Volume 9, Issue 13   March 3, 2014   
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Regattas / Calendar



5 One-Day Judges Seminar - Wayzata

12 One-Day Judges Seminar - Pewaukee

24-26 O'Pen Bic NA's - RHACD

26-28 Springfield Spring C 


 3 One-day Race Committee Seminar - Okoboji

3-4 Icebreaker C - Cedar, IN

10-11 C/MC Tuneup - Cedar, WI

10-11 Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI

17 - One-Day Race Committee Seminar - Delavan

17-18 C/X LaBelle Tuneup

17-18 Geneva Spring E


14-15 C Nationals - Nagawicka

20-22 NCASA A Scow Nationals - Minnetonka

23 Lake Beulah SS Opti

24-26 USODA Great Plains Team Trials Qualifier, Okoboji

27-29 420 ILYA Champs - White Bear, MN


11 TRAC (Opti) - Cedar, WI

10-13 ILYA E Invite - Geneva

11-13 ILYA MC Invite - Okoboji

17-20 ILYA C Invite - Cedar, IN

18-20 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Geneva

18-20 WYA X - Okauchee

21 - No Tears East - Beulah

23-26 ILYA X Champs - Gull Lake, MN

27-29 ILYA Opti Champs - Cedar, WI

31 - 3 WMYA


1-3 WYA C - Delavan

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 The BIG INLAND - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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Never a Prouder Moment  

Awards Bring Winter Inland to Conclusion

After a day of networking, future regatta planning, race committee and fleet coordination in preparation for the four-day, four-fleet extravaganza in Oshkosh, the ILYA was ready to honor its own. What a presentation it was! Finer recipients could not represent the ILYA. (Photos below by Larry Kmiecik)

 Larry Krause - Race Officer of the Year

 Known as a sailor's PRO, Pewaukee's Larry Krause added to the respect he has earned with a fantastic year of E Inland Champs, C Blue Chip, C WYA, C Nationals and USODA Team Trials work (to mention some). He credited the "three Wallys" with his interest, growth and enthusiasm for sailing. The audience awarded him with a standing ovation for his open, sailor-centered approach to RC work.

Bruce Martinson - Member of the Year

The world's highest certification was awarded this year to Minnetonka's Bruce Martinson. The classification of ISAF Judge will find Bruce adjudicating protests at the highest international level. And if that is not honor enough, he completed a Radial Master's World Championship in 2nd place (one point out of first) in Oman. The humor during the presentation was a statement by Commodore PJ Friend, who noted, "we only know him as Tom Burton's crew." Martinson believes in returning his knowledge to the ILYA. He serves frequently on our judging teams and will teach a course in April at Pewaukee - see sidebar schedule with link to register.

 Oshkosh Yacht Club - ILYA Club of the Year

 The 2013 host of the ILYA X Champs will host the ILYA Annual Championship Regatta in 2014. The tradition of FUN may have originated in Oshkosh at the Pioneer many, many years ago. There are legendary tales of exploits no longer repeated to children. But fun is what Oshkosh does best. Add enough water to run an easy three rings of sailing, the panoramic view atop the majestic Waters, the smile and hospitality of their members, and it is easy to determine why Oshkosh is a worthy recipient. Plan to return in August to compete or watch the Inland Champs extravaganza with entertainment after, during sailing, and into the evening. Our host will be flying your club's burgee to welcome your participants. Congrats to Ed Bowen, Dave Sitter and Bill and Beth Wyman pictured here with ILYA Commodore Friend. 

 Steve Schmidt Wins Pillsbury Sailor of the Year

 Winner of the WYA C and ILYA C Champs, Okauchee's Steve Schmidt (minus traveling Matt Prange) won the 2013 Sailor of the Year. He was selected from a fine group of ILYA sailors who he named as "Andy 'Pillsbury' Burdick, Erik 'Olympic' Bowers" and others. Schmidt topped a 53-boat C fleet amassing a total score of 15 points for the win, nearly 20 points ahead of the second-place finisher. A touching letter from father Wally marked the fulfillment of the saying "student surpassing the master." Schmidt became most emotional as he noted the support he has received from his wife Wendy who has served as third crew for his entire career. The ILYA concept of family is embodied in the Schmidt program as the third generation of sailors graces the C fleet. It has been an honor to watch the skillful practice of sailing this season from Steve Schmidt, Matt Prange and Wendy Schmidt. Congratulations to a truly deserving Sailor of the Year.  

Beloved Lou Morgan Recognized
Pioneer of modern-day ILYA
ILYA Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame
It is rare that an audience is moved to such emotion with the presentation of an award. The pictures in this edition of Scowlines feature men in bright ties. Throughout the day, the presence of the RISQUE tie served as a reminder of the fun, frivolity, respect and remembrance of one of the greatest innovators, visionaries and facilitators this organization has known. In fact, the Winter Inland itself is a creation during the time of Lou Morgan's tenure on the Board. Not mentioned in the speeches presented was Lou's involvement in introduction of Optis as a class to the Inland. And look where we have come today - 150 folks coming out in below-zero, blizzard snow conditions to follow the concepts formed by Morgan. 

Jeff Baker spoke of this man he and others loved so dearly. And not hard to wonder why. Baker spoke of "connecting the dots" so the young folks in attendance could understand the contributions of a single man who so changed the direction and energy of this organization. He involved everyone and made ALL members feel a part of his own personal club. He took many in attendance to Antarctica, crossed the Atlantic, traveled around the world with a sense of humor and hospitality unparalleled. 

Tom Hodgson summed up his life with this, "open arms, open heart and often . . . .open wallet." Lou gave his heart to all - his family, his interests, this organization. We are rich, indeed, from his touch. 

Above, Lou's wife, Jacky, and family are pictured receiving Lou's induction plaque into the Hall of Fame. Jackie thanked the sailing community for all the support after Lou's sudden passing. Son LJ continues in Lou's steps as Admiral in the ILYA Bilge Pullers.  
Brian Porter follows ILYA sailors Buddy Melges, Jane Pegel,and  Sally Barkow as the Rolex Sailor of the Year. Porter's introduction made much of his love for the sport and his amateur status.

"Porter, age 55 is a first-time winner. "One of the things that struck me when I was told I won this award was just how difficult it is to win. Like sailing in any regatta, you need some luck, and I had my fair share of it last year. Although we are all competitive and want to win, I think we would all agree that the journey is what's most important.

"The people we meet, the friends we make, and the great sportsmanship are what it's all about. I've been very fortunate to have been blessed with many great moments, and nothing has touched my heart more than the outpouring of support and good wishes from friends and competitors."

Here is the acceptance speech in video form. He was introduced by last year's YOUNG recipient who expressed his respect at Porter's World Title in a high performance boat at 30 year's his senior. May Brian follow in the steps of our other Rolex winners who have been winners numerous times. Congratulations to Brian and his Melges 24 team.  
Please order this app!  
Get your club ready
Chris Lieber, Pewaukee, presented a quick tutorial on his app which will help you manage your club data. 

The app is fairly straightforward and easy to set up. Take your rosters, SI's and add to the program. Link your scores so they are always easy to find on your smartphone. Have your club enter data now so it is ready for the sailing season.    

THIS IS NOT IN LIEU OF RADIOS OR SI'S OR OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARDS but this is a one-stop compendium of your important info right where you need it - on your phone which is always at your side.

Contact Chris Lieber  at chris@statwack.comwith any questions.  
Buddy Melges Sailing Center  
Contribute to our History
Construction will begin in August-September as soon as the sailors complete their series sailing. The new Buddy Melges Sailing Center will be the home of the Lake Geneva Yacht Club and Geneva Lake Sailing School. The new building will house the ILYA Bilge Pullers Hall of Fame. State of the art technology will allow ease of use and an exciting interactive display of our history. To encourage your participation in this project, the BMSC invites your recollections of Buddy's best quotes or antics, as well as those of teh many who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. They are many - and most colorful. Add your memories and donate to the BMSC at the Buddy Melges Sailing Center Facebook page. Enjoy the modern garb in photos from the past or add your own to the page. Look for the Paypal donate button in the header of the Facebook page. Show your love and appreciation for Buddy. Help create our ILYA repository. 
Think Zenda U Today  
Oconomowoc - June 5th

 Step into the Zenda University (ZU) course, get tuned up and start your 2014 MC Scow campaign off right! The Melges instructors are developing new ways to teach you how to go fast.


To further progress and promote MC Scow racing for those who are eager to learn and take in professional knowledge within a casual, fun atmosphere, ultimately making individuals better sailors by encouraging the enjoyment of the sport of sailing to the fullest. "Learn what and how to practice in your Melges MC Scow."


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4th- Oconomowoc Lake Club (OLC) will be open so you can rig and prepare your boat for the start of the Zenda University Course.

THURSDAY, JUNE 5th - DAY ONE OF THE ZENDA UNIVERSITY COURSE- Breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m.  Introduction to MC Scow Zenda University begins at 9:00 a.m.  Please make sure your boat is rigged and race ready by this time.   Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all beverages are included.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6th - DAY TWO OF THE ZENDA UNIVERSITY COURSE- Breakfast is served at 7:30 a.m.  9 a.m. start up.  Be ready for another day of training on and off the water. Awards will follow the day of sailing.  Breakfast, lunch, awards ceremony and all beverages are included.

Awards ceremony and welcoming party sponsored by Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda.


Oconomowoc Lake Club (OLC)

4668 Lake Club Circle

Oconomowoc, WI  53066

Contact:  Jeff Fellows (c: 414-745-3341)



This is an instructional regatta.  We will have official races and awards for the racing.  During these races you will receive personal coaching and advice.  By following the race guidelines we can better instruct you.  Awards will be given out at the official ZU ceremony on Friday afternoon.


Your entry must be confirmed or received prior to April 31st.  Please make your check payable to the Oconomowoc Lake Club and mail well in advance to:

Oconomowoc Lake Club

4668 Lake Club Circle

Oconomowoc, WI  53066

SPECIAL NOTE:There is a limit of 15 participants to the course. Reservations will be counted on a first come, first serve basis.  

See you there!


The Melges Team and The Oconomowoc Lake Club

2014 MC Champs - Pewaukee
Start by Getting Your Sail On!!! 
Pewaukee's regatta committee has been hard at work during this winter that never ends to bring the MC Fleet a spectacular event. Some of the highlights - other than the World Class Event style Pewaukee is known for - include a 7 race series with a throw-out, Short-order grill and cocktails during registration on Thursday night, Friday evening tour of the New Harken Plant and Lou Morgan's Classic Chicago Style Rib Night to crown the social scene on Saturday evening. Every effort will be made to make this The Don't Miss Event of the Year!!!
Registration: Thursday, August 7 from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm; Friday, August 8 from 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Racing: Friday, August 8 - Sunday, August 10
Series: 7 race series with one throw-out if all 7 races are sailed.
Social: Thursday short-order grill will be open; Friday Tour of new Harken plant; Saturday Rib Night (reservations required) Housing: Housing requests to Cindy Ziegler-Fritz at ctzfv722@aol.com
Spectator boats will be available.
Check out our Facebook page! Search "2014 MC ILYA Championship" and LIKE us!!
Questions? Email David Perrigo at daperrigo1@gmail.com Let him know how he and his committee can help you Get Your Sail On!
REGISTRATION HERE! You won't be the first. Two registrants already.
MAY 17-18
Regatta Chairman:  
Peter Strothman (917.647.8103) or  
Lake Geneva Yacht Club (262.275.2727)
For accommodations near LGYC - Click Here
To register for the regatta, Click Here:  
Regatta information:  
Michael Lynch  -  "Come on Down to Springfield"  
April 26-27
by Michael Lynch 

"Lake Springfield is an early season regatta on a great lake. The lake is large and round, making it a great early season track that usually has nice breeze and can handle a huge fleet. The  facilities are easy and the club is friendly.   My brother Patrick BL-3 and I (I14) are going to attend again this year along with the Master Frank Davenport B-303.   We are planning on bringing the motor home which should add some excitement to the parking lot festivities. 

As a child I remember attending this regatta with my parents;  the fleet was huge and from what I remember the party was better.  There is a really cool schoolhouse bar down the road where we always seemed to end up, where free beer was served for the entire regatta.

The Black Tie and the Springfield Regatta are two regattas I have great memories of attending as a child with my parents. Sadly, the Black Tie is done, and last year when we attended Springfield, attendance was weak. I think it's really important to the C fleet that these old staple regattas have support - let's brush the dust off and make this regatta a great one again."
Editor's note - I remember this as a first date; well, one of the first. The beer truck was a novelty back then and watching the Davenport (old Frank) program launch was a nice introduction to sailing. There was not anything more fun than the Springfield clan welcoming us. Of course, watching Mrs. Davis drive the spectator pontoon with a leaking pontoon and riding up onto the seawall added a nice colorful story. The youth are beginning to return to Springfield so join them.
Watershed Conference  
Many of you sailors also are associated with your lake management programs - FYI

The Red Cedar Watershed Conference

Thursday, March 13, 2014

University of Wisconsin - Stout
Menomonie, WI

(incl. sessions, lunch, breaks, and materials)  !

The Red Cedar River watershed in Northwest, WI, which includes several lakes, including Lakes Tainter and Menomin , suffers each year from massive blue-green algae blooms. A group of citizens, concerned over the poor quality of their waters, came together to search for a sustainable solution to the problem that would work for everyone in the watershed - farmers, city dwellers, commercial interests, waterfront property owners, and recreational water users.

The Red Cedar Watershed Conference is an attempt to bring the various stakeholders together to spend a day speaking, learning, and discussing how to restore the Red Cedar watershed to the beautiful system it should be.


  • Farm, city and waterfront success stories - profitable land management for clean water
  • Solutions to the serious problem that plagues our lakes and rivers - runoff pollution
  • A great networking opportunity for all citizens!


  • Jim VandenBrook, Executive Director, Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Association: "County Land Conservation Offices Working for Clean Lakes & Streams: Controlling Phosphorus Runoff"
  • Chad Ingels, Extension Watershed Management Specialist, Iowa State University, Extension and Outreach & Jeff Pape, Crop farmer from Dubuque County in Eastern Iowa and Hewitt Creek Watershed Association, Chairman: "Developing and Implementing Cost-Effective, Performance-based Incentives in NE Iowa Watersheds"
  • Hans W. Paerl, Kenan Professor of Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of North Carolina 's Institute of Marine Sciences: "Managing Harmful Blue-green Algal (cyanobacterial) Blooms in a World Experiencing Human and Climatically-Mediated Change"
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