Volume 12, Issue 71  
November 2, 2017
2018 Regattas - send your confirmed dates
May 5-6 Cedar, IN Icebreaker
May 18 - Bilge Puller South Meeting
June 25 - LBSS Opti  - Beulah 
July 5-6 Quad Lakes - Beulah
July 14-15  ILYA MC Invitational - Nagawicka
July 14-15 ILYA E Invitational - Geneva 
July 16-17 XTreme X Regatta - Oshkosh
July 21-22 ILYA C Invitational - Beulah
July 21-22 WYA X - Cedar
July 23 - ILYA No Tears - Beulah
July 25-28 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
July 29-31 ILYA Opti  RWB and Green Champs - Pewaukee
August 3-5 WYA C - Okauchee
August 12-19 ILYA Championships - Minnetonka
   12-15 A/MC Scows -
   15 Bilge Pullers Dinner
   16-19 E/C Scows
Sept 8-9 George Dorn MC - Beulah
Sept 22-23 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Beulah
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Sportsmanship  - ILYA Report  
Ten member clubs represented
Commodore Porter welcomed thirty-one interested parties to a discussion regarding the perception the ILYA sailors (home and regattabound) are easing expectations of fair sailing. The problem came to light in the 2017 season particularly at the Optimist Dinghy regatta, to a lesser degree at the X Championships and then again at the ILYA Champs at Geneva. At Geneva a small core of leadership met to review first-time concerns related to the execution of rules. It was determined some discussion was warranted. 

Three gentlemen led the discussion which was centered in three areas: identifying the presence of a problem, determining the root cause of the problem and implementing change which restores us to our values. Commodore Porter, Chuck Lamphere and Dr. Tom Hodgson moderated; but the engaged audience generated honest, concerned discussion. To a person, the following exemplifies the spirit of the four-hour session:
"This is at our core - Corinthian values. We are clubs grounded in families, friendships that are intergenerational. There should be a noticeable difference at each 2018 regatta; sportsmanship permeates all the ILYA does."
One of the vocal parents was Kara Krause of Pewaukee who will serve on the Sportsmanship committee: 
"There has been a shift in the culture of sports in general. We talk about the Inland as a unique organization, which we are. We sail against each other; we come and enjoy each other. To change our culture may take as long as the decline began. We are going to need a commitment throughout the whole organization - in both the youth and adult fleets. Do we want to preserve our culture?  We need to tackle in on all fronts. We need leadership from the organization to remind us of who we are. Remind us of our values. There are many now who did not grow up in the sport or the Inland - we need to teach them who we are."

 And her mother Marilyn Krause:
"We have and understand our expectations at all levels - how do we not know the rules? The ILYA sets the standard, clubs need to buy in and carry out the expectations. Competitors, parents, race committee, instructors - we all need to meet our standard or expectations. This is who we are and this is what we do. "
A full report will be published, a small committee will implement the action items for the 2018 season but the salient (and not comprehensive) points are listed in part below:
1 - Sportsmanship is of PRIME concern to the leadership of the ILYA. It is part of our innate value system. Nothing other than full compliance is the expectation. No tolerance for bad behavior will be accepted. We feel we have a centuries-long set of values and performance. There is no compromise. 
2 - Behavior is changing in both the youth and adult fleets. Both need to be addressed. Behavior is changing at regattas and on home lakes. Any effort to education and re-align must include every sailor, every club, every regatta. No exceptions.
3 - Behaviors are multifactorial. There is not an intent in the vast majority of cases to deliberately broach the rules. 
a - Knowledge
  • Youth have not learned all the innuendo of rules. Consider first year sailors' ability to learn rules and execute
  • In homelake sailing, skill level is more disparate. Lakes want to encourage new sailors entering the sport but they don't have the knowledge base to properly execute on the water
              b - Attitude
        • Adults have a system of tolerance that works among friends. Longterm friendships perhaps evolve into a sense of forgiveness or oversight
        • We have a culture of no protest 
        • Social is important - I'd rather be socializing than in protest room
        • The attitude in many, many sports today is winning at all costs. Has that pervaded the sport of sailing?
        • Modeling - If the adults don't take penalties, why should the youth? Fortunately, more of our youth are on adult boats. What attitudes are they mimicking?
       C - Skill
      • Older adults do not have the mobility of a younger sailor and thus get into precarious situations unintentionally.
      • Inland water vagaries - wind shifted at mark, not my fault
      • RC inconsistencies - at home "they" don't set the course properly; how was I to come into that mark?
Note Dr. Hodgson's RRS in hand. What are the basic rules of sailing?
D - Rules - have rules changed affecting compliance?
      • Retiring after finishing was much more common in "the old days".
      • Penalties were steeper - 20-50% so we sailed more conservatively
      • Sailing is more aggressive now - team racing, high school and college sailing
      • Two-turns penalties are lesser penalty - it is a conscious loosening. Attitudes have changed. Is it easier to hit the mark and do turns than wait in line on the starboard approach? And now many of our fleets use a single turn penalty.
Implementation - a small committee will develop a plan for immediate execution. Many, many suggestions were made for all levels of sailing. Watch for rules seminars at your local club, an increased level of involvement by judges at our regattas, more instruction at regattas, a concerted effort to engage a commitment by our many invested sailing components - clubs, RC, sailors - all will be actively joining together to commit openly to sailing clean. 
Much more detail will follow in terms of the individual comments and the full implementation plan. In 2018, the Inland WILL restore the value of Corinthian sailing, sail with a sense of fair play, educate about the rules and kindly return to the self-policing, respectful nature of the sport of sailing.  
Thank you to Harken for hosting the Fall Inlands  
Peter Harkens the ILYA and Notes Olaf's Commitment and Service to the ILYA
The ILYA thanks Harken for the use of its spacious facility for our two-day stay for meetings and party on Saturday night. Bill Goggins was there in the morning to begin the coffee and share his ever-present enthusiasm and graciousness. Olaf and Peter arrived for Saturday night's festivities. The Harken brothers are integral to our organization and our sport. Now the little Goggins and Harken children enter our Opti fleet. 
ILYA Awards  
Pillsbury Award - Vincent Porter
For the second time in the 120 years of ILYA history, one individual has won the ILYA E and A championships in the same year. That individual, Vincent Porter, was the only prior skipper with that distinction. The 61-boat ILYA E Championship has Harry Melges, Brian Porter, Kevin Jewett/Jim Campbell and other names of distinction in the fleet. The A championship boasts the same depth of strength. National champions abound in the fleet. Vincent Porter with a young crew topped both fleets this year, a true historic feat. With this accomplishment, Vincent Porter of Lake Geneva was awarded the ILYA Pillsbury Award for Sailor of the Year. Shown above (courtesy of Larry Kmiecik with Vincent's image superimposed) are Jim Smith, who accepted the award for Vincent (who was at the altar during the presentation) and David Porter, no relation, ILYA Commodore. 
Jim Smith, retired executive secretary of the ILYA, could not resist poking fun at Vincent's written acceptance speech, noting the absence of a page one recognizing Jim's daughter who at 15 must have had a significant influence on Vincent as his wiser, older crew. Vincent, upon hearing of his obvious omission from his youth, promptly sent this photo which was shown at his rehearsal dinner:
Vincent's prepared acceptance follows:
Thank you, Jim, for reading this for me. As you speak, I'm probably at the altar getting married, whihc is one of the few things that would keep me from accepting this myself.
I'd first like to say that I'l honored to receive this prestigious award by the ILYA. It means a lot to me, my crew and ahe rest of my family. The Pillsbury Trophy is such a cool part of the ILYA's history, and I have had extraordinary luck to be one of the names engraved on it.
This year's Inland was an incredible experience, made possible only because of the crews I had on both the A Scow and E Scow: Christian Spencer, Chris "Junior" Impens, Kyle Navin, Greg Gifford, Ryan Fitzgerald, Coye Harrett and my brother Clifford Porter. They are the embodiment of what it means to be great teammates, and I cannot thank each of them enough. It was a rewarding feeling to know how much hard work we've put in over the past few years, and see it come to fruition with such amazing results. So many little things have to go right to win in those fleets. So, it's nice to celebrate when things go your way and recognize how fortunate we were to have that level of success.
Lastly, I just want to thank the ILYA and its members for  their continued support of youth sailing. One of my greatest joys is seeing younger kids who love sailing - Kyle Navin and Christian Spencer being two of them. I remember how much I enjoyed racing as a kid, and realize how much fun the sport has provided me since. I hope the ILYA's commitment to Optis, X-boats, and other youth racing can keep inspiring the next generation of sailors as it did with me. 
Have a great night and congratulations to all the other recipients. 
Member of the Year - Craig Parker, Cedar Lake, IN
The ILYA proudly recognized Craig Parker for his longstanding support of the organization. He is a humble, behind the scenes force who shuns praise. His speech for the award was entirely about those who assisted him for three years to run the ILYA Cantina where sailors received fast, value-packed, scrumptious food. Geneva's double racing sessions necessitated efficient use of time for those sailors who sailed both morning and afternoon sessions. Craig's presentation of this idea was formulated several years ago on Mendota. He adapted it on a much larger scale to Geneva where he fed 3-400 folks a day. He added many, many volunteers. The ILYA saw past commodore Schmidt flipping hamburgers, Pewaukee's famous crew joined in and the Cedar boys were there in full force. To add profit to the three-year venture, Craig and Lake Geneva Country Meats donated all the supplies.
Craig is known for his annual Icebreaker C Spring event where the Cedar hospitality is widely known. It is the best home-cooked food and the most generous bar. Craig is shown here with his son, Matt and Commodore Porter.(Kmiecik photo)
Lake Geneva Named Club of the Year
Geneva Commodore Bill Barrett was honored for his club to be named Club of the Year. Pictured above is past commodore Rod Rieger who accepted the award for Lake Geneva. Rod accepted the award for a club that was not built when the ILYA approached them to host a three-year multi-fleet event. Then commodore Terry Blanchard became the chair along with a new addition in year three, Kristin Gannon, to showcase T Freytag's fundraising efforts to welcome us to the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center. It was a leap of faith and it was the sailors who benefited from a good-better-best set of regattas. It was a spectacular show each year with more than 400 volunteer slots filled by the most enthusiastic loyal Geneva members. Congratulations to Lake Geneva and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
ILYA Board of Directors Action  
ILYA Champs Schedule
The Annual Regatta at Minnetonka will see the A's and MC's registering/sailing From Sunday, August 12th through Wednesday, August 15th. The MC's travel to Upper Minnetonka. The fleets will celebrate separately on Monday night and jointly on Tuesday night. Sailing will appear to be a traditional one-fleet regatta with sailing in both the AM and PM, weather permitting.
The C's and E's will sail Thursday, August 16 with registration on the 15th. The trophy presentation for the E's will be on Sunday after their last race. The C's may end on Saturday night where trophies will be presented or sail a makeup on Sunday morning. Parties will be Thursday and Saturday. 
Wednesday night is reserved for Bilge Pullers.   
Regatta bids
The 2019 regatta sites were determined other than Optimist Dinghy and Melges 17:
E Invite - Clear Lake, IA
C Invite - Okauchee
MC Invite - Gull Lake
X Champs - Minnetonka (tentative pending Minnetonka's approval of date)
X Championships - Oshkosh
Fleets - The I-20 fleet asked to be removed from the list of sanctioned classes of the ILYA. The Melges 17s will forego a regatta this season. The 420s will continue to investigate a site and format for a 2018 event. 
Fleet Council - C fleet will be implementing a scored experiment with rotation limitation on the mast. The scantlings have been updated in the rudder design section. 
Trophy Committee - Investigating potential new designs
Sponsorship - Approval was given to David Perrigo to allow signage on many aspects of a regatta- buoys, RC boats, sailboats. Guidelines will be drafted to establish consistent designations for sponsorship levels; policies for host club v. ILYA sponsorship engagement; use of Invitational, youth and ILYA Championship events for sponsorship. Of most importance is the establishment of joint participation in the sponsorship/promotion tasks. David Perrigo and Martin Barr will now co-chair the activities of a regatta with a conceptual view sponsorship will raise funds and promotion will determine and provide manpower for the execution of activities to promote the classes. A guideline was set to achieve a social package price point of $75 which would include two parties and lunches. 
Give me an X, Give me an X, Give me an X  
Yes, it's that time again
Folks are looking for used X boats to meet the local needs of fleet growth. Minnetonka, in particular, is looking to buy. Contact Tim Regan if you have boats to sell. 
Halloween Spectacular   
Opti RWB Scores 
1   16710   Peter Barnard [Red]   Chicago Yacht Club   1   1   2   2   2   6   1     15  
2   22210   Jacob Zils [Blue]   Lake Geneva Yacht Club   3   2   1   1   5   8   4     24  
3   20905   Christian Prendergast [Blue]   Chicago Yacht Club   7   7   3   3   6   1   3     30  
4   17150   Deana Fedulova [Blue]   Chicago Yacht Club   5   5   8   9   14   11   5     57  
5   22503   Ashley Mueller [Red]   Lake Beulah   11   10   9   8   15   2   7     62  
6   12218   Annie Samis [White]   Chicago Yacht Club   8   9   12   10   11   13   2     65T  
7   20841   Henry Scholz [Red]   Lake Forest Sailing   10   3   6   6   17   10   13     65T  
8   12687   Evan Langelund [Blue]   Lake Geneva Yacht Clup   9   12   5   11   10   12   11     70  
9   22406   Charlie Allen [Blue]   Pewaukee Yacht Club   2   4   31/OCS   4   1   31/OCS   6     79  
10   20528   Charlie Gish [Blue]   Lake Forest Sailing   4   8   31/DNS   7   19   3   8     80T  
11   21850   Madeline Torrey [Blue]   Chicago Yacht Club   12   15   7   12   9   9   16     80T  
12   20730   Caroline Holland [Blue]   Lake Geneva/BMRT   14   17   13   17   8   5   14     88  
13   2215   Stella Marban [Blue]   YC   13   14   11   18   3   15   19     93  
14   9048   Leo Kumar [Blue]   Lake Forest Sailing   16   11   15   16   24   18   15     115  
15   17853   avery baldwin [Blue]   chicago yacht club   6   6   31/OCS   14   7   31/OCS   24     119  
16   21368   Spencer Glickson [Red]   Lake Forest Sailing   25   18   4   13   12   31/OCS   18     121  
17   16938   Isabelle Rietz [Blue]   Lake Beulah Yacht Club   17   16   31/DNS   31/DNS   13   7   12     127  
18   12612   Joseph Qualtier [Blue]   Columbia Yacht Club   15   19   17   21   28   17   27     144  
19   19228   Henry Ackley [Blue]   Pine Lake   19   31/OCS   31/OCS   5   21   31/OCS   9     147  
20   9969   Tristan McDonald [Blue]   Lake Forest Sailing   18   13   16   31/OCS   26   24   20     148  
21   14885   Ava Novak [Blue]   Lake Geneva   23   31/DNF   19   31/DNS   4   14   29     151T  
22   10885   Kate Lyon [Blue]   Lake Geneva   22   31/DNF   10   15   22   23   28     151T  
23   15607   Calistoga Frerker [Blue]   Chicago Yacht Club   20   20   14   31/DNS   23   21   22     151T  
24   21421   Luke Linebaugh [Blue]   Columbia Yacht Club   31/DNF   21   31/DNS   19   27   4   25     158T  
25   17657   Matthew Sexton [Blue]   Lake Geneva Yacht Club   21   22   20   31/DNS   16   31/OCS   17     158T  
26   21797   Reid Hirn   LGYC   31/DNC   31/DNC   31/DNC   31/DNC   20   16   10     170T  
27   20932   john renz [White]   COLYC   31/DNF   24   18   20   29   22   26     170T  
28   21805   Alex Mueller [White]   lake beulah   24   23   31/DNS   31/DNS   25   20   23     177  
29   21229   Ellie Hirn   LGYC   31/DNC   31/DNC   31/DNC   31/DNC   18   19   21     182  
30   9455   Mary Carter [Blue]   Lake Forest Sailing   31/DNF   31/DNF   31/DNS   31/DNS   31/DNS   31/DNC   31/DNC     217  
Green Fleet

1   21967   Evan Wern   Chicago Yacht Club   2   1   2   1   1     7  
2   20712   Grace Renz   Chicago yacht club   4   3   1   3   2     13  
3   19238   Spencer von Peterffy   Chicago Yacht Club   1   2   5   6   3     17  
4   20   Elliott Yoder   yc   5   4   4   5   4     22  
5   17358   Alec Ranker   Lake Forest Sailing   3   23/DNS   7   11   10     54  
6   21529   Matthew Ranker   Lake Forest Sailing   23/DNS   23/DNS   3   8   8     65  
7   5   Keegan Chatburn   Chicago Yacht Club   23/DNF   23/DNS   10   4   11     71  
8   18872   George Holland   Lake Geneva/BMRT   23/DNS   23/DNS   12   2   12     72T  
9   1   cate baldwin   chicago yacht club   23/DNS   23/DNS   8   13   5     72T  
10   11   Tad Charlot   Lake Forest Park District   23/DNS   23/DNS   9   12   6     73  
11   21960   Kai Suh-Pomierski   LGYC-BMRC   23/DNS   23/DNS   11   10   7     74  
12   15   Niklas Swanson   Chicago Yacht Club   23/DNS   23/DNS   14   9   9     78  
13   3609   Adam Lyon   Lake Geneva   23/DNS   23/DNS   6   7   23/DNS     82  
14   2523   Jack Stenander   Lake Geneva Yacht Club   23/DNS   23/DNS   13   23/DNS   13     95  
15   na   Ellen Carter   Lake Forest Sailing   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   44   Lukas Valasek   Lake Geneva Yacht Club   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   17772   Alexandra Fedulova   Chicago Yacht Club   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   CYC 6   Charles Dischner   Chicago Yacht Club   23/DNF   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   6798   Adler Johnston   lgyc   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   8018   JP Crabb   chicago yacht club   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
15   9   Fritz Bielski   Lake Forest Sailing   23/DNF   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/OCS   23/DNS     115T  
15   16727   Tyler Crabb   chicago yacht club   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS   23/DNS     115T  
High School scores here
College and High School Singlehanded Nationals  
Christian Spencer/Sam Bartel competed last weekend
Malcolm Lamphere/ Korbin Kierstad/Charlie Kutschenreuter to compete this weekend
St Petersburg is the host this fall for the singlehanded championships in Lasers and Laser Radials. The high school event allows either women or men to compete in the Radial. The college event is full-rig only for men. Malcolm Lamphere has won the men's title in the past. Good luck to our three men.