Volume 12, Issue 50  
July 27, 2017
ILYA Championships
Lake Geneva
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2017 Regattas
26-29 ILYA X Champs - Delavan YC
28 TCYS- Wayzata 420 only
30-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
1 cont. ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
3 Pram Power - North Lake
3-5 ECESA - Little Egg Harbor, NJ
2-5 Western MI Champs E/C/MC - Crystal Lake
4 TCYS - Wayzata
4-6 WYA C - Nagawicka YC
11-12 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 George Dorn MC - Beulah
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
Juniors  (listed first)          Seniors (listed second) 
ILYA X championships --- Down to the last race  
Close, close, close in juniors and Tie - Tie- Tie in Seniors
For the first time in Inland history we have a threeway tie going into the last day of the regatta. Delavan's Nathan and Graham Hetzler took the two morning races and the hunt is on!! And just to show the boys, it's not over Beulah's Brigit Barr came out and took race six. Spend some time looking at the top ten below in the senior fleet and tell anyone this is not a tough fleet. So many top five finishes for the top group! Consistent, consistent, consistent. 
Then the juniors --- One point separates the two leaders who remain the same as Day One. Simon and Harrod are machines! And don't count out Ackley and Harned. There are five girls and five boys in the top ten. This speaks volumes to the strength of our fleet. 
Yesterday's re-cap 
Weather: Wind 8- an occasional 12. Steady, steady direction which made for easy RC setup but still not less worrying about the course. Kudos to Chip Mann and Mark Tesar and their crews for efficient, precise work. The juniors are sailing a long windward with an immediate reduction in the length to the first gate. Races have been 50+ minutes and with four races the first day and three the second, the sailors are tested (and tired). 
Senior Fleet: What could be more exciting simply than three young men sailing their hearts out. Two from Geneva and another sailor 15 miles down the road. It will be a day to remember today. 
Junior Fleet: Event of the day. You live for these times ---- when a relatively unknown sailor midfleet or below has the race of her life!! Here is it! (And here are her scores) - 
[58]   32   41   52   37   1   31 
The tack that said it all! When A-13 had to give to Izzy Rietz and Callie Smith, the waters exploded in a roar. Izzy was in a shocking third at the first mark; then second windward she stayed there. The gate boat announced B-5 as the first boat around the gate the last time and cheers went up from the spectator crowd. How nice for little Izzy! But the leaders were on the opposite side of the lake. And here is the final tack that roared. 
And here they are looking like they own it! They did! Sound goes off to a deafening, screaming crowd. The true moment of the day was seeing skipper Izzy drop the tiller and mainsheet and just stand jumping up and down in her boat. It was a "tears-in-the-eyes" moment. This will be a lifetime memory for parents Elaine and Eric. 


Fleet growth: While the sailing is great, work is always being completed. The ILYA Foundation, X Chair and Youth Development Chair met to create the backbone of a program to promote X boats and generate a larger used boat supply. Thanks to David Strothman and Ted Rolfs for their creativity. The plan will be developed by the X committee, reviewed by the Foundation, ILYA Board of Directors and ILYA accounting firm for 501(c)(3) regulations and, hopefully, implemented in the late fall of 2017. After watching all the activity this week, the model of Opti to X to scows is most successful. We want to showcase our fleet to other ILYA clubs who are diminishing in scow numbers. We believe our path develops strong numbers for our clubs and we realize the dedication and quality of our builder. ---- Watch for progress and we will appreciate your generous nature in the Fall when we come calling. 
Delavan Lake Yacht Club:  PERFECT in every way. Truly what can be said on Day Three of the event. Not a glitch, not a hiccup - OK the scorer sits in a room with only room for a computer and chair due to the trophies, clearing of the entire club for us to move in but 99.5% of you haven't seen it and he doesn't seem to care. Larry Kmiecik has the scores up when the fleet arrives for lunch and shortly after the afternoon's landing. Thanks, Larry. The Jury had no work on Friday but a full night on Thursday. Thanks to Tom Hodgson, Susie Pegel and David Porter. 
Junior fleet synopsis - 
Race Seven
Ellie Harned and Stella Marban - Pine
Race Six
Isabelle Rietz and Callie Smith - Beulah
Race Five
V213   Simonized   Meta Simon/
Fritz Simon  
Pewaukee/      2   4   [7]   1   7   4   4     22   
W20   Shake n Bake   Owen Harrod/
Hank Seum  
White Bear/      5   [12]   2   2   4   5   5     23   
X13   Xackley   Suzanne Ackley/
Julia Janssen  
Pine/      4   1   [33]   7   1   8   10     31   
X4   Windhover   Ellie Harned/
Stella Marina  
Pine/      1   [50]   4   6   5   29   1     46   
J2   Fearless   Jack Scherer/
Jacob Bowman  
Oshkosh/      6   20   1   11   8   [28]   7     53   
B11   Boaty McBoatface   Jonah Boykin/
Chandler Jarecki  
Beulah/      14   2   [19]   9   9   7   13     54T   
A14   Hamburger   Lindsey Vollmar/
Justin Heimsch  
Cedar/      3   8   [31]   4   27   3   9     54T   
V61   Chuck Wagon   Charlie Allen/
Megan Isabell  
Pewaukee/      15   5   12   [20]   2   12   11     57   
A136   Not Too Sh-Abby   Abby Eckert/
Allison Heimsch  
Cedar/      13   11   3   15   13   [26]   3     58   
OO144   LandShark   Jackson Walker/
Paxton Denton
Paige Beckes  
  10   19   [30]   14   3   10   8     64   
 Fan Favorites from the day
RC concierge boat - Thanks to Sweeney - Ness for stopping by to ask about our needs
Three boys in a boat or Wild Men in training. Connor Jewett, Grady Strothman and toothless John Lynch. 
Redshirting? There has to be some age limit. David Strothman with the M-9. Getting it all tuned, Dad?
Just the best pic of the day from Junior photographer Dale Roble who could not resist this face

Senior Fleet Synopsis - See next Scowlines. Must be too many photos for the program to be happy this morning. 

I11   5 Star   Kyle Navin/
Mya Burdick  
Geneva/      1   1   [7]   1   6   6   3     18T   
D30   Penguin   Nathan Hetzler/
Graham Hetzler  
Delavan/      [6]   5   5   2   1   1   4     18T   
I25   All In   Chapman Petersen/
Caroline Holland  
Geneva/      5   2   1   4   4   2   [6]     18T   
B6   Barr-B-Que   Brigit Barr/
Caroline LeRoy  
Beulah/      10   [22]   4   3   5   4   1     27T   
V88   Haulin' Donkey   Sam Spencer/
Austin Steiner  
Pewaukee/      3   [32]   2   5   3   12   2     27T   
V10   Wally's Warriors   Jack Schweda/
John Lieber  
Pewaukee/      4   12   10   7   [14]   5   8     46   
V511   Aderyn   Red Tornehl/
Grayson Bruss/ Adam Biwer  
Pewaukee/      2   3   [18]   11   7   17   13     53T   
X55   Boaty McBoatface   Joe Gehl/
Lyssa Neumann  
Pine/      [24]   7   3   10   9   19   5     53T   
OO24   boomerang   Quinn Harris/
Nora Kandziora  
Labelle/      9   6   9   12   8   10   [33]     54   
B3   Komonster   Ryan Komas/
Brian Zettlemoyer  
Beulah/      12   8   6   17   12   [22]   7     62   

Wonder how we do on Facebook. Everyday a several hundred of you check out our posts. Opening Ceremony hit 2447 views!! Welcome to X Champs. 

For full results, click the link at the top of the page. Also the ILYA X website gives a play by play of the races. Yesterday's X website features videos by coaches. Check here for more detailed information. Follow on Twitter and Instagram and the ILYA -Inland Lake Yachting Association Facebook page. Results are posted by scorer Larry Kmiecik after each race. Photos are by Dale Roble in junior fleet, Larry Kmiecik both junior and senior and Mac Six on junior and senior fleet. 

2017 MC Invitational 
No Tears Senior - 
ILYA X Championships - Day One registration
ILYA X Championships Junior Fleet - Day two

Melges Rowe at 29er Nationals followed by 29er Worlds; Roble Shea in Germany  
Alamitos Bay YC

Follow Harry Melges IV and Finn Rowe in California the next week as the Worlds begins. The Nationals looks promising a 5-8-39 first day but a DNF pushed them down. This is a team right on the verge of breaking through to the top. Good luck. 

Roble Shea in Kiel, Germany which starts Sunday. 


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