board items:
--- Dues collection will be handled by Regatta Network in 2015, which will decrease office time and provide ease at regatta on-site registration. The ILYA currently uses Regatta Network for our regatta registrations and regatta scoring. 
--- The ILYA will change our bylaws to coincide with the current US Sailing procedural guidelines in the area of appeals.
New Business - A concern about encouraging women in sailing and the direction for youth development led to new charges to committee for presentation in spring. A report of the ILYA Women's/Girls' Clinic included a post-event survey and a review of the financials including the most generous donation and support to the event. The steering committee for the event has recommended repeating the event with the survey results guiding the mission of inter-generational involvement, scow sailing, national instructors. Youth Development was issued a new challenge to establish methods to encourage clubs' involvement in youth participation.  
2014 ILYA Championships - Beth Wyman was congratulated wholeheartedly for the effort of Oshkosh Yacht Club. Her report noted the growth in the Oshkosh club's inner strength due to its involvement in the event. She notes the positive effect hosting an event can produce in local participation. In addition the social aspect was outstanding. Comments from the local hotel denote the FUN we really had. 
2015 ILYA Championships - Date is August 19-23. Fleets will be A, E, C, MC, Melges 17. I-20s are most satisfied hosting a Championship at a single site as the MC's did in 2014. The I-20s would like to reserve the right for consideration on Geneva for 2016 and 2017. Annual Championship format - fleets will enjoy the same socially-successful Oshkosh format in the 2015 event.  All fleets want 6 races and no racing will start on Wednesday with the possible exception of the Melges 17 fleet. The Melges 17 fleet w ould like to start the Wednesday of ILYA Championships with three races on Wed and additional races as an exhibition for the remainder of the days. The later date of the Championships may bring Western Michigan fleets. Classes C and MC will review their throwout preferences for a six-race event. 
Regatta bids
MC Invite - Nagawicka  July 9-12 Based on the MC survey results, the Fleet will investigate a developmental aspect to the Invite on Nagawicka. The event would include instruction for youth and less experienced sailor, speakers, radio-coaching, end of day review; 1:1 instruction. The clinic would be instructional throughout. Fleet will investigate concept and report back at Winter Board meeting. 
E Invite - Minnetonka    July 9-12
I-20 Invite TBD    I20 Champs --- TBD 
No A Invite  
C Invite - Beulah tentative pending LBYC Board approval but keep date July 16-18. 
Melges 17 - Geneva for Champs 
X Champs - Pewaukee July 22-25 
IOD No Tears West - TBD     IOD No Tears East - Delavan
IOD ILYA Championships - Beulah July 26-28
Club 420 Champs - Nagawicka June 26-28
2016 Bids - Fleet reps will be choosing 2016 sites at 2015 Winter Board meeting. Clubs are encouraged to submit bids to Jim Smith. A list of current bids is HERE.
1 - The Promotion Committee will investigate updating of the ILYA website to best serve our fleets. 
2 - Women's Clinic - survey results were issued, steering committee has been formed to assure continuity. The clinic will be repeated in 2015 with Beulah committed to repeating but with an open invitation for another club to bid for the event.  
3 - 71 discounts were given to ILYA junior sailors
4 - Rolex Yachtspersons of the Year nominees were submitted to US Sailing. 
Winter Inland will not be held this year. Awards will be presented at the Annual ILYA Championships. A winter two-day session will be held with the first day consisting of subcommittee meetings and the ILYA Board meeting will be Sunday.  The Annual Meeting of Delegates will be held by alternate method. Dates, format and site will be announced in Scowlines.  
New ILYA Facebook Page  
Keep Informed or Keep Us Informed
The ILYA Facbook page has been updated to consolidate several pages into one newly named
ILYA-Inland Lake Yachting Association page. While we previously enjoyed numerous pages - one for youth, many for individual events - none enjoyed as many viewers or "likes" as the page named ILYA - The Big Inland. As the Board of Directors has made a conscious effort to re-brand itself as the ILYA Championships, the existing FB page was renamed ILYA - Inland Lake Yachting Association. Hopefully, if you are looking for us, you will naturally tend to search for ILYA first which will bring you to our site. 

NOW. . .  please post information about your fleets or events as all of us share in the scow experience when we all promote our great boats. When an ILYA regatta is held, the promotional/marketing component of that event or the PR (in the old days) group should post results or activities to our FB page so all can see how successful our sailors and clubs are. What better way to allow your local club members see the strength in our various scow classes. 
High School and College Singlehanded Nationals  
Bitney, Loosbrock (Above) and Porter (Below) Compete

Results - Full Rig                    Results - Radial Rig

The high school sailing teams compete in the ACC this weekend.

College singlehands begin this weekend with two Geneva men competing: Malcolm Lamphere for Yale and Matt Ripkey for Wisconsin. To follow the event, go here

Rolex Sailor of the Year - YOU CAN NOMINATE!  
Nominate your Favorite Champion

US Sailing is now accepting nominations for its 2014 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards, widely acknowledged as the foremost individual sailing honors in the nation. Through November 30, 2014, each member of US Sailing may nominate the one male and one female sailor they believe has turned in the most outstanding on-the-water performance during the 2014 calendar year.

Established in 1961 by US Sailing and sponsored by Rolex Watch, U.S.A. since 1980, US Sailing's Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards are considered the sport's ultimate recognition of an individual's outstanding on-the-water achievements for the calendar year.  The process of determining the recipients starts each September when US Sailing invites its membership to make online nominations. A shortlist of nominees is then reviewed by a panel of noted sailing journalists who discuss the merits of each nominee and vote to determine the winners.

- See more at: http://www.ussailing.org/about-us/awards/us-sailings-rolex-yachtsman-and-yachtswoman-of-the-year-awards/#sthash.GKAcq9Qd.dpuf
          2015 Regatta Dates  
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2015 presents extra challenges due to the early ILYA X Championships and opportunities due to the late ILYA Championships. Send your dates now so clubs can begin to add your event to the schedule.
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