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Volume 4, Issue 17

July 8, 2009 

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White Bear's Eddie Cox Wins GLSS X
ED Cox 
With a great comeback in race 4, Eddie Cox reigned at the conclusion of both days at the '09 GLSS regatta. Regarded by some as the toughest regatta all year due to juniors and seniors sailing the same course, Cox simply outsailed the 58-boat fleet. The impressive team was Geneva who had Griffin Rolander, Joe Rolander, Charlie Morris and Matt Ripkey in the top 10. Other top ten sailors were Minnetonka's Addy Ferguson, Pewaukee's Nicholas Clemence, LaBelle's Connor Trepton, Cedar's Kathryn Rusher and Beulah's Kate Klement.Watch the Geneva website for published results not there at the time of this edition.
Dave Perry spoke to the sailors on Monday Night, instructors also on Monday Night, A spectators on Tuesday night but it was quoting Paul Elvestrom at the trophy presentation that took us all to a familar place: "Where you travel and the friends you meet are the real trophies you win." A great couple days for X boat sailing and the beginning of a fast-paced July for youth sailors in the Inland.
For a feel for the close competitive racing, here is the final race finish. Photos by Okauchee's Mark Smith.
GLSS finish 
JOHN WICKS stood on shore of the INTREPID banks of Pewaukee with GR8 EXPECT8TIONS of a GLORYous adventure. He had hoped to see ORCA, the great WHITE WHALE but had to settle for ROCK HOPPER, a GATOR,  and a MUDPUPPY. As LADY LUCK would have it, the EMAN  arrived to join him. Together they changed direction with the wind when a MIRAGE appeared looking like an UNRULY PLATYPUS. YE-HA they exclaimed. We've been wallowing in the MAASH PIT  way too long (as is the custom on these shores). The two changed STRA-TEE-GER-E, altered their course, cleared their minds and vowed to LIVE their lives as TITO-tallers. No more WILD TURKEY, no more HARE of the dog. We've been FRUITCAKES with HAPPY FEET in this here town too long. Time to get serious for the biggest gig around - a rE-PETE of some sailing event where BIG WHEELS (formerly known as Wagon Wheel) returns to this STICK-E water. No more GET N LUCK E for that MULE. He's hoping for a SILVER BULLET but let's remove all his energy (E=MC2). "Let's convince him he has a LICENSE TO CHILL" this weekend. Let's talk to Sue. Without his normal MACH 26 speed, we will GRACE that podium in true Pewaukee style.  "Hey, all you EEEEEEE's, come on over. It's a Pewaukee Party.
And 35 at Clear.
Oshkosh Xtreme Next on X Circuit

 Monday/Tuesday, July 13/14th 
The Geneva RC team returns to Oshkosh. It's fun always at Winnebago. Come enjoy Oshkosh hospitality.
ILYA Deadlines Near
Register now for the ILYA X Champs. July 10th is nearing and the fees increase after that time. Use online registration, fax to the ILYA office or mail today.
X Champs deadlline July 10
Melges 17 deadline July 11
No Tears East July 15
Optimist Champs July 15

The winds of Gull Lake are blowing in FUN for the X boaters and their families at the X Inland.  Win an iTunes gift card by winning the "Guess the Sailors in the Logo" contest.  Contest details at can be found at
Gull X
Come help GLYC properly break in its new club house and sailing school!  The recently completed facility and grounds replace the original GLYC structure and are anxiously awaiting the X fleet and all its youthful fun.  Register online at  Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions can be found at the website above.
The excitement is building. Beulah is planning to bring over 15 boats. Geneva is challenging all of you to repeat their success at last year's event. Both champs are returning. Minnetonka has been willing to share their knowledge of this wonderful new site. See you there in the Brainard area.
Here's the 2008 version of the Gull Lake Yacht Club.
Old Gull
 TA DA!!!
Here is the new club house. .
PO Box 311
Fontana, WI 53125-0311
Phone: 262-203-7721
Fax: 262-203-7722
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