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ILYA Youth Champs
Father's Day C and MC
MC Nationals
I-20 Invitational
E Nationals
Need X and Opti Reps
Melges 17 Champs
New club added
Team Seven
MIR C regatta rsults
Gold medal correction
Detroit JOs
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Regatta Notices
14-17 C Nationals, Augusta, GA
16-17 George Dorn MC - Beulah, WI
16-17 Spencer Weersing, MC - White Lake, MI
16-17 Midwest Team RAce 420, Calhoun, MN
16-17 Patton I-20, Mendota
20-23 A One Design Nationals, Minnetonka, NOR
21 LOPN X, Nagawicka, WI
21-23 MC Nationals, Torch, MI
22-24 E Nationals,Charleston, SC
23-24 USODA Midwest Champs, Lake Beulah, WI
25 Beulah Sailing School Optimist Regatta, Lake Beulah, WI
26-28 TRAP X regatta
29 Over 40 C, Pewaukee, WI
29-30 Women's Spirit of the Lake A Scow, White Bear, MN
30-1 ILYA Youth Champs, Madison, WI
20-22 Melges 17 ILYA Champs, Pewaukee, NOR

Volume 2 Issue 10 June 14, 2007
Dinghy champs logo  ILYA Youth Champs Sports New Name and New Feel

The UW- Madison Sailing Team with recent alums welcomes all youth sailors 25 years and younger to the Hoofer Sailing site on the Madison campus for the 2007 ILYA Youth Champs. In a move to encourage or orient our teenage sailors to collegiate sailing, Hoofers volunteered to host this event providing a fresh new approach: Rhythm and Booms for Saturday night entertainment, lower priced rooms (to be reserved by June 15), more casual sailing (increased number of races with shorter beats) and a "cool" attitude.


For more details, contact Aaron Mann The NOR is posted on the ILYA website here. Matt Schmidt and Aaron Mann have worked through the pitfalls of a regatta in Madison. Click here for hotel, parking, tourist info. Saturday night travel will be difficult so return to your college days, find a free parking lot and enjoy the city by foot or bus. Hotel reservation low rate expires Friday, June 15th.

Father's Day - Want to Sail? 
Beulah's George Dorn MC Regatta
If you need a low key sailing experience with great food and warm hospitality, plan to attend the annual George Dorn MC regatta. This 25+ year event has seen a plethora of champs over the years but old faces return again and again. The wife team of Kathy Will and Mitzy Dorn always show the sailors a great time. REgister for $65. Housing is limited but available. Contact Doug Dorn for more info.
White Lake, MI, Spencer Weersing Memorial
MC sailors of IL and MI will want to travel to the annual Father's Day regatta on White Lake. The strong young fleet of Kimballs and Fox may hope to dominate but will they be in Augusta? Attend to see the action.
Click here for NOR.
C Nationals in Augusta runs through Father's Day
The sailors are on their way. Annis has ordered oysters for a grand oyster bar. Click here to watch the event all weekend. Forty-seven are pre-registered.
MC Nationals at Torch Lake, Michigan
MC Nationals at Torch68 Competitors Registered
One more week to decide. There is not a more picturesque club and venue. If you have not tried Torch, join your junior, women, Open, Master, grand master and Mega Master friends,
To register online,
click here. (While visiting the MC website, note the number of competitors and regattas for the past 7 years.)
For map, housing and other info,
click here.
Fond du Lac Ready for I-20s  
Large Homelake Contingent to Compete 
Dave Kuharski brings Svebka Vodka to the waterfront as the main sponsor of the 2007 I-20 ILYA Invite. Camping is available at two sites at reasonable rates. A Blues band with dinner are available at the Fond du Lac YC. Register online or contact Dave. For NOR, click here.
E Nationals in Charleston, Jun 21-24  
 E logoTen ILYA Sailors Pre-registered 
X and Opti Committees Seek Club Reps  

Monday spinnakersThe ILYA Board granted voting membership to the X and Opti Chairs effective with the next Board meeting. In addition a new structure has been instituted to develop a rotational and geographical representation to the committees. John Murphy has agreed to remain as chair for three years and Suzanne Reese will resign after two years. Each club is invited to submit the name of an interested party to serve on these committees. The two fleets will also have representation from the past, present and future regatta sites along with technical representation ex-officio in the X fleet where the ILYA controls scantlings .

Pewaukee Issues Melges 17 Report
 by Jim Guek 

pewaukeeburgeeWith five boats on the line for the racing, Pewaukee boasts a small fleet, but boats with some great sailors.  Augie Barkow, Heidi Schweda, back into racing again, and Hans Meyer, one of the first boat owners -- the fleet has a strong base and is growing.  Young sailors like George Rolfs and Critter Banholzer (Critter already has a X-Boat Regatta win in 2007) as well as a father and son team of Josh and Greg Smith, not to mention a Harken-owned boat that will be racing as well. The fleet already has some heavy hitters.

Pewaukee is looking forward to hosting the Melges 17 Champs. The club has donated a magnificant trophy to the ILYA as the inaugural event takes place July 20-22. NOR, click here

Twin Lakes Applies as Newest ILYA Club

The Board of Directors will take official action to accept Twin Lakes (Lake Elizabeth and Lake Mary) as our newest ILYA Club. This will be the second new member this year. They are beginning a new Opti fleet after meeting with a select group of ILYA promoters last year.  Twin has benefited from the ILYA Sailing Director program in the past. Kelly Reese visited Twin to coach its MC fleet.

  Team Seven Wins Women's Match Racing
Barkow Adds Tunnicliffe to Team 
from US Sailing e-Monday spinnakersnewsletter

Sally Barkow had an outstanding performance going into the round robin portion of the competition with 17 wins to only 1 loss, but that was against Leroy, who had posted a perfect score with an exciting last-minute spinnaker douse to a 360 penalty turn at the last finish ahead of barkow. Then in the first race of the semi-finals, sailed at the end of Friday's matches, Philippe beat Barkow in a fading breeze to make them rethink their performance and tactics for the final day of racing. "We defenitely got a little slack toward the end of Friday. It was a long day on the water and we were happy about winning the round robbin and I think we let up a little," Barkow said. The loss to Philippe definitely shook us up and made us realize that there still was work to be done."

Saturday, Barkow's team came out gunning and nailed their semis best-of-three with a score of 3 to 1 over Philippe and went against Leroy, who had beaten Baylis to qualify in the finals 3-1 also. In the finals, Barkow came out on top 3-1 again and cinched the win and join the ranks of Dawn Riley and Marie Bjorling as the only three to have won the Boat U.S. Santa Maria Cup twice.

MIR C Regatta Results

With only ten boats in attendance, Long Lake, IL, took top honors. The team of Bill and Dan Madden topped a strong Beulah and host North Lake contingent. Maddens won the event followed (tiebreaker) by the Brickler brothers, Frank Davenport with Anne Porter, Joe Bitter with Ben Porter, and Kent Haeger with Mike Greeson in fifth. Billy Zlotacha of North Lake used local knowledge to win the final race on Sunday.

For full results,click here
SHEETS Takes One Year Hiatus  

Following the Winter Inland, the SHEETS Board determined to place the program in hiatus for 2007. There have been numerous requests regarding re-formation. The SHEETS Board will entertain discussion relating to transferring control to another group in the Fall at the Youth Development meeting. SHEETS is not affiliated in a formal manner with the ILYA but has been utilized by our member clubs with sailors in Optis, Lasers and 420s.

ILYA Regattas Need Registration Info, especially Es  
buddy gold medalCORRECTION  
ILYA Medalists
The Peter Barrett article was submitted by an avid Madison promotor of the sport. While he intended to list the Wisconsin sailors with gold medals, a last minute change to "ILYA sailors' caused an error. Bill Allen of Minnetonka and of ILYA fame was a part of the gold Bentsen and Melges team. The picture above is a photo of much younger sailors; Allen is in the middle.
A note from proud relative Ralph Eckert reminds the ILYA we have medalists in other water sports. Cindy Eckert (then) and Jack Rusher both are medalists in the rowing category
Many of you saw Cindy Rusher on Chicago TV as a prime supporter of the Chicago bid for the US Olympic campaign. 
Detroit JOs last weekend of June  
2007 JOS Optis, Lasers and 420s 
ILYA Family supports Chicago Olympic bid for 2016  
 See Rusher on TV
Cedar Lake Wisconsin's Cindy Rusher was a part of the promotional group supporting the use of Chicago for rowing in the 2016 Olympics. Rusher is a silver medalist at a time when lightweight was a foreign concept to the rowing world. Rusher competed at UW-Madison and has remained active in the the sport. She coaches the women's HS team at New Trier in Illinois. You can find her on the waters of Cedar on solemn mornings before rushing to get children ready for Cedar Lake Sailing School. The site below contains video where Rusher can be seen celebrating the announcement that Chicago has preliminary go-ahead for the 2016 event
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