Volume 11, Issue 54 July 30, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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22 - City of Lakes, Opti/420 - Calhoun
23-24 City of Lakes MC Team/M16/C/Laser - Calhoun
25  No Tears Opti - Cedar
27-30 ILYA X Champs - Okoboji
31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear
4 Pram Power - North Lake
5-7 WYA C Pewaukee 
10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake,MI
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall
    Lake Fenton C Scow Event 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
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ILYA X Championships  
Final day at Okoboji today with light wind forecasted
(David Thoreson photo)

Here's the view for PRO Tesar at a start. Fifty-six boats clamoring for a clean lane on this beautiful, large body of water. And start we all did! Seven races completed for both fleets. The morning was a light near stop-and-go day but the afternoon wind was steady with a slight change in direction necessitating a change of course on the junior course. 
Senior Fleet
An overhead shot of Kyle Navin/Mya Burdick winning the first race by a margin. Okoboji has hired a drone to capture the essence of the event. 

Race two was won by the current leader Christian Spencer who has a throw-out of a nine. He has sailed a most consistent, marvelous event with one race left. 
Henry Rolander/Joey Plummer have won races 4 and 8 (Race three was abandoned and will be sailed today)
Harry Melges and Finn Burdick are all smiles after race #5 win. 
Finn and Annie Rowe took race #6 and Alby and Trainer Rolfs won #7. 

(Thoreson photo) -- The seniors as they begin upwind yesterday. 
And just in case your day was not as expected, PRO Mann had a little difficulty with his rig.

Junior fleet
It was a Cedar day all around yesterday. They started the day with first-year skipper Brittany Shabino/Sam Eckert in second. She has impressed the crowd with most consistent top ten finishes. Not to be outdone by younger sister Sam, Abby Eckert/Sarah Sprinkman won the first race of the day yesterday. 
But look at the Cedar race 5 finishes - 1-6-7-9! 
Then A-25 was leading the next race for several roundings! Cedar can always be heard at the finish with cowbells and cheers from first finisher to last. 
Chapman Petersen/ Caroline Holland won race #6 
while Abe Weston/Meredith Weston took the last horn of the day. 
Quinn Harris/Matt Kandziora have led a number of mark roundings. He has sailed beautifully all regatta. A marvelous performance by Red Tornehl/Adam Biwer who as V-511 is always visible on the course and always there. Nathan Hetzler/Ian McClenathan has a new name - #4! Three fourths in a row in a "can you believe it?" last two weekends of spectacular sailing. There is a 10 point jump between 4th and 5th overall in this fleet. Just fine, fine sailing by our younger helmsmen.  
Lastly, there was an incident on the water with a couple minor injuries. The most impressive aspect was the immediate reaction by two physicians on the water - Dr. David Strothman and Dr. Dave Cullinane. The respect from the crowd, the concern by all, the fast, professional manner of the paramedic squad who arrived allowed the best possible outcome. Fortunately, the parties involved returned later in the evening so the crowd's concerns were allayed. As the editor looks back on yesterday, the sailing paled in contrast to the immediate action by those involved. It was one brief reminder (with a good outcome) of the real significance of all the trusted friendships we have amongst us. Parents entrusting young sailors and young adults to the care of those in the Inland and knowing the hands are always there to care as if we are all one family. 
Photos of the day

Top photo is Dave Thoreson
Fleet Meeting  
Friday night with volleyball games wildly contested, the parents of X fleeters looked to the future for the fleet. A resounding tone was the need for used boats.Minnetonka is currently looking to purchase ten boats, that effort led by Tim Regan. Rick Trester reiterated the need as the ILYA Foundation encourages growth into new ILYA member clubs. 

The second most vocal discussion point centered around changing the age definitition for participation to add an additional season for sailors. The straw vote was even and the question was forwarded to the committee for further discussion. Forcing that consideration was the need to address another boat for young, small girls as they age out of X boats. Tradition has maintained the desire to minimize the inclusion of drivers into the fleet as sailors turn 16. 

A survey is to be developed to address several issues facing the fleet: site of future regattas, participation age and measurement issues. This and previous years' comparison of numbers of junior and senior sailors has provoked a discussion of water use when we travel to lakes. The total number of races will again be explored with the survey. The concern there is with the total amount  of time spent on the water. A motion was placed on the floor to recommend lowering the total number of races from the current eight. That motion failed. 

Administratively, AJ Schweda agreed to spearhead a committee to develop the X website. New members to the fleet committee are Scott Esser from Delavan as next year's regatta chair, AJ Schweda (Pewaukee), David Strothman (Minnetonka) and Jim Zaiser (Pine).


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