Volume 11, Issue 83  November 21, 2016  
In Memoriam
Delavan Lake

Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from sea
----Robert Louis Stevenson
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Melges log 
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18 - ILYA Board meeting, White Bear, MN - tentative
21-23 Black Tie - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
Melges Rowe Win 29er Naples Cup  
by Harry Melges IV
Saturday was the first race day. The wind started out as an offshore breeze. Very light, we were racing on the same course as the lasers, and 420s so there was a lot of traffic trying to get angles off the line, and checking our setup. The first race was pretty similar to lake sailing, the pin end was heavily favored so we were able to port tack the fleet. After the start we had really good boat speed, after that it was all about connecting the dots up the course. There was big holes and the only breeze there was were little thermals coming off the beach. We finished 1st in that race. We waited for about 2 hours after that race waiting for wind because the sea breeze was fighting the thermals off the shore. Once the sea breeze came in it was a lot more stable the biggest shift we saw was about 7degrees, it was choppy too like Lake Geneva on a Sunday! We finished first in that race. The next race there was a very strange shift to the left right at the start so we started on port again but at the boat end. We were looking really good except for the boat that got punched at the pin end. We got 2nd in that race.
Sunday was very light the wind was very light coming from off shore. The 4th race was pretty good we had an average start, and then sailed our way up to 2nd. The race after that was very very light. We thought that because it was so light it might be the last race, therefore we were very aggressive on the start. Ironically it was a black flag start after a few general recalls. After winning the boat end we finished 3rd in the race or so we thought, we were actually OCS. Luckily there was a throwout after 5 races so we were still in the lea but not by much. Before the last race the breeze clocked into the south (parallel to the shore) and it picked up to about gusts of 15. We won the pin end and were able to tack on a decent lefty, it carried us all the way the the starboard lay line. We ended up winning the race by about 2 minutes.
We had won the regatta with a pretty good margin. One thing we improved on a bunch was our starts, we had very good starts the whole regatta, and as many people know when you are third row in the ocean it is not easy to come back.
I don't know if you wan to do something with that info but that was our report
-Harry IV
Regatta Sites for 2017-2018  
There is an ILYA Regatta Manual with deadlines and recommendations. It is applicable to all regattas, ILYA and home lake suggestions. 2017 regatta chairs should be appointed and hotels secured at this time. For budgeting purposes, please review the structuring of fees and its impact on your club; trophy purchases, social packages - collected by your local club or by the ILYA with price plus 5% Regattanetwork fee assessed local club.  


E Invite - July 13-16 at Pewaukee
C Invite - Date TBD at LaBelle 
MC Invite - July 13-16 at Beulah
A, E, C, MC Champs - Aug 16-20 at Geneva
I-20 Champs - Wawasee (tentative)
Melges 17 - TBD
X Champs - July 26-29 at Delavan
Opti Champs - July 30 - Aug 1 at Delavan
420 Champs - Minnetonka YC but under discussion
ILYA No Tears - July 24 at Nagawicka 
E Invite - July 12-15 TBD
C Invite -  Date TBD Beulah 
MC Invite - July 12-15 at Nagawicka 
A, E, C, MC Champs - Aug 16-20 at Minnetonka
I-20 Champs - no bids
Melges 17 - no bids
X Champs - July 25-28  Site determined at next BOD meeting
Opti Champs - July 29 - July 31 Site determined at next BOD meeting
420 Champs - under discussion
ILYA No Tears - July 23 at Beulah

C Invite - Okauchee awarded
ILYA Champs - Oshkosh awarded; format and fleets undetermined 

ILYA Champs  - Okoboji awarded; format and fleets undetermined 
Highlights of ILYA Board meeting  
Brief Overview
  • A fleet will be making new mandril so masts are manufactured again for next season.
  • E Fleet - looking at mast issue also
  • C Fleet - new fleet in Canada. Date for C Invite for 2017 will be firm within the month. Intent is to move off WYA X when possible.
  • I-20 - noted difficulty increasing ILYA regatta numbers. Wawasee, IN will host an event this season which may attract our new clubs: Wawasee and Potomac. 
  • Melges 17 - X boaters at top of class are often in Melges 17 fleet but regatta numbers at Melges 17 events are still low. Will look at different time for regatta since traditional date is in midst of X season. 
  • X fleet - good numbers, lack of used boats, regatta pipeline is busy
  • IOD - trapezoid course will be added to course offerings
  • 420 - low attendance. Viability of 2017 regatta discussed. Minnetonka will discuss with D Porter
  • Fleet council approved added colors for sail numbers but specified a Helvetica-style font. A judges (protest committee) committee was formed independent from the RC, headed by Bruce Martinson.
  • New committee to address regatta sponsorship formed with Dave Perrigo as chair. This ties in with partnership and format of ILYA Champs. The survey results yield high satisfaction with the four-fleet together concept. Also high praise for Geneva and its three-year effort. As we move forward, the concept partnering will change based on the individual club's desires and needs but the value for sailors and desired format of sailors will be highest priority. 
  • Scowslants in written form was eliminated due to the heavy reliance on digital correspondence. The same info will be moved to website. 
  • Again --- HARKEN recognized for its generous hospitality for our two-day event.   
Cedar Lake, WI Newest Addition  
1941 Palmer C
Bruce Rosenheimer, shown above, got possession of this 1941 Palmer C Boat.  It was reportedly sailed one year on Lake Geneva by the Wrigley family and then has been in storage ever since.

Bruce sailed it several times this summer including using the original cotton sail.  He then donated it to the Cedar Lake Yacht Club.  Cedar had the Rosenheimer "A-9" painted on it and then hung it in the lobby of the new CLYC addition.  The plans are to install a piece of a mast and then put the boom and sheet line on it.