Volume 12, Issue 45  
July 21A, 2017
ILYA Championships
Lake Geneva
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2017 Regattas
18-21 US Sailing Chubb Junior Champs - Area K Qual - Minnetonka 
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
21 TCYS - Calhoun Opti only
21-23 Michigan E Invitional -Crystal Lake YC, MI
22-23 - City of Lakes Regatta - C, MC-Team, M-16, Laser - Lake Calhoun
22-23 ILYA C Invitational - LaBelle YC
22-23 WYA X - Pine Lake YC
24 ILYA No Tears Opti -Nagawicka
26-29 ILYA X Champs - Delavan YC
28 TCYS- Wayzata 420 only
30-31 ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
1 cont. ILYA Opti Champs - Delavan YC
3 Pram Power - North Lake
3-5 ECESA - Little Egg Harbor, NJ
2-5 Western MI Champs E/C/MC - Crystal Lake
4 TCYS - Wayzata
4-6 WYA C - Nagawicka YC
11-12 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
16-20 ILYA Championships - C/MC/A/E - Lake Geneva YC
8-10 Max C/MC Fall - Maxinkuckee YC
8-10 E Nationals - Carolina YC
9-10 George Dorn MC - Beulah
9-10 Big Waters C - South Shore YC
16-17 C Blue Chip - Pistakee YC
16-17 Fenton Fall C - Lake Fenton YC
22-24 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
23-24 NNN Beulah C Challenge - Lake Beulah YC
23-24 Lotawana C - Missouri YC
30 - Oct 1 - Polar Bear C/MC - Lake Davenport Sailing Club
7-8 C Worlds - Delavan YC
MC Masters Day 1  
Good start, no cigar

Races delayed due to no wind. Finally went out around 11, WA 4, and as the first three boats rounded the gate for the last time, abandoned due to dying wind. Came in for lunch and never went out again as rain and storms started to approach. Races called for the day a little after 2:00.
And what better place to rest than Cedar? 
No Tears - Come to Nagawicka  
Nagawicka logoInstructors
Guide your sailors wisely. Beginners? Be sure they can go upwind successfully. Monday morning, we will explain a modified course but, please review it in your morning team meeting. BRING A RADIO so you can communicate with the race committee. Too experienced? Be sure your sailor has not sailed in RWB nor placed in the top five in last year's No Tears. Thanks so much. 

Parents -
Fill this out and come on over. It's a charming club and the friendliest folks. You will enjoy the day.
Bring your boat, life jacket with whistle, sunscreen and smile. That's all it takes. 
Deadlines, deadlines - New information added from this AM - meals on Delavan  
Great numbers already
C Invite  - 40
Forty of you are registered. All registration is online whether paying by credit card or check. Please consider entering online to day if you are not pre-registered. It will save you time. Click here for registration.  PRO Tom Hodgson; Chief Judge - Rick Roy, ILYA rep - David Porter. Social packages on sale at registration today and tomorrow.

No Tears - no online registration. Just appear at Nagawicka
X Inland - 100 total: 65 juniors, 35 seniors 
Still time to register right up to the day. Again, speed up your time at the registration table by signing up online here.  PROs Mark Tesar, Junior; Chip Mann, Senior; Chief Judge Tom Hodgson with David Porter as ILYA representative.  Social package sales - please inform Delavan prior to registration on Wednesday, if you can. It helps with planning. 
Meals - 
Wed lunch - DLYC grill open, order off the menu
Wed dinner - Mexican
Thurs lunch - Sloppy Joes
Fri lunch - Fried Chicken
Sat lunch - Deli sandwiches
Opti Inlands - 95 Total; 32 Green Sailors 
Delavan is the perfect place to sail and have fun!! Social registration hereRegatta registration here.  PROs Mark Prange, RWB; Candace Porter - Green. ILYA Rep - Chris Allen; Chief Judge - Charles Lamphere. Measurement on Sunday afternoon. Check the Delavan website for Sunday activities to keep busy your X boat sailor (STILL at Delavan) or your Opti sailor arriving on Sunday. There is NO registration or measurement on Monday morning without permission by the regatta chair. This is for distant sailors or emergencies only. Instructors on Green Fleet - bring radios and a boat. Instructors on RWB fleet, please review trapezoid course. 
7/30 Sunday
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
- DLYC kitchen open
for grill to order
3:00 -7:00. - Registration and safety check
11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Melges 14 sailboat available for rides
& Harken Blockheads
4:00 p.m. - Practice Race for RWB
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - Social at DLYC 
Meals -  
Sun lunch - DLYC grill open, order off the menu
Mon lunch - Pizza
Mon dinner - Italian Beef and Hot dogs
Tues lunch - Deli sandwiches
ILYA Championships - July 25th deadline for lowest registration and social package pricing
Click here for both social and boat registration.
A scows - 5
E scows - 13
C scows - 20
MC scows - 22
Breakfasts are included in your registration thanks to the Peter Ogden Company. 
Lunches - 
Craig's Cantina where folks stand in line with great friends watching Craig's crew grill for a casual lunch.
Toothpicks upscale, man-sized meals Box Lunches 
Italian Club
ham, genoa salami, capicola, provolone cheese,
lettuce, tomato, olive relish on a club roll Great Lakes Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips Fresh Fruit
Apricot Shortbread Cookie 
Roast Beef
sliced roast beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, green leaf lettuce on a fresh baked kaiser roll;
mayonaise and mustard served on the side
Great Lakes Parmesan Ranch Potato Chips Fresh Fruit Salad
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Herbed Chicken
herbed chicken salad, fresh spinach, on a ciabatta roll Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato 
Tortilla Chips
Green & Red Grape Clusters
Triple Berry Oatmeal Bar 
Club Sandwich
ham, turkey, bacon, tomato & sharp cheddar on a fresh baked sesame roll
mustard & mayo served on the side
Great Lakes Michigan Cherry BBQ Potato Chips
Melon Fruit Salad
Krispy Treat
combination of rice krispies, chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch 
LGYC Restaurant - always a treat with great salads and sandwiches. 
Dinner menus to be announced in a week. 
WYA C Deadline Approaching  
July 21st to avoid late fee
NoR and Registration form are at Wisconsin Yachting Association website.  OR click here. No online registration - mail in only.
And more deadlines  - C WYA Dinner  
You know how it is and you know how we all are
Caterers like numbers
Sailors like spontaneity
Regatta Chairperson like sanity

Peter Keck has asked we all reserve for the WYA C Saturday dinner. There were 80 boats at Pewaukee but will you all come again this year? Truly, Peter is flummoxed! Take that, Peter! He could use help planning for the dinner. It is $20 a head and who cares what he is serving. We all like to be together. Please email Peterto let him know you are coming. His caterer's deadline is July 26th but do it today before you forget.  
ILYA Championship Regatta Sponsors