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Volume 6, Issue 21

 June 19, 2011 



23-26 A Scow Nationals - Oshkosh

24-26 ILYA I-20  Invitational - Clear Lake IA NOR

27 Lake Beulah Sailng School Optimist Regatta NOR

28-29 TRAP - NOR


6-7 Quad Lakes X - Cedar, WI NOR

10-12 GLSS X NOR, Opti, 420/laser

7-10 MC Invite NOR - June 24th late fee deadline - Lake Beulah 

7-10 E Invite NOR - June 24th late fee deadline - Delavan

14-17 C Invite NOR - Jully 1 late fee deadline - Fond du Lac

15 No Tears West - Lake Harriet NOR

15-17 Melges 17 Champs - Oshkosh NOR

18-19 X treme - Oshkosh NOR; entry

23-24 WYA X

25 ILYA No Tears East - Beaver Lake NOR

27-30 ILYA X Champs - Clear Lake NOR

29-31 I-20 ILYA I-20 Champs - Green Lake NOR

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 Nationals - Maxinkuckee - Burdick Takes the Title

andy burdick
In the end, a familiar team came to the top. I45- Andy Burdick and Chris Impens took the final gun and won the 2011 National C title. The five race event ended Sunday at Maxinkuckee. Check the information on Yacht Scoring.

1 - I45 Andy Burdick/Chris Impens

2 - A 22 Jim Tews/Jenny Jaessing

3 - A14 Paul Reilly/Aaron Mann

4 - B18 Brian Brickler/Mike Tyriver

5 - B1 Will Haeger/Brad Roble

6 - B12 Kent Haeger/Mike Greeson

7 - T17 Joe Schaub with sons

8 - E55 Scott Tarman,/Jean Schmidt Andreski

9 - B45 Ben Porter/Peter Keck

10 - B217 Joe Skotarzak/Anne Porter Muller

Best Junior - Will Haeger

Best Senior - Paul Reilly

Best Woman - Christine Porter

 chris andert 

The first Sunday race was tightly contested with B45 Ben Porter and Peter Keck leading every mark --- they lost to Chris Andert by inches. Chris also won a gas card for one of the farthest traveled. There was laughter on the side as three Cedar, WI boats won gas cards but after they fussed over who lived the farthest from the YC, there was some internal finagling for the $50 prizes. 



Old Men and the C 

The good old boys were back together again. This band of brothers traveled together in their youth and what a reunion as they returned to the site of the Fall Max event. Many years wiser, loads of gray hair but no change in spiirt, they tackled Max again with gusto. (Conquered the party also - in a more sublime manner.) Here are Bruce Rosenheimer, Dave Baldus, Tom Keenan, Chris Craig, Brian Barr, Hayden Davis, Dave Porter, Dave Smith, Larry Krause and Mark Prange. Some of these men sailed with their children to start a new generation of tradition.  Thanks to the late Kitty Schaub for running a top notch event WAAAAY back when.

Minnetonka Announces Green Event

Minnetonka Yacht Club Commits to Sailors for the Sea Gold Level

Clean Regattas Certification for

Zinn Family Realtors 2011 ILYA Championship Regatta


Melges/North Sails Zenda Team initiates steps to make

a model regatta for lake conservation


Minneapolis, Minn. & Newport, Rhode Island - June 17, 2011Sailors for the Sea, the only ocean conservation nonprofit focused on the sailing and boating community, is proud to announce Minnetonka Yacht Club has taken the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas Pledge for GOLD level Clean Regattas certification of the Zinn Family Realtors 2011 Inland Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) Championship Regatta being held in August. The commitment ensures environmental-centric policies and procedures are put in place throughout the event. 


Clean Regattas certification provides independent, third-party verification that a yacht club, sailing program, or regatta is environmentally responsible, and is doing its utmost to protect and restore the waters upon which people sail. This program is an effort by Sailors for the Sea, in conjunction with committed participants, to reduce our impact on our oceans and coastal waters.


"This year's ILYA Championships is committed to serving as a model for responsible sailing," said Chris Mancini, program director, Sailors for the Sea. "We are thrilled to support the Minnetonka Yacht Club throughout the Inlands in their efforts to educate participants on environmental protection. Working with the club, Sailors for the Sea will help to formalize their conservation efforts and help promote responsible environmental behaviors among the club's members and the regatta participants."


The ILYA Championship Regatta started in the Twin Cities in 1897 and boasts some of the top champion sailors in the world, including America's Cup sailors, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist sailors, and even head coaches of the U.S. Olympic Sailing team and U.S. Junior National Team. The 11-day regatta will determine the top Scow class racers in the United States in four classes of yachts - A (38 feet), E (28 feet), C (20 feet) and MC (16 feet). 


"We're thrilled to have the support of Melges/North Sails Zenda team to make this possible," said Rick Kotovic, regatta co-chair.  "Our hope is that this will set an ongoing precedence and be a model of many 'clean' initiatives for the MYC and all 51 ILYA member yacht clubs."


Minnetonka Yacht Club and the ILYA will undertake several efforts in their Clean Regattas campaign, including:

  • Recycling at all sites during race weekends, and throughout the season
  • Providing all race participants with aluminum water bottles donated by Melges Performance Sailboats/North Sails Zenda
  • Providing water stations to help reduce or eliminate single-use plastic bottles
  • Use of biodegradable cups at post-regatta parties and dinners


"We constantly see the misuse of plastic and other things that pollute our waterways," said Andy Burdick, president of Melges Performance Sailboats. "It's a serious issue of growing concern, so getting behind an effort like this is important for the sport we love and the business we're in. We need to be in the forefront of the awareness for sailors so we can start making a real difference." 


By making the clean regatta pledge, regattas, yacht clubs, and sailing programs commit to protecting clean waters and shores. The Sailors for the Sea's Clean Regattas program is a third-party certification program that helps participants achieve higher environmental standards. Participants vow to fulfill, and encourage others to fulfill, the goals and requirements of the program, and to work to protect oceans and locals waters for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations.


With three levels of certification (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) available, participants select their level of engagement, and work to fulfill the related certification requirements by first forming a Clean Regattas committee for the event or a permanent committee for all club/organization governance and events to oversee the certification criteria. The criteria relates to:

  • trash and recycling collection and disposal
  • discharge
  • oil spill prevention
  • green cleaning products and bottom paint usage
  • bottom cleaning and boat maintenance
  • global warming and carbon offsets
  • biofuel conversion
  • use of recycled materials in regatta awards


A Clean Regattas designation by the Sailors for the Sea organization means all competitors agree to abide by Clean Regattas Certification Level requirements. Sailors for the Sea provides support, materials, and the final certification that a club or event is a Clean Regatta. Found worldwide, the Clean Regattas program is available for all interested yacht clubs, regattas, and sailing programs. By participating in the program, clubs and regattas can realize a range of immediate economic benefits including:

  • saving money by reducing reliance on plastic bottles, fossil fuels, and disposable products
  • getting discounts on environmentally friendly products through the Clean Regattas program
  • reducing excess spending by anticipating regulations and avoiding abrupt and costly changes due to new laws and related cleanup efforts
  • attracting new sponsors, donors, investors, and foundations for non-profit clubs through the positive awareness of the Clean Regattas efforts


About Sailors for the Sea

Founded in 2004, Sailors for the Sea is a nonprofit organization that educates and empowers the boating community to protect and restore our oceans and local waters. For more information or to participate in any of the Sailors for the Sea programs, or to become a member and support the organization, visit www.sailorsforthesea.org.


About Minnetonka Yacht Club

In August 1882, the Minnetonka Yacht Club by-laws and sailing rules were drawn up at Lookout Point. Starting with 25 members, the sailing was social and easy going. Within 5 years, the fleet and membership had more than doubled. The original multi-level clubhouse was built in 1890 on Light House Island, where it burned down in 1943. The replacement clubhouse was built ion the island where it stands today. The large 3-story clubhouse, built on Bug Island, burned down in 1904. Sailing was temporarily suspended during World War I (1917-1919), with the A and C fleets being the survivors. In 1923, the E class was introduced. However, it didn't catch on until 1945 after the Depression and World War II.  

The 1950's saw the club move more towards competitive sport and less social. Today, the club has more than 500 members and hosts the A, E, C, M17, MC, Yngling, J22, Laser, X, Optimist, Open Fleet, and Classic Boats. Visit http://www.minnetonkayachtclub.org for more information.

Benefits of Clean Regattas - Make the Pledge
Minnetonka Features its Favorite Sailors - This Edition's sailor is Rob Evans
In the months leading up to the ILYA Championships, we will highlight sailors who exemplify everything that embodies a true ambassador to the sport of sailing.  From crewing, to skippering, to travelling cross-country to compete and excel, all for the love of the sport. 

Sailor Profile: Rob evans

Rob Evans (shown with current A scow crew. Dunsworth photo)

Home Yacht Club:

Minnetonka Yacht Club


A & E Scow


How were you introduced to the sport of sailing?

My dad had an A Scow when my brothers and I were growing up. Some of my earliest memories are about the "Scarlet Letter" boat and team.  I have three younger brothers and we loved to play on the boat and run around under the spinnakers while they dried out on the lawn. We also had the important jobs of fetching beers for the team and sponging out the water that remained in the boat between the wooden ribs of the hull. Once in a while, when the wind was light, my dad would take me aboard for a race! I had to stay in the back by him and during any maneuver I had to go under the deck and hold on to the wood frame until I got the 'OK' to come out. Then after the race I got to steer the boat a little bit as we headed for home. That made a huge impression on me.


When did you start sailing competitively?  

One thing I really liked to do at a very young age with my dad's help was build and sail model sailboats. I remember being given the choice to play baseball or go to sailing school. I jumped at the sailing school option so off to the beginner program at Minnetonka sailing school I went. Those first lessons were taught in Butterflies and I remember many of those sessions well. One of my first instructors was Johnny Gluek and I learned a ton from him. We developed a really good friendship that lasts to this day.  There are so many people that have helped me along the way - too many to list but thank you! 


What different boats have you raced?

I raced an X-Boat for five years and had a great time doing that. Then I graduated to an M-16 in the early 80s and raced six years in a really fun and competitive fleet. Then one winter I asked my dad if he would help me get an E-Scow. After doing some checking he said we could get a used E-Scow or a new C-Scow, my choice. The C-Scow fleet was very competitive on Minnetonka at that time so I thought that with a new C-Scow, maybe I could really improve my tactical skills in this closely contested fleet before moving to the E fleet. So, I teamed up with my brother Rich and good friend Leslie Dennis we sailed the C-Scow hard for two years and managed to win several regattas. During this time I was also going to college at the U of Hawaii where I raced FJs, 420s, Lasers and keel boats on the varsity sailing team. Since there were no other colleges to compete against in Hawaii, we travelled all over the US to compete. 


After college I was racing in Miami at the J-24 Midwinters when a pack of Flying Dutchman sailboats went whizzing by us. After the race was over, I went over to the US Sailing Team Center in Key Biscayne with my good friend Mark Christensen to check it out.  Someone said to us, "You guys should charter a boat and come see if you like this kind of sailing." And so we did, and that was the start of the Minnetonka Olympic Challenge. 


Mark and I were on the US National team for four years and travelled all over the world to compete in fantastic regattas. Our best highlight was qualifying as one of two US FD teams to compete in the Barcelona Pre-Olympic Regatta. The other US team, helmed by Paul Forester won the Silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics. After this effort I focused my sailing attention on racing A & E Scows plus windsurfing in the summer and DN iceboating, ice surfing and kiting in the winter - all of which I continue to enjoy.  

What motivates you most from year to year?

I really like working on improving overall performance. There are so many factors in this sport and it is very satisfying to set goals and achieve higher levels of team and boat performance through dedication and commitment. It's also rewarding to be able to sail with good friends, my brothers and my wife, Holly.

Aside from Lake Minnetonka, what is your favorite inland lake to race on? Why?

I think all the Inland lakes we race on are great. Each one has unique characteristics and special attributes which keeps things interesting. If I had to choose one it would be Green Lake as I love the high bluffs and heavy woods that surround it.


What are you most looking forward to at the ILYA this summer? 

The Big Inland on Lake Minnetonka this summer is going to be great! The best part for me is catching up with good friends that I only see once or twice a year.  There are so many people putting in a ton of effort into planning and running this regatta. There is no doubt it will be a top-notch event in every way and loads of fun! I can hardly wait!


How do you spend your time when you're not sailing? 

Kids! Brianna is almost four and Trey (Robert III) is almost two. Talk about a juggling act, but we are having a ball. So far both kids are keenly interested in water sports and sailing so with any luck we'll be entering the Opti scene soon, gulp...

For more information about the 2011 ILYA Championships, visit http://www.minnetonkayachtclub.org/Inland2011 



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