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Volume 4, Issue 26

July 22, 2009 

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Everyday most of us wake up and say, "I really love sailing." But there are those few days when we conclude the day by knowing sailing has given us so much more than a trophy or a race win satisfaction. Tonight is one of those nights. The chills go up and down the spine to look at the Opening Ceremony of this 70th ILYA X Championship. Many champions in the crowd, a couple Olympians in the crowd, successful adult sailors supporting their children --- but nothing like the pride in a decision make some four years ago to allow Vince Dreissen and his wonderful club to hope to host an ILYA X Championship. The pride exhibited by this club in its accomplishments in building a clubhouse, welcoming 200 sailors to the first Gull Lake X Champs (note I said "first"), hosting us with a volunteer force en masse, guaranteeing our children a lifelong memory - well, words cannot express the emotion this day brought. This is why we REALLY LOVE SAILING! 
Commodore Charles McQuinn graciously thanked US for motivating Gull Lake Yacht Club to initiate its magnificent building project. He thanked US! Andy Burdick encouraged the sailors to achieve their best with the key to good sailing - teamwork! ILYA Commodore Mark Prange challenged the sailors to set realistic goals for this event and HAVE FUN. Past Commodore Tom Hodgson reminded the youth of the sportsmanship, tradition and history that are all part of this special Inland event. 

 Martha and Vince Dreissen enjoy the fruits of the Gull Lake efforts - a job exceptionally done 
Melges Boat Works/North Sails proudly donated a jib for raffle. V61 will sport a new sail tomorrow in the senior fleet. Adam Martell of Pewaukee was the lucky winner. Volleyball began and what a number of teams will compete. One sailing school instructor asked for a roster. Thinking he meant for the junior and senior fleets, he was sent into registration. NO!!! He meant the roster of competitors for volleyball! This is serious competition.
No greater praise can come from our own sailors. One young sailor asked to call home to speak to his dad to tell him this was the best place ever in the world. Another adult sailor asked why THIS is not the home of the ILYA Champs. You can see the favor Gull Lake has gained in our one day here. This day I REALLY LOVE sailing! 

First race at 10:00
Each day Gull Lake has a reporter submitting info to Scowlines. There may  be some repetition in material but it's only because it is doubly worth reading. Today's report from Nancy Dreissen.
 Minnesota's Gull Lake Yacht Club welcomed 100 X-boats yesterday for the X Inland Championship.  On the starting lines today will be 65 boats in the senior fleet and 35 in the junior fleet.  Launching and registration went smoothly - almost never a wait in line.  Many boats practiced in light winds in advance of the official practice race, but thundershowers moved in before the ½ hour gun and required the cancellation of the practice race, but allowing for non-stop volleyball practice.  The nearly 200 skippers and crew and their families gathered at GLYC's new clubhouse and grounds for opening ceremonies under clearer skies.  Featured speakers included ILYA commodore Mark Prange, who had an outstanding message of encouragement and perseverance.  Other speakers included Olympic champion Andy Burdick, president of Melges Performance Sailboats, and Dr. Tom Hodgson, past commodore of the ILYA and regatta head judge.  A hometown high school student from nearby Brainerd, Minn., sang the national anthem. Pewaukee sailor Adam Martell (V-61) won the raffle for the new North Extreme jib, generously donated by Melges and North Sails.  A picnic dinner at the clubhouse and the start of the volleyball tournament helped to kick off 70th X Inland.   

"This yacht club is one of the nicest in the entire inland," said Ed Cox, X-boat representative from White Bear Lake.   
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