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Volume 5, Issue 10

March 15, 2010

New for ILYA - Sailgroove partner and Ship's Store
ILYA Prepares for Geneva Big Inland
Sailgroove will be a part of your ILYA life before, during and after the Big Inland. For a preview, travel to the website and click on the ILYA Media symbol to see our sailors who already have become a part of the Sailgroove familly. Each of you may now submit appropriate video to promote your fleet, your club or to teach an aspect of sailing. This is a much-welcomed feature that will benefit your clubs. Check the Sailgroove site announcing the ILYA's addition of Sailgroove.
Another new feature is a Ship's Store (see below) that currently features our
current goods but very quickly you will find our pre-event poster, shirts and other goods with a choice of the ILYA, Lake Geneva or Big Inland logos. Our traditional exceptional softgoods store will be available onsite in August as well.  Lastly, look for us on Facebook, the Big Inland. The site features the schedule, accommodations and our new logo - featured at the left. The site is yours now to use. Find your friends and encourage them to meet you there. Need a crew? Check out the 155 friends (IN ONE WEEK!!) who are interested in our best event. And, please feel free to post if you are the I20s, M-16s or Melges 17s. Your championship excitement can be posted here as well.
There's a lot new this week at your ILYA Regatta headquarters. --- all for you to enjoy our championship scow sailing.
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Schedule of Events
16-17 Zenda U at Lake Eustis
18-20 MC Midwinters - Lake Eustis, FL
17-18 Lake Lotawana C
24 RC Course - Okoboji
24-25 Springfield C - Island Bay
1-2 48th Icebreaker C - Cedar Lake, IN
8 Mother's Day Laser - Lake Geneva
8 C Spring on Cedar, WI
8-9 Mothers Day Melges 17 - Lake Geneva
8-9 Mother's Day C on Spring Lake, MI
15-16 Upper Tuner Upper C - Upper Minnetonka
22-23 LaBelle C tuneup
29 Memorial Day Laser -  Milwaukee
5-6 Lighthouse I-20 - Fond du Lac
18-20 C Nationals - Chautauqua
19-20 George Dorn MC - Beulah
23-26 MC Masters - Okoboji
25-27 I-20 ILYA Invitational - Cedar, IN
25 ILYA No Tears West - White Bear
29-30 TRAP X Senior -Pine
30- July 1 TRAP X Junior - Pine
8-11 ILYA E Invitational - Minnetonka
8-11 ILYA MC Invitational - Cedar Lake, WI
9-11 Melges 17/M-16 Champs -  Pewaukee
15-18 ILYA C Invitational - Lake Beulah
24 No Tears Alumni Race - Pine Lake - all welcome
28-31 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
31-1 D20 Laser Champs -
South Shore
5-8 Interlake - Clear Lake, IA
6-8 ILYA I-20 Champs - Neenah Nodaway
11-21 ILYA Championships - Lake Geneva
A Scows - Aug 15-17
E Scows - Aug 11-14
C Scows - Aug 18-21
MC Scows - Aug 11-14
12 Pram Power -North Lake
12-15 US Laser Champs - Milwaukee
13-14 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
20-22 ILYA Youth Champs (Laser and 420) - Calhoun
17-19 I-20 Nationals - Lake DuBay NOR
Melges 32, 20 and 24 Extravaganza in Miami

Jeff Ecklund Wins Melges 20 event
The excitement builds in the Melges 20 and 24 classes as the southern circuit continues with events each month. The Melges sites sites are tops in reporting with daily photographic journals by Joy Dunigan, blogs and fleet reports. The list of competitors is full of familiar names to those of us still up north. Consistent winner Jeff Ecklund with Harry Melges on board tops the scoreboard. Peter Keck joined the fleet for his first try at a 20. Peter steered to a second place finish with Sam Rogers and Bill Ward. Macatawa Bay's Kiss family sailed to a strong fifth. Minnesota's Joel Ronning sailed to a seventh and Jim Gluek is listed on the roster in the Melges 20 fleet.
Meanwhile in the Melges 24 fleet, pink was the order of the day on newcomer Liz Harned's boat. Liz is accompanied by Sally Barkow and Jeff Niedziela and
what is assumed to be her son. Liz Quadracci Harned sailed to a fourth place finish in her second event this winter. Although not pictured here, Hans Melges was also a part of the Harned team. Andy Burdick was on the first place boat in the 24 fleet.
For magnificent photos visit Joy Dunigan's work and join the email list to view photos each night along with daily results. The next site is Charleston in April.

Joy Dunigan, Administrator

M: +1 (912) 398-5776

F: +1 (912) 756-6728


Last week, the Melges 32's sailed in Miami to a strong 2-3 Midwest connection.John Porter debuting this season won on a tiebreaker over Jeff Ecklund. For more info, click here.
Old friends and old stories

Scowlines has a policy of not printing weddings, births and final passings. Jim Smith, Executive Secretary, emails members of the fleets of the bell's tolling for our sailors. Don Gunderson, however, sent me a story which many have heard but at the passing of Jack Stritt, many of our oldest members traveled to Delavan to say goodby and Don felt compelled to recall this favorite for all of you.

"I'm sadden by the passing of an old, old DLYC sailor and friend. Jack and I go back more than 70 years. I was crewing in that race when Jack beat among others Buddy Melges, Buddy Wallen, and Tom Gunderson for his first win...... I had ONE and only one of those wins against the two Buddys at the 1942 Cub ILYA regatta at Mendota.........It was the fifth of 5 races. I was watching Melges doing one of his "horizon" jobs as they became common place when one  raced against the Buddys. I was in second place with probably 60 boats behind us when Buddy approached the weather mark, rounded it, and sailed blithely off the course leaving me in the lead.Both his dad  and mine watched in amazement. Harry cuz it was his son and nobody saw a protest or DSQ-worthy infraction....My dad because he now had to endure watching the last leg with his son leading the Inland. Miles was usually calm as many of you remember, but witnesses claim he went through a package of Camels on that long, long downwind leg. Finally, we got the gun at the finish so Dad must have sighed in relief......We went to the Union pier and confronted Buddy. He said he hit the weather mark as he rounded, and even without any witnesses sailed off the course for a DNF... He was leading the regatta before and dropped to second in the final standings. Wallen was the winner and I got 3rd. Jack got 5th. DLYC was very happy the rest of that summer.......Young Melges was questioned why when he was so far ahead and there had been no official at the buoy. He said, "I hit the can, I was wrong, and my dad would have expected me to drop out.......That's the way I remember Melges who was just 80 this past January"
Sailing I-apps 
from Jeff Butzer, ILYA Bilger Puller RC Cannon 2010 recipientiphone

An iPhone app called RadarScope should be

on every RC member's list.It cost $10 which is sort of a joke considering what it delivers. It taps into the feeds that go from the National Weather Service to Air Traffic Control.  Everyone I know is ga ga over it.

For further reference, it is the app that I used during the '30 minute updates' at Green Lake last year. It was solely responsible for getting in one of the races, by itself, a $10 value ;o). In January, it was helpful on a different level.

Below is some text from a note to our kids regarding the use of it at the Miami OCR in January:


"On Monday the mucky-mucks charged with being politically correct gave a wholly negative weather forecast interpretation. Our fleet, one of eleven, upon my instigation went out on the water, armed with the latest access to real-time conditions, via iPhone, which was protected by the only water-proof case that allows the required human interaction. We ran all three of our races while other fleets sat on shore, listening to my weather updates, which affirmed my forecast. Noteworthy was my forecast, "we're finally going to get some rain in about 10-15 minutes. But there will be no lightening". It began to rain 12 minutes later ;-)

Here's a repeat of the Scuttlebutt recommendations:


Yachting World editor Elaine Bunting recently posted a list of what iPhone

apps were useful for sailing and whether they were worth paying for. Here's a rundown of what she had used and tested:

Navionics charts

Met Office Weather

Marine Tides Planner Plus

Aye Tides


Wind Meter

Marine Rules & Signals

NOAA Buoy Data Reader

Her app reviews are listed here:

Since some of the apps on Elaine's list were UK centric, Scuttlebutt founder

Tom Leweck added the apps currently in use on his iPhone:

MotionX GPS

Tide Graph

RaceTools (timer)

Caribbean Racing game

New Harken Sport 2010 Lineup

from Scuttlebutt

Itching for spring sailing? Get ready with the latest 2010 Harken Sport gear

released this week. New for 2010: eco-friendly UPF50+ technical shirts, crew jackets, fleece and windproof fleece layers, more shoe colors, and

moccasin-style Classic Leather shoes. We've also added Ballistic Pants and

casual shorts to our popular Eco line (4 colors). Check it out now at
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