Volume 8, Issue 24

 June 17, 2013

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Regattas / Calendar


19-22 MC Youth Champs-Lake Murray, SC

20-23 420 ILYA Champs/Clinic - Delavan

20-23 A Scow Nationals - Geneva 

21-23 ILYA I-20 Invite - Cedar Lake IN

22-27 US Junior Women's Doublehanded Champs, Club 420 Ida Lewis (girls only) clinic and regatta, Bahia Corinthian YC, Corona del Mar, CA

25-27 TRAP X - Pine

26-29 MC Nat'ls - Clear Lake, IA

29-30 USODA Midwest Champs - Gull Lake, MN

30 - July 2 Area K JOs, Wayzata 


1-2 Quad Lakes X - Nagawicka

8-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11-13 420 Youth Nat'ls-Geneva

11-14 ILYA E Invite - Pewaukee

11-14 ILYA MC Invite - Delavan

15-16 Xtreme-Oshkosh

14-16 SBS Area K Qual-Lk Forest

17-20 MC Masters Nat's-Hoover, OH

18-21 ILYA C Inv.--Okauchee, WI

19-21 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Pewaukee

19-22 420 NAs, St. Margaret YC, Glenhaven, NS, Canada

22 ILYA No Tears East-Nagawicka

22 ILYA No Tears West - Clear, IA

24-27 ILYA X Champs - Oshkosh

26-28 Hyannisport 420 regatta, Cape Cod

28-30 ILYA Opti Champs-Beulah

29-31 CJ Buckley 420 team regatta - Cape Cod


1-4WMYA Champs-White Lake, MI

2-4 WYA C--LaBelle, WI

2-4 Buzzards Bay 420-Providence,RI

2-4 I-20 ILYA Champs,-Green Lake

7-11 Chicago Tall Ships and Chicago Match Cup

8-10 ILYA C champs; Regis 8/7

11-13 ILYA A champs; Regis. 8/10
15-17 ILYA E/MC champs; Regis. 8/14  Housing options 
13-17 US Sailing Youth Champs - Corpus Christi



7-8 Max C Fall=-Maxinkuckee, IN 
7-8 MC Team Nat's-Clear Lake, IA
13-15 I-20 Nat'ls -Fond du Lac
14-15 Blue Chip--Okauchee, WI

      Fenton C Fall Lake Fenton, MI

21-22 C Challenge-Lake Beulah,WI
21-22 MC Blue Chip-Spring Lake, MI
28-29 Lotawana C-Missouri YC, MO
     Polar Bear--Lake Davenport, IA
5-6 C Worlds--Delavan, WI

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C Nationals - Pewaukee
 LaBelle's Evensen Team tops 66          
Leif Evensen and brother Erik led the 2013 C Nationals from the start. It was a most challenging 6-race series in mostly light air races or variable, shifty winds. Finally the Sunday weather provided some more consistent sailing. 
He was challenged by Beulah's Will Haeger/Brad Roble who won the event on total points but completing the sixth race provided a throwout which allowed Evensen to regain the lead. With the throw out, Evensen had no race worse than 11th. WITHOUT the throwout, Haeger had no race worse than 12th. In this fleet of at least nine Inland or Nationals champs, that is quite a feat.
Not to be outdone, father Kent Haeger with Mike Greeson was third and the top master. After dad Haeger's throwout, he did not have a race worse than 10th.It speaks volumes to the strength of college sailing to see Wisconsin's Evensen and Tufts' Will Haeger as 1-2 overall and top 1-2 juniors.
1st OO-3   Leif Evensen Erik Evensen, Jacki Eisenhauer 1 2 2 4 -25 11 45 20
2nd B-1   Will Haeger Brad Roble, Janet -12 5 3 12 1 5 38 26
3rd B-12   Kent Haeger Mike Greeson, Gabe DiBiase 8 4 4 -19 3 10 48 29
4th V-45   Andy Burdick Mya Burdick, Finn Burdick 6 1 7 22 -35 13 84 49
5th E-16   Dave Smith Alana Smith 5 7 -26 1 20 18 77 51
6th M-25   Chris Andert John Rainaldi, Robin Dale 14 12 10 6 12 (67.0 DNF) 121 54
7th V-70   Tom Frentzel Ty Gutenkunst, Hayden Frentzel 3 21 -31 3 28 2 88 57
8th A-136   Ed Eckert Matt Schmidt -22 22 12 9 11 4 80 58
9th M-20   Tim Krech Bre Krech 9 20 -23 2 21 14 89 66
10th N-181   Peter Keck Dan Keck 32 3 -40 5 36 1 117 77
11th E-19   Bruce Rosenheimer Tom Rolfs, Willy N. -40 30 18 11 8 15 122 82
12th M-5   Hans Zinn Amy Zinn, Eric Good 18 8 13 32 14 -43 128 85
13th A-14   Paul Reilly Justin Hood 13 9 -46 17 38 9 132 86
14th OO-7   Kurt Mihelich Jim Gluek 2 14 34 18 -42 20 130 88
15th B-303   Frank Davenport Ron Jarecki, Teresa Westin 24 26 5 31 4 -33 123 90

A special award was presented to Chris Andert for his many years of dedication to the C fleet as editor of C World. Andert has relocated to FL but will return for guest appearances. We and Minnetonka will miss him.
Ed Eckert was awarded with the NCSSA Points Trophy for overall best combination of performances in 2012. It was touching to see the return of Lisa Penticoff to present the award in memory of great sailor Bob Penticoff. This was the 20th anniversary of the awarding of this Trophy.
    Thanks to Pewaukee for a great event. The racing schedule of one race Friday, two Saturday made for a great opportunity to socialize before the heavy three-race Sunday. The race committee was kept busy with multiple course changes and wind conditions. Thanks to PRO Chip Mann with his "regulars" for a challenging event.
420 clinic and regatta - Thursday - Delavan
Last call         
The ILYA 420 Champs clinic WILL be held. It is essentially a private lesson now on Thursday so PLEASE make every effort to come and learn from one of the nation's best. Delavan is currently making special arrangements to accommodate the Minnesota crowd who need to travel on Thursday. An early session will be held Friday morning to bring the late entrants up to speed. Sign up for the clinic on the Delavan Lake website. You will notice the home page is all 420 promotion.
Each Winter Inland your youth are excited about the summer opportunities; each summer the schedule is too hectic. Delavan, in its usual generous fashion, has secured homelake donations to make this clinic and the regatta a financial possibility for our youth sailors. The event is subsidized by personal donations, the ILYA Promotion Committee and an extraordinary effort to allow our youth to organize the event. PLEASE make your reservation today for the clinic on Thursday - Fri, coaching Thu-Sat and a topnotch regatta Fri-Sun.
If you would like to make a donation to the event to support our soon to be college sailors - please reference the article above regarding the strength of our junior sailors - contact Richard Beers at Delavan.
A and MC Nationals Next

A's Travel to Geneva This weekend

A scow nats Geneva will roll out the red carpet for its premier fleet this weekend. Hank Stuart is the PRO with local help from Jim Smith and Gloria Melges and other fine Geneva RC. Parties are always grand at Geneva so come down to watch the majestic A's on Fri - Sun.

MC's Travel to Clear in One Week

mc nats           

The MC's follow C's and A's with a June Nationals. The best bargain of the year for youth. Without fanfare, the Clear Lake Yacht Club will provide youth registration for free. "It's just what we do for our youth," says Margaret Osmundson. This one action typifies what you will sense when you participate in any event at Clear Lake, IA. It is a most charming venue with a downtown main street that culminates at the lake. A city park, loads of little shops, resort housing on the lake. If you have not been to Clear, it is worth the travel. 
Our Foundation Sailors On the Road
US Sailing Women's Matchracing Champs          
Sally Barkow (Pine) was part of the winning team taking home a most prestigious trophy and further qualifying for two events. Sally was tactician on Jenn Wilson's Chicago-based matchracing team for this past weekend's national championship. The Wilson boat narrowly edged out the Epic Team - Steph Roble (Beulah) and Maggie Shea (White Lake) with others in the finals. Also participating were Molly Forbes (Calhoun) and Meg Six (Geneva).
This team returns home after a month in Europe. The HP Team is gaining a reputation for exceptional medal race performances. In Formia, Italy, Haeger's last second place race finish continued her pattern of strong finishes. Go to Facebook to follow her progress. This team will be in the States until mid-July when they join our other Olympic hopefuls in Europe again for training and tough competition.
This is only year one in the Olympic quadrennium. Coaching and travel expenses are most important early in the game. If you want to support our Foundation members, follow us on the ILYA home page and give to individuals or specify a general donation to be distributed as you like.  
54th Annual Blue Chip - Okauchee Inaugural Event
   Okauchee Lake Yacht Club, regatta chair Kurt Prange, and supporting committees are working hard to prepare for the 54th Annual C-Scow Blue Chip Championship Regatta which is being held September 14th & 15th, 2013. The OLYC website ( will be home to all relevant information for this prestigious and historical event. Please check the website regularly for new information about the event throughout the summer. Invitations will start to be published shortly after the C Nationals event at Pewaukee, so watch closely for qualifier announcements! Pistakee Yacht Club and competitors for the previous 53 years have established the history, and Okauchee is focused on carrying the tradition forward. 
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