Volume 11, Issue 50 July 21, 2016  
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Spring 2016
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22 - City of Lakes, Opti/420 - Calhoun
23-24 City of Lakes MC Team/M16/C/Laser - Calhoun
25  No Tears Opti - Cedar
27-30 ILYA X Champs - Okoboji
31- 8/2 Opti Champs - Clear
4 Pram Power - North Lake
5-7 WYA C Pewaukee 
10-13 WMYA - Spring Lake,MI
12-13 X Blue Chip - Cedar, WI
17-21 ILYA Champs - Geneva

10-11 Maxinkuckee Fall
     Big Waters C- South Shore
     George Dorn MC - Beulah
10-11 USODA Midwest Champs - Pewaukee
17-18 C Blue Chip - Okauchee
22-25 E Blue Chip - Pewaukee
24-25 Lotawana C
           Beulah C Challenge

1-2 Polar Bear - Davenport, IA
8-9 C Worlds - Delavan

TBD WI MC Champs - Nagawicka
20-23 MC Masters Nationals - Cedar, WI
Deadlines for lowest registration prices
NOW --- Food package for X Inlands - not sure if available, check site
July  21 - WYA C Championships

The most critical deadline is the lower price for the full social package at Geneva. The price increases substantially July 26th. The youth packages are heavily discounted through our sponsorship. 

Please consider coming to view your Sail it Forward honoree for the day on Friday, August 19th. Pricing is on registration slot above. 
The ILYA Proudly Presents:  
UBS PerrigoSail it Forward Honorees - 2016
Beaver Lake  Scot Banholzer
  Leo Gale
  Steve Woldum
  Chip Mann
  Craig Parker
  Margaret Osmundson
  Brian Buzzell
  Lou Morgan
  Frank Rappold
Lake Geneva  Jane Pagel
  Joe Fricton
  Ron Hull
  Bill Madden
Minnetonka Peter Wattson
Nagawicka Lake  Sharon Kraklow
Okauchee Lake  Tim Kay
Okoboji Brigid Wilkening
Oshkosh  Dave Sitter
  Joby Boland for PYC
  Leslie Barkow
  Cheryl & Joe Twomey
  Noel Neuman
Wawasee Bill Allen
  Ed and Emily Cox
Our member clubs have submitted these distinguished individuals as their Volunteers of the Year. The ILYA Championship theme this year is Sail it Forward. The list of names is impressive. To honor these individuals, clubs have arranged to the honoree to enjoy a day on Lake Geneva. It starts with a noon luncheon at Gage Marine followed by a majestic wooden boat ride. Then the Friday night evening is solely committed to thanking our volunteers for all the work they accomplish to make sailing possible at our lakes. 

Please, please feel welcome to come and join them. The cost is $75 for the day which includes the lunch (without drinks), boat ride and dinner at the marvelous Buddy Melges Sailing Center. David Perrigo and UBS sponsor this night. You will enjoy David's program. He and his family truly understand volunteerism at their Pewaukee home. UBS celebrates these fine individuals. Join us, family and friends. Make this a special day for your club's honoree.

Visit the online storefront here to order your tickets. Or send $75 per person to ILYA Sail it Forward, PO Box 662, East Troy, WI 53120. 
Xtreme - Success Defined  
Simons Take Title AGAIN

Simons win their second regatta of the year. The TRAP winners are first year X boaters and have shown great speed and teamwork. The brother-sister team hails from Waunakee but trains on Pewaukee. Their smiles are rarely absent. Harry Melges and Finn Rowe appeared for the first time this season since they are training in a 29er as part of a US Sailing youth initiative for the 2020 Olympics. Quad winner Alby Rolfs won the event before a throwout but continues to sail skillfully with another sibling team. 

Winnebago has never been so perfect. Six races from 12:15 on Monday to 12:15 on Tuesday. PRO David Porter with Jim Smith as markset and the Wymans as gate boat set long W3's to get the fleet mobilized quickly for 4 -2 days of racing. 

The Waters was never more beautiful in the full moon evening with nice gentle breeze. It was hard to leave its lighted mark on the lake's west shore 

1   V-213   Meta Simon/ 7   5   2   3   [53/RET-AF]   2     19  
    Fritz Simon                  
2   I-1   Harry Melges, IV   2   4   15   [25]   1   1     23  
3   X-51   Alby Rolfs/ 4   9   7   [13]   5   4     29  
    Trainer Rolfs                  
4   I-25   Chapman Petersen/ 6   1   17   1   [18]   6     31T  
    Monroe Melges                  
5   I - 59   Finn Rowe/ 3   3   [28]   10   7   8     31T  
    Annie Rowe                  
6   I-11   Kyle Navin/ 5   8   [27]   11   12   3     39  
    Mya Burdick                  
7   V-10   Jack Schweda/ [12]   2   9   12   11   7     41  
    Matthew Biwer                  
8   B6   Brigit Barr/ [19]   7   5   2   13   18     45  
    Caroline LeRoy                  
9   V66   Christian Spencer/ 1   23   [53/OCS]   20   2   13     59  
    Jack Steiner                  
10   A-17   Ali Vollmar/ 15   [25]   13   5   19   10     62  
    Kelsey Vollmar                  
11   B-12   Gabe DiBiase/ 34   [40]   1   4   3   22     64  
    Luke Clayton                  
12   NO-7   Suzanne Ackley/ 16   [29]   6   17   16   15     70  
    Henry Ackley                  
13   X-4   Ellie Harned/ 14   13   24   6   14   [33]   71  
    Stella Marban                  
14   OO-17   Sean Mihelich/ [33]   10   18   18   21   5     72  
    Nick Grainer                  
15   J 60   Abe Weston/ 10   17   4   [33]   22   25     78  
    Levi Morris                  
16   B-3   Ryan Komas/ [28]   11   16   15   15   23     80  
    Brian Zettlemoyer                  
17   D-25   Kloe Kiekhafer/ 30   19   [41]   7   4   21     81  
    Jared Plummer                  
18   J-11   Tommy Rorrer/ 18   [37]   29   14   8   14     83  
    Molli Peterson                  
19   A-14   Lindsey Vollmar/ 23   6   19   16   25   [41]   89  
    Gabrielle Spitz                  
20   J 20   Reed Weston/ 9   27   22   22   10   [32]   90T  
    Eddie Hansen                  
21   J2   Jack Scherer/ [36]   22   23   19   17   9     90T  
    Mateo Lira                  
22   B11   Jonah Boykin/ [27]   14   12   21   26   17     90T  
    Callie Smith                  
23   B23   John Berg/ 22   32   14   [40]   6   24     98  
    Annie Berg                  
24   X-8   Luca Marban/ 17   18   20   9   [37]   36     100  
    Kit Harned                  
25   B7   Annie Cate Schmidt/ 20   15   3   36   32   [39]   106  
    Anneliese Leroy                  
26   OO-24   Quinn Harris/ 13   31   8   [34]   33   30     115  
    Matt Kandziora                  
27   V88   Sam Spencer/ [42]   21   33   8   42   12     116  
    Gavin Kudick                  
28   I-6   Hans Melges/ 11   30   21   29   30   [38]   121  
    Maxx Melges                  
29   B-99   Augie Jarecki/ 26   33   [34]   24   23   16     122  
    Billy Webber                  
30   J13   Emily Scherer/ 38   20   10   31   28   [40]   127  
    Ally Hanson                  
31   X-88   Simon Rolfs/ [46]   16   26   28   31   31     132  
    Braden Andersen                  
32   I-0   James Lyon/ 31   28   25   38   [53/OCS]   11     133  
    Mark Lyon                  
33   H713   Oscar Anderson/ 29   [44]   42   23   20   27     141  
    Jonah Simonson                  
34   A15   Meredith Kent/ 24   24   30   26   38   [46]   142  
    Addison Vaupel                  
35   A32   Noah Hafner/ 8   34   [43]   27   41   35     145  
    Nicholas Hafner                  
36   I-5   Cameron Desnoes/ [39]   12   31   32   36   37     148T  
    Connor Pecht                  
37   A4   Phillip Thoma/ 25   26   32   30   35   [44]   148T  
    Lauren Nast                  
38   A 86   Owen Bailey-Waltz/ [47]   35   46   44   9   19     153T  
    Miles Bailey-Waltz                  
39   OO-144   Jackson Walker/ 21   [48]   11   37   39   45     153T  
    Emma Wagner                  
40   I-123   Parker Michel/ 32   39   37   [53/OCS]   29   29     166  
    Matthew Cranny                  
41   J98   Ryann Belter/ 37   [46]   44   43   24   26     174  
    Izzy Kelly                  
42   A42   Nathan Vaupel/ [50]   42   48   46   27   20     183  
    Sarah Sprinkman                  
43   X-19   Peter von Hagke/ 41   41   39   [45]   44   28     193  
    Nina Boucher                  
44   A9   Carly King/ 45   38   36   35   [47]   42     196  
    Matthew King                  
45   B-14   Aaron Le Roy/ 43   36   38   42   [45]   43     202  
    Sydney Urben                  
46   J4   Spencer Merritt/ [53/OCS]   43   45   41   40   34     203  
    Harry Hirschberg                  
47   B-5   Isabelle/Maggie Rietz/Probst/ 35   [50]   35   47   43   47     207  
    Isabelle/Maggie Rietz/Probst              
48   J6   Karson Mraz/ 40   45   40   39   [48]   48     212  
    Lane Anderson                  
49   J-14   Frankie Rorrer/ 44   47   [50]   50   34   50     225  
    Cam Kelly                  
50   I40   Devon Belsley/ 48   49   49   48   49   [52]   243  
    Wyatt Chvojka                  
51   J1   Bailey Lira/ 49   [52]   51   51   46   49     246  
    Olivia Sheehan                  
52   J-22   Sarah McAvoy/ 51   51   47   49   [53/OCS]   51     249  
    Meredith Weston                  
ILYA regatta numbers growing  
ILYA Champs Welcome Two New Sponsors  
Mother G 
MotherG is a technology Managed Service Provider, recently celebrating its 10th anniversary.  As a leader in the industry, MotherG acts like an IT department for a varied clients, we align technology with the business to ensure IT just works, like a light-switch.  Never an issue, easy to use, and always accelerating the speed of the organization.  Like sailing an A Scow, there are many different things that must come together in perfect unity to make it perform effortlessly. MotherG does that almost as well as the Red Eye!
David A. Davenport
Direct:  630.228.8580
Help Desk: 800.676.7374

From our Executive Director Dave Berg - Look for Mother G evening recaps of the day's events online at the ILYA Champs. Mother G - a Chicago based IT managed services provider owned by ILYA member and LGYC/LBYC yacht club member David Davenport. Mother G will be assisting the ILYA in expanding its network capability at the ILYA Champs to 3 parallel networks so that the LGYC business/internal network will function as a stand alone and secure network, the sailors and visitors will have a dedicated guest network and finally the ILYA will have a network to support its daily Social Media broadcasts on Facebook Live.
Incidentally, David Davenport and his crew just won the A Scow Nationals in Torch Lake on the RedEye

ShoreMaster, LLC is a premier manufacturer of docks, boat lifts and accessories. We work hard everyday to provide our customers with the very best waterfront experience available. Our complete line of residential docks and lifts are sold through an extensive network of knowledgeable, friendly dealers throughout the United States and Canada. We are passionate about our products, our dealers, our users and we strive to provide the highest quality, most innovative products we can to help improve the waterfront experience of anyone who uses ShoreMaster. Our team shows up each and every day with that goal in mind. For over 40 years, ShoreMaster has covered the waterfront with world-class equipment designed to help people enjoy their waterfront experience to the fullest.

Look for a Shoremaster display near the waterfront. This is member-owned. 
North Lake Pram Power  
Here before you know it
North Lake's Annual Pram Power Regatta is Thursday, August 4th.
What is Pram Power?
  • A fun regatta geared toward beginner sailors that are new (or newish) to regattas.
  • Coaches from North Lake and other sailing schools cooperate to assist sailors as needed -- a great environment for learning!
  • The sailors will be divided into junior and senior fleets that will sail at different times, allowing sharing of boats.
  • How do we fill the down time?  With crafts!!!  Sailors and siblings are invited to do shrinky dinks, decorate t-shirts, etc.  (Included for registered sailors and available for purchase for siblings.)
  • Please bring a 100% cotton white t-shirt to decorate as one of your crafts.
  • We'll have a raffle for cool sailing gear and more!
  • Lunch will be homemade tacos, fruit, and cookies.  Delicious.
Don't miss out, August 4th is less than 3 weeks away!  We are pleased to be offering on-line registration and payment this year.  Registration and regatta information can be found here:
Late registration begins on Tuesday, August 2nd, so register today!  
Questions?  Contact Laura Johnson at  or 
Instructors and Parents - we want your input  
Meeting 4:00 Clear Lake with Opti Champs
Many of our best ideas have come from our instructors. They are (in the editor's opinion) our strongest asset. They have recently experienced sailing school, they long to continue in the sport and in a short ten years, they are YOUR yacht club. 

Examples - 1) the high school programs of today both north and south came about due to a group of instructors meeting with the ILYA Board at a GLSS regatta some 20 years ago. 2) Youth discounts resulted from instructors talking to us 10 years ago at an X Champs 3) Adult regatta scheduling is impacted by the voices of our youth. 

The Youth Development Committee will meet at Clear Lake, IA to listen to your ideas, opinions, vision and challenges. Mike Woldum, Stuart Oltrogge, Mark Tesar and Candace Porter will meet with instructors and parents - separately or together depending on the size of the crowd. THIS IS NOT THE OPTI MEETING but deals with issues related to sailing schools, instructors, youth promotion or general overview discussions of the ILYA. 

Please assure your instructor represents your club. We learn when we work together. 
Erik Bowers Final Letter in Rio Campaign  
The editor has enjoyed Erik's reports. He is always learning, taking the best from a situation, working hard to achieve goals. It was a pleasure to report on his accomplishments this Olympic quadrennium. 
Hey there!
This is the final training flash from the last Rio camp prior to the Olympic Games.
Over the final three days of the coaches' regatta, we raced on the Bridge & Sugarloaf courses inside the bay and Copacabana course outside the bay in an effort to imitate the conditions that the Laser fleet might experience during the Games. Obviously, it wouldn't be racing in Rio without a few curveballs. On days 3 & 4, we held races in northerly breeze on Sugarloaf and Copacabana courses. Left was better on the first leg. This breeze is typically not raceable & it will be interesting to see if they race in it for the Games.
I was a bit disappointed at the quality of the racing however. General recall worthy starts that were allowed to go & competitors fouling without spinning among other things. Oh well, just a reminder not to expect too much out of sailing in the month before the big show. The results are not that important.
For my teammates & their coaches, it's largely an exercise in finalizing the basic processes and decision points for each course. The weather picture for the day, the wind, the current, etc. Then synthesizing what those things mean for the basic positioning on the first leg. This also means refining the interactions between coach and athlete to deal with the restrictions applied to the coaches. 
For all of the classes outside of the Laser and Laser Radial, the competitors are making the finishing touches on their boats and equipment. Sail selection, mast selection, board and rudder selection etc. 
The overall theme really is refinement by elimination. Eliminating the unnecessary equipment, thinking, distractions and other controllable variables bring the mental clarity & fluidity needed to perform under the Games pressure. Addition at this point is harmful. You cannot win by adding anything new, but you can certainly ratchet up the anxiety. 
At this point, my teammates and coaches seem to be enjoying the calm before the plunge. The major work is done and now it's time for them to leave Rio for 12 days of rest before returning at the end of July to an entirely different atmosphere. 
Then it's game time for Team USA!
For myself, it's hard to believe my last trip to Rio is over and done. Since January 2014, I've spent almost 100 days sailing there on 10 separate trips. Brazil is my most visited foreign country. It's a place where I've had both ups and downs, but the place has grown on me. The people I've met there, the weather, the landscape, the awesome training and racing, teammates & coaches of mine have left an indelible impression on me. 
But it's also a place with its own difficulties both on and off the water...especially for American sailors accustomed to being able to fulfill every immediate need both on and off the water. Trash in the water, heaps of daily towing to get to & from the chosen course areas, strange current & breeze behavior, broken equipment, sometimes extreme heat, strange food, underequipped gyms, foreign language & attitude...the list goes on. Many things are less than ideal. Letting go of the way that things should be and going with the way that they are. It's a choice. Choosing to see small opportunities instead of obstacles. Finding out the difference between what you thought was essential and what actually is essential. All of these things are a very visceral reminder that you get out what you put in. I have never experienced another place inside or outside of sailing that builds these character skills to the same degree as Rio. But these things have made the whole experience richer.
I also feel that it will be a bit surreal following the Olympic sailing from afar in Minnesota. I will be watching through the same medium as everyone else on TV or computer. But it's a game that I've been inside since 2013. 
I understand how fluid the racing can be in the moment. A bunch of individual competitors' decisions produces a single race that could have gone many different ways. The fluidity of each race is ultimately cemented into a permanent result when they are added up and the smoke clears. The podium accommodates 3, but the top step only 1.
This effort has been an amazing journey. 
Thank you all for sharing it with me.

Inland Lake Yachting Association 
Sponsors - ILYA Championships August 17 - 21