Volume 11, Issue 14 March 17, 2016  
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23-24 No Frills C - Missouri YC
30 - 5/1 Springfield C
7-8 Icebreaker C - Cedar IN
Mother's Day C - Spring Lake, MI
14-15 Cedar Spring C/MC - Cedar, WI
21-22 LaBelle Tuneup
21-22 Geneva Spring E 
4-5 MIR C Delavan
10-12 C Nationals - Monona
16-17 Zenda U - Oconomowoc
18-19 WI MC Champs - Oconomowoc
18-19 USODA Great Lakes - Macatawa Bay, MI
21-22 TRAP X - PIne
23-24 ILYA 420 Champs - Okauchee
23-26 A Scow Nationals - 
Torch Lake, MI
27 LBSS Opti - Lake Beulah
29-30 Quad X - Pine

7-9 I-20 and Melges 17 ILYA & National Championships
8-10 C Invite - Nagawicka - Note date change
11-12 GLSS X
13 - GLSS Opti
15 - TRAC Opti - Cedar
18-19 Xtreme X - Oshkosh
14-17 MC Invite - Harriet
14-17 E Invite - Mendota
23-24 WYA X - Beulah
27-30 ILYA X Champs - Okoboji
31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear
4 Pram Power - North Lake
5-7 WYA C Pewaukee 
10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake,MI
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan


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Chapman Petersen Awarded Pillsbury Award  

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - March 13, 2016
Chapman Petersen, the current Inland Lake Yacht Association (ILYA) Optimist Champion, was selected as the 2015 Pillsbury Memorial Cup winner from a set of outstanding 2015 class champions.
In August 1952, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury and family in memory of Edmund Pillsbury presented to the ILYA a trophy to be known as The Edmund Pillsbury Memorial Cup to be awarded annually to the skipper of the yacht, irrespective of class, who makes the outstanding record in the annual Inland Lake Yachting Association Regatta.  The selection is made by a committee of Directors appointed by the Commodore.
Chapman joins a most impressive list of Pillsbury winners from the Lake Geneva Yacht Club, including: Wm H. Freytag, Jr., Jane Pegel (Wiswell), Jim Lund, Buddy Melges, Harry Melges, Sr., Henry Bossett, Andy Burdick (Pewaukee), John Porter, Harry Melges III, Brian Porter, Iggy Labanauskas, and Vincent Porter (Vincent the previous winner in 2014, also winning in 2012 and sharing the award with his father John and his uncle Brian in 1998).
Next week Chapman is training in Lake Garda, Italy in advance of team representing the United States at the 34th Lake Garda Optimist Championship 3/24-3/27, where over 1,000 International Optimist competitors are expected.  
The regatta action can be followed here (medal round is anticipated to be streamlined live):  
Regatta promotional video:
Barkow Wins M32 Event in Bermuda   
Hamilton, Bermuda (14 March 2016) After two near perfect days of racing on Bermuda's Great Sound, Team Magenta 32 skippered by Sally Barkow clinched victory at the third and penultimate stage of the M32 Series Bermuda posting an impressive eight wins out of fifteen races over the two day regatta.
'We had some great starts, good speed and not too many mistakes' commented Barkow on a perfect weekend for the team.
Team Magenta 32, winners of M32 Series Bermuda Event 3  Photo: Ian Roman/M32
Finishing overall just one point behind Team Magenta 32 was Team GAC Pindar skippered by six-time world match racing champion Ian Williams from Great Britain. Don Wilson's Team Convexity, winner of the previous series event, finished 3rd overall.
All the M32 sailors competing in this weekend's event could appreciate Mark Twain's famous comment, "You can go to heaven if you want, I'd rather stay here in Bermuda." With a total of 15 races over two days in a steady 8-15 kts, Bermuda again delivered its spectacular crystal blue waters with America's Cup boats flanking the racecourse during their training.
M32 Series Bermuda Event 3  Photo: Ian Roman/M32
Coming off an impressive victory at the World Match Racing Tour in Fremantle, all bets were on Ian Williams' Team GAC Pindar to take the lead in this third event of the four event Bermuda Series. However, Sally Barkow and Team Magenta 32 had other plans.  Series leader Don Wilson and his Convexity team also looked to unseat Williams, while Deneen Demarkous' Groovederci, Charlie Enright's 11th Hour Racing 55 South Team and M32 Founder Håkan Svensson's Cape Crow Vikings were all pushing hard for a podium finish.

Interview - from M32 webiste
Wisconsin's Sally Barkow has always been something of a pioneer; from America's heartland (not far from the home of legendary gold medalist and America's Cup sailor Buddy Melges), Sally has climbed right up through the sport to become one of the world's top one-design racers. She's a multiple World Champion in both match racing and one-design fleet racing, two-time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, and came within a few inches of winning an Olympic medal in Beijing. Selected by Team SCA as one of its historic all-female crew for the last Volvo Ocean Race, Sally quickly became one of 'The Girls' leaders, with as much or more time at the helm of the Volvo 65 as anyone on the team. Let's learn some more about this tough, talented racer.

M32W: A huge welcome to the M32 Class, Sally! You and your Magenta Project really jumped into the class with both feet, looking slick and quick in Bermuda last week and only losing the regatta on the final race. How did you get up to speed so quickly?
SB: Thanks so much! I think we still have a few things to get right, but a few things really helped us get up to speed. For starters, we made an effort to learn as much as we could from the M32 licensing program in Lanzarote, where [head instructor] Lars and Holgar and the team were incredibly open and helpful. We're also extremely fortunate to be sailing one of Chicago Match Race Centers perfectly-maintained M32s so we could get in some practice time before the first Bermuda event. CRMC is our Official Training Center, and that will pay real dividends going forward. And lastly, we've got an amazing team of sailors - even our last-minute addition was a rock star! Elodie Mettraux's brother Bryan filled in for an injured team member, and he added some great energy and knowledge of ultralight cat racing from his vast experience on the Swiss lakes. We've come from widely varied backgrounds in the sport, and that experience really helps a team get a new boat dialed in pretty quickly.
M32W: There's no question that the M32 is a physically demanding boat, especially for the crew. How did your mostly-female Volvo Ocean Race vets handle the strength and fitness requirements, and do you feel the M32 can be sailed at the highest level without the huge muscles we've seen on some of the Scandinavian boats?
SB: For sure fitness is huge on these boats, especially for the crew (as they constantly remind me as I sit in the back of the boat with no lines to pull). But here's the thing: Crew who are serious about being part of this team know that strength and fitness will be a big key for us to do well in the M32. I love seeing a motivated crew pushing hard in the gym - it helps keep me motivated when I see them set and achieve tough fitness goals. We also had the benefit of coming from an extremely organized and scientifically advanced fitness program at Team SCA, and that helps too. We learned something else competing against the men in the Volvo; smart is sometimes quicker than strong, and so much comes down to timing - if we practice smart and work hard to develop that timing perfectly, it doesn't matter how big or strong our competitors are - we'll be ahead.
M32W: You've done just about everything possible in a monohull, from your World Champion and Olympic days in the Yngling to match racing to helping lead the first all-female Volvo Ocean Race in more than a decade, but you haven't had lots of multihull experience. What's been the easiest part of the transition, and the most difficult? How are you handling it?
SB: The first time I had a chance to sail the M32 last July, I was a little surprised that it shared so many characteristics of a boat I've been sailing since I was a kid - the E-Scow. I grew up racing these unballasted, surfboard-like lake racers here in the Inland Lakes Yachting Association, and to this day it remains one of my favorite one-design boats. The many similarities between E-scows and M32 cats has helped me immeasurably with the transition from monohulls to cats.
The toughest part of the change is the tacks; in monohulls, you can cheat a little on timing and still make a good tack. But in any cat - especially one of the world's lightest, and with no jib - there's no cheating, the timing and entry speed needs to be perfect, and a good tack can go a long way to getting you ahead of the competition. We're really loving the learning process, especially when we come up with new tricks.
M32W: Team Magenta has big aspirations. What, exactly, are you and your teammates trying to accomplish, and how will M32 racing help you get there?
SB: The Magenta Project has a few goals, one of which is to keep us racing at the highest level we can. We have chosen to dive into the M32 and the World Tour as the next step in our racing careers. It comes at a great time for us as every time we get out on the water is like a fresh breath. Remember - we all just finished a true marathon - over a year of training, prep, and hard racing on the Volvo Ocean Race takes some recuperation, and M32 racing has revived us all! The Magenta Project includes most of our Team SCA racers, each of which aspires to continue her professional career, with the ultimate goal of continuing to crew for the next Volvo Ocean Race as well as top-level inshore and offshore events throughout the world.
M32W: Any advice for a skipper considering getting into M32 racing?
SB: Do it! I have raced a lot of different boats and have my opinions about all of them, but the M32 is an easy sell: Super simple, super high performance, and unintimidating to sail at all levels. If you dive in hard, your learning curve will be equally extreme, and you'll be amazed at how motivated the boat makes you to get fit and sail fast. The people behind the M32 Class are committed to taking M32 racing to some incredible places with the chance to meet and race against great people in a family atmosphere...funny, it reminds me of what we do in the ILYA, where I learned my love for sailing. I guess it doesn't matter where you are from; fast is always fun
ILYA Board Action  
March 12 and 13
Welcome to new directors:
   David Perrigo - Pewaukee
   Ed Eckert - Cedar, WI
   Lee Alnes - White Bear
Returning for a second term:
   Beth Wyman
   Todd Haines

Date changes - three regattas had date changes due to requests from the fleets:
C Invite will be moved earlier by two weeks to eliminate conflict with the WYA X Championships - new dates July 7-10
Club 420 Champs - June 23-24
I20/Melges 17 dates July 7-9 - a half day Thu, full Fri and half Sat
Women's Clinic East - Cedar, WI July 13-14
Women's Clinic West - White Bear June 27-28

Format changes - MC Invite 12 short races on Lake Harriet which is promised to be pristine water due to the motorboat restriction. 
Melges 17 - Six races with one throwout. The Nationals event will be combined with the ILYA Champs to lure Michigan boats over. That will provide us with an opportunity to showcase our youth program as the ILYA will invite MI youth over for a day or two of scow and X boat introduction. The Melges 17 fleet will limit crew to two on a boat and the crew's name must be registered. Substitutions will only be permitted when registered prior to event or with emergency substitutions approved by the PRO. 

Work for the Board:
A committee was appointed to investigate anemometers and their calibration to assure a better experience for our sailors at the low end of wind and high end of desired velocity.
The Winter Inland will return in November 2016. A committee will be investigating a site and program to entice you all to attend to honor our hoped-for Oympians and ILYA award recipients.

Regatta Awards:
   ILYA Championships 2018  Minnetonka
   ILYA Championships 2019  Oshkosh to commemorate its 150th year!
   ILYA Championships 2020  Okoboji

   E Invite 2017  Pewaukee
   Opti Championships 2017 Delavan in combination with X Champs
   No Tears 2017 Nagawicka
   420 Championships 2017 420 Championships
The following regattas were eliminated from our program: A Invite, No Tears West, I20 Invite, Melges 17 Invite
Trophies - the ten-year cycle for our present trophies will expire in 2017. Some minor changes to enhance the 1st and 2nd place winners will go into effect in 2016. Savings from purchasing two years stock this year will assist with the increased cost of the enhancements for 2016.
Sportsmanship is KEY!  
Charles Kaska - a real gentleman at all times - simply, none nicer 
Just back from the MC Zenda University Course that we organize.  The event was fantastic. We limit the class to 20 people so that everyone gets abundant coaching.  The winner of the Sportsmanship Award there was Charles Kaska.  He was a real spark plug at the course. Really fun and did he ever improve!!!!  
Brief story on .  Photo here of Charles.........  Hiking hard and having fun. Story below on melges.com
9 March 2016
Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda puts on an MC Scow Racing Clinic each season, just a few days prior to the classes annual Midwinter Championship. The location is Lake Eustis, Florida - fantastic body of water for scow sailing, and a fantastic host club for such an event as Zenda University.
We limit the class to 20 boats / sailors so that each individual gets ample on-land and on-the-water coaching... learning how to sail their Melges MC faster, better! They learn what to practice, and how to practice so that they can improve.
2016 was a very successful class. Sailors attended from Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Colorado, California, Missouri, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina. Wow! A nice turnout! This was a fresh group of MC sailors - many very new to the boat and new to the Midwinter Regatta. The course is a fantastic way to encourage sailors to travel to a new event and take it all in. Racing, learning, fun sailing!
In two days time, we run nearly 15 races and have well over 20 practice starts. The name of the game is to create a racing environment, but then coach the sailors along the way. Instructors for this years clinic were: Andy Burdick, Ted Keller and Eric Hood.

The 2016 Zenda University Winner: Christopher Moore
2nd: Geoff Moehl
3rd: Eric Hanson

Most Improved: Eric Hanson
Most Enthusiastic: Mike Brown
Sportsmanship Award: Charles Kaska

Scowslants Deadline  
March 24th
The spring edition of Scowslants will be going to the OLD editor for review April 1st. (It's hard not to give retired executive secretary Smith some playful nudges.) If you have regatta listings you would like included, submit immediately to candaceporter@wi.rr.com. 
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Race Committee Course - Learn How to run a race or brush up on your skills  
April 23 at Lake Geneva
One Day Race Management Seminar at Lake Geneva Yacht Club 
4/23/2016   -   4/23/2016     
There are 8 available slot(s) left
1250 S Lakeshore Dr
Fontana, WI 53125-1803
$55 seminar fee includes seminar materials and lunch. Seminar will be held at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club and run from 0800 to 1700. Registration closes on April 17, 2016. Please contact the organizer for walk-in registration information.
Sailing School Directors and Instructors  
Certification Course Offerings
Click here to view the US Sailing Certification Courses for Level 1 instruction. There are no local courses listed with slots available. The Milwaukee course is filled. There is a waitlist.  

June 2-5 at Macatawa Bay 
Small Boat Instructor Level 1 at Macatawa Bay Junior Assoc 
6/02/2016   -   6/05/2016     
Enroll Now (early registration discount until 5/5/2016)
There are 7 available slot(s) left
Sailboats: C420s and Lasers Powerboats: Whalers and RIB Inflatables, all with center consoles

Small Boat Instructor Level 1 at Culver Educational Fndn/Summer Camps 
5/31/2016   -   6/03/2016     
Enroll Now  - same link as above- (early registration discount until 5/3/2016)
There are 10 available slot(s) left
1300 Academy Rd #160
Culver, IN 46511-1291
 Enroll Now  (early registration discount until 5/6/2016)
There are 3 available slot(s) left
400 E Monroe St 
Chicago, IL 60603-6493
Editor's note - Amy has taught in the ILYA area and will be most familiar with our style of instruction
Pewaukee is hosting a level 2 on June 4-5 and a level 3 on June 6-7. The Milwaukee Yacht Club Level 1 is full but add your name to the waitlist and hopefully US Sailing will run a double course. 
Watch the list as the next month expires as more courses are added.  
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