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 May 22, 2011 



1 TRAP deadline, NOR

11-12 MIR C - Browns Lake

17-19 C Nationals - Maxinkuckee Registration 

24-26 A Scow Nationals - Oshkosh

27 Lake Beulah Sailng School Optimist Regatta

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Minnetonka Prepares for Annual Champs for Four Fleets - A, E, C and MC

In the months leading up to the ILYA Championships, we will highlight sailors who exemplify everything that embodies a true ambassador to the sport of sailing.  From crewing, to skippering, to travelling cross-country to compete and excel, all for the love of the sport


Sailor Profile: Chris Andert

Chris andert

Home Yacht Club:  Minnetonka Yacht Club

Class: C-Scow


How were you introduced to the sport of sailing? What age?

I first started sailing with my parents around the age of six. They would stick me on their Flying Scot for sails around Lake Minnetonka.  

When did you start skippering?  

My first boat was a blue wooden El Toro that I got at age ten and I sailed it out of WYC for two years before I started racing X boats.

 When did you buy your first C Scow?

I started racing in the C fleet in 1993 with Chris Jewett. We raced together in that fleet for about ten years. Then I bought my own boat in 2005.

 What motivates you most from year to year?

For sure the memories from summers past. Sailing is a sport that marries competition and a social outlet together well. The camaraderie between your fellow competitors just seems to build every year with the pinnacle of that being the Inland Championship. Every August we all get together for a week with our friends and family to race. That week is where lifelong memories are made. You definitely want to be sailing your fastest that week. 

 Aside from Lake Minnetonka, what is your favorite inland lake to race on? Why?

Green Lake, WI - Its a great piece of water set in small town that the ILYA easily can take over for a Big Inland.

 What is your greatest sailing memory?

The 2005 Big Inland on Okoboji sailing with Chris & Tony Jewett and Katie Lynch. It's the only Inland Championship team that I've been fortunate to be part of. I still vividly remember each race of that regatta.

 Who has had the most influence on your sailing success? 

For me "success" is that I'm still racing in the ILYA after 25 years. My first Inland was the 1986 X Inland Championship on Pewaukee. After two years in the X and few in the M-16 I was close to slipping out of the sport. Then Chris Jewett told me he was getting a C-boat and wanted to know if I'd sail with him. I've been sailing with the Jewett family for almost two decades now in the C and E fleets, and more recently we've all been racing together with the Hughes family on their A-boat. I've picked up a few tricks along the way by being fortunate to race with such great sailors.  But it's the relationships that are built where the lines of friends and family almost blur that influences me most.

 What are you most looking forward to at the ILYA this summer? 

If my family will allow, I'm going to try and go the "pro" route and race the entire Big Inland - C, A and E classes.

 How do you spend your time when you're not sailing? 

My wife Liz and I stay very busy raising our two future sailors - 2-year old twins Anna and Maija. They both can't wait to get back on the water in the family pontoon this spring, and I think they'll get their maiden voyage in a C-boat at some point this summer too.

For more information about the 2011 ILYA Championships, visit http://www.minnetonkayachtclub.org/Inland2011 

Full Throttle Takes Second in Melges 24 Worlds
 Brian Porter with ILYA sailors Andy Burdick, Sam Rogers and Mike Woodworth came on strong after race 1 to take second to last year's World champ Italian Lorenzo Bressani in the 2011 Melges 24 World Championship in Corpus Christi, TX. 
Just in - Baker Cup

Lake Forest High School has finished sixth in the Team Racing Nationals. 

Regatta Results
Send  your regatta results on Sunday night to the Scowlines editor. As summer approaches, the weekly edition is completed on Sunday night. Regattas are so numerous as we enter midseason that our policy is not to carryover the results for two weeks. The results will be posted on the ILYA website but not included in Scowlines a week late. So as you plan your events, include an item on your checklist - post results to website before you close up shop for the final day. This has become the norm throughout the nation. If you check the "hits" during a regatta, you will find our websites are impressively busy. Lake Beulah had 3000+ "hits" during the C Invitational. The ILYA had 7000+ hits daily during the Big Inland. This is a promotional tool for our sport.
Geneva E Results
Look at the youth -  Vincent Porter, Derek Packard, Goerge Rolfs.  
Rank Sail Skipper R1 R2 R3 Total
1 V-37 August Barkow 1 1 1 3
2 I-9 Peter Strothman 4 4 2 10
3 I-2 Vincent Porter 2 2 7 11
4 M-87 Derek Packard 5 3 3 11
5 V-511 Tobin Tornehl 3 5 6 14
6 H-13 Pat Heaney 9 8 5 22
7 V-551 George Rolfs 11 6 10 27
8 I-71 Ken Wruk 7 11 9 27
9 TO-101 Art Brereton 14 9 11 34
10 GL-11 Mark Unicume 10 10 14 34
Clean Regatta Initiative

One of the goals that I want the ILYA to accomplish this year is to reduce waste at all of our regattas. As an association we need to do what we can to make sure that our environment is left at least as good as we found it.  Most of us have grown up sailing on these beautiful lakes with clean water and clean shorelines. Sailors For the Sea is an organization that has a project of running clean regattas. Their website reviews many ways that regatta organizers and participants can go green. The ILYA needs to do what it can to follow their lead. Clear Lake has registered the ILYA X Championship as a clean regatta and The C Nationals is registered as well.

As a start I would like to see the ILYA make a push to eliminate disposable water bottles at our events. Cedar Wisconsin hosted the MC invite last year and we handed out over 300 bottles of water. Lake Geneva at last years ILYA Annual Championship handed out over 2000 disposable bottles of water. Nationally less than 30% of disposable water bottles get recycled. Focusing on recycling water bottles will be an improvement but the best answer is to encourage sailors to bring reusable water bottles. I have asked all of our regatta organizers to have water stations available at our events to refill their water bottles.

We need to get our participants, Race Officers and spectators all on the same page. It will be a small step for the environment to attend our regatta's and see only reusable water bottles and avoid those garbage cans filled with plastic. Please help in making our regatta's a cleaner place to sail.

Rick Trester

Here is the website for Sailors for the Sea:


PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125-0311
Phone: 262-203-7721
Fax: 262-203-7722
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