March 12 2007 Volume 2 Issue 7
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Your ILYA at Work
Mann Announces Race Committee Course
Chp Mann Want to brush up on your race committee work? Have a friend who wants to learn more? Chip Mann, ILYA Race Committee Chair, will host a basics course at Oshkosh Yacht Club's home site of the Legion on Saturday, March 24 from 0900 to 1300. Time to return to military race time, but for you landlubbers it's over at 1:00. The cost is $10. The course is intended for local race committee management. The topics to be discussed can be tailored to the participants' needs by forwarding requests to Chip at john.d.mann2043@ Please encourage your fellow race committee volunteers, many of whom may not be ILYA members, to attend. This is a service of the ILYA hosted by the Oshkosh Yacht Club and the Inland Lake Yachting Association.

RSVP to Commodore Fred Wester so Oshkosh knows the number of attendants for planning purposes. For information related to Oshkosh Yacht Club, please contact the commodore, Fred Wester m Or call 920-203-2459


Board Votes to Add Melges 17 Fleet
Melges 17 By unanimous agreement the Melges 17 was added to the fleet roster of scows supported by the ILYA. With over 80 boats built in two years, the Melges 17 will enjoy its first ILYA Championship in July, 2007. Pewaukee YC has graciously bid for the inaugural ILYA event. Pewaukee and four additional clubs plus individual members submitted letters of support for the class. Quantum Sails and Melges Performance Sailboats spoke in favor of adding the fleet to the ILYA. The class has hosted two national championships and will host the third event August 25-26 at Crystal Lake, Michigan.

In welcoming the fleet, the board noted the potential growth in Michigan and clubs not traditionally seen at the annual championships. The fleet will elect a fleet committee and operate by the ILYA bylaws holding a vote on the rules committee and Board of Directors beginning after election of its representatives at the first regatta. The ILYA has a policy allowing competitors to participate without benefit of homelake membership in the ILYA for two years. Welcome, Melges 17 sailors, to the ILYA. Proud to have you on board.


New Faces Added to ILYA Board
The Winter Inland marks changes to the ILYA Board as fleets elect new representatives and directors and officers are elected. The Board welcomes the re-election of Charles Lamphere and Beth Wyman to continue in their present posts as Directors at Large. New Directors are Peter Friend, Pewaukee, and Fletcher Driscoll of White Bear. The new officers of the corporation are Rick Trester, (Cedar) Secretary-Treasurer; Mark Prange (Okauchee), Vice-Commodore; and Candace Porter (Beulah), Commodore
    The fleet rep roster:
  • A Open - Blair Jenness
  • A One Design - Rob Evans
  • E scow - Bill Wyman
  • C scow - Chris Andert
  • MC scow - Noel Neumann
  • I-20 - Geoff Catlin
  • M-16 Carly Eckert
  • X - John Murphy
  • Opti - Suzi Reese

Chuck Lamphere has agreed to chair the Rules Committee with David Porter as Rules-at-Large and the second position still open.


Fleets Announce Promotion Ideas for 2007
The A Open class announced a new event to be held for women on White Bear Lake. The Spirit of the Lake Regatta requires all crew on each A scow to be a majority of women. This lake boasts a collective enthusiasm behind the efforts of Fletcher Driscoll who has created a strong fleet of boats with equal sweat equity and enjoyment from the refurbished boats.

The A One Design class looks forward to continued growth with a likely 10 (ten!) boats built in the past two years. Minnetonka is planning a spectacular A OD Nationals to follow the magnificent, award-winning E Nationals of 2006. Minnetonka also hosts the Optimist Nationals in 2007. Wayzata hosts the 420 Nationals on the same body of water. What a year! 2008 may be a first for the Class A OD fleet with a tentative site of South Shore YC in Milwaukee as the potential host of the ILYA Champs.

Seventeen! Count them, seventeen new E scows will be built in '07.The Nationals in Charleston will afford a new opportunity to travel south in warm weather early in the summer.

The C fleet committee accepted its Member of the Year award but will not be resting on its laurels. The class will feature fun, high value and more than once mentioned "free beer" during its report at the Board meeting. The fleet accepted an anonymous donation to promote youth participation in the C, as well as the MC, regattas this year. The C scow raffle netted extra funds which will be applied toward promotion.

The I-20 group will continue to provide loaner boats at events.The Neenah-Oshkosh-Fond du Lac clubs challenge others to bolster the strong numbers anticipated at the annual Oshkosh event.

MC's find themselves with a new fleet rep, Noel Neuman, from Upper Minnetonka. The fleet will offer a one-year, half-price registration fee for juniors aged 25 and under. The MC class will lead a study into the long term financial and growth potential impact of a continuation of the half-price youth program.

The M-16 class proudly announced the formation of a national class organization headed by Long Lake (Wis.) sailor, Jan Gill.The fleet has procured a new builder, Windward Boat Works, which plans to build boats for the Midwest and East Coast. A new one-day fun event in Neenah is to be placed on the calendar.

New X chair John Murphy announced a new look to the X fleet as Melges prepares to release photos of the new deck configuration.

Last, but not least, our most prolific class, the International Optimist Dinghy, will boast a Midwest Nationals with three components: girls nationals, individual nationals and team racing nationals. Chair Sharon Garber is ready to host all of us in Minnetonka - well, not in her home, but Sharon follows up a most successful X event with the promise of a value-laden, fun-filled national event.


McLaughlin Optimist Boats Available for Delivery
McLaughlin McLaughlin Boat Works, the only builder of Optimists in the United States, will be delivering boats in May to Wisconsin and Minnesota. If you are thinking about buying Optimists, this is an opportunity for free delivery. Check out our selection at or call 800 784 6478. We offer fleet discounts on the most durable Optimist in the World. McLaughlin will be supplying 4.7 m RIB's to the North Americans. 14 of these are available in July at incredible savings. McLaughlin will be again coming your way chartering Optimists at the US National Champs hosted by Lake Minnetonka, MN this summer.


Lake Eustis Hosts Midwinter Contests
Brian Barr of Clear Lake, IN bested an 18-boat C fleet to win the C Midwinters. Iggy and Andy Labanauskas of Lake Geneva topped the 15-boat Melges 17 fleet. The MC Midwinters begin Thursday. And so the 2007 sailing season begins...


Black Tie Regatta - Champagne of Regattas
Rush Creek Register Now for the Black Tie Regatta. Come one, come all to the 44th Annual Black Tie Regatta on April 20-22, 2007 on the clean and clear waters of Rush Creek Yacht Club in Dallas, Texas. C sailors, Sign up (thank you MC class!) your boat now and you are automatically entered in the $50 raffle refund!

Camping is easy, hotels are close (r than driving home) and the wind is always ready to BLOW. Strong arm your friends to make the trip as well. Double deck, bring a tent, pay a young guy to drive and you fly first class (so many ways to do it!).

Known as the Champagne of Regattas, meet and compete with the best sailors. The spring sailing weather will be superb and the Saturday evening Black Tie Dinner Dance (and blue collar fun) will once again feature the best in live entertainment and cuisine. Contact Pete O'Connell (972-250-0580) with any questions. Don't be a guy (or girl) following the regatta from your PC... Live it, feel it, drink it!


Easter Scow Regatta
The Carolina Yacht Club wishes to make sure that all E’s, MC’s, and M-17’s know that they are expected at Charleston, SC for the annual Easter Scow Regatta on Friday April 6 and Saturday April 7. C’s had previously been listed on the regatta information, but none are expected.

If you have never done this regatta, this is the time to do it. The E-Scow Nationals is at this venue in June. The trophy presentation on Sonny Mever’s house on the historic battery of Charleston on Saturday afternoon is worth the trip. It is a busy weekend in Charleston, so get your motel rooms early. Due to the wind and water conditions that time of the year, please be prepared to dress appropriately on the water.


Carolina Local Artist
Bob Leroy While visiting the Carolina YC site, the editor noticed reference to a local artist. The four prints shown feature laser sailors, but please refer to the website for more information on Bob Leroy's work.


Melges Announces New X Boat Photos
X boat The awaited X boat deck pictures are unveiled at the Melges website. Andy Burdick and Harry Melges traveled to Trinadad to test ride the new design. "Clean, sleek and fast" - and that was just the look on the trailer. Melges reports sale of 15 of the new boats.

The need for a new deck mold provided an opportunity to evaluate the current design for a "freshening" of the boat.. X boat parents were consulted during the summer months. A formal presentation in the Fall gave Melges a "green light" to proceed. The boat was designed to effect no speed difference but added comfort and a more modern look to the deck layout.


Barkow to Olympics
Sally, Carrie and Debbie With another fine year of competition, Barkow seemed to be the frontrunner for the Yngling berth to the '08 Olympics. The Olympic Trials were yet to be won. After the January Olympic Classes Regatta and the Yngling North American Champs, the '04 team led by Carol Cronin announced dissolution of her team. She congratulated Barkow and it seems the Team 7 will be on the road to Xingdao. Sally and team will continue to travel extensively as the date nears. Europe in the spring and China in the late summer and fall will provide the international exposure, practice and experience needed to Go for the Gold.


Pay your Dues Now
Electronic Collection Online
ilyaburgee Printed ILYA membership application/renewal forms should be hitting the mail any day now, along with a note that announces the imminent opening of the ILYA on-line membership application/renewal option. We encourage all members to use the on-line option, which ultimately will be tied to a secure on-line membership directory and automatic processing of regatta entries.
Internet-savvy ILYA members will be able to renew their memberships, purchase limited publications, and make tax deductible donations on line, just as they used to do using the US Mail. The system will provide for immediate real-time credit card verification and deposit to the ILYA bank account.
The system will also generate an on-line membership roster which will be available to members only. The roster will display limited information such as the membership category, the member's home club, the class or classes with which the member is affiliated, and the member's email address. The email address information will insure that the members also receives the ILYA on-line newsletter, ScowLines.
The new on-line membership feature will also be tied in to the on-line ILYA Regatta Registration system, which was phenomenally successful in its first two years. In fact, approximately 80% of ILYA regatta entries in 2006 were received on-line. That's a terrific show of support for this fast and easy system of entry.
And it will only get easier in 2007, as the membership system will tie in automatically to the regatta registration system. Under the new synchronized program, only current members will be able to access the regatta registration page, and when they do, all the pertinent member information (name, address, etc.) will be entered automatically for them, making completion of the rest of the form a breeze.
ILYA office personnel will benefit as well, as the on line databases for membership and regatta entry will become the main databases for the ILYA office—no more re-entry of all membership applications and regatta entry forms. Memberships and entry forms that do arrive by mail will be manually entered onto the on line database.
Watch the ILYA web site for the announcement that on-line membership is open. Meanwhile, make sure the ILYA office has your current email address. If you have been getting ScowLines, then the office has it. If not, send your address to Jim Smith at

To join the ILYA, visit the membership link on the ILYA web site.


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