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July 26, 2008

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oshkosh awards 
 The 2008 X Championship is in the books. The Closing Ceremony at Oshkosh, like the Opening, was full of ILYA tradition and sentimentality. Richard Beers of Delavan commented, "Each year we think we have the best event possible and each successive year the hosting club raises the bar." If one word describes our Inland sailing, it is family and both Junior and Senior championship titles were won by brothers. While Joe and Griffin Rolander had their win secured on Day 2 in the Junior Fleet, Davis and RJ Davis had to sail at the top of their game to win the Senior Championship. The awards ceremony culminated what many regarded as the best X Championship ever. .Porters at Oshkosh 
 Davis and RJ Porter finished (with their throw out not stated) with no race worse than 5th. The seven counted races totaled 21. They beat out the Lee brothers who are second for the third year. Third was another Geneva boat, Charlie Morris and Mac Six. George Kutschenreuter and John Barr were fourth with Nicholas and Madeline Clemence in fifth.
rolanders at oshkosh
 Joe and Griffin Rolander complied an even stronger record than the Porters with a total of 15 points for the 7 race series. Good winds on Day 3 gave both fleets their full complement of eight races. Shown with the Rolander gentlemen are John Murphy, ILYA X fleet rep, and Fred Wester, Oshkosh Commodore.  W-66, Eddie Cox with Cole Lee ended the event as junior runners up. Addy Ferguson with Hayley Jewett (Minnetonka) were third, Beulah's Kate Klement and Riley Schmidt were fourth and Cedar's Kathryn and Nick Rusher were fifth. The top five in the junior fleet receive those coveted Blue Chip awards.
 Top girls. . .
top girls at Oshkosh 
Addy Ferguson (second from left) and Hayley Jewett - Minnetonka -took the junior trophy and Katie Sacotte (far right) and Stef Leftwich - Cedar - took the senior title.  
Haeger Hodgson Trophy. . .
Haeger Hodgson Trophy
 The ILYA presents a trophy to the highest ranking skipper 13 or younger. This year's award is presented to Beulah's Kate Klement with crew Riley Schmidt.
Pictures of the day. .
cindy rusher  
The event had an Olympics theme as we near the games. For us we have special interest this year as we cheer on Sally Barkow (Pine) and John Ruf (Pewaukee). We can add John Lovell to the mix who is married to Minnetonka sailor Katie Pilley Lovell. Above with the burgees of our host clubs and with our championship trophies stands Cindy Eckert Rusher (Cedar) who along with her husband Jack is a medalist in rowing. Silver medalist Rusher was present at the podium to explain the Blue Chip procedure.
 Special thanks to Mark Kiernan for today's awards photos and Stacie Carlson for the junior fleet photos. 
 Our hats off . . .  
Lee brothers 
Michael and Mitchell Lee of Geneva have sailed at the top for the past four years. The last three years Michael has finished in second place. The term "always a bridesmaid" diminishes the quality of sailing and the sportsmanlike demeanor exemplified by this fine team during Michael's X boat career.  
 Check the OYC website for results
Okacuhee volleyball
Yesterday, Scowlines reported the volleyball championship was completed at the Waters social event. The final game was executed following sailboat racing on Saturday. There were tall talented sailors around the ILYA. Fierce competition with high stakes was on the line (or net) but the trophy passes to a new tough team of Okauchee.
 As we all left yesterday to return to our comfortable homes and home lakes, there was a sense of mixed emotions as we bid farewell to
. . . Oshkosh Yacht Club  Perfection is the word. The weather cooperated all the way through the event. There are not words to express the effort of the Oshkosh Yacht Club who labored for an entire year after bidding on this venue for the past five years. The chairs of Amy Sitter and Amy Goudreau received a standing ovation for their efforts. The volunteer army it takes to run an Inland is unfathomable. It came all together seamlessly for the finest event ever. Thank you to Oshkosh.
. . . Bill and Beth Wyman Never have there been dearer friends to the Inland. Their generous donation of resources has resulted in a treasure to Midwest and, perhaps, national sailing. The elegantly appointed Waters is magnificent. It is always with sadness we leave them as the humble, natural manner in which they conduct their life is testament to their devotion to service. We are enriched by their love of all of us and sailing at Oshkosh.
. . . Race Committee Our race committee teams volunteer from across the region to implement the fairest and most skilled race courses we are possible of running. The Inland X champs is the premier youth event in the region with a consistent participation of over 100 boats, 200 sailors and, beyond that, another 200+ spectators. Each race committee volunteer secretly or openly admits to this being a favorite on his summer agenda. The commitment to excellence is appreciated. Our race officers begin the day two hours before the sailors and end with a day's end debrief to recount the day's experience with an opportunity to improve. We are fortunate for the high standards our teams maintain.
. . . Parents Each year another set of parents leaves the fleet. It was obvious yesterday as tears filled the eyes of many as their children graduate from the fleet. The friendships developed over many, many years are deep and lasting. The relationship developed between parent and child lasts longer than any regatta. This is some sport we all enjoy where families share triumphs, challenges and victories of life all along the way.
. . . Graduating sailors  I want to personally thank all the fine senior sailors who have brought me joy. I have a special place in my heart for all of you who have provided me with so much pleasure. As you cross over the finish line, I can only offer you my respect for all you have accomplished. You are among the dearest friends I have. The ILYA wishes you continued success in sailing but we are entirely confident that we have provided you with the finest training for life and all it brings. The sense of fair play will go with you in the future. The dedication to this sport and the effort you have expended is only the beginning of a set of skills you will carry with you forever. Thank you, graduating senior sailors, for providing all of us with memories we hold dear.
JULY 15TH  late fee in place No Tears at Clear  7/30
                   Optimist Champs at Cedar 8/3-5
JULY 25TH E,MC,M,A Open,C,I-20 Champs at Okoboji 8/9-16
                   A One Design Champs at Mendota 8/21-24

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