Volume 8, Issue 19

 May 13, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


18-19 LaBelle C/X Tune Up

18-19 Geneva Spring E - Geneva


1-2 I-20 Lighthouse, Fond du Lac

8-9 MIR C--Lake Beulah, WI

      C Easterns--Chautauqua, NY

8-12 Club 420 Neill Clinic, Chicago

14-16  C Nationals--Pewaukee, WI Online registratione

19-22 MC Youth Champs-Lake Murray, SC

20-23 420 ILYA Champs/Clinic - Delavan

20-23 A Scow Nationals - Geneva 

21-23 ILYA I-20 Invite - Cedar Lake IN

22-27 US Junior Women's Doublehanded Champs, Club 420 Ida Lewis (girls only) clinic and regatta, Bahia Corinthian YC, Corona del Mar, CA

25-27 TRAP X - Pine

26-29 MC Nat'ls - Clear Lake, IA

29-30 USODA Midwest Champs - Gull Lake, MN

30 - July 2 Area K JOs, Wayzata 


1-2 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka

8-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11-13 420 Youth Nat'ls-Geneva

11-14 ILYA E Invite - Pewaukee

11-14 ILYA MC Invite - Delavan

15-16 Xtreme-Oshkosh

14-16 SBS Area K Qual-Lk Forest

17-20 MC Masters Nat's-Hoover, OH

18-21 ILYA C Inv.--Okauchee, WI

19-21 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Pewaukee

19-22 420 NAs, St. Margaret YC, Glenhaven, NS, Canada

22 ILYA No Tears East-Nagawicka

22 ILYA No Tears West - Clear, IA

24-27 ILYA X Champs - Oshkosh

26-28 Hyannisport 420 regatta, Cape Cod

28-30 ILYA Opti Champs-Beulah

29-31 CJ Buckley 420 team regatta - Cape Cod


1-4WMYA Champs-White Lake, MI

2-4 WYA C--LaBelle, WI

2-4 Buzzards Bay 420-Providence,RI

2-4 I-20 ILYA Champs,-Green Lake

7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10
15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi



7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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 Warm Weather Promised

E boaters: Don't miss the Geneva Spring Regatta this year. It's only days away - Saturday and Sunday, May 18-19. The current forecast according to the The Weather Channel is Sunny reaching 69 degrees on Saturday and Sunny at 71 degrees on Sunday.  Come join in the great competition, great fun, great weather and great practice for the E Nationals on Geneva this coming September! For any questions or to pre-register, contact Peter Strothman at 917-647-8103 or  or call the club manager at 262-275-2727

 Lake Forest, Minnetonka and Oconomowoc
 Our three Midwest qualifiers attended the national event on a cold, windy, miserable Chicago weekend. Wind on Saturday varied from light upon arrival to gusts of 28 knots by the afternoon. Windchills in the 30s was Sunday's fare. And think about the sailors from TX and CA! Malcolm Lamphere of Lake Geneva was 5th in the A division while his team placed an overall 7th but was as high as 3rd at one point. Minnetonka placed 16th overall with a race win by their A team - can't tell if it was Jack Bitney or Isabella Loosbrock. Tonka finished overall in 16th. Oconomowoc was 19th.
5. Lake Forest HS        105  Malcolm Lamphere (11)

                               Alex Woloshyn (12), Thomas Balk (11)

10. Lake Forest HS        121  Clay Danly (12)

                               Brittney Manning (11)

18. Minnetonka HS         159  Isabella Loosbrock (10), Jack Bitney (10)

                               Madde Loosbrock (12), Amalie Hansen (11)

13. Minnetonka HS         134  Addy Ferguson (12)

                               George Usmanov (10), Alec McKee (10)

17. Oconomowoc HS         158  Parker Trempton (11)

                               Carolyn Keck (10), Tom Groskopf (10),Roger Raguse (12), Zac Aasen(11)

19. Oconomowoc HS         183  Dan Groskopf (12)

                               Hannah Girard (11), Tom Groskopf (10),Sam Petelinsek (10)

Congrats to our sailors. A local note is coach Marek (Lindsay Allen) Valasek coaching the TX team which featured one of our Opti sailors from last week, Dane Byerly who as a freshman finished 8th in Bs.

May Madness  - Yes, they sailed in the Wind

maymadnesstipoverby Robin Dale

It was truly May Madness. Sixteen schools took to Pewaukee Lake Saturday morning and winds were a pleasant 15 mph from the east. A Division was at the leeward mark when May Madness really hit. Within five seconds, the winds swung to the north and ramped up to 35+mph with gusts significantly over that. The entire field of 420s were wiped out. Every single boat went over. Unlucky 13 is shown above in full distress.  Fortunately, everyone eventually made it back to shore and the 420s had minimal damage. However, the wind did not let up for the rest of the afternoon and the fleet retired for the day. Sunday saw winds of a steady 20-25mph with gusts over 30mph, but much more steady than the previous day and flotation panels a requirement. Three full rotations were sailed. This regatta, with schools from Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, boasted over 25 ILYA sailors. A true testament to the growing interest in the 420 fleet. At the end, the A Division was won Arrowhead by Augie Dale (Pewaukee) and Gavin Burkhart (North Lake) and B Division by Arrowhead/Oconomowoc by Kelly Monahan (Nagawicka) and Owen Bradley. Overall combined A and B found Walter Payton High School in Illinois in first, second went to Mahtomedi/White Bear with skippers Willy Crary (White Bear) and Kate Cox (White Bear), and third over all to Arrowhead Oconomowoc with Monahan, Bradley, and Trevor Trepton (La Belle). Great sailing to all and a special shout-out to the PROs - Mary Carroll and Mark Deguire.

Editors note: While including scores from an entire roster of a regatta is not our custom, look at the names from this event. ILYA name after ILYA name. This is an open event which means sailors can combine schools to compete. The number in the far left column is the overall finish. The second column is the A sailor with his/her finish within the A fleet; third column is the B team with the finish within the B division. We can all be proud of the work done in the past decade to keep our youth sailing. Watch this summer as you see the increasing numbers of youth converting to our scow fleets.

OVERALL May Madness Results 2013
1 2. Walter Payton 19 Wade Wagner
Molly Davis
2. 20 Jeremy Acosta
Sabina VanMell
2 5. Mathomedi/White Bear 28 Willy Crary
Olivia Starick
3. 27 Kate Cox
Mary Larson
3 7. Arrowhead/Oconomowoc 40 Trevor Trepton
Georgie Parrino
1. 18 Kelly Monaghan
Owen Bradley
4 4. Latin 25 Mark Davies
Tim Fitzgerald
6. 33 Zach Schenkman
Allie Lyon
5 6. Wayzata 33 Aidan Kennedy
Mairead Kennedy
4. 30 Maeve Kennedy
Sean Burke
6 1. Arrowhead 18 Augie Dale
Gavin Burkhart
9. 54 Lizzy Friend
Sean Nigel
7 8. New Trier 1 49 John Corrigan
JP Backman
5. 31 Audrey Jacobs
TJ Daley
8 3. Catholic Mem/Kettle 22 Kate Klement
Molly Burns
13. 67 Myles Murphy
9 9. Marquette/ULS 51 Charlie Hollister
Alex Kent
10. 57 Carter Cooper
Graham Kent
10 15. Arrow/Ocon/Wauk N 79 Sam Kultgen
Casey Harris
7.36 Noah Jansen
Sarah Begale
11 14. Hinsdale/New Trier 73 Kelly Kachidurian
8. 46 Charlie Koules
Jacob Dannhausen-Brun
12 10. New Trier 3 61 Brendan Kaplan
Mandy Watson
11. 58 Eamonn Austin
Charlie Clark
13 12. Rickover Naval 64 Martin Heft
Cassie Perez
12. 61 Mary Rose Dogley
Jared Gorzen
14 13. New Trier 2 72 Jack Dittrich
Chris Myefski
14. 68 Christian Koules
Wilson Blomberg
15 11. Benilde/St. Marg 63 Nick Driessen
Paul Bromelkamp
15.78 Shannon Lawler
16 16. Harborside 91 Sarah Christensen
Sabastian Dehn
16. 84 Max Seebeck
Alex Meyers


Cedar, WI C and MC - well fun time chatting
Tipovers, tipovers, tipovers         
It seems weather this weekend was brutal but the farther north you traveled, the more challenging the conditions became. Cs and MCs showed up at Cedar although a few boats read the tea leaves properly and cancelled on Friday. PRO Chip Mann attempted to race but needed to abandon racing on Saturday at what would have been a near finish --- if there had been more boats to finish! Sunday conditions prohibited even making an attempt. But no complaints from the sailors - it's always a good time at Cedar.
MIR C - no longer an Invitational
All are welcome - June 8-9         
The MIR used to be a few southern lakes who gathered in early June. Wonder Lake, North Lake, Beulah, Delavan, Browns were the core group. It's all OPEN now. Beulah is small and fun. They boast a large fleet but it is young. Our total this year is 28 and we only know of two who will not be in town. We have two new boats right out of X boats. We have at least four of the 2013 new Melges C boats so come to see those. Travel on over and encourage your youth to attend. Housing is available on a first come basis.
By the way, we have some old guys too and I wouldn't count them out. They have a way of knowing the tricks of Beulah.  
Friday night is open at the club - see you Friday or Saturday morning.
College bound?
Where are you going?         
Reports are coming in on next year's freshman class. Let us know so we can watch your college results next year.
Thus far:
Sean Burke - Wayzata - Hobart William Smith
Addy Ferguson and Anders Ekholm - Fordham
Mary Claire Kiernan - Tufts
Ben Garber - St. Mary's
Next week         
Complete rosters are not printed on the event website yet. Watch next week's Scowlines. For how to give live, up to date media coverage, watch this event online. The youth in sailing show us how it is done. It is exciting to watch as each set the results appear and each mark rounding is posted on Twitter. More next week.
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