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Regattas / Calendar



24-26 O'Pen Bic NA's - RHACD

26-28 Springfield Spring C 


 3 One-day Race Committee Seminar - Okoboji

3-4 Icebreaker C - Cedar, IN

10-11 C/MC Tuneup - Cedar, WI

10-11 Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI

17 - One-Day Race Committee Seminar - Delavan

17-18 C/X LaBelle Tuneup

17-18 Geneva Spring E


7-8  Quint X - Labelle

14-15 C Nationals - Nagawicka

19-20 ILYA Women's/Girls Clinic

20-22 NCASA A Scow Nationals - Minnetonka

23 Lake Beulah SS Opti

24-25 TRAP X - Pine NOR

27-29 USODA Great Plains Team Trials Qualifier, Okoboji

27-29 420 ILYA Champs - White Bear, MN

28-29 Wisc. MC Champs - Cedar, WI

30-1 Quad Lakes X - Beulah


7-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11 TRAC (Opti) - Cedar, WI

10-13 ILYA E Invite - Geneva

11-13 ILYA MC Invite - Okoboji

14-15 Xtreme - Oshkosh

18 No Tears West - Clear Lake, IA

17-20 ILYA C Invite - Cedar, IN

18-20 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Geneva

18-20 WYA X - Okauchee

21 - No Tears East - Beulah

23-26 ILYA X Champs - Gull Lake, MN

27-29 ILYA Opti Champs - Cedar, WI

31 - 3 WMYA


1-3 WYA C - Delavan

7 Pram Power - North Lake

8-9 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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 From this happy countenance to this. . . 

  500 miles to go for the Team SCA Volvo Women's team. ILYA sailor, Sally Barkow, looks most comfortable and amazing in pink crossing the Atlantic. Here is day 11 blog:

The home stretch! The final 1,000nm! Now, only two things stand between us and Newport: one cold front and one low pressure. The day began with a gold and pink sun rising out of dark clouds, and around lunch time the temperature changed noticeably and low clouds settled in. All day, we have been reaching along at a wicked pace of 18-20 knots. Some of the girls broke out their survival suits in anticipation of the cold water; harnesses must be worn at all times on deck.

Below deck is damp, we are heeled over at 40*, and getting dressed without a new bruise is impossible. Sophie and Carolijn agreed: "down below, it feels like you're traveling at 80mph, in 4WD, along a mountain road." At times like these, when frustration begins to mount, all you can really do is laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation!

In tonight's front, we will see the wind increase but for short periods of time. Tomorrow night's depression will have higher winds, for longer. "This could be the most wind the girls and the boat have seen as a team", Liz said.

"It's all about making things easier. In your kit bags, warm layers go on top for easy access. I have also made meals easy to get to, and pulled out hot soup and desserts for the girls," Dee said.

Safety is a top priority. We have hopefully made the correct sail changes for the night, and there is a good plan on how to manage the next few hours. With everything set in its place, now all that's left for Team SCA is: send it!

Distance to go: 523nm!!!

- See more at: http://teamsca.com/blog/transatlantic-day-11-the-home-stretch#sthash.Rq8clrOx.dpuf 

Want to be a part of women in sailing? Attend the ILYA Sail Pink, Sail Strong. Thanks to newest donor, Mark and Kathy Kiernan. Talk to your daughters and wives and friends. Top sailors Steph Roble and Annie Haeger will be with us. Nancy Eckert will lead the race committee section. Moms Roble and Haeger will lead through college sailing and beyond with your sailor. Suzi Reese will teach you how to trailer a boat. ---- More next week. 

High School Baker (Team Racing) Qualifier

Lake Forest High School has taken the top spot for two consecutive weeks to progress this weekend to ISSA Team Racing Nationals - the Baker. Lake Forest will travel to TX on 5/24-25. The second and third-finishing teams (Loyola and Minnetonka) will travel to the Consolation NIT in Boston. Lake Forest and Loyola will attend the Mallory Nationals in San Diego 5/10-11. 

Cedar, IN C - This Weekend  

 It pays to be a Davenport this spring. Dave Davenport on the right is pictured with Ben Porter winning the second weekend of spring C boating. A mixture of Mount Gay, Kentucky Derby and sailing make the Cedar, IN (Cedartucky) a most popular visit in May. Last weekend it was brother Frank Davenport with Ben Porter who took the Springfield title. 

You can see from the DNS/DNF  scores this was a WIN, D! affair for Dave Davenport but WINDY for all the rest. 
USODA Team Trials  
Five ILYA Sailors Participate
Last year, Pewaukee hosted this event and many of our sailors attended. The ILYA attendees were fewer this year at Stamford, CT. Henry Chapman of Nagawicka was our top finisher at 41st. Parker Michel was 71st of the over 200 sailors. Also participating were Chapman Petersen of Geneva, Nathan Olmstead of Minnetonka and Aidan Boylan of Calhoun. 

As the editor reviewed the results last evening, there was a scoring penalty immediately unfamiliar which became obvious with some thought. MSP is a measurement scoring penalty. In thIS class there is a measurement boat located upwind from the finish. Select sailors are sent to the boat for safety checks and a penalty can be assessed. The results included here this morning do not include an INQ penalty which was present in the original scores. As a humorous inclusion, here is a list of suggested penalties as others questioned the demarcation on the results list. 

From Sailing Anarchy suggestions:

INQ = In Northern Quadrant (used when the competitor sailed through the southern quadrant by mistake)
MSP = Medical Services Plan (used when the competitor is smacked by the boom during a jibe)




INQ = Inquisition, as in "No one expects the Spanish inquisition"
MSP = ATA code for Minneapolis/St. Paul
Best I can tell they are being held for the inquisition in the Twin Cities - Which is better than being taken to Gitmo I suppose


or other suggested additions, CHECK THE TWO TIEBREAKERS


UHS: Unauthorized Head Start
PAL: Pack And Leave...for those violations whose penalty is being tossed from the regatta
WNH: Was Not Here...for the violations where the scores are removed and the regatta rescored 
YSW: Younger Skipper Wins..First tiebreaker when competitors are each under 25
OSW: Older Sailor Wins...First tiebreaker when each sailor is over 25

Bilge Pullers Spring Meetings  
Bilge Pullers Beulah and Minnetonka

In a couple of days you will receive your invitation to our spring meetings.  This is just a quick email reminder to save the dates.


Friday May 16th, 18:00 at the Lake Beulah Yacht Club


Friday May 23rd, 18:00 at Lord Fletcher's


Lou Morgan II

Admiral, #856

LaBelle Hosts Quint X Event   
June 7-8

This regatta is open to all X Boat Sailors from:

La Belle Yacht Club, Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club,
North Lake Yacht Club, Okauchee Yacht Club, Pewaukee Yacht Club

All races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing and the U.S. Sailing Prescriptions except as changed by the Sailing Instructions. Weather and time permitting we will plan for a five race regatta.

Friday, June 6 - 4:30 to 7:30 pm -Registration and Launching at the Oconomowoc City Beach located on Wisconsin Av, 3 blocks West of Lake Street (324 W. Wisconsin Ave Oconomowoc, WI). Trailer parking information will be provided at check in at the launch, most likely Greenland School Oconomowoc.. Bring your own anchor, buoy and 15' of mooring line.

Saturday, June 7 - 8:00 to 9:00 am - Registration and Launching continues. Skipper's meeting at 9:30 am. First race warning at 10:30 am. Lunch provided. Afternoon races as scheduled by the Race Committee.

Sunday, June 8 - Warning at 10:00 am. Two races if possible. No race will start after 12:00 Noon.

Trophies - Awarded to skipper and crew top five places. Race winner trophies for skippers.

Contacts: Regatta chair: Bill Mihelich: 414-750-1792

                                        E-Mail: wtmihelich@hotmail.com

Information available at: http://www.labelleyachtclub.org/ 
C Nationals - Nagawicka  
June 13-15 It's not too late!

Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club is hosting the 2014 C National Championship  on June 13-15. Registration Information and NOR at  www.sailnlyc.org, mail completed form with check payable to NLYC, to Kelli Stuckart, 2312 Oakwood Rd, Hartland, WI  53029

Hurry, Register Now!   Entry fee May 2 to June 6, 2014 is $200; 

June 7, 2014 through close of registration is $215.

Race Management Seminar at Delavan Lake Yacht Club Deadline May 1
5/17/2014   -   5/17/2014     
Enroll Now     There are 93 available slot(s) left1501 Cedar Point Dr, Delavan, WI 53115
Contact: Instructors:   
Registration fee is $65.

This seminar is sponsored by the US Sailing and hosted by the Okoboji Yacht Club. It is designed for people who have some race committee experience, but newcomers are also welcome. 

The topics covered include: RC objectives, RC responsibilities, sailing instructions, RC jobs, RC equipment, setting the course, starting system, starting penalties, before the start, during the race, finishing, and scoring. The changes in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 that affect race management will be discussed.

The principal instructor for the seminar is John Strassman, ISAF International Race Officer and Chair of the US Sailing Area Race Officer Working Group.

At the seminar you will need your own copy of The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016 ("RRS"). If you are a US Sailing member, you should have received a copy. If you are not a US Sailing member, you can either join US Sailing and get a copy free, or purchase one from the US Sailing store. You will be given a copy of Join the Race Committee Team at the seminar. 
To prepare for the seminar you should try to answer the Study Questions, which are available on the US Sailing web site here.
The Club Race Officer Certification test, which is given at the conclusion of the seminar, is optional. However, in order to be certified as a US Sailing Club Race Officer, you are required to attend a complete seminar and to pass the test. In order to be certified as a Club Race Officer you will also need to have your own copy of the current US Sailing Race Management Handbook, and meet the program's other criteria. The 2009 edition of the Race Management Handbook is available from the US Sailing online store
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