Volume 8, Issue 10

 March 11, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


13-16 MC Midwinters-Eustis

15 Club 420 US Youth Champs application deadline

30 Club 420 Neill Clinic, Chicago Yacht Club Clinic application deadline


1 Registration accepted for Ida Lewis Girls 420 - closes 5/1 

20-21 Lotawana C, Missouri YC

27-28Spring(field) C Regatta--Island Bay Yacht Club, IL



1-5 USODA Team Trials - Pewaukee

4-5 Cedar, IN Icebreaker C

11-12Cedar, WI C Spring Regatta

    Mother's Day C--Spring Lake,MI

18-19 LaBelle C/X Tune Up

18-19 Geneva Spring E - Geneva


8-9MIR C--Lake Beulah, WI

      C Easterns--Chautauqua, NY

8-12 Club 420 Neill Clinic, Chicago

14-16  C Nationals--Pewaukee, WI

19-22 MC Youth Champs-Lake Murray, SC

20-23 420 ILYA Champs/Clinic - Delavan

20-23 A Scow Nationals - Geneva 

21-23 ILYA I-20 Invite - Cedar Lake IN

22-27 US Junior Women's Doublehanded Champs, Club 420 Ida Lewis (girls only) clinic and regatta, Bahia Corinthian YC, Corona del Mar, CA

24 Beulah Opti - Lake Beulah SS

25-27 TRAP X - Pine

26-29 MC Nat'ls - Clear Lake, IA

30 - July 2 Area K JOs, Wayzata 


1-2 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka

8-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11-13 420 Youth Nat'ls-Geneva

11-14 ILYA E Invite - Pewaukee

11-14 ILYA MC Invite - Delavan

15-16 Xtreme-Oshkosh

14-16 SBS Area K Qual-Lk Forest

17-20 MC Masters Nat's-Hoover, OH

18-21 ILYA C Inv.--Okauchee, WI

19-21 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Pewaukee

19-22 420 NAs, St. Margaret YC, Glenhaven, NS, Canada

22 ILYA No Tears East-Nagawicka

22 ILYA No Tears West - Clear, IA

24-27 ILYA X Champs - Oshkosh

26-28 Hyannisport 420 regatta, Cape Cod

28-30 ILYA Opti Champs-Beulah

29-31 CJ Buckley 420 team regatta - Cape Cod


1-4WMYA Champs-White Lake, MI

2-4 WYA C--LaBelle, WI

2-4 Buzzards Bay 420-Providence,RI

2-4 I-20 ILYA Champs,-Green Lake

7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10
15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi



7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI  
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Our Sailors on the Move

Melges 20 Sailors Enjoy "Melges Rocks"

More and more of you are enjoying a winter season. Russ Lucas (familiar face in the E fleet) with Harry Melges on board was the second highest ILYA sailor. Sam Rogers was in second at one point but fell behind at the finish to an overall third to top our charts. The winner was Macatawa Bay's Michael Kiss. Our youth are there - Joe Kutschenreuter, Anne Haeger and Steph Roble were seen in the event photos. With an attempt to avoid omission, let's list our sailors: Kent Haeger, Jim Gluek, Paul Reilly, Andy Burdick, Brian Henke, Jeff Ecklund. It's one regatta per month in the winter season all in the warmth. With names like Audi, Bacardi and Melges providing the social support - give it a thought for next season.
High School Sailing
It's only two weekends away. Look for soft water to make this happen. The season begins in Chicago and moves north as the season progresses.
Olympic watch
 Our youth move to Europe this month for the European circuit. The ISAF rankings were announced this week. Gordon Lamphere (Lake Geneva) sailing a Finn is in 17th IN THE WORLD! Anne Haeger (Beulah) with crew Briana Provancha is 50th in the women's 470 but really has only one month of regattas under her belt. Erik Bowers (Minnetonka) is in 72nd with one full season in the US. 
This discipline has been removed from the Olympic format for 2016 in Brazil but our sailors are still active. The men's division announcement of the prestigious tour includes the Chicago Matchracing Center's Taylor Canfield as the only American. Canfield is joined on USone by the talented trimmers and Midwestern natives Matt Clark (Chicago, IL), Dan Morris (Minnetonka, MN), and Mike Rehe (Detroit, MI). The women's matchracing circuit is formalizing and entrants are applying for the prestigious spots. Steph Roble with Maggie Shea is part of that group anticipating 2013 international competition. Sally Barkow continues her quest but in the OPEN category. Sally is holding her own in the men's ranking.
Time to Discuss Safety at Your Sailing School/Club

Gull Lake, Minnesota recently contacted the ILYA for information on safety in light of the death of a young east coast sailor in a 420 last season. The final report has been referenced here but a quick review indicates some immediate changes in philosophy for some of us AND it is clear this is for our schools and our clubs who run regattas and races.


Inquiry into the Sailing Accident at Annapolis, Maryland, June 23, 2011 is the full report. Here are some observations:

  • Always have a knife accessible for RC, instructors, spectator boats --- be prepared
  • Carry a communication device - radio, cell phone. Many sailing school directors are hesitant to mandate use of radios or cell phones due to the cost of loss in the water. ---- BUY FLOATABLE CASES but have access to shore, other instructors or personnel on the water
  • Have an established emergency plan. A club should know where assistance is available. Cell phone 911 service is often linked to your area code which may not be your summer residence. Know where you are and where a rendezvous point will be
  • Practice rescue and tipovers.
  • Trial PFD's to know what will happen in the water.
  • Drill your instructors on procedures so they have eyes on the water, plans at the ready, proper equipment on their boats.

Of value in this document is a concluding section on public relations and support in case of an emergency. The media will gain momentum. Have a pre-established plan for dissemination of information. High schools with unfortunate disasters have been sharing PR plans for the past decade. Let those who have experience give your guidance in case of a disaster. Do not handle this on your own. Control the information immediately is the rule.

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ILYA Regatta Registration NOW open
   Early Regattas are only three month's away         
Jim Smith has announced the ILYA regatta registration online service is open. Why register early?
  • It generates enthusiasm for your class to see folks are attending
  • It gives the class time to promote improved attendance
  • It provides opportunities for you to mentor those "back of the bus" sailors. Early on ---- enlist a fellow sailor to go with you
  • It allows the host club to maximize social planning with confidence if numbers are high
  • It amortizes your sailing costs over a greater time diminishing your spouse's knowledge of JUST HOW MUCH THIS COSTS
  • Your time and memory are improved in the pre-season.

Click here to register for your favorite ILYA event. In particular, the 420 Youth Champs and the I-20 Champs come early.

For the 420 sailors, secure boats now from your favorite club. There will be no new boat charters from manufacturers, arranged by the regatta committee, due to the high cost of charters in this manner. The regatta committee is instead working with local clubs to obtain boats for charter. Your best option is to plan now and reserve a boat with the nearest local sailing school. If you are a local club and have extra boats to charter (please encourage your own sailors to reserve your boats for this event), contact

Richard Beers, Delavan regatta chair, for posting on our facebook page.

By Glenn McCarthy

Members Only. It sounds exclusive; it conveys a message where commoners who wish to climb the ladder of success can become part of this exclusive

group. Otherwise, commoners are to stay away - that's the message at least.

But is there something else underlying that binds a yacht club to Members

Only? Oh-yes there is, in the case of tax-exempt yacht clubs.


Most yacht clubs are tax-exempt corporations in the U.S. and many of

them--from coast to coast--sit on public land on long-term leases. They

have long-term leases on the land from a local government authority and p

art of that agreement is that they remain a not-for-profit corporation. If

or when a yacht club violates the agreement, most likely, they'll be

removed from the land. How hard can it be to remain a tax-exempt



In today's economic climate, yacht clubs are searching for new revenue

sources, hosting seminars, relaxing rules to let non-members eat or drink

at certain times, open public days, bringing in weddings, flea market s,

and more. While these revenue enhancements sound simple, they must be

accounted for separately in the yacht club's tax return.


What does the IRS say about this?


A yacht club receives its tax-exempt status under IRC 501(c)(7) as a social

club, which is created for the purpose to bring members together to share

facilities, socialize, and for camaraderie. Think about it. A yacht club is

on an expensive piece of waterfront real estate and if it opens its doors

to the public, not paying taxes, how does that compete with a for-profit

corporation? The IRS figured this out long ago and made it so non-member

revenue is subject to for-profit taxation. As a result, the IRS limits

non-member income of 501(c)(7)'s in order to avoid unfair competition. --

Read on:
   Reprinted from Scuttlebutt 3787

Gowrie Group wants to help ensure the safety of all your members this summer, including your smallest members - children. Following basic dock safety guidelines can help to prevent tragic accidents. And in most cases, the solutions are simple and inexpensive to implement. Review our Dock Safety Guidelines now to make sure that the worst thing that happens on your dock this summer is a stubbed toe. Read the Dock Safety Guidelines:

Contact Gowrie Group to learn more about The Burgee Program, the only custom insurance program for yacht clubs and sailing organizations at or 800.262.8911

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