Volume 11, Issue 80  November 3, 2016  
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21-23 Black Tie - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
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20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
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 FUN AND SAILING - or are they the same?
These unknown (?) sailors dressed the part for the Lake Forest Halloween regatta. It's been the hit for years. The editor definitely knows one by the posture. You will have to ask GLSS. This fall sailing did not stop when school began. Joe Kutschenreuter, in his last season, coached these smaller tykes as well as the high schoolers. Here is the press release.
This fall saw the successful launch of the Buddy Melges Racing Team which is designed to be a high performance sailing team based out of Lake Geneva's Buddy Melges Sailing Center at Lake Geneva Yacht Club. During the summer season the team will be represented by Lake Geneva Yacht Club sailors, but in the off season the team will draw youth sailors from surrounding lakes to fill out its Racing Team. At present, the focus is on Opti's s but this will shortly move into inclusion of a 29er team and other fleets as well.
This past weekend, the Buddy Melges Racing Team participated in Lake Forest's Halloween Spooktacular regatta. Coached by Joe Kutschenreuter, the following Opti sailors represented the team: Suzanne Ackley, Henry Ackley, Charlie Allen, Caroline Holland, Jacob Zils, Stella Marban and Emma Wagner. Suzanne Ackley was 2nd overall and 1st in Red Fleet. Charlie Allen was 4th overall, 3rd in Blue Fleet. Jacob Zils was 7th overall and Henry Ackley was 8th overall and took 1st Place in White Fleet.  There was also a costume contest in which Stella Marban and Caroline Holland were finalists having gone as  Port & Starboard.
Opti practices were held throughout the fall at the Buddy Melges Sailing Center at Lake Geneva Yacht Club.The Buddy Melges Racing Team will be attending the Valentines Regatta in St. Petersberg, FL Feb 4-5, 2017 as well as the Bic North Americans in Sarasota, FL March 17-19, 2017
Sailors interested in joining the Buddy Melges Racing Team for either of these events, or for Spring '17 Opti Practices, should contact John Holland at . 
New Rules in Effect Jan 1  
Join US Sailing to Support Sailing and Receive New Rule Book
from Scuttlebutt
The new edition of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing will come into effect on January 1, 2017. Jon Napier, director of legal affairs and governance at World Sailing, provides this update in the December issue of ...
Over the past four years World Sailing has received and considered proposals from all over the world on how the rulebook should evolve. The final result was published in July and is available as a free download on the World Sailing website, with the rule changes coming into force at the start of 2017. Not all changes are mentioned here but this is a summary of those that are probably the most significant.
The biggest change to the rules affecting when boats meet on the water is to rule 18.3 (tacking in the zone). The rewritten rule will only make a difference in the case of a starboard-hand mark rounding or when both boats tack inside the zone (port-hand roundings are unaffected). A boat that tacked in the zone must also be fetching the mark after the tack if the amended rule is to apply.
Under the revised rule, at a starboard-rounding mark a boat tacking in the zone from starboard to port must complete her tack while keeping clear of boats approaching on port tack (as normal) and must keep clear of these boats if they become overlapped to leeward during the rounding. However, the boat that tacked will no longer break rule 18 if she causes the other (port tack) boats to sail above close-hauled to avoid her after she completes her tack (which was the case previously).
Another change to the right of way rules concerns the backing of a sail. This is a result of the increasing practice at startlines of dinghies crabbing to windward by backing a sail, with the effect that a windward boat finds it almost impossible to keep clear. New rule 22.3 provides that a boat crabbing must keep clear of one that is not (similar to the existing rule that places the onus of keeping clear on a boat that may be backing down at a startline).
Lastly, in the right of way rules the power to disqualify a boat from a race because of an incident that occurs outside racing (eg before the preparatory signal or after the finish) has been extended to include incidents where injury or serious damage are caused.
Looking to other aspects of the new rules, the U Flag starting penalty is now a standard option for race officers to use following positive feedback during trials. The rule operates in much the same way as the Black Flag rule: if a boat is over the line in the final minute of the start sequence she is disqualified. However, disqualification is avoided if the race is restarted or resailed (which is not always the case when starting under a Black Flag).
There have also been large-scale changes to rules 3 and 69 concerning acceptance of the rules and misconduct. The requirement for misconduct to be 'gross' has been removed and protest committees can impose a wider range of penalties at the event before a report is required to be submitted to the national authority.
Entering a race now includes agreement by a competitor and by the boat owner to ensure that all support personnel (including coaches and parents) are aware of the rules, and that support persons can now be directly penalised for their conduct. The competing boat can also now be penalised for breaches of the rules by their support persons (see new rule 64.4).
Other changes to the rules include:
* Disqualifications under rule 2 (Fair Sailing) can be excludable or non-excludable, at the discretion of the protest committee.
* Event measurers and equipment inspectors now constitute part of a 'technical committee', which has the power to protest instead of merely reporting breaches to the race committee.
* The Offshore Special Regulations can specify additional requirements for lifelines.
* As now, protests must state details of the relevant incident; however, the precise information of where and when an incident occurred can be provided before or during the hearing.
College Sailing Participants Announced  
Texas starting tomorrow
Women's Championship - Laser Radial
Isabella Loosbrock '19, Boston College - Minnetonka
Erika Reineke '17, Boston College
Lindsey Baab '18, Brown University
Kelly-Ann Arrindell '20, College of Charleston
Kelly Cole '19, College of Charleston
Riley Legault '19, George Washington University - crewed with Malcolm Lamphere at X Champs
Haddon Hughes '19, Georgetown University
Lola Bushnell '18, Georgetown University
Libby Reeg '17, Hope College
Ellie Ungar '19, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Haley Fox '18, Stanford University
Olivia Gugliemini '19, Stanford University
Haley Walker '18, Texas A&M University at Galveston
Dana Rohde '18, U. S. Coast Guard Academy
Simone Staff '18, University of California at Santa Barbara
Lenox Butcher '20, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Smit '18, University of Washington
Louisa Nordstrom '20, Yale University
Men's Championship - Laser Standard
Scott Rasmussen '20, Boston College
Enrique Pacas '17, College of Charleston
Stefano Peschiera '18, College of Charleston
Gerald Williams '19, College of Charleston
Brendan Shanahan '17, George Washington University
Jack Marshall '18, Georgetown University
Greg Martinez '18, Georgetown University
Michael Levy '19, Oregon State University
William Marshall '19, Stanford University
Luke Muller '18, Stanford University
John Hanna '19, Texas A&M University at Galveston
Alp Rodopman '17, Tufts University
Gary Prieto '18, U. S. Naval Academy
Korbin Kierstead '19, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Charlie Kutschenreuter '19, University of Wisconsin - Beulah
James Harvey '17, Washington University
Nicholas Baird '19, Yale University
Malcolm Lamphere '18, Yale University - Lake Geneva and returning champion in what promises to be a tough field