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Volume 7, Issue 29

 June 24, 2012

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Classes E, C, and I-20
 August 9 - 12, 2012
 Classes A, MC, and Club 420
August 16-19, 2012

Mendota Yacht Club 

Madison, Wisconsin


Regattas / Calendar



25-26      Kansas City Opti Regatta

25           Beulah Opti/420 event

26-27      TRAP senior X 

27-28      TRAP junior X



1-3         Area K Sears, Bemis, Smythe qualifiers - Wayzata

2-3          Quad Lakes X - Pine

9-10        GLSS X 

11            GLSS Opti/Laser/420

9-11         Kaszube 420 Opti Laser - South Shore

12-15      ILYA MC Invite - Upper MInnetonka

12-15      ILYA E Invite - Gull Lake

13-15      ILYA Melges 17/I-20 Invite - Pewaukee

16-17       Oshkosh Xtreme

18-21       MCSA Masters - Cedar, WI

20-22      ILYA C Invite - Lake Geneva

21-22     WYA X - Pewaukee

21-22     City of Lakes C, MC, X, 420, M-16, Opti. Laser - Calhoun

23          ILYA Opti No Tears East - Cedar

23         ILYA Opti No Tears West - Okoboji

25-28    ILYA X Champs - Delavan

30-31    ILYA Opti Champs - Pewaukee



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Silverhawk wins A Nationals in strong fashion - 1-4-1-1-1

 Bilge Pullers

 Seventeen A scows descended on Pewaukee for a light air regatta. PRO Hank Stuart worked hard with his crew to successfully provide five races over the three-day event. With no sailing on Saturday, the event was a display of skill for the I-28 Silverhawk team. Owner Terry Blanchard, skipper Andy Burdick and crew Peter Keck, Joe Kutschenreuter, Jim Petersen, Ben Porter and Molly Forbes seemed untouchable and a smidge lucky on one finish. Funny how skill often translates into luck. This team has been together for many years and consistency is key for the champion boat.

1 I 28 Silverhawk Terry Blanchard / Andy Burdick 1 4 1 1 1 8
2 M 1 Cosmic Warrior   Rob Evans 4 2 3 2 4 15
3 I 7 MadCap   Thomas Freytag 3 3 2 3 5 16
4 M 2 Lucky   John Dennis 6 1 5 4 6 22
5 I 1 Eagle   John Anderson / Vincent Porter 2 6 8 8 2 26
6 I 96 White Magic   Chuck Lamphere / J.P. Porter 5 12 7 7 7 38
7 V 57 FastForward   Brian Henke 8 10 6 12 10 46
8 V 999 Valkyrie   Jim Klauser / Todd Haines 12 7 12 14 3 48
9 V 0 Flying Wasp   Dave Decker 13 9 10 6 12 50
10 M 35 AMAZINN   Carl Zinn 7 8 13 11 11 50
11 V 3 Blue Ribbon   Coleman Norris 11 5 14 5 17 52
12 W 25 Euphoria   Lee Alnes 10 13 9 15 8 55
13 V 8 Stealth   Olaf Harken / Matt Weber 16 11 11 10 14 62
14 M 10 Animal House   Jack Strothman 9 17 16 13 9 64
15 I 55 AJAX   Mike Keefe 14 16 4 17 15 66
16 W 28 Snitch   Ken Broen 17 15 15 9 16 72
17 W 3 Type A   Mike/Will Crary 15 14 17 16 13 75
Ida Lewis boasts many ILYA sailors

Bilge Pullers

"Fourteen ILYA sailors will be flying the ILYA colors on their back this coming week, Sunday through Friday!! There are 80 sailors competing in the event.  So, 17.5% of the sailors in this national event are proud to call the ILYA "home" and are ILYA members."  This report from David Ferguson who is member of the host club Minnetonka. This US Sailing championship features the best of the nation's doublehanded women youth sailors. The regatta is by invitation only. Last year, Mark Kiernan provided some teams with pinnies - covers over lifejackets - which identified our Inland girls. The backs of the pinnies display the ILYA logo and the front the sailors' individual ILYA clubs. Those young women who have participated in youth ILYA events will proudly tell the nation from whence they hail. The ILYA is proud to congratulate the following participating teams who have competed in our own junior X and Opti regattas:

Kate Cox/Rosie Hust, Annika Ekholm/Caitlin McGoldrick, Addy Ferguson/Sarah Hogg, Mary Claire Kiernan/Kelly Monahan, Kate Klement/Teresa Westin, Isabella Loosbrock/Madeleine Loosbrock and Amelia Shankwitz/Susie Voltz.

"The event is sailed in Club 420 class sailboats and is intended to encourage young American women to enhance their sailing ability. It has a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and provides the opportunity to compete in elite-level competition with guidance from high-level coaching. The national championship will be sailed by 40 teams of young women (80 total athletes) from around the country (17 teams from CA!). The weeklong agenda consists of two days of clinics for the competing sailors led by US Sailing with a team of distinguished junior and college sailing coaches, followed by the three day National Championship regatta. While visiting Minnesota, all competitors will be housed by local host families. All meals as well as activities and social events are being planned and coordinated by Lake Minnetonka Sailing School volunteers." - sent by Minnetonka, the host site.



GLSS  Extends registration deadline
   Geneva has decided to extend the early bird pricing one week because of some technical difficulties in the registration system. Please plan on coming and enjoying some great sailing on Geneva again this summer, we've got a great event planned. -- Kevin Jewett
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ILYA Sanctioned Regatta Notices, Entry
Executive Secretary Smith tells us that the Regatta Notice issue of Scow Slants is in the mail, and includes all of the 2012 ILYA Sanctioned Regatta Notices of Race. All of the NORs are also on line at http://ilya.org/2012-ilya-sanctioned-events-with-notice-of-race.html and the online entry program is open for business. Check out the great 2012 schedule and do your host clubs a favor by entering now. Some early registration deadlines are fast approaching.
Quilt Goes Into Production

X Inland News

The last quilt square arrived last week. It's onto fabrication. It took no small amount of work to obtain volunteers on each lake. The final quilt square has arrived from Cedar and we are ready for assembly. Thanks EVERYONE for your contribution. You can see the entire collection of 17 quilt squares can be seen at X Inland Quilt

Early Registration ends soon  (July 10)Register here for X Inland. Delavan has placed a dashboard on its website front page to monitor the number of regisstrations. Currently we are at 15.

Final Best Deal Hotel Reservations

Last week for X Inland hotel reservations at special rates: X Inland Hotel Rates and Comparison

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