Volume 12, Issue 13  
March 29, 2017
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2017 Regattas
More MC listings next edition - they are plentiful but many unconfirmed
21-23 Black Tie C/E - It's Back - Rush Creek, Tx
28-30 Charleston E - Carolina YC
6-7 Icebreaker C - Cedar, IN
13-14 Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI
13-14 Cedar MC/C Spring - Cedar, WI
20-21 LaBelle Tuneup C/X/MC - LaBelle YC
20-21 Geneva Spring E - Lake Geneva YC
20-21 - Heritage Spring E - Lake Hopatcing YC
3-4 Eastern C - TBD
10-11 MIR C - Long Lake, IL
10-11 Wauwasee E - 
Wauwasee YC, IN
16 - AHJ X - Cedar Lake, WI
16 - TCYS - Minnetonka
16-18 C Nationals - Okoboji
17-18 Payton E - Mendota YC
23 - TCYS - White Bear
23-25 A Nationals - Minnetonka
24-25 WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
26 - LBSS Opti - Lake Beulah 
27-28 TRAP X - Pine Lake YC
30 - TCYS - St. Croix
6-7 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka
10-11 GLSS X - Lake Geneva YC
12 - GLSS Opti - Lake Geneva YC
14 - TCYS - Calhoun
14-16 ILYA MC Invitational - Lake Beulah YC
14-16 ILYA E Invitational - Pewaukee YC
17-18 Xtreme X - Oshkosh YC
18-21 US Sailing Chubb Junior Champs - Area K Qual - Minnetonka 
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
21 TCYS - Calhoun Opti only
21-23 Michigan E Invitional -Crystal Lake YC, MI
22-23 ILYA C Invitational - LaBelle YC
22-23 WYA X - Pine Lake YC
24 ILYA No Tears Opti -Nagawicka
26-29 ILYA X Champs - Delavan YC
28 TCYS- Wayzata 420 only
30-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
1 cont. ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
3 Pram Power - North Lake
3-5 ECESA - Little Egg Harbor, NJ
2-5 Western MI Champs E/C/MC - Crystal Lake
4 TCYS - Wayzata
4-6 WYA C - Nagawicka YC
11-12 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
Geneva Sponsorship Opportunities - Make the event even better  
The Best is Yet to Come at Geneva 
Good, better, best! That's how the organizing committee has viewed this marvelous three-year event at Geneva. Each year has become easier and allowed us to improve. The first year was amazing as sod was laid and walls were painted the day before the event began. What a wonder it was to arrive and see the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center. It arose like a phoenix from springtime construction.  Hats off to all to all those at Geneva who made the vision for the new facility a reality.
The second year was like breathing new, fresh air. The physical site was completed which allowed us to concentrate on and improve logistics. 
Now year three ---- WE'VE GOT THIS! It's time to concentrate entirely on making this the best event yet. We want to thank those ILYA members who have supported us in   the first two years.  There will be even more opportunities for individuals as well as organizations at various sponsorship levels.  
Sponsorships directly impact the quality of the event. In addition to the fabulous morning breakfasts which have been a big hit, we would like to enhance the afternoon appetizers with the help of your sponsorship, or bring your own ideas to make this better event for you and your friends. 
Of course, if you want to have the naming rights for the entire regatta, a Title Sponsorship is yours for the asking.  In addition, affordable Supporting Sponsorships are available. If you are celebrating something special this year and want a breakfast or cocktail named after you or your club, contact David Perrigo, our new ILYA Sponsorship Chair, for more information. 
Here is a general guideline for sponsorship levels:
Saturday Night can be named after you: $1,500
Breakfast is $875 for all four or $250 per morning
After Race cocktail parties are $750 for all three or $275 for a single night.
Our Premium levels of support are as follows:
Title sponsor $10,000            
Presenting $7,500                   
Platinum $5,000                       
Gold $3,500
Silver $2,500
Bronze $1,250
Support $750 and under 
Lastly, the regatta committee has instituted reserved seating upstairs in the dining and enclosed porch area. If you want to assure your seat for the Fri and Sat dinners, you may ask that the tables be reserved for your family or your boat for $100 per seat. Tables will be reserved for parties of 8 and 10. Smaller party reservations will be combined to make full tables. Friday and Saturday from 5:00 to end of the evening, you may enjoy the air-conditioned, softer seating with a view of the lake. The income from this donation will provide added value again to the sailors. With a reservation of $500 or more, your name will be included in the sponsorship material as any other donation. 

Sponsorship money allows the organizing committee to lower social package prices, add more entertainment or add other upgrades to improve your experience. An early commitment assists the committee with social planning and pricing. The deadline to reserve your sponsorship is April 23rd. 
Thank you for your consideration us.  And hurry - many of our sponsorship opportunities will go fast!
Jim Campbell Named CBO of US Olympics - Sailing  
from US Sailing
Portsmouth, R.I. - US Sailing today named veteran business consultant and former 470 athlete Jim Campbell (Stoughton, Wisc.) as Chief Business Officer of U.S. Olympic Sailing. Campbell will be the first CBO in the US Sailing Team's history, and will be focused on connecting needed funding to athletes, building a new performance system and helping to transform the Olympic sailing program into a professional sports team. Campbell will join two-time Olympic Champion Malcolm Page (Newport, R.I.), who was named Chief of U.S. Olympic Sailing in late 2016, to form a restructured and focused leadership team.
"Jim brings tremendous experience, passion and organizational acumen to our Olympic program," said Jack Gierhart, US Sailing CEO. "We could not be more excited for Jim to join with Malcolm and our experienced staff and coaches to build a formidable, holistic performance system within which our sailors will flourish."
Campbell's business career has seen him contribute to several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Delta Airlines and others. As a sailor, Campbell campaigned for the 1976 and 1980 Olympics in the Men's 470 class over seven years. Campbell qualified for the U.S. Sailing Team three times and consistently finished within the top 10 internationally during an era of notable U.S. success in the 470.
"I decided to join the US Sailing Team full-time out of a strong personal desire to see the United States get back onto the top of the podium in our sport," said Campbell, who was initially recruited by US Sailing President Bruce Burton (Vero Beach, Fla.) as a volunteer consultant in late 2015. "When I got pulled into the team, and we began focusing on evaluating our trajectory towards Tokyo 2020, the project immediately captured me. US Sailing as a whole is committed to building much more than a better fundraising apparatus for the program. We are going to build a gold medal system from the ground up.  It will be a hybrid system tailored to the unique set of opportunities and challenges we face in the U.S. today. Working with Malcolm Page, one of the most accomplished Olympic Champions of this era, will be key to creating our new winning formula.  US Sailing will be leveraging and gaining insight from an impressive group of leaders that are eager to build this new system, and produce great results."
UBS Friday Night at the Championships 
Features Families
Sail it On
The focus on the 2017 ILYA Championships will be families. The ILYA is fortunate to be the home to many, many families who have sailed together, who have made the ILYA an important organization in their family life or, simply, have served the ILYA with distinction or brought distinction to the ILYA.

Approximately twenty families have been preliminarily identified as significant contributors in our history, in our leadership, in our many classes. This list of families is not exclusive. The selection committee is now working to assure a balance of representation. Our initial guidelines have been more than two years of generations and active current involvement with or service to the ILYA.  

David Perrigo and UBS arehonored to celebrate our families. Video presentations will run the entire event for your enjoyment. Select interviews will be conducted for highlighting that evening. Morning and afternoon new shows will feature families. It will be a time to cherish your friends who have been a part of this organization in a longtime relationship. 

If you would like to make a suggestion to the selection committee, please contact Candace Porter, James Smith, Tom Hodgson or David Perrigo. 

The ILYA is pleased to have honored our Heroes and Legends, our Volunteers and now our Families.