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ILYA X Champs Edition
Volume 5, Issue 33

July 31, 2010

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Schedule of Events

28-31 ILYA X Champs - Pewaukee
31-1 D20 Laser Champs -
South Shore
1-3 ILYA Opti Champs-Okauchee
5-8 Interlake - Clear Lake, IA
6-8 ILYA I-20 Champs - Neenah Nodaway
11-21 ILYA Championships - Lake Geneva
A Scows - Aug 15-17
E Scows - Aug 11-14
C Scows - Aug 18-21
MC Scows - Aug 11-14
12 Pram Power -North Lake
12-15 US Laser Champs - Milwaukee
13-14 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
15-17 RWB Chip- LaBelle
20-22 ILYA Youth Champs (Laser and 420) - Calhoun
Day three - No Wind - No Regatta
junior X ILYA 2010
Junior Fleet
1 I66 Malcolm Lamphere & Riley Legault Lake Geneva YC 2 1 3
2 M68 Johnny Ferguson & Sam Maxwell Minnetonka YC 1 7 8
3 V24 Will Duchow & Max Duchow Pewaukee YC 4 4 8
4 B16 Charlie Kutschenreuter & Alex Keck Lake Beulah YC 8 3 11
5 V51 Augie Dale & Hunter Daley Pewaukee YC 10 5 15
6 I35 Mac Six & Monica Heath Lake Geneva YC 3 16 19
7 A169 Alison Rusher & DJ Jaessing Cedar Lake YC 11 8 19
8 I92 Mitchell Lee & Stuart Henry Lake Geneva YC 12 10 22
9 OO14 Trevor Trepton & Noah Finco Lac LaBelle YC 6 19 25
10 V232 Claire Feichtmeier & Jamie Winquist Pewaukee YC 21 6 27
11 B21 George Kiernan & Eric Komas Lake Beulah YC 7 20 27
12 N45 Sean Nigel & Nathan Anderson Nagawicka Lake YC 5 26 31
13 GL17 Nick Driessen & Max Seymour Gull Lake YC 18 13 31
14 B66 Michael Barr & John Barr Lake Beulah YC 17 15 32
15 B7 Riley Schmidt & Morgan Keck Lake Beulah YC 13 22 35
For full results, click here.
senior X ilya 2010
Senior Fleet
1 M67 Addy Ferguson & Jack Bitney Minnetonka YC 4 2 6
2 E3 Natalie Kay & Delora Prange Okauchee Lake YC 7 3 10
3 GL6 Alex Driessen & Hunter Johnson Gull Lake YC 5 7 12
4 I53 Joe Rolander & Henry Rolander Lake Geneva YC 1 12 13
5 B111 Kate Klement & Teresa Westin Lake Beulah YC 14 1 15
6 I101 Matt Ripkey & Annalise Floody Lake Geneva YC 10 5 15
7 I16 Griffin Rolander & Eleanor Larsen Lake Geneva YC 6 9 15
8 M22 Griffin Robillard & John Hartfiel Minnetonka YC 15 4 19
9 W66 Eddie Cox & Kate Cox White Bear YC 2 19 21
10 W3 Will Crary & Susie Voltz White Bear YC 8 18 26
11 V32 Joey Feichtmeier & Joe Gagliano Pewaukee YC 11 16 27
12 E66 Bridget Smith & Annie Geschke Okauchee Lake YC 13 15 28
13 A28 Lydia Garlie & Sarah Rolfs Cedar Lake YC 16 14 30
14 E80 Jeffrey Brandl & Spencer MacKay Okauchee Lake YC 25 10 35
15 M99 Anders Ekholm & Caitlin McGoldrick Minnetonka YC 24 11 35
Pewaukee Hosts a Grand Event
X fleet photo
Five hundred for dinner on Saturday just about sums up. The volunteer crew of Pewaukee yacht club showed the 2010 X sailors and parents the hospitality known as Pewaukee. Wind conditions were less than desirable but the Pewaukee waterfront was filled with sailors and parents renewing and enjoying those wonderful friendships known as the Inland. Thanks to all Pewaukee for your planning, hard work and marvelous gift of friendship.
For videos of the top sailors, click here
For full results, click here.
Okauchee Registration on Sunday
Opti Inland
ILYA OPTI Champs At Okauchee Lake August 1-3, 2010

Greetings OPTI Champs participants. Okauchee Lake is looking forward to the upcoming championship race. We are expecting more than 100 racers and have very high water conditions on Okauchee.  This quantity of participants and this lake level requires that we be very creative in our use of club grounds, the lake and the neighborhood. To make this a success for all, please read carefully.

REGISTRATION: AUGUST 1, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM only, per NOR. There will be no day of race registration.

Additional lunches and T-shirts will be available at registration.

At registration, a boat number will be assigned to your hull and to your dolly. This number corresponds to your storage location on the club grounds.

Mandatory boat measurement/inspection will be held at the regatta headquarters from 3:00PM-7:00 PM on Sunday August 1 only.

Okauchee Lake is at this moment under a slow no wake restriction. We hope this restriction is lifted by the start of the regatta. Okauchee is heavily patrolled by several law enforcement agencies especially during this time period. Do yourself and our neighbors a favor and leave your personal motor boat at home. We will provide adequate spectator boats staffed by skippers familiar with the rules of the lake.

No power boat launching at regatta headquarters.  OLYC does not have adequate pier space to accommodate off-lake boats. If you do bring your boat, off-site launching is available at The Golden Mast. A mooring should be brought for temporary mooring at the yacht club. Water taxis will be provided to transport you from your mooring to the clubhouse. No overnight mooring allowed.

Sailing School Boats may be launched at the Bauers Lane launch. Trailers may be kept at the Kay residence. Further instructions will be provided on Sunday.


All vehicle parking will be off site at the Stone Bank School. A shuttle service will be provided.


Absolutely no alcohol may be carried onto the club grounds. Alcohol and other beverages are available at the clubhouse.
No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the road side of the yacht club property.
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Fontana, WI 53125-0311
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