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  • 5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
  • 18 - Bilge Puller South Meeting
         - Bilge Puller North Meeting
  • 19-20 E Spring Regatta - Lake Geneva YC

  • 9-10 Wawasee E Scow Regatta - Wawasee, IN
  • 22-24 US Sailing JOs - Okoboji
  • 23-24 MC Wisconsin Championship - Pine Lake
  • 25 - LBSS Opti - Beulah 
  • 26-27 - TRAP X - Pine Lake
  • 29-July 1 - US Sailing JOs - Lake Forest

  • 5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah
  • 9-12 GLSS Dinghyfest 
  • 14-15 ILYA MC Invitational - Nagawicka
  • 14-15 ILYA E Invitational - Geneva 
  • 16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
  • 16-19 Area K Jr. Championships - Sheboygan
  • 21-22 ILYA C Invitational - Beulah
  • 21-22 WYA X - Cedar
  • 23 - ILYA No Tears - Beulah
  • 25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
  • 29-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee

  • 3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
  • 12-19 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka
    -  12-15 A/MC Scows 
    -  15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
    -  16-19 E/C Scows
  • 21-22 National MCSA Junior Championship -
    Cedar, WI
  • 23-26 MC Nationals - Pewaukee Yacht Club
  • 8-9 George Dorn MC - Beulah
  • 22-23 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Beulah
  • 29-30 Polar Bear Regatta - Lake Davenport Sailing Club

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     November 20, 2013


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    9-11 College Singlehanded Nationals


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    High School Fall Culmination Regatta  
    Lake Forest Wins Great Lakes Championship
     It's been quite a year: more sailors and participating high schools than ever, our ILYA sailors traveling around the nation, our Midwest teams moving up in the standings. Lake Forest has enjoyed success for a number of years under the coaching expertise of Hunter Ratliffe. He has been aided by family names such as Haeger (Beulah), Lamphere (Lamphere), Johnstone  and Curtiss (both participated regularly in our ILYA Opti events) but Ratliffe has led his team to years of success. Ratliffe is pictured in the middle here with the Great Lakes Champs in 420s for the Fall season. "A" skipper is Malcolm Lamphere, "B" skipper Will Curtiss, and crew members  Katherine Jones, Brittany Manning, Thomas Balk, John Michael Eckert.
    Second place stars feature ILYA sailors from Geneva - RJ Porter in "A" division and Mitchell Lee in "B". Others were
    Clare Perry, Griffin Elliott, Gaby Ahlstrom, George Ernst, Jimmy Moriarty. Loyola's program has been a strong contender in the Midwest this season and has traveled nationally.
    Oconomowoc has been a constant top contender all season. The team is coached by Pewaukee's Danielle Soriano. The Pewaukee program boasted a total 46 high school sailors enrolled in its program. Kettle Moraine, Arrowhead, Oconomowoc and assorted independent sailors train at PLSS. Oconomowoc is fortunate to be skipper heavy with Trevor Trepton, Parker Trepton, Carolyn Keck and Tommy Groskopf. Georgie Parrino,  Hannah Girard, and Zac Aasen see loads of action as crew. 
    To display the growth in high school sailing, this weekend there were two events held in Chicago. The top twenty teams competed at the Great Lakes Champs. While Monroe St. hosted the Champs, Columbia hosted another 21 teams. At the minimum this is 84 sailors on the line in fall sailing. 
    Unfortunately individual names of the participating sailors are not available in the results so your local sailor cannot be listed in Scowlines. Be assured many of your homelake youth are on the water which will only serve to make many more scow sailors in the near future.  
    Need 420s? Read on  
     Silent Auction Ending Soon

    Chicago Yacht Club is selling six 420s as part of our regular asset rotation program (they were placed in service new in January 2010).

    If you are interested in bidding on them, please see the online auction at which includes a more detailed description of what is included and the terms of sale and pickup. You will need to set up a user account and request to join the auction in order to bid (but not to look). The auction closes Saturday morning. We have a bid already for the opening amount if no other bids are received, that bid will be accepted.

    If you have any questions about the boats or the sale, please contact me or Sailing School Director Bobby Collins.

    Ted Anderson

    Chair, Junior Activities Committee

    Chicago Yacht Club


    Race Committee One-Day Course - Mark your Calendar  

    Delavan and Okoboji to Host Spring Training

    Attention all race officers;  There will be a one day race management seminar held on May 3rd at Okoboji YC and on May 17th at Delavan YC.  It is very important that all of our race officers get properly trained and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

    The course instructor is John Strassman.  John has recently been designated an INTERNATIONAL RACE OFFICER, a very prestigious honor something John has worked very hard to achieve.  At Delavan I will work with John to add some of the local ILYA flavor to the training.

    I would like to encourage not only our PRO's, but all of our ILYA race officers to attend one of the seminars.  This is also a great opportunity for local lake race officers to take it to the next level.

    You can sign up for either of the seminars at US Sailing's web site.  Click here to register.
    Christmas Ideas  

     Everyday is a Holiday when you buy sailing gear

    • NEW BOAT? Whether used or new, now is the time to purchase. Executive Secretary Jim Smith regularly updates the ILYA website with members' ads. Need an Opti? It's there and it's a beauty from Geneva. The C used market expands as sailors buy new boats. Again this year we hear there are top sailors jumping into new boats to provide used boats on homelakes. There is no better way to sustain your fleet's health than purchasing a new boat. (You can do this in secret with Melges Boatworks and be adored all year long)
    • Does your lake have an X fleet? It is a time-tested fact that lakes with X fleets have the richest adult scow fleets. Ask the Inland to send some "experts" your way to speak to your sailing school boards to answer any questions you may have on youth sailing. Give your club a gift of  "life" - an X fleet nearly guarantees future sustainability.
    • 25% off Sperry footware online, free Racing Rules of Sailing, 15% off Hilton Honors best rate, 15% off Brooks Brothers, 50% off Hobie polarized sunglasses, 15% off West Marine -------- and support sailing in the nation. A membership to US Sailing is a great Christmas gift for you and the sport.
    • Sails, gear - support our local suppliers and advertisers.
    Pacific Coast Girls Invite  
    ILYA Foundation Assists OHS Girls

    On October 18-20th, the Oconomowoc High School Girls Sailing Team participated in the PCISA Girls Invite in San Diego, California. The team consisted of Carolyn Keck and her crew Sarah Petelinsek in A division and Annie Johnson and her crew Megan Grosspietsch in the B division. Carolyn, Annie and Sarah have all grown up sailing in the ILYA while Megan is brand new to sailing but learning quickly.

    The clinic, held on Friday afternoon, was led by Molly Vandemoer who competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in Match Racing and grew up sailing in high school at San Diego Yacht Club. This was the first time any of us had sailed FJs (Flying Juniors) and the first thing we noticed about the boat was how much tippier they are compared to 420s, which is what we normally sail in our high school district. Our crews, Sarah and Megan, were also challenged with having to sit facing backwards and not having any jib cleats. However, by the end of the clinic they were able to roll tack facing backwards and hold the jib in the entire time. Once we came off the water from the clinic, we were able to ask Molly questions about high school sailing and her career. It was inspiring to hear her journey to the Olympic level and how important teamwork, good health, and having a positive attitude are to any sailing career. After the clinic, we returned home to Steve Hunt's house, our host for the weekend. Steve is the head coach for Point Loma High School, a local high school team in the San Diego area. That night we had dinner with the Point Loma girls who were sailing in the regatta with us. We shared our sailing experiences and learned about each other's different lifestyles.

    On the first day of racing, we had a competitors meeting at 9:30 and the wind was light to nonexistent. The sixteen A skippers and crews had to be towed out of the marina to the racing area off of Shelter Island in the San Diego Bay. However, within 20 minutes after arriving at the racing area the wind picked up to around 5 to 8 knots. The most difficult part of sailing in Point Loma Bay was the current. High ebb was at 1:30p.m. at 1 knot on the first day and the light wind made the current a big factor. Carolyn's best race was 2nd place on the first day and Annie had consistently finished around 10th. After tipping over at the start of the first race, Annie and Megan still managed to pass four boats and learned a lot about boat handling. Carolyn and Sarah learned a lot about the current. They learned that when the current is pushing you up the course, you can cut laylines closer than you normally would and at the start you have to approach the line slower so that you're not pushed over. Also when the air gets light we learned that it becomes even more important to have the current on your side as opposed to when the wind picks up and you get away without it.

    The local teams were very fast, since FJs are what they sail all year, and this made starting difficult. At the end of the first day, our team was in 11th place and 20 points out of 10th. The A division was close and Carolyn was in 11th and only 10 points away from being 9th. A fun experience during sailing was seeing the sea lions swimming past our course and hearing them barking at us.

    On day two which was the last day of racing, we had consistent wind at 8 to 10 knots with high ebb at 1:00p.m. at 2.5 knots. Carolyn sailed more consistently than the first day with almost all top ten finishes and Annie and Megan's boat speed and tactics improved considerably. Overall the Oconomowoc Girls placed 11th with both Annie and Carolyn placing 11th in their divisions.

    The Oconomowoc Girls Sailing Team definitely learned a lot from sailing in the PCISA Girls Invite. We all became extremely comfortable sailing FJs which are the boats most frequently sailed in college racing. Our teamwork between the skippers and crews also greatly improved because we had to greatly rely on each other during these incredibly new situations. Carolyn learned how to sail with current. Sarah learned how to roll tack while sitting backwards. Megan learned how to trim the jib without a cleat. Annie learned about boat handling and speed. The team is so thankful for this experience and the ILYA's help in making it possible.

    From Carolyn: After sailing in the PCISA Girls Invite I can definitely say that I have become a better sailor. Competing against such talented girl sailors amplified the mistakes that I make and allowed me learn from them. The weekend after I came back I sailed in the Spooktacular Regatta in Lake Forest IL and won the B division by 16 points in heavy air conditions against male skippers who were 60 pounds heavier than me. I also look forward to using my new knowledge of how to sail with current when I go to the Coast Guard Regatta in Annapolis Maryland in two weeks. I also had never been to California before and was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is! I would love to go back to San Diego for Mallory High School Nationals in the spring.

    From Sarah: For me, San Diego was a whirlwind of new experiences both on and off of the water. Each day was filled with new surprises and new learning opportunities. I learned how to crew facing the stern of the boat, how to fight a current, and how to navigate the San Diego zoo on limited amounts of time, making the trip truly wonderful. I will never forget the memories we made at the regatta, and for that I am truly grateful. 

    From Annie: San Diego was amazing! I am especially thrilled that I was able to sail and learn about current. My crew Megan was absolutely wonderful. Although we started off a little rough we ended up being a good team. This whole trip was so much fun thanks to the us all getting along, the wonderful people we stayed with and our great coach!

    From Megan: In San Diego, I came to really appreciate 420's. The difference from 420's to FJ's was a hard transition for me, but by the end of the first couple races I was comfortable in them. I was glad for the experience I gained sailing FJ's, as I have been exercising the thought of sailing in college. Besides the regatta, I loved the morning walks to local coffee shops and to the beach, all within a mile of each other. Overall, I had a great time in, on, and off the water.

    From Coach Danielle Soriano:  The trip to San Diego with the Oconomowoc Girls Team was great from start to finish.  It was such a wonderful experience to be there with them while they had to face new sailing challenges including the current, the new boats and identifying the Pacific sea life.  It is always a different dynamic to travel with just girls, opposed to co-ed.  Not better nor worse, just a different all around experience.  As sailors and coach, I definitely feel a stronger bond after our trip.  It was great to watch them get to know other girls from around the country that also share their passion for the sport of sailing.  I was often reminded of my own high school experiences and it was an amazing thing to watch the OHS girls create their own memories.  Whether it was listening to Molly Vandemoer's inspiring words, navigating the race course, or the dance parties in the car while on our way to the yacht club, dinner, etc. this experience without a doubt has provided the girls with a stronger understanding of sailing, a new confidence in approaching the race course and most importantly new memories with new friends.  I'd like to thank the ILYA for providing the Oconomowoc High School Girls Team with this amazing opportunity, one that I can assure you was an experience neither they nor I will forget.

     Yes, we have history  
      Original X fleet          
    Augie Barkow sent this photo marking the long history of the X fleet and HIS GRANDMOTHER who is in one of these vessels. Bee Anderson recalls this is from Neenah in 1933. The first awarding of the Senior X Champs trophy is recorded as 1940. In any case, this is over or nearing 75 years of sailing in X boats. One of the largest X fleets continues to sail on Lake Winnebago but it is Oshkosh Yacht Club, host of the 2013 X Champs and host to the 2014 Big Inland, who serves as home to the Windy-Bago youth sailors.  
    MC Southern Hospitality  

    Eustis Enjoys Large Event and Mourns One of its Own         

    As sailors arrived back home from sunny Florida after a smashing event, they learned of the passing of Frank Keenan. Three of his children had sailed the event. Frank was a fixture at Lake Eustis after raising his children to enjoy sailing in Michigan.  Obituary here.

    As an aside, a regatta report follows. The success of the event pales, obviously, upon hearing the news. 

    Beat the cold!

    With winter coming to northern states, we are all putting the boats away for the winter. Piers are coming out and summer seems like a distant memory. Unwilling to give up on sailing and needing some racing testing for new sails, John Porter and Mike Considine loaded up 3 MCs and headed for Lake Eustis to escape the cold. As we left, Chris Andert connected with us to sail the 3rd boat in his first MC regatta.


    Upon arrival, the Eustis fleet was welcoming and helpful getting us unloaded and on the water. For those who haven't been to Eustis, the lake is big and round without hills or buildings to mess with the wind. It is a fundamentally perfect lake for scows. Fridays practice races were held in 16-20mph on quick, shifty courses. They gave us a great warm up for starts and boat handling. After the long drive and 4 windy practice races, and some free beer, we were ready for the regatta or get underway.


    Saturday had winds 12-18 out of the northeast and temperatures in the mid 70s. John Porter managed 4 bullets in a row with Rob Seidelmann tight on his heals all day. An awesome chicken dinner with more free beer followed the perfect day of racing.


    Sunday was sailed in a dying breeze from 8 down to 2 as the day wore on. Rob Seidelmann was a master of the right side in race 1 and edged out the win. Mike Considine crushed the left to run away with final race of the series. Chris Andert sailed to a 2-3 on the final day to make a big jump in the standings.


    Overall, the people at Lake Eustis showed us the true meaning of southern hospitality. They did everything they could to make the trip easy and fun. When you combine that with a spectacular lake, camping on site, hotels near by, and free beer, you can't miss their events. Load up your boat and head south for the train wreck regatta February 1-2!


    Top 10 overall:


    1. Ron Seidelmann, 14 points
    2. John Porter, 17 points
    3. Chris Andert, 46 points
    4. David Moring, 47 points
    5. Ron Baerwitz, 49 points
    6. Mike Considine, 61 points
    7. Scott Tillema, 62 points
    8. Dave Johnson, 63 points
    9. Kurt, Stadele, 67 points
    10. Trisha End, 71 points
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