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 July 23, 2011 



23-24 WYA X

25 ILYA No Tears East - Beaver Lake NOR

27-30 ILYA X Champs - Clear Lake NOR

29-31 I-20 ILYA I-20 Champs - Green Lake NOR

31- Aug 2 ILYA Opti Champs - White Bear


1-2 ILYA Opti Champs White Bear

4-7 Western Michigan

5-7 Interlake Regatta - Okoboji Fleets: C, no E, MC, X

5-7 ILYA Youth Champs - Calhoun

5-7 WYA C Champs

11 Pram Power - North Lake

12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar 

ILYA Champs - Minnetonka

11-14 C/MC Champs 

14-17 A Champs 

18-21 E Champs

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26-28 Melges 17 Nationals - White Lake

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WYA X - Nagawicka 

Kutschenreuter Leads after Day One  


 Preliminary results are just in. Photo supplied by Todd Jerrod. What a healthy fleet! 

1st B-16 Charlie Kutchenreuter Alex Keck 6 3 9
2nd B-6 Cullen Barr John Berg 11 1 12
3rd V-32 Joey Feichtmeier Christian Spencer 9 7 16
4th E-36 Scott Sazama Joe Sazama 5 12 17
5th V-888 Samantha Kultgen Joey Biwer 3 17 20
6th N-8 Austin Anderson JP Munich 7 13 20
7th B-19 Scott Sullivan Olivia Healey 17 5 22
8th N-54 Kelly Monahan Emma Birbaum 4 21 25
9th B-11 Andrea Sullivan Darby Bach 10 16 26
10th A-169 Alie Rusher Abby Eckert 18 9 27
11th OO-4 Alex Kunz Logan Stone 19 10 29
12th X-99 Charlie Hollister Robbie Lindeman 29 2 31
13th N-45 Sean Nigel Alec Birbaum 23 8 31
14th B-1 Mary Claire Kiernan Nora Kiernan 1 32 33
15th B-21 George Kiernan Eric Komas 31 4 35
16th OO-5 Parker Trepton Karolyn Kunz 8 27 35
17th A-24 Christina Boemer Katie Ullrich 2 34 36
18th B-66 Michael Barr Brigit Barr 13 25 38
19th N-525 Jack Behrend Toby Lux 20 20 40
20th OO-22 Brady Carlson Connor Carlson 15 26 41
21st E-80 Jeff Brandl Kaitlin Brandl, Jason Brandl 28 14 42
22nd A-25 DJ Jaessng Nick Rusher, Lindsey Vollmar 25 18 43
23rd A-42 Patrick Crowley Ali Vollmar 33 11 44
24th NO-22 Noah Janssen Harry Smith 39 6 45
25th K-505 Greta Banholzer Ana Brennan, MaryClare Banholzer 12 34 46
26th OO-14 Trevor Trepton Mason Wagner 27 19 46
27th B-60 John Barr Kayley Rattler 24 22 46
28th B-23 Mary Berg Jada Boykin 14 34 48
29th B-7 Riley Schmidt Sarah Kubicek 16 34 50
30th OO-24 Casey Harris John Dvorak 38 15 53
31st N-24 Ethan Heinze Paul McLean 21 34 55
32nd B-119 Erin Sullivan Caroline Skotarzak 22 34 56
33rd V-711 Cade Dries John Halaska 26 30 56
34th V-11 Lizzy Friend Grace O'Rourke 35 23 58
35th OO-2 Allie Schrang Katherine Kunz 36 28 64
36th A-15 Graham Kent Meridtih Kent 30 34 64
37th V-86 Matt Malone Alec Malone, Catie Malone 32 34 66
38th N-68 Henry Chapman Danny Hegberg 44 24 68
39th B-3 Brooke Komas Ryan Komas 37 31 68
40th B-77 Patrick Schmidt Max Kunz 34 34 68
41st V-220 Andy Biwer Matther Biwer 40 34 74
42nd OO-16 Josh Speic Jay Schwabe 41 34 75
43rd E-82 Tommy Groskopf Laini Mackay 42 34 76
44th OO-99 Carolyn Keck Michael Doyle 43 34 77
45th V-232 Claire Feichtmeier Jamie Winquist 45 34 79
46th V-21 Alex Riemer Sam Riemer 47 34 81
47th N-27 Avery Stuckart Nathan Anderson 48 34 82
48th V-96 Taylor Just JP Friend 54 29 83
49th B-4 Alicia Rotier Tori Baranowski 49 34 83
50th OO-3 Spencer Schmidt Wyley Carlson, Sophia-Grace Schmidt 50 34 84
51st E-15 Spencer Waldron Jack Middleton, Parker Waldron 51 34 85
52nd N-359 Carter Cooper Andy Westenberger 52 34 86
53rd V-222 Becky Biwer Abbey Finnegan 53 34 87
54th OO-824 Sean Hams Austin Keck 55 34 89
55th N-73 Jack Tegeder Cora Hougard 56 34 90
56th V-7 Max Duchow Molly Burns 57 34 91
57th N-12 Tessa Lux Kendall Birbaum 58 34 92
58th OO-21 Nicholas Jerred Avery Zwart 59 34 93
59th E-59 Frances Way Eleri Mackay 60 34 94
60th O-1 Max Fellows Sam Fellows 61 34 95
61st E-101 Delora Prange Nathan Anderson, Avan Prange 62 34 96
62nd N-113 Mathis Murphy Malloy Murphy 64 34 98
62nd OO-12 Annie Johnson Brittany Derynda, Hannah Girard 64 34 98
64th N-67 Alex Stuckart Carson Heinze 46 64 110
No Tears East - Beaver
 Coaches - bring radios, boat and a sense of fun!
It's time to enjoy our youngest sailors and welcome new families into the ILYA. Coaches, you are our best resource and our strongest example of what's good about the ILYA. If you are bringing sailors Monday to Beaver, bring a boat, a radio and be ready to show these young sailors what the sport is all about.  Meet Race Committee members Suzi Reese, Leslie Barkow and Candace Porter at 9:00 for a brief coaches briefing.
The Big Inland - Minnetonka 

As a reminder, room blocks and special rates for the Zinn Family Realtors 2011 Inland Regatta on Minnetonka will expire on July 25! See the info below or check out www.inland2011.org for all the details.

591 W 78th Street
Chanhassen, MN
(952) 937-2424

210 Carlson Parkway North
Plymouth, MN
(763) 473-3008

Rates start at $89.00/night plus tax
Reference: 2011 ILYA Regatta

12201 Ridgedale Dr
Minnetonka, MN 55305
(952) 593-0000

$109/night plus tax

570 Pond Promenade
Chanhassen, MN
(952) 934-3888

Rates start at $89.90/night plus tax
Reference: 2011 ILYA Regatta

St. Louis Park

Rooms starting at $159 a night, rooms will be $109-$119 on the weekend and rates will dip accordingly.   Block pricing reserved as "Inland Regatta Championship".

Golden Valley

Rooms are starting at $109 for kings and $119 for rooms with two queens, these rates will apply throughout the stay.  Block pricing reserved as "Inland Regatta Championship".

For more information about the 2011 ILYA Championships, visit http://www.inland2011.org

E boat experiment - See it at Minnetonka

Commodore Brereton has issued the following letter to the E fleet. Read with interest the bold move to invigorate the fleet. Changes to the X boat years ago, the C mast and now the E deck demonstrate the scows' adherence to the philosphy of One Design.  Contact Art for more info on the E experiment.


The future health of our class is closely associated to the health of our builder. We are fortunate to have a builder who not only is dedicated to the E Scow, but also builds many other classes and improves their building process and competitiveness as well. For a few years, E Scow production has accounted for little if any of the Melges bottom line. Melges has been fortunate to not only have other classes to help make their bottom line viable, but also to improve their expertise in more modern building techniques. From what Melges has learned, they now want to apply that knowledge to the benefit of our class.


On July 13th, the NCESA Rules Committee approved a one year experiment for Melges Boat Works to participate in regattas with a boat that is a prototype for a new construction process. Melges has two main goals in this experiment request. Make the boat more watertight and much less likely to turtle, and therefore much easier and quicker to sail dry. Simplify the construction process. This would be accomplished in two ways: by reducing the overall number of internal pieces that it takes to join the deck to the hull, and by using an epoxy infusion method that reduces the amount of labor to lay up the hull and deck, which reduces the amount of finish work that is required after the hull and deck are joined.


It is "time" for Melges to build a new deck mold, so this is the perfect opportunity to try to make the building process more efficient and the boat easier to rescue. The goal is to have a single deck mold that would include sealed side tanks, thereby making the boat much more water tight, and reduce the amount of finish work considerably. Cleaning up the interior is currently very time consuming, and this new deck mold would virtually eliminate that, saving about 70 man hours per boat. This is obviously very significant cost. If you are familiar with the Melges 17, you will get a good idea of what Melges is trying to make the interior look like. This will mean the boards will be under deck, the spinnaker will have a centerline launcher, and a partial centerline backbone from the jib tack to the mast step.


There are 3 rules that are affected by this experiment:


 One, the use of epoxy instead of resin. Melges did build some boats with epoxy in the early 90's. The boats were very stiff, but the skin tended to be more brittle. Melges (and other builders) have since used a methodology where the gel coat and first layer of glass uses resin, and the epoxy then goes on after. This is UV stable and less brittle to avoid the dock dings.


Two, the current scantlings require the use of a three piece internal structure forward of the mast step. This rule goes all the way back to the wooden boat days, and has remained in place since. The new structure would have two more substantial fore and aft bulkheads that tie into the cockpit sides, and curve into the forestay attachment point. The result will be greater torsional stiffness in the hull. The fiberglass layup schedule will be significantly stronger to increase the skin stiffness and overall fore and aft strength of the boat. The old centerline backbone will no longer go from the forestay to the mast step, as physical access is required forward under the deck to rig the bow sprit, etc. and with the longer and stronger side bulkheads, room is considerably reduced. The members of the Rules Committee that met last week in Zenda spent considerable time discussing the possibility of "oil-canning" in the deck or hull in this area. The conclusion they came to is that even though some of the "flat panels" are bigger, the increased glass schedule and the use of epoxy will compensate for this, and the expectation is for the boat to be as stiff as or stiffer than the old design.


Three, due to a taller center backbone aft of the mast, a different vang configuration will be required. The typical inverted vang is being considered, which can be found on most performance dinghies and the Melges 20. It has an attachment point on the mast and goes to a track mounted to the top of the boom, and is adjusted by moving the car on the track with a purchase system. It is the simplest solution, and one that should reduce fabrication cost as well. This will also result in more area for the crew to pass under the boom. The rule currently states two fixed points of attachment, and this change would mean one fixed point and one sliding point.


All three of these changes will help reduce the cost of building the boat. This will allow Melges to avoid raising the price of the boat which is good news for us, the end user. It will make the boat easier to rescue which is also good news. Melges believes that because of this, the appeal of the boat will be broader, and we can hopefully strengthen our existing fleets and build some new ones. Again, all positives for the class and the individual owners. Plus, most importantly, we don't believe the new boat will in anyway have a competitive advantage over the existing one, unless of course you make a habit out of tipping over.


It is Melges' hope to have this boat built in time to sail in this year's ILYA Championships, The Nationals at Torch Lake, and hopefully at least one event on the East Coast. The intention of the NCESA Board is to keep the entire membership "in the loop" and give them an opportunity to see this boat first hand before a membership vote would be required. Remember, this first step is only an experiment, and ultimately for it to become legal going forward, it would require a 2/3rds vote by the membership.


We plan on posting more information and pictures of this experiment on the website as it progresses in hopes of keeping you informed of the progress. Below is the description written for the Rules Committee by Matt Schmidt and Ted Beier, and I think includes a more detailed explanation. I am, of course, available and interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns.




Art Brereton
NCESA CommodoreJuly 14, 2011

Another Matchracing Team Joins ILYA Foundation Fund
 Steph Roble, Beulah, and Maggie Shea, White Lake, begin quest 

Dave Perry has submitted the following statement to qualify our newest Inland team as a pre-Olympic contender, "as lead coach for the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics women's match race team, I can verify that your team is a bona fide contender for qualifying for the US Olympic Trials - Part 2 in May of 2012, the winner of which will represent the U.S. at the Olympic Games in 2012.


This is evidenced by your team's strong performances at several women's match racing events in 2010 at which you competed against members of the 2011 US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics, your team's participation in several training sessions led by me, your team's strong finish at the Chicago Match Race Center Open regatta in June, and the fact that you will be crewing with Sally Barkow in our training camp next week in Weymouth, England."


Look for ways to donate to our newest team on the ILYA Foundation page. You may always submit a donation to Jim Smith, the team itself or the Foundation. The next event for these sailors is Weymouth and Sweden in the next two weeks.

Opti Nationals - Houston

Augie Dale and Stuart Henry Compete


Results . Dale is currently in 30th place in the Gold Fleet. Stuart sits in 16th in the Silver Fleet.

Steph Roble coached the winning Team Race Nationals Fort Lauderdale team last week.  

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