Volume 11, Issue 53 July 29, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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22 - City of Lakes, Opti/420 - Calhoun
23-24 City of Lakes MC Team/M16/C/Laser - Calhoun
25  No Tears Opti - Cedar
27-30 ILYA X Champs - Okoboji
31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear
4 Pram Power - North Lake
5-7 WYA C Pewaukee 
10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake,MI
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
    North Lake MC Fall 
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
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ILYA X Championships  
It's a regatta!
(David Thoreson photo)
With four races in on both the Senior and Junior fleets, the legal requirements to declare a regatta have been fulfilled. Whew, for RC Chip Mann and Mark Tesar! The day was not steady, however; seniors abandoned one shifty race so spent a longer day on the water to achieve the goal. But what a picturesque day the seniors had down by Arnold's Park amusement area. The scores are tight on the senior side with another race likely to mix it up. Today's leader is Pewaukee's Christian Spencer/ Jack Steiner followed closely by Harry Melges IV/Finn Burdick and Beulah's Brigit Barr/Caroline LeRoy.
The Juniors sailed north of the senior fleet and accomplished four races of midium, light, medium, light - get the picture? The day's end racing turned out to the best of the day. It was definitely a long day but as both fleets' guidelines are to complete eight races, the first day is usually long and tough. There was still time for lunch on shore to allow some social during the day but, rest assured, Arnold's Park at night was most likely the hit. The junior racecard is firmly in control by Geneva's Chapman Petersen/Caroline Holland. There is a local connection here as Phil Petersen is a proud grandfather and also organizer extraordinaire. He has RC needs well, well in hand. Okoboji's generous members provide most of the boats on the water. For instance, the junior signal boat is a "Graham boat" which has the traveling team of Porter/Roble/Roble never leaving due to its spaciousness, beauty and fun-loving driver Perry Pearson. The great pride of the day was Pine Lake's sailors who won two races: Ellie Harned with Stella Marban and, not to be outdone, Luca Marban with Kit Harned. Even when Luca was outfoxed one lake it was by Pine's own Peter von Hagke with a Harned cousin, Kaitlin Flores. Just a grand day for Pine Lake. 
The jury was called into action for two incidents. Jurists David Poter (Beulah), Peter Keck (Nagawicka) and Okoboji's own Brad Jones adjudicated one senior and one junior protest.  
Chapman Petersen with Caroline Holland leads the juniors with a 1-2-1-2. He has a stronghold on the junior side after day 1.  
Ellie Harned with Stella Marban led race two wire to wire. No looking back for these two young girls from Pine Lake. 
Luca Marban with Kit Harned sailed the last race of the day to victory.
Meanwhile on the Senior side, Christian Spencer with Jack Steinerheld full command at lunch with a 1-2 but slipped minimally in the afternoon as Brigit Barr and Caroline LeRoy won the afternoon with a 2-2. Harry Melges IV and Finn Burdick sit ahead of Barr with a 4-4-7-1. It's tight racing there. - Parents, please send photos of the race winners on the Senior Fleet for publication here. The junior fleet has Dale Roble pointing and shooting the finish when not assisting with tight calls 
Here are Thoreson's shots of the day:
And the editor's picks
Western Michigan Annual Regatta  
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