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 July 31, 2011 



31- Aug 2 ILYA Opti Champs - White Bear  NOR  


1-2 ILYA Opti Champs  

White Bear  NOR  

4-7 Western Michigan

5-7 Interlake Regatta - Okoboji Fleets: C, no E, MC, X

5-7 ILYA Youth Champs - Calhoun  NOR/ENTRY 

5-7 WYA C Champs

11 Pram Power - North Lake

12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar 

ILYA Champs - Minnetonka

11-14 C/MC Champs 

14-17 A Champs 

18-21 E Champs

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26-28 Melges 17 Nationals - White Lake

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X Champs - The Over (Above) View

The Start


With an almost ethereal feel, the next set of champions would be crowned - the last day of X champs began with a 7:30 AM hour gun. Fog creeped along the surface gradually revealing the lightened iimages of small sails through its wisps. At 8:28, the signal boat announced, "I see the windward marks." And the history book of 2011 opened its last page. Clear Lake, IA showed us all it had - light, near nonexistent wind and steady, fair winds, a party proclaimed as the best in history, omelets served on the senior signal boat at the generosity of Commodore Gerald Peterson, precise organization by chairs Chris Long and Margaret Osmundson - a grand time all around.


 And here it is - Clear Lake from the vantage point of a helicopter with Todd Jerrod on camera and Jim O'Rourke at the helm. The Junior Fleet is in the distance on this last day with each fleet feverishly completing three races B/B/B before a last start at noon.

Junior Fleet

It would come down to these two. Only Johnny Ferguson of Minnetonka or Charlie Kutschenreuter of Beulah would be crowned champ. Races 1-2 to Fergie, Race 3-4 to Kutsch, Race 5 Ferguson, Race 6 Kutschenreuter. It was a grand battle between two marvelous sailors.


And the champion is Johnny Ferguson with crew Edmund Chute. This represents the third generation of Fergusons to win the X Inland. If Kutch had won, he would have been the fourth Kutsch(Norris) in a family to win. It's all about tradition and love of the sport and love of each other as 500 sailors cheered all the victors.



Junior Results
1 M67 John Ferguson Edmund Chute   Total
2 B16 Charlie Kutschenreuter Alex Keck   10
3 M101 Jack Bitney Molly Voltz   12
4 W66 Kate Cox Conner Lee   16
5 J3 Korbin Kierstead Daniel Smith   32
6 V60 David Winquist Mike Wolak   35
7 M42 Max Bernstein Joe Anderson   38
8 V11 Lizzy Friend Grace O'Rourke   43
9 A42 Patrick Crowley Ali Vollmar   48
10 NO22 Noah Janssen Harry Smith   51
11 B19 Scott Sullivan Olivia Healey   51
12 V86 Matthew Malone Ryan Horning   58
13 B60 John Barr Mary Berg   60
14 OO22 Brady Carlson Connor Carlson   63
15 N525 Jack Behrend Toby Lux   71
16 GL9 Hunter Johnson Tommy Anderson   75
17 V321 Tommy Calvy Gabe Kornacki   83
18 B77 Patrick Schmidt Max Kunz   84
19 I33 Mark Davies Will Davies   85
20 N359 Carter Cooper Alec Malone   92
21 B333 Gregory Westin Ryan Komas   94
22 OO24 Casey Harris Sean Harris   96
23 M20 Corbin P Burdick Sam Sigel   97
24 N27 Nathan Anderson Carson Heinze   99
25 V96 Taylor Just JP Friend   105
26 GL17 Michael Murphy Leo Driessen   117
27 X88 Theo Rolfs Andy Schubert   117
28 M00 Annika Ekholm Rosie Hust   119
29 NO111 Travis Theisen Rebekah Janssen   123
30 OO16 Josh Sepic John Dvorak   123
31 B119 Erin Sullivan Caroline Skotarzak   124
32 V220 Andy Biwer Matthew Biwer   126
33 D51 Zac McClenathan Madison McClenathan   128
34 OO1 Austin Keck Nathan Early   138
35 E101 Delora Prange Kiley Beth   141
36 OO21 Nicholas Jerred Avery   142
37 GL3 Max Seymour Magali Seymour   154
38 Z24 Chrissy Tesar MJ Mixdorf   158
39 V222 Becky Biwer Abbey Finnegan   170
40 Z17 Megan Vratsinas Sophie Vratsinas   179
41 Z33 Molly Anderson Ellie Biebesheimer   183
42 D25 Kailey Kiekhafer Kloe Kiekhafer   185
43 P45 Kyle Berglund Harry Nelson   189
44 Z84 Zack Wells Jacob Triplett   193

Will Crary was in a class by himself this regatta. With to total of 10 points in six races, he and crew Susie Voltz have sailed togethe for five years and what a team they have become! Crary won three of the six races. the last day with three races, we had three winners. Crary three-peated. Below are Wills Duchow and Max Schieble. Bottom photo is George Kiernan and Eric Komas.


Senior Fleet Results


1 W3 Will Crary Suzie Voltz   10
2 I49 R.J. Porter Kyle Navin   30
3 V32 Joey Feichtmeier Christian Spencer   32
4 A169 Alie Rusher Abby Eckert   39
5 M99 Anders Ekholm Morgan Brackin   42
6 I16 Griffin Rolander Henry Rolander   42
7 V24 Will Duchow Max Schieble   43
8 N54 Kelly Monahan Emma Birbaum   47
9 E80 Jeffrey Brandl Kaitlin Brandl   53
10 Z8 A.J. Hanus Will Finstad   54
11 B11 Andrea Sullivan Darby Bach   58
12 I92 Mitchell Lee Stuart Henry   60
13 I59 Colin Rowe Finn Rowe   60
14 X99 Charlie Hollister Isabel Seidel   79
15 V51 Augie Dale Hunter Daley   80
16 OO4 Alex Kunz Logan Stone   83
17 I123 Mac Six Parker Michel   84
18 B66 Michael Barr Brigit Barr   88
19 B7 Riley Schmidt Sarah Kubicek   90
20 B21 George Kiernan Eric Komas   92
21 V888 Samantha Kultgen Joey Biwer   94
22 B6 Cullen Barr John Berg   103
23 I101 Hannah Ripkey Zoe Klesmith   109
24 GL6 Nick Driessen Will Driessen   112
25 N8 Austin Anderson JP Munich   113
26 E82 Tommy Groskopf Lanie MacKay   115
27 E36 Scott Sazama Joe Sazama   117
28 B1 Mary Claire Kiernan Nora Kiernan   120
29 N45 Sean Nigel Alec Birbaum   127
30 I7 Nathan Freytag Jacob Stout   132
31 V82 Haley Thomas Mallorie Clemence   133
32 D88 Angela Marozza Allison Marozza   138
33 Z42 Anne Tesar Macy Mixdorf   138
34 K505 Greta Banholzer Sarah Petelensik   139
35 X24 Charlie Myers Harrison Burkwald   143
36 A24 Christina Boemer Katie Ulrich   144
37 OO2 Allie Schrang Katherine Kunz   144
38 OO99 Carolyn Keck Michael Doyle   152
39 N24 Ethan Heinze Paul McLean   154
40 Z11 Henry Long Antonio DiMarco   156
41 X19 Maisie Rosenheimer Abby Myers   157
42 V232 Claire Feichtmeier Jamie Winquist   161
43 Z7 Madeline Hess Will Cooney   162
44 X18 Rachel Fiedler Maggie Hollister   172
45 OO12 Annie Johnson Britt Derynda   173
46 V16 Kali Boemer Bailey Finnegan   180
47 E59 Frances Way Eleri MacKay   197
48 P21 Megan Johnson Emma Myhre   199
49 V43 Jenna Kaerek Abby Schlater   205.01
50 Z6 Sydney Zachar Patrick Zachar   205.02
51 X48 Thomas Schubert Alby Rolfs   206.01
52 V711 Cade Dries John Halaska   206.02
53 P3 Alex Haggart Anna Haggart   214
54 X4 Fritz Seidel Katie Remein   225
55 V102 Molly Ogden Danielle Holt   235

from I-20 Champs at Green Lake


Day two of the Inland20 ILYA Champs at Green Lake brought some better wind, good racing and some big surprises.  Two back to back races were sailed in the morning, followed by another two back to backs in the afternoon.  Sailors fought their way through chop and varying wind speeds all day.  The final leg of the final race of the day lightened up considerably and even threatened to shut off.  Shortly after the last boat squeaked across the finish line the whole fleet was caught off guard as a major squall hit the lake out of nowhere.  More than half the fleet went over, and two boats lost their rigs in the gusts that were rumored to be as high as 45mph.  Thankfully plenty of race committee and assistance boats were on hand to help the capsized sailors.  Aside from some bumps and bruises the I-20 sailors were all fine and safe.  Unfortunately the squall meant the end of the regatta for this particular sailor, but it was certainly one screaming reach until the mast gave way!  Just another reminder that summertime weather conditions can change very quickly and we all need to be careful when enjoying the lakes.


Standings after 5 races:

1 H652 Steve Scheck   Mendota  1 2 2 1 2 8
2 J11 Aaron Lynn   Oshkosh  4 1 4 2 3 14
3 FD4 Jack Boatman   Fond du Lac  2 4 5 3 1 15
4 M11 Stefan Schmidt   Mendota  5 3 1 5 4 18
5 FD314 John Hayashi   Green Lake YC 3 5 6 4 5 23
6 U11 Steven Catlin Youth Neenah 8 6 3 9 6 32
7 ID8 Jef Patten   Indian Lake 6 10 9 7 7 39
8 FD20 Sam Whealon Youth Fond du Lac  10 8 8 6 9 41
9 M12 Pat Fleming   Minnetonka 9 11 7 8 10 45
10 FD101 Dave Whealon   Fond du Lac  7 9 13\DNF 10 8 47
11 WA5 Justin Bolles   Wawasee YC 12 7 10 12 12 53
12 WA1 Kenney Bolles   Wawasee YC 11 12 11 11 11 56


Editors note
Apologies if the formatting of this issue is amiss. It seems all the photos and pasted results are taxing the server ---- and the editor! Congrats to all our amazing sailors who make this so enjoyable. 
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