Volume 9, Issue 38
  July 31, 2014   

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1-3 WYA C - Delavan

7 Pram Power - North Lake

8-9 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI

8-10 ILYA MC Champs - Pewaukee

13-17 ILYA Championships - A, E, C, I-20 - Oshkosh at the Waters



6-7 George Dorn MC Beulah

13-14 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

20-21 Beulah C Challenge

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Spencers in Junior Fleet; Cox and Boo in Senior Fleet  
What an eXXXtravaganza Gull displayed! Memories were rekindled by some and created by others. Gull Lake is unique among our member lakes due to its solitude, picturesque setting and generous, welcoming nature of its members. The club boasts members mostly who live directly on the lake in the summer. They share an appreciation for the treasure they are enjoying but a true desire to share it with their invited guests. 
Jerry Driessen, Chairman, XX traordinaire
Take the Driessen family who turns this into a family reunion. Gull Lake YC receives the bid and the chair sends out the date to the extended Driessen family and most of the eight siblings come with their offspring. It is a cousin convention! They serve on boats (Ian and Vince), on lunch (Kate), on scoring (Chuck) and chairing (Jerry), volleyball (Elle), Social media (Tally) and the one constant is Betsy Driessen who holds it all together. And these are only the ones the editor recalls. Then the Jim Johnson-Driessen neighborhood joined in on launching (Austin Dale) and  spectator driving. Add the administration of the Gull Lake YC performing a myriad of tasks including the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner (now how many of us could do that?), it was the entire community of Gull Lake who ran a flawless event. For those of us who were fortunate to return to Gull, it was an encore that should never end. Thanks, GLYC, until we meet again. 
Mark Tesar and Chip Mann
Both fleets completed eight races with challenging big wind, floaters and shifting winds. The teams were experienced and the results were indicative of the 
years of working together. Chip Mann led the senior fleet and Tesar the junior fleet. Look for these teams to return to ILYA work in two weeks at Oshkosh. 
Junior Fleet
Left unsaid but never far from many hearts was the absence of Past ILYA Commodore Fritz Ruf with wife Sally to see his grandchildren win the Junior title. His passing was too recent to allow composure for a mention of this connection. Christian and Sam Spencer sailed consistently to the finish. He threw out an 8 to end the event with all top five finishes winning by four points over last year's champions, Joey and Matthew Biwer.

 Senior Fleet
Kate Cox and Izzy Boo sat atop the leader board each evening. With a fifth as a throwout, and all top five finishes, Kate dominated the regatta winning by 12 points over JP Friend who had all top ten finishes. Tough competition as we bid goodbye to some great senior sailors. We look forward to seeing them in scows.

ILYA Optimist Champs - 121 Optis on the line  
Green Fleet
Thirty-six wonderfully talented Green Fleeters took to the waters of Big Cedar Lake, WI for two days of training and racing. In the end, Minnetonka's Kate Ness took the title. The three young girls above attended the ILYA Women's/Girls' clinic in June and Steph Roble's instruction shown through in the medium wind regatta. Shown left to right are Ashley Mueller, Isabelle Rietz, Jared Plummer, Henry Ogden and Kate Ness.

Red, White and Blue  
Eighty-five sailors competed for the ILYA Championship title. Henry Chapman threw out a second in a most impressive display of sailing. He also took the Red Fleet title. 

From left - Henry Chapman, Chapman Petersen, Nathan Olmstead, Johnny Walton, Graham Ness ---- First thru fifth

From left - Meta Simon, Aidan Boylan, Blake Stackpoole, Fritz Simon, Will Michels -- Sicth thru 10th

 From left - Toby Sullivan, Parker Michael, Seaman Hendrickson, Suzanne Ackley, Henry Rolander Eleventh thru 15th

White Fleet - Fifth thru first    Jack Steiner, Kytalin Hendrickson, Dougie Cowan, Jackson Walker, Fritz Simon
Blue Fleet - First thru fifth - Chapman Petersen, Graham Ness, Meta Simon, Will Michels, Seamus Hendrickson
Red fleet - First thru fifth - Henry Chapman, Graham Ness, Johnny Walton, Aidan Boylan, Blake Stackpooke

Girls - First thru third -- Meta Simon with Kelly Allen Trophy, Suzanne Ackley, Annie Cate Schmidt


ILYA Championships  
It's Oshkosh and ask the youth sailors. There is no water better and no club more fun. This year X sailors sailed in a steady 17 with only one tipover. And that lucky sailor had the race of his life before the tipover rounding in third place. It's a wonderful lake where race committees have the luxury of leapfrogging - starting a subsequent race at the finish of the prior race - there is THAT MUCH ROOM. There are sheltered areas where no hills or high buildings cause disturbed wind patterns. PROs Tom Hodgson, Chip Mann, Larry Krause and Mark DeGuirre are most experienced. We are planning simply the BEST event on land and sea. Get your boat there. And your singing voice - it's Karaoke night and the Waters is fun always.  

Register tonight. 

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A's -20

E's  - 35

C's - 35

I-20s - 10


C's and E's - you are the FUN at the party. 

Our Sailors around the Nation and World  
Optis to Olympics

Henry Chapman finished 5th at Opti Nationals at California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey. Results

Malcolm Lamphere was third at Canadian National Laser Championships at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. Results

Carter Cooper/Gavin Burkhart and Carolyn Keck/Maddie Gruenke at Hyannis. Results

Annie Haeger is in Rio for the South American 470 championships. The first test event will be held next week for the Olympic classes. Stephanie Hudson in the Nacra 17 and Haeger in the Women's 470 will be our ILYA members attending.  

Steph Roble has received great publicity this week after winning the US Sailing matchracing event. She sits in the top US position for women's ranking. She travels to Sweden with her team next week. For an interview with Roble, check out Scuttlebutt. 

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