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July 27, 2009 

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                                 REPORT BY NANCY DREISSEN 
The 70th X Inland at Gull Lake came to a close after seven races, with two back-to-back Saturday morning races under cloudy skies.  Winds were out of the northwest at 12-14 mph with gusts close to 20 mph throughout the morning.  A light mist fell as both fleets went out, but skies gradually cleared.  The senior fleet sailed two W 2 ½ courses in a closely contested championship.  B-111, sailed by Kate Klement with crew Teresa Westin, won the regatta by one point over W-66, sailed by Eddie Cox with crew Cole Lee, who went out with two strong, well-sailed races.   The standings were so close that there was a three-way tie for fourth.  From the host yacht club, Gull Lake's Alex Driessen placed eighth.  The junior fleet sailed two W 2s, with the regatta's first place trophy going to B-66, sailed by Michael Barr with crew Gregory Westin.
The sun came out for the lunch, haul out and the trophy presentation.  ILYA commodore Mark Prange and Gull Lake commodore Charles McQuinn distributed trophies.  The logo contest identity was revealed to be 2004 X boat junior fleet champion Alex Kay and his crew.  The volleyball tournament trophy went to the team from Okauchee who defeated Pewaukee.  
Final Standings
Junior Fleet:
1st B- 66 Barr-B-Que Barr, Michael Gregory Westin 6 3 5 3 2 5 (12) 36 24
2nd I- 16 Menace Rolander, Griffin Mac Six 1 4 3 1 3 15 (19) 46 27
3rd B- 16 Rasta Rocket Kutschenreuter, Charlie Alex Keck 2 6 9 (18) 13 2 1 51 33
4th B- 6 Barr-acade Barr, Cullen John Barr 3 5 8 8 5 4 (15) 48 33
5th M- 99 Shiny Object Ekholm, Anders Caitlin McGoldrick 8 1 7 2 12 (14) 7 51 37
6th V- 32 Jo-Momma Feichtmeier, Joey Kali Boemer (14) 9 2 13 10 1 3 52 38
7th B- 21 Blackjack Kiernan, George Patrick Schmidt 4 8 1 (14) 7 7 11 52 38
8th B- 1 Hamma Time Kiernan, Mary Claire Sarah Kubicek (26) 12 6 5 1 13 4 67 41
9th M- 22 Triton Robillard, Griffin Corbin Burdick 9 10 (14) 6 6 8 6 59 45
10th I- 59 Butcher Rowe, Colin Nathan Freytag 7 (14) 12 10 11 3 8 65 51
11th W- 3 No Xcuses Crary, Willy Susie Voltz 11 11 13 11 4 (16) 2 68 52
12th V- 51 Blackbeard Dale, Augie David Winquist 12 2 11 4 20 10 (35 DNF) 94 59
13th M- 68 Frogger Ferguson, Johnny Woody Hust 15 16 4 (28) 9 20 9 101 73
14th V-24 Hi Mom Duchow, Wills Andy Biwer 19 7 16 (22) 19 6 13 102 80
15th A-169 Wiki Wiki Rusher, Alison DJ Jaessing 10 15 (20) 17 14 11 17 104 84
The highest ranking girl trophy went to Mary Claire Kiernan who won a race.

Senior Fleet
1st B-111 Klementine VII Klement, Kate Teresa Westin (15) 1 10 1 1 2 2 32 17
2nd W- 66 Blues Mobile Cox, Eddie Cole Lee 9 4 1 2 (31) 1 1 49 18
3rd V- 62 Vida del Mar Clemence, Nicholas Maggie Clemence 3 9 6 3 3 (25) 15 64 39
4th I- 49 Full Throttle Porter, Davis Aiden Jacobs 23 2 2 (25) 4 5 9 70 45
5th I- 53 Warrior Rolander, Joe RJ Porter (22) 15 3 5 2 12 8 67 45
6th M- 67 Starfish Ferguson, Addy Hayley Jewett 2 10 9 4 (20) 16 4 65 45
7th I-101 Big Daddy Ripkey, Matt Hannah Ripkey 7 3 7 7 19 (24) 7 74 50
8th GL- 6 Xtreme Driessen, Alex Hunter Johnson 4 7 (28) 11 12 7 13 82 54
9th NO-111 North Blake Kenney, Blake Travis Theisen (16) 8 4 13 8 15 12 76 60
10th I- 90 BackDraft Morris, Charlie Leslie Poole (17) 13 14 12 6 4 16 82 65
11th E- 3 B O Kay Kay, Natalie Maddie Wohlfeil 5 6 17 23 (30) 22 6 109 79
12th B- 19 Breakaway 3 Sullivan, David Scott/Erin Sullivan (28) 25 5 6 11 21 11 107 79
13th M- 9 Fire Storm Burton, Charlie Max Bernstein (40) 12 19 18 7 6 26 128 88
14th E- 66 Lucky Duck Smith, Bridget Annie Geschke 6 5 26 22 (28) 20 18 125 97
15th E- 2 Cupcake Zea, Jacob Parker Waldrin 10 19 31 14 (45) 10 14 143 98
The highest ranking girl trophy went to Kate Klement 

Editor's notes
 Each regatta has its special moments, memories that last. This photo speaks volumes about the effort and appreciation of Gull Lake. Betsy Dreissen was finally coaxed out of "command central" to accept the praise of 400+ participants at the '09 Champs. Vince could not look more lovingly at his sister who represents all those volunteers at Gull Lake who made this marvelous event possible. Thank you to all the members of Gull Lake who greeted us each bright morning with orange welcome shirts and an even more welcoming spirit. A twinge of sadness was experienced as we left this magnificently gorgeous  facility with an even more magnificent sense of pride in all that was accomplished to make this event memorable. Gull Lake, you have raised the bar. You have extended to us an openness which made this event a one-of-a-kind experience for many of our youth sailors. The beauty of your clubhouse, your lake and your generous memberS will long be remembered.
On to the sailing:
  • The two winning crews were brother and sister.
  • Two siblings each won races in the junior fleet.
  • Nicholas Clemence took both his sisters as crew.
  • The senior race course had three Dreissen RC members (one affectionately called Tom Cruise Dreissen), two Dreissen cousins sailing, the patriarch spectating and an army of Dreissen cheerleaders. As Alex completed the first race, a roar like July 4th fireworks exploded from the spectator gallery. The cheering lasted for an eternity --- a proud Gull Lake team.
  • The crowd was full of past champions - no fewer than 12 past X champs were present. Each knew the significance of standing with the trophy on the conclusion of the event.
Each year we graduate the finest sailors from the fleet. On a personal note, I have met individuals who have touched my life immeasurably.. All of you are special. I can't imagine an ILYA event without many of you. While the adult fleets can never duplicate what the ILYA has created with the heritage of the X boat, you will find all those X friends later in our other fleets. Join us year after year at the Big Inland. You will see how those friendships here deepen and endure. Thanks for a great event and all the memories. 

 Full results here.


1 USA2 Derek Packard Youth Minnetonka 1 3 2 6 4 9 25

2 USA47 Erik Bowers Youth Minnetonka 2 2 4 2 8 8 26

3 USA0 Vincent Porter Regular Lake Geneva 9 11 3 1 2 1 27

4 USA106 Mike Hanson Youth Minnetonka 6 6 1 3 10 5 31

5 USA137 Jim Hilgard Regular Glen Lake 12 1 5 4 7 3 32

6 USA51 Deb Gluek Regular Pewaukee 7 5 8 5 3 11 39

7 USA170 Mike Dow Regular Grand Traverse Yacht Club 8 4 9 10 5 10 46

8 USA158 Jeff Lewis Regular North Coast Com. Sailing 5 9 7 7 12 6 46

9 USA14 Ben Biwer Youth Pewaukee 4 7 6 20\DNF 13 4 54

10 USA213 Lesa Gutenkunst Regular Pewaukee 10 20\DNS 11 8 1 7 57

11 USA115 Coye Harrett Youth Lake Geneva 3 8 20\DNF 20\DNS 9 2 62

12 USA15 Jacob Bowman Regular Minnetonka 20\DNF 10 10 9 17 17 83

13 USA163 Hans Dickel Regular Minnetonka 20\DNS 20\DNF 20\DNS 20\DNS 6 13 99

14 USA150 Gordy Bowers Regular Minnetonka 20\DNF 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 11 12 103

15 USA13 David Harrison Regular Oshkosh 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 14 14 108

16 USA63 John Dennis Regular Minnetonka 11 20\DNF 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 111

17 USA131 Ray Haverstock Regular Minnetonka 20\DNF 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 16 15 111

18 USA167 Rich Budinger Regular Minnetonka 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 15 16 111

19 USA140 Paul Huttner Regular Minnetonka 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 20\DNS 120

Click here for the Minnetonka news.
2009 Championship is just around the corner.
The big regatta of the year is just around the corner and we have been seeing some world class promotion going on to make this regatta one of the biggest and best of the year. Our Vice Commodore has even upped the stakes as the Cedar Lake Yacht Club has kicked into full gear and gotten both the C fleet and MC fleet attending in mass the regatta in Green Lake. But what we really need to see is some of our sailors from out west and those in central Wisconsin who have supported us so strongly in the past start to register. There is some world class wagering at stake so we need all your all support.
Strong clubs like Lake Beulah and Lake Geneva are being outpaced by Oshkosh YC and Cedar Lake YC. Is there a shifting of the sailing powers going on? Now is the time to seize the challenge and perhaps the rum and get your club sailors and their boats on the line, up in Green Lake. For those of you ILYA sailors out in the great state of Iowa, follow the trail east and come visit us, the gas is cheaper this year then last year and there is plenty of hospitality waiting for you here in Green Lake. So no excuses just follow the big white trailer and caravan out here, we would love to have you.
To our strong supporters in the Minnetonka YC and Pewaukee YC keep signing up and bring as many friends as you want. For the White Bear guys how about a bunch of A Scows a handful of E's with a sprinkle of C's. For all those in Madison with the Mendota YC, lets at least get half the boats which showed at the E Invite to travel the same distance up to the Championships. I bet you didn't know it takes the same amount of time to get to Green Lake as it does Pewaukee.
We have a great event planned and you do not want to miss out on this one. The water is perfect and what more can you say about Green Lake, it is you the sailors top choice of venues to sail at as published in the ILYA survey. So fire up the plans and get your registration in now, don't miss out on all the fun.
 Cedar Lake Run for the Rum
The late entry fee deadline for the ILYA Championship at Green Lake is July 25th. Please help Green Lake put on a great show by registering early so that they know what their numbers will be.
Rick Trester is so confident that Cedar Lake Wisconsin will have the largest fleet representation in both the C Fleet and the MC fleet that he is putting a bottle of Mount Gay on the line for each fleet. He will give one bottle of Mount Gay Rum to the member lake fleet that has the most registered boats in the C fleet and he will give a separate bottle to the lake fleet that has the most registered boats in the MC fleet. You must register by August 6th to count.
The bottles will be awarded at the Steak Fry dinners during the regattas.
There are a couple of rules:
            1. Ties do not count. If two lakes tie with the most registered boats they can fight over the bottle, or share it.
            2. The deadline for registrations to count toward the rum is August 6th at 0:00pm. If you register after August 6th you will not count in the Run for the      Rum.
            3. The online registration list at will be the basis for my decision. Jim will make sure that any registrations that he receives in the mail on the 6th          will be listed. There will be no allowances for registrations that are in the mail.
            3. Rick Trester will be the final authority on the winners. Any fleet that protests the results or asks for redress will be disqualified!
Optimist Nationals
 usodaCabrillo Beach, CA 
Results are painstakingly slow to post. We have finals from another source == Malcolm Lamphere ended fourth; Minnetonka's Ben Garber in 28th and Tommy (T$) Garber competed in the final day in the Bronze fleet.
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