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19-20 ILYA Women's/Girls Clinic

20-22 NCASA A Scow Nationals - Minnetonka

23 Lake Beulah SS Opti

24-25 TRAP X - Pine NOR

27-29 USODA Great Plains Team Trials Qualifier, Okoboji

27-29 420 ILYA Champs - White Bear, MN

28-29 Wisc. MC Champs - Cedar, WI

30-1 Quad Lakes X - Beulah


7-10 GLSS Dinghyfest

11 TRAC (Opti) - Cedar, WI

10-13 ILYA E Invite - Geneva

11-13 ILYA MC Invite - Okoboji

14-15 Xtreme - Oshkosh

18 No Tears West - Clear Lake, IA

17-20 ILYA C Invite - Cedar, IN

18-20 ILYA Melges 17 Champs - Geneva

18-20 WYA X - Okauchee

21 - No Tears East - Beulah

23-26 ILYA X Champs - Gull Lake, MN

27-29 ILYA Opti Champs - Cedar, WI

31 - 3 WMYA


1-3 WYA C - Delavan

7 Pram Power - North Lake

8-9 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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Fritz Ruf, ILYA Commodore  
Fritz with son, John, wilnning US Sailing Disabled Championship at Milw. Comm. Sailing Center, a site with a soft spot in the heart of the Ruf family.
Service details to be sent as available
It is with the greatest sadness, the ILYA mourns one of its most popular ex-commodores. Many of you will recall him as the "commodore with a bullseye on his back" but it was his infectious smile, his ability to motivate others to serve this organization which marks his legacy. Fritz was one of the originators of the Winter Inland which has celebrated over 20 years of continuity. His dork tie (marvelous navy men's ties with ILYA burgees) may be his lifelong avatar. (Jim Smith notes just in recent years unloading the final tie). May he wear it well in the sailing beyond. 

Fritz fought for the safety of sailors at a time when many youth of today may not realize PFD's were not  de rigueur. The ILYA suffered an exceedingly HOT summer of misstep when it required PFD's on all fleets but it was with the best of intentions Fritz led us to improved safety. Photographs of local, national and international sailing today rarely show sailors without personal flotation. 

Fritz was the motivation behind showcasing the ILYA for corporate sponsorship. It was Fritz who assisted the Centennial Commodore Suzi Reese to mastermind the magnificent Centennial regatta and book. He is the forefather of all the "marketing decks" we all use today to attract sponsorship money to the ILYA. 

Finallly, Fritz leaves behind a sailing family who resembles him in so many ways. Son John won a bronze medal in Qingdao and do you ever see John without that Ruf smile? Grandsons Christian and Sam now in the X fleet sport that winning countenance on water and shore. He has left us all at home smiling this weekend as we recall the antics (yes, antics), vision and dedication to the Inland Lake Yachting Association. 

Editor's note: Many of you do not know I had the great fortune to work alongside Fritz for two years. He invited me to join him to do project management for a firm where he was consulting. On my first day, he presented me with a card with the following quote: 
"Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation." Eugene V. Debs.
Hard to guess what was going through his mind to single me out, or to carve out time to give me a thoughtful moment. I have viewed that quote many times in the past 20 years, recounting the tasks he laid before me; the challenges so far out of my "major" he presented to me. He truly shaped a great deal of who I am. Fritz was a mentor in a most serious manner in my life. I was once asked in one of those corporate strategy leadership meetings we all love who were my mentors. I was the rare individual who was not relating someone in "my field" but I explained Fritz Ruf and Olaf Harken to the group who surrounded me. They probably could not understand but it was the essence of their leadership, the honesty of their work and caring that allowed me to share in knowing and watching them in action and then to attempt to follow. We have all been blessed indeed by Fritz's contributions to Inland sailing. I was given a great deal more. My personal condolences to Sally, John, Carl and Sarah and the great smiling Christian and Sam. 
C Nationals - Peter Keck and Ben Porter Claim Victory in 69-boat fleet  

In big wind Friday and the final three races finished early on Saturday, C Nationals became a two-day regatta in anticipation of BIG, BIG wind Sunday. Homelake sailor Peter Keck and Beulah's Ben Porter, N-181, sailed no race worst than 11th. They ended the event with a total 24 points, 12 points under Cedar's Jim Tews and Jenny Jaessing. Keck and Porter have sailed five years together on the A-scow Silverhawk and won numerous ILYA and National titles under the helm of Andy Burdick. This is Keck's seventh time on the podium as National C Champ skipper or crew. To win this at home made it even sweeter. Congrats to Keck and Porter! Full results here.

All-Americans - Two for Scow Sailors  
Will Haeger Collects Another All-American Title
Tufts sailor Will Haeger  (Beulah) graduates with many honors All-American, National Collegiate Matchracing Champ and an "almost" A division champ at nationals. In addition, Will was named to the 2014 NESCAC Spring All-Academic Team list. Will returns to scow sailing briefly this summer as he heads to NYC for employment. We look forward to his return for the ILYA Champs. 

 Grace Lucas, College of Charleston, was named to the Honorable Mention All-American team. She is "Shimmering" here during the graduation ceremony. She hopes to follow her family in E scows in NJ. Let's hope to see her also at the ILYA Champs. 

Laser North Americans  
Bowers and Lamphere Sail to Consistent Finishes
Great sailing brings both Bowers and Lamphere to the top 15 in the NA championships. Bowers is seen above WINNING a race. The 126 -boat fleet was divided into colorcoded fleets and Bowers won one of the early races. Bowers finished a strong 8th and third American. He has mounted an Olympic campaign for Rio and sails fulltime now. 

Lamphere is a recent HS graduate and finished a strong, strong 15th. He was competing against three former college national winners and finished as 6th American as a HIGH SCHOOLER! Lamphere will enter Yale in the Fall. 
Third in the WORLD!!!  
Women's Matchracing Worlds
 Epic Racing traveled to Cork, Ireland and came home with a bronze. Steph Roble and Maggie Shea have been together since the last Olympic Trials. They are added by Janel Zarkosky and Lara Dallman-Weiss. The team has a full schedule on the docket for Summer 2014. It is across the Atlantic several times. AND. . . Helly Hansen has picked them up as their official outfitter. Lucky girls in the smartest new gear. 
Women's/Girls Clinic - Still Room for the Banquet  

 Instructor matchups are set. Optis, X's, C's and MC's plan to learn together Thursday and Friday. 

 Click here to register for the banquet only. Price is $50 with $10 going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (founded by Evelyn H Lauder of Estee Lauder). 

Thanks to our newest donor for the event, Chuck and Sarah Lamphere. Sarah will serve as one of our honorary Board to mentor the young women at her table. 


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Quint X Results  

Place Boat Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
1 V-221 Joey Biwer 2 1 2 1 3 9
2 V-411 JP Friend 1 2 7 2 4 16
3 V-89 Alec Bischoff 6 3 5 5 1 20
4 N-24 Carson Heinze 4 8 8 4 2 26
5 OO-21 Brady Carlson 3 4 3 7 9 26
6 V-86 Matt Malone 5 7 4 6 5 27
7 V-66 Sam Spencer 7 5 12 3 6 33
8 N-73 Jack Tegeder 9 9 9 8 7 42
9 NO-22 Rebekah Janssen 8 10 10 10 8 46
10 OO-4 Karolynn Kunz 15 6 1 16 11 49
11 OO-24 Sean Harris 10 16 6 9 10 51
12 OO-824 Quinn Harris 11 11 11 11 15 59
13 OO-222 Wiley Carlson 12 12 13 12 12 61
14 OO-17 Sean Mihelich 13 13 16 16 16 74
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